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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 200 - Saving people

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“Young master?" Li Shizen wore the green medical robe of the Vanguard. He stood with a look of surprise behind Ye Qingyu.

He was one of the people who was sent to rapidly assist with the situation. Out of the people in this area, there were many people injured.

"Doctor Li?" Ye Qingyu began smiled. "Originally, I wanted to head towards the Vanguard to visit you, but who would have guessed that such a thing would happen and interrupt my plan… A planned visit cannot beat a coincidental meeting. What did you come here for?" "There are not enough people in the medical center nearby, so I came over to help." Li Shizen patted the black cowskin medicine box at his waist.

After spending half a year of time in the army, and the Youyan Pass being a place of bitter cold, Li Shizen was evidently much darker, somewhat lean, and looked ever older. But his vitality was still obviously good, Ye Qingyu could sense the surging life force in the old doctor's blood. It was even better than what it used to be.

"Ah, that's right, these are the letters that Qingqing told me give to you." Ye Qingyu took out a stack of letters from his interdimensional pouch, there were tens of them.

Li Shizen was part of the commoners enlisted to Youyan Pass. When he left, his position had not yet been confirmed therefore there was not a way for the address to be written on the letter. Furthermore, Youyan Pass belonged to one of the heavily guarded military frontiers. Ordinary letters must go through strict inspections. Li Shizen, once he had reached Youyan Pass, had already sent out several letters. But for an unknown reason, these letters had not yet arrived in the hands of her granddaughter Qingqing.

But for Ye Qingyu, he was a military officer with position, this was something that one could be sure of before he had departed from Deer City. Therefore, sending and receiving letters was an ordinary matter for him. Afterwards, Qingqing crisply decided to send the letters to Ye Qingyu. It was only that in this period of time, Ye Qingyu did not have the time to pay a visit to the Vanguard. There was also a conflict with Zhang San ongoing, a huge figure within the army so he did not contact the old doctor to prevent him from being affected in the conflict.

"Thank you, young master." LI Shizen held the bundle of letters, his emotions somewhat moved.

"Don't be so courteous, this is something I should have done." A person that he knew in the past and was also his elder, Ye Qingyu's tone was evidently respectful.

As he said this, there was someone from far away shouting Li Shizen's name. It was another military doctor. One could see several soldiers of the Vanguard, levering a collapsed stone wall away, and beneath it there were still several surviving citizens. But they had been injured. There was too much for one military doctor to do, so he quickly summoned Li Shizen over to help.

"Young master, I'll first go make myself busy." Li Shizen smiled, turning and running to give aid.“

Ye Qingyu originally still wanted to ask just what was the ancient pill formula the doctor had left him when Li Shizen departed from Deer City. But it seemed like there was not a chance to question him this time around anymore, he could only wait till next time.

Today. heading towards the Vanguard, he had originally wanted to pay a long visit to Li Shizen then go pay his respects towards the commander of the Vanguard Liu Siufeng. But since such a grave matter had occurred today, that even the [War God of Youyan Pass] Lu Zhaoge was suspected to be injured, it was most likely that Liu Siufeng would not have the time to see him.

Ye Qingyu thought it over. Since he did not have any pressing matters, why not just stay here and give his aid to save people.

As he thought to here, he began to take action.

Only Li Shizen knew Ye Qingyu's identity. To prevent any restraints, as well as exposing the relationship between himself and Li Shizen in front of so many people due to Zhang San, and causing Li Shizen unneeded trouble, Ye Qingyu did not go over to Li Shizen's area to give aid. Instead, he went to another place where people were giving out aid one or two kilometers away.

Within the air, there was still the faint trace of demon qi drifting in the air.

The remnants of battle still remained.

There were the sorrowful cries from far away, as well as the panicked calls in search of their family.

Apart from the organized aid by the military, there were many survivors that were citizens as well as people from outside the disaster areas that rushed to give aid. The unity of Youyan Pass was demonstrated. Lu Zhaoge and the military’s painstaking cultivation all over these years demonstrated its effect.

Ye Qingyu had a white robe, half his robe was covered with the bloodstains of the blood flame demon bear. His appearance seemed somewhat horrific, as if he was one of the lucky survivors.

"Are you a survivor? Your body is covered in blood, little brother, are you okay? Are the injuries severe?" The person responsible for giving out aid in this area was a minor military officer of the Vanguard. Seeing Ye Qingyu completely covered in blood, he was instantly shocked, quickly asking him.

"It's fine. I came over to help," Ye Qingyu replied with a smile. "This is someone else’s blood…"

Perhaps he was influenced by Ye Qingyu's positive outlook and smile despite the fact that he was covered in blood. The minor military officer patted Ye Qingyu on the shoulder saying, "Good man. Not bad, you are a hard man. If it is like this, then go over there to help…” The minor military officer pointed to a group of people nearby, arranging for Ye Qingyu to be allocated to a ten-man squad to give aid, responsible for lifting stretchers and moving things about.


Ye Qingyu originally wanted to say that his strength was very great, he could do more to help.

But that minor military officer was completely swamped with work, he could not manage to get a word in. He turned around instantly and began allocating other duties.

Ye Qingyu could only shake his head, and run off, following a middle-aged man with a strap tainted with blood around his forehead. He began lifting the stretchers, carrying those injured people who were unconscious delivering them to a tent that the army had constructed at the first instant. There were specialist medical doctors that came to treat them, the entire procedure neat and orderly. The quality and the efficiency of the [Youyan army] could be seen.

"Little brother, are you okay, your body is covered in fresh blood…” the middle-aged man with a strap dyed with blood asked in concern. "Where's your family?"

Ye Qingyu waved his arms and legs saying, "It's fine, these are the blood of other people. Uncle, your head…”

The middle-aged uncle with a head strap dyed with blood spat saying, "Shit, I was really unlucky. I was sleeping in my room, when my house suddenly fell down. One of the beams fell on my head, nearly breaking it open…”

Youyan Pass was famed for its martial prowess. Even a normal citizen knew a few martial moves, so ordinary illness and injuries could not be counted as anything.

As Ye Qingyu carried the stretchers, there was the constant blabbering of the middle-aged uncle.

This kind of feeling was not bad.

"Quick, quick, quick, there is a person heavily injured over there. You two, quickly go over…" a far off military officer urged for them to hurry.

Ye Qingyu and the middle-aged uncle quickly ran over.

In such bustle, fifteen minutes had passed in the blink of an eye.

"There's still people beneath… my mother is still below. I beg you guys, save her, she must still be alive…" There was suddenly a howl that came from far off, it was a young man that had just awakened from being unconsciousness. Avoiding the obstruction and persuasion of the doctors, he madly ran out, going to his own collapsed house. He pointed at the collapsed stone on the floor, begging woefully for aid from the soldiers.

It attracted many people's attention.

The minor military officer who had arranged duties for Ye Qingyu, also came to have a look.

He carefully tapped on the stone wall, his palm placed flat against the collapsed stone wall rubble. Yuan qi emitted, and after detecting for a while, he shook his head slightly with a sigh. Speaking to the young man: "There are no longer any signs of life under. Your mother is perhaps… Ai, brother, restrain your grief and accept fate." "No, no, no, it's not like that. I saw with my own eyes, my mother being forced underneath the stone wall. Do you know, there's a well under this rubble, I saw my mother escaping into the well… she must be alive, she must… my mother won't die… Lord, I beg you…" The young man frantically explained. As he moved abruptly, the injuries on his back began dripping with fresh blood again.

"Little brother, first don't panic. Take care of your wound, I will do my best to think of a method." The young minor officer did his best to placate him.

Ye Qingyu instantly gave this young military officer several glances more.

He seemed to be around twentyish years of age, conspicuously refined with a clear and defined face. There was a slight scholarly air about him, not too similar from the rough and harsh quality of a normal soldier. Although he was very busy, but he was exceedingly patient, with a calm and undiscriminating expression on his face.

Very quickly, there was once again someone from the army helping to once again bandage the wounds of the young man.

There were several soldiers that came along, with the young officers and attempted to lift the collapsed stone wall on the ground.

There were several people that exploded with their strongest power, but they could not lift this stone wall at all. And because they worried about what the young man had said, that in the well below, the old woman still had a chance of survival. Therefore, they could not break the stone wall apart. They were somewhat lost for the moment.

Ye Qingyu observed the situation .

The stone wall was a meter thick, and the collapsed portion on the floor were the lengths of tens of meters. It had fallen from a stand of the military building, and should have been when the demon qi hurricane swept through the skies, and finally landing here. From a rough estimate, it was at least tens of thousands of pounds in weight.

The minor officer and the soldiers were only at the Ordinary Martial stage. For them to lift it was really difficult.

"Let me try," Ye Qingyu stood out of his own initiative.

The somewhat scholarly minor officer glanced at Ye Qingyu, and said with a questioning voice, "You… are you able?”

Everyone else looked at Ye Qingyu with a questioning expression.

After all, this white-robed youth was covered with blood, although his body was somewhat muscular, but his age still seemed to be very young.

Ye Qingyu gave off a slight smile. "I'll give it a try."

As he said this, both his hands held the edges of the wall. Exerting his strength slightly, the muscles in his arms suddenly bulged. With a low grunt, the ground quaked a little, then instantly the stone wall was lifted. Immediately, both his arms exploded with power and sent this stone wall directly flying out.

With Ye Qingyu's strength, to lift up a stone wall like this only needed a passing thought by him.

But today he did not want to reveal his identity, so he pretended it took more effort than it really did. The others looking at this scene thought Ye Qingyu had already exerted his maximum strength, but it still shocked everyone to silence for a moment. When the rubble and the dust from the wall landed, there was a period of praises and congratulations.

Underneath the stone wall, there really was a well exposed.

There was a weak sound from beneath.

"Someone's still alive… they are really alive."

As for the scholarly young military officer, he recovered from his stunned shock. Without saying anything, he directly jumped within the dried up well. After a while, when he jumped out, there was an aged old woman with snowy white hair on his back. The old woman had a broken wound on her head and was currently moaning in pain.

"Mother… mother… mother!" The previous young man charged madly towards her.

This scholarly military officer placed the old woman on the floor, loudly shouting. "Doctor Xu, quickly come and have a look, this old woman’s injuries are slightly serious. Quickly send someone to save her…”

The doctor surnamed Xu was also a young man. Carrying a medicinal box, he inspected slightly. "Her injuries are serious. This old woman's body is weak, we need to quickly transport her to the tent to treat her…

Before he’d finished.

A sharp and piercing voice suddenly came from the side, "Doctor? Just where has the doctor died to? Quickly scram over and have a look, my senior brother is injured, quickly come over and treat him…” Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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