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“Have you seen my little bear?”

In the moment that the voice of this girl sounded, Yan Buhui's mad laughter had risen to an extreme point.

It gave off an extremely conflicting sensation.

In the previous battle, the defensive formations of Youyan Pass, as well as the formation power of the structures in the air had already been activated. The power of the army was soundlessly running in the background. In truth, they had already completely sealed away everything in the surroundings, to prevent Yan Buhui and his demon warriors from escaping. At the same time, they confirmed the aura and identity of everyone in the Demon Race. The qi of all sorts of top level experts had already locked on to all the titled demon warriors…

One could be sure that within the air, apart from the tens of titled demon warriors beside Yan Buhui who were lucky enough to survive, there were no other experts from the Demon Race present.

Just what kind of person was Lu Zhaoge. The moment he appeared, his consciousness had already sensed and scouted his entire environment.

He had not managed to find anything suspicious.

But right now, there was suddenly an icy cold voice of a girl that sounded out in the ears of everyone.


What was even more inexplicable was that a bizarre change happened in the air the instant the voice sounded.


A hundred-meter-tall scarlet red flame bear, appeared without any signs above the head of Lu Zhaoge.

This huge bear was burning with the black flame of hell all around him, and had a somewhat bloated figure. The moment it appeared, it unleashed a roar of rage, its voice spreading out like a huge cannon throughout the air. A type of darkness, despair, death, and fearful aura began madly spreading.

But what was extremely peculiar was that the appearance of this huge bear was not sinister, but conversely a little bit cute.

All of a sudden, this unforeseen event had exceeded everyone's imagination.

It also exceeded the reaction of everyone.

Including Lu Zhaoge.

Just what kind of strength did this [War God of Youyan Pass] possess. The [Emotionless Heart Sutra] had already been cultivated to the fourth word. Just by opening his mouth, it was enough to destroy the [Space Time Sky Demon Spirit] of Yan Buhui. He was like a heavenly person, but even with his cultivation he could not react at the first moment.

Therefore, this huge swollen flame bear that was bellowing with rage was sitting atop his head right now.


A scarlet red flame exploded.

An mysterious invisible energy began surging and throbbing.

The invisible energy that blocked all attacks ten meters away from Lu Zhaoge, finally seemed not able to block the appearance of the huge flame bear.

And what was even more frightening was that after Lu Zhaoge had withstood the first wave of attack of the mysterious explosion of the flaming bear, it was like he had been fossilized. He stood dumbly within the air, not able to perform any effective reaction or counterattack.

And the Liu Siufeng and Peng Yizhen who were not far from him were also evidently affected by a similar strike. They were also as if they were fossilized.

"Hahahahaha…” Yan Buhui cackled madly, his figure transforming into a ray of light that instantly appeared before Lu Zhaoge.

He had evidently prepared beforehand. A bizarre jade bone dagger floated above his palm like the fang from a wolf. When he activated it, a strange cold glimmer flashed by, its sharp aura even caused this world to shiver.

At the same time.

A dainty tiny figure appeared ten meters before Lu Zhaoge.

It was as if she was a spirit. There was no one who saw just how she had appeared.

A fiery red dress, somewhat large for her, short sleeved, exposing her white mutton fat-like little arms. Her fingers very delicate, extremely elegant. A black flame that was moving like a little spirit was held in her dainty jade-like little hands. Her fiery red battle boots were burning with a flame and she had pretty red hair, the colour of fresh blood, that nearly fell to the bottom of her feet, which moved freely amongst the flames…

It was as if she was a little fairy that had been born from the flame.

She had peerless delicate facial features. And under the dim red shine of the flames, her white and perfect skin had a charm that caused one’s heart to beat quicker. Especially her pair of strange and large eyes, there was the innocence and pureness of the eyes of a fairy in the legends. Her pupils were a peculiar dim red, further adding to her nobleness and mysterious aura.

There was a terrifying black flame burning all around her.

But her expression had a coldness that caused one to shiver in ones bones.

This was an iciness that came from her very bone marrow. Indifferent to everything. She did not fear any gods; she was not afraid of any devils. There was not any trace of any emotions within her. In her calm and cold expression there was a shred of loathing, as if she loathed everything in the entire world. It was as if she only needed one glance, and she could freeze one’s soul.

A powerful and violent power of the flames of darkness enveloped her dainty little body.

This power and aura was even far stronger than the aura Yan Buhui had shown when he had brought out the [Sky Demon sutra: Space Time Sky Demon Spirit].

It was really hard to believe that such an unbelievable power was held within such a dainty body.

She lifted her hand.

In her palm that was as dainty as jade, a dim red flame suddenly transformed into a huge fire dragon that struck out, heading crushingly towards the Lu Zhaoge who was still in a fossilized state.

The other hand faintly moved.

The huge flaming bear in the air, as if it was a puppet being controlled by strings, followed along with her will, attacking and bellowing.

She was the controller of the huge flame bear.

Have you seen my little bear?

Right now, everyone saw her little bear.[1]

Everything happened in a spark of a flint.

This move completely exceeded the limits of reactions of all the top experts.

Apart from the Yan Buhui who had long made his preparations, and this mysterious fire spirit little girl.

They instantly exploded out with the strongest and most terrifying force, in the first instant striking on the body of the god of [Youyan army], Lu Zhaoge…

Fresh blood, jetted out from the body of Lu Zhaoge.

These flames were like maggots wriggling into the bones that headed through the mouth, nose, apertures, the wounds on his body, frantically entering into his body.

Yan Buhui was madly laughing.

The white bone dagger in his hands was completely dyed in fresh blood.

He could be sure that this time he had truly heavily injured Lu Zhaoge.

He was even more sure that the power of darkness that came from the Unmoving City of Darkness would definitely strike a fatal blow to Lu Zhaoge.

Only after approximately one breath later did the Lu Zhaoge, who remained in a fossilized state, react.

The [War God of Youyan Pass] that was as strong as a Heavenly god, let out a bellow of rage. A vast and immense power suddenly exploded from him. Even though all his senses were enveloped by the flames of darkness, but he still made the most accurate counterattack. A palm striking out, it hit squarely against the abdomen of the huge flame bear…


This massive flame bear instantly exploded into pieces, fire scattering everywhere in the skies.

This fearful flame bear, exploded directly by this one strike… "The bloodline of darkness? This is the power of the Unmoving City of Darkness…" There was a slight surprise in Lu Zhaoge's words, but he did not seem to be all that panicked or that angry. Burning within the flames of darkness, he asked loudly, "Just what venerable expert of the Unmoving City of Darkness has descended? Why have you interfered in the battle between the Demon Race and the Human Race?"

No one replied.

The little girl that was like a spirit from darkness and flames only frowned a little, beckoning with her hands slightly in the air.

The shattered flames of darkness were like swallows returning to their nest, coming back to her hands. With a bang, and a flicker of the flames, it transformed into a cute little white toy bear. The little girl intimately stroked the little bear, her cheek rubbing against it. In the instant that she hugged the little toy bear, there was a shred of warmth that flashed by in her pure icy eyes that seemed as if it loathed the entire world.

It was as if this little white toy bear was her closest family.


"Fate comes, fate scatters, fate is water… [Scatter]!"

The fourth word of the seven true words of Lu Zhaoge.

It was as if the word was law.

When these words were said, all the flames of darkness on his body entirely disappeared.

His figure could once again be seen.

The coarse robe on his body was somewhat blackened and there was the dense smell of smoke and fire. His hair and beard was somewhat burnt, but from top to bottom, he did not seem to be a person who had been burnt by the true flames of darkness. Even his eyes were exceedingly relaxed. There was a wound on his waist, and there was a red light on his face that constantly flickered that could barely be seen. Tens of breaths later, it slowly disappeared…

Evidently, there was a strange power within his body that he had forcibly suppressed.

It was only until then that the people apart from the three great experts reacted.

Apart from the Liu Siufeng and Peng Yizhen that gradually recovered from their fossilized state— these two did not even know just what had happened in that single instant.


On the ground.

The instant upon hearing that voice, his body began fiercely quivering and shaking.

It was far too familiar.

This voice, had become far more icy and cold. But he could still be sure that it was the voice of the little loli, Song Xiaojun.

But, when the huge flame bear had appeared, when it had sat upon the head of Lu Zhaoge, the excitement from Ye Qingyu's heart was as if it had been doused with a bucket of ice water. It caused his entire body to go icy cold.

The worst possible event had occurred.

Why had the Unmoving City of Darkness joined forces with Yan Buhui?

Ye Qingyu could not think this through no matter what.

But he knew that the problem was great.

With the [War God of Youyan Pass] standing by, no one can escape from Youyan Pass. Even Yan Buhui could not do so. The little loli being in such a situation was no different from going to her death.

In that instant, countless thoughts flickered in Ye Qingyu's consciousness.

He was thinking about what he should do.

But when the figure of the little loli finally and ultimately appeared within the skies, Ye Qingyu's heart suddenly settled down.

He was extremely clear on one matter.

No matter what had happened, he would definitely protect her.

Even if he had to bear the accusations from the entire world and acquire the title of traitor to the Empire, he had to protect her.

Lifting his face towards the skies, staring silently towards the little girl that was enveloped in the powerful and violent flames of darkness, Ye Qingyu could already be sure that Song Xiaojun had already accepted the power of the bloodline of darkness. She had utterly turned into a different person.

She wore a scarlet red dress and battle boots, having a strange costume and appearance. She seemed a little larger than the little loli in the past, becoming more and more beautiful. She seemed extremely like the girl in the past, but also at the same time, she was completely different.

The little loli that was clumsy and loud, right now was as silent and as cold as a blossoming flame on an ice mountain.

"The her right now should have already forgotten all her previous memories. She had forgotten the time spent in White Deer Academy, she had forgotten me…" Ye Qingyu sighed in his heart.

Without knowing why, the moment he saw Song Xiaojun, Ye Qingyu's heart was unprecedentedly calm. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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