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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 191 - Let me stab you once

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The huge body of the blood flame demon bear, fell like that of a mountain collapsing.

This heavy sound was as if it really exploded in the hearts of everyone.

The snow white demon [1] lizard emitted a furious roar, “You have really killed Blood Flame[2] , you deserve to die ahhhhh… little brat of the Human Race, you have been infected with my toxin, you are dead for sure…"

Ye Qingyu lowered his head to look at the bloodstain on his shoulder.

The snow white poisonous tongue was indeed powerful. The strike from the distance was like a ballista used to siege a city. All the bones in his arm and shoulder had fractured a little, but… was it really poison?

Ye Qingyu smiled in disdain.

A pale silver flame slowly disappeared from his wound.

The [Supreme Ice flame] was the nemesis of everything.

Previously when he had acted, he had relied on the [Supreme Ice flame] to save the skinny Crepe Myrtle Sect disciple. If he was able to save someone, then of course he could save himself. Therefore, at the moment the snow white poison tongue had attacked him, he had already activated the [Supreme Ice flame] to erase the demonic poison.

This entire battle process was within Ye Qingyu's expectations.

It could even be said that the moment he first struck out, Ye Qingyu had already made preparations for him to be injured. The power of two titled demon warriors could not be compared to a normal demon warrior. Although Ye Qingyu had confidence in himself, but even he would not be as conceited as to think he would be unscathed.

He had relied on the [Supreme Ice flame] to block the first wave of attack from the two titled demon warriors. But the power of Ye Qingyu's [Supreme Ice flame] could only be used to form a thin barrier to block the attack, and was not able to strike back. Therefore, to kill the blood flame demon bear, he had used the [Soul Stealing Heaven Strike] of the four moves of the unmatched peerless warrior. The instant he cut his opponent, he had frozen the yuan qi within his opponent.

In the battle between experts, a short moment where one could not use his yuan qi, was absolutely fatal.

Ye Qingyu had relied on this point to beat the blood flame demon bear to the point that it could not retaliate at all, killing him.

"To have dared to appear here, you should have long made preparations for your own death." Ye Qingyu looked at the snow white demon lizard, walking step by step, inching nearer. Around his body, the power of the twenty yuan qi Snow Dragons roared and howled, as if divine dragons were protecting his body. A special Snow Dragon pressure began to emanate from him, with a hard to describe imposingness. The aura around his entire person completely suppressed the titled demon warrior facing him.

"Even if I die, I'll drag you to hell with me." The snow white demon lizard looked at the corpse of the blood flame demon bear. In her scarlet red eyes, a color that seemed to indicate she would not be willing to die alone shot by. She said sinisterly, "Just who are you? There has never been such a character like you existing in the report of the [Southern Incline Legion].”

When this question came out, everyone in the fourth floor began to perk up their ears.

The people of the Jianghu and the sects were entirely stunned. They wanted to know, just who this white-robed person was?

Nan Hua was by one side. Her eye were widened, waiting for the reply of the white-robed youth.

In her beautiful eyes, there was a different kind of light flashing.

But— "Peacefully accept your death. Even if you know my name, what use is it for you?"

Ye Qingyu let out a faint smile, striking out with his sword instantly.

It was still the [Soul Stealing Heaven Strike].

Taking two steps forward, there were still tens of meters between the snow ground white lizard and him.

But at the moment when he took the third step, he was instantly in front of the snow white demon lizard. The [Little Shang sword], which was like a clear spring, spilled over the galaxy of the nine heavens. A snow white dragon soul was wrapped around the body of the blade, and this bizarre battle technique instantly exploded. Even the air was cut apart by this sword, like waves of turbulent winds being sliced apart…

The snow white demon lizard roared in rage, and from her mouth, four snow white toxic tongues shot out.

The four silver strands were like a spider's web, wanting to entangle the [Little Shang sword].

But the [Soul Stealing Heaven Strike] had the power to temporarily halt her from using all her abilities. Then in an instant, this power invaded the body of the snow white demon lizard through the poison tongues.

The demonic qi was frozen, and her demonic power was scattered.

The snow white demon lizard finally understood in this instant, why the blood flame demon bear was so easily hacked apart by this white-robed youth. In truth, this sword technique was too bizarre. Even though she was roaring furiously, she already comprehended the difference between them at this moment and had begun to retreat…

Of course, Ye Qingyu would not give her a chance.

[Storm of Swords]!

The [Little Shang sword] rotated, and Ye Qingyu seemed to transform into a cyclone.

The sword qi was like frost, and a coldness instantly turned the entire fourth floor into an ice cave. Everyone let out a shiver.

They could only see the blade and not the person.

It was as if Ye Qingyu had combined with the sword.

In this moment, it was unknown just how many sword cuts the snow white demon lizard received. The sharp Spirit weapon received the enhancement of cold ice qi, and was able to instantly slice apart the clustered silver scales on her body. One after another, fatal chill sword strokes cut wound after wound, invading into her body…

In a flash, the sword shadows disappeared.

The figures intersected.

Ye Qingyu with his back to her, stopped, stowing his sword away and standing.

The massive body of the snow white demon lizard silently stood there. In her scarlet red eyes, a light like that from a fire was currently disappearing little by little. The white lines from the sword strikes completely covered her entire body. But what was strange was that there was no fresh blood seeping out from the wounds. Instead of this, layer after layer of cold ice was constantly freezing her… "This… just what kind of battle technique is this?" The snow white demon lizard still had one final breath remaining, staring at Ye Qingyu.

She could clearly sense that her cultivation was not weaker in the least to the white-robed youth in front of her. It was even much stronger than his, but ultimately the person that would fall and be defeated was herself.

She was not willing to accept this.

Ye Qingyu did not say anything.

The snow white demon lizard let out her last breath, tragically saying with a laugh "Good… a sword wind that does not leave anyone behind… But today… we are just cannon fodder… fated to die… but what can we do, what can we do? And you guys… will also pay the price… kekeke… everyone, prepare to be shocked…”

Before she finished.

A layer of white cold qi dispersed from her body. Ultimately she turned into a huge silver white block of ice that completely froze her body inside.

The snow white demon lizard perished.

Ye Qingyu slowly turned his body around, looking at the demon corpse sealed within the ice. He let out a slow sigh in his heart.

It was absolutely not a coincidence for such a great number of experts to appear in Youyan Pass at this time. There must be some sort of plan or follow up behind this. This was definitely an intricately planned attack. But as to what exactly it targeted, one could not be sure as of this moment. What one could be sure of was that the old demons of the [Southern Incline Legion] really wanted to do something. Even the blood flame demon bear and snow white demon lizard were only cannon fodder, it was to distract and entangle the attentions of the experts of the Youyan Pass…

The blood flame demon bear and snow white demon lizard, these two titled demon warriors, were only the beginning. They knew very clearly that they were going to die by coming to Youyan Pass.

Humans valued their lives.

Demons also valued their lives.

But a military order was like a mountain. They could not refuse the order to come.

The words that the snow white demon lizard had sighed out just before her death, 'what can we do', had completely expressed the helplessness and bitterness of her life being controlled.

But the meaning behind her words caused Ye Qingyu's heart to panic.

Just what did the 'prepare to be shocked' represent?

Just what did the Demon Race want to do within Youyan Pass?

Within the [Breeze and Drizzle building] at least twenty to thirty titled demon warriors had appeared. Such a power, if they appeared in the battlefield, would perhaps be a powerful force. But right now appearing in the great camp of Youyan Pass, were like flies rushing to the fire. Once the Human Race reacted, they would very quickly be extinguished…

The thousand-year-old demons of the [Southern Incline Legion] would absolutely not create such a foolish plan where they rushed to their deaths.

Then, just what were the lives of twenty to thirty demon warriors in exchange for?

At this moment, Ye Qingyu could not think of the answer.

He was silent.

Everyone from the sects and the Jianghu were silent.

No one dared to make any sort of noise at this moment.

They were deathly afraid that they would affect Ye Qingyu's thoughts, and attract the attention of the Death God. After all, not long ago, they had mocked and provoked the white-robed reaper of death.

Only until Ye Qingyu lightly shook his head and slowly walked past the frozen demon corpse, did the fossilized movements and expressions of everyone in the fourth floor finally unseal.

Countless gazes gathered and focused on Ye Qingyu.

The white-robed reaper of death bathed in demonic blood suddenly placed his left hand on the slab of ice of the snow white demon lizard.

A cracking sound.

The slab of ice turned into countless pieces, falling at the same time, along with the corpse of the white demon lizard…

The Jianghu people seeing this scene let out a cold shiver and an exhalation of shock.

This youth would not show mercy even to a corpse.

From the moment Ye Qingyu appeared to the death of these two titled demon warriors, only fifteen minutes had passed. But the fierce and decisive methods Ye Qingyu had exhibited in battle made everyone shiver in fear. Everyone who was a Jianghu person on the fourth floor never wanted to encounter such an opponent in their life. For some people with little guts, most likely they would have a nightmare every time they met Ye Qingyu.

After a short but long silence.

“I am the elder of the Crepe Myrtle Sect, Liang Quan. Thank you brother for your aid, I wonder little brother you…” The black-haired middle-aged shishu who had his arm cut off came forward, lifting his hand in greeting. His tone, and his attitude were extremely respectful. Evidently he wanted to release some tension from the atmosphere.

Ye Qingyu gave him a glance, then faintly nodded his head.

But the next instant, the [Little Shang sword] quivered, fiercely pointing at one of the Crepe Myrtle next to the middle-aged Shishu, Liang Quan.

"Ah…" This Crepe Myrtle sect disciple screamed, quickly running to one side. With fear on his face, "You… what are you doing?"

Ye Qingyu did not reply, cutting out with his sword again.

"Shishu, save me…” This Crepe Myrtle sect disciple was nimble, sharply hiding and burrowing himself within the crowd. He pointed at Ye Qingyu, screaming, "You… what are you doing… I did not offend you… senior brother and sisters, save me…”

The facial colour of the black-haired Shishu changed, holding his sword with one hand and entering the battlefield.

The long sword was as if it was burning the heavens. This was namely one of the three greatest defensive sword techniques of the Crepe Myrtle [Seal and Obstruct].

Forcefully blocking Ye Qingyu's sword, Liang Quan's expression was both shocked and angry. "You… you… why do you want to kill a disciple of the Crepe Myrtle… if we were wrong previously, I apologize for them. The misunderstandings previously, really were our fault…"

Liang Quan swallowed his anger.

The powerful strength that Ye Qingyu had exhibited, along with his mysterious identity, made even the elder of the Crepe Myrtle sect, one of the top six sects, cautious. He could not help but bow down in order to survive.

But Ye Qingyu did not even say a word.

His figure flashed, striking out with his sword yet again.

"Ah… ah, why, do you really not like the people of Crepe Myrtle sect? Do you really want to kill everyone of the sects?" This disciple of the Crepe Myrtle sect, while he fled constantly talked and incited the emotions of the others.

The people of Jianghu were also disturbed.

"This… brother, if you really want to kill someone, you at least have to give a reason…” Wei Tianming shouted, his face red.

Who would have guessed Ye Qingyu would not even give him a glance? He struck out with his sword at this Crepe Myrtle disciple once again.

This disciple sharply screeched, retreating.

"Don't…" Nan Hua could not help but exclaim, loudly screaming.

The crowd was shaken.

There were displays of people wanting to act.


The skinny Crepe Myrtle sect disciple Li Rui who had always been recovering from injuries, suddenly rushed over with hobbled footsteps. Blocking in front of this Crepe Myrtle disciple, he said loudly, "Great, great hero, you are a good person. I beg you… Don't kill junior brother Miao, he's not a bad person, he…"

Before he had finished.

Ye Qingyu's sword, had descended on the tip of Li Rui's nose.

There was only the distance of the width of one hair between the sword and the nose.

The sword, stopped.

Ye Qingyu gave a look at the youth that was skinny but possessed a strange power. He saw that his legs were shivering and quivering, but he still blocked in front of his sword not budging an inch. He shook his head, and a hint of admiration flashed by in his eyes. He lightly laughed. "Idiot, foolish, a good person…”

Li Rui was taken aback.


The sword struck horizontally with a flick of Ye Qingyu’s wrist. The back of the sword struck on Li Rui's waist.

Li Rui was directly sent sailing, landing tens of meters away.

Ye Qingyu's controlled his power extremely well. Li Rui was still standing when he landed. Apart from feeling a sword qi roiling in his blood, he was not hurt in the least.

After striking Li Rui, Ye Qingyu did not cut out with his sword yet again. He only coldly smiled, looking at the disciples of the Crepe Myrtle sect, and said in a mocking manner "To be able to avoid four of my strikes, your strength is even higher than your Shishu. To be so young, yet to have such strength, haha…”

The frightened disciples face suddenly became stunned.

The Liang Quan by one side that was both furious and angry, suddenly had a flash of insight through his mind. He suddenly realized something, turning and staring fixedly at the disciple surnamed Miao. Biting his tongue "You… you are not Miao Xiu, just who are you? Why is your appearance so similar to Miao Xiu, you…”

The Crepe Myrtle disciple had a face of innocence, “Liang Shishu, just what are you saying? I don't understand."

Liang Quan angrily said, "You still want to fool me? Miao Xiu is only at the ten Spirit springs level of cultivation, why would he be able to avoid the four consecutive strikes of this young hero here? You seem to be scared, but your body techniques are extremely nimble. Each sword strike has no way of hurting you, Miao Xiu does not have this ability. You are not Miao Xiu… just who are you?"

Once these words were said, the entire fourth floor was shocked.

Countless gazes focused on Miao Xiu's figure.

The people originally standing beside him retreated like the tide with a crash, keeping their distance.

Miao Xu turned to look at his surroundings, then began giggling.

His voice had changed.

The low male voice had turned into the charming voice of a girl.

The atmosphere was incomparably strange.

As this Miao Xiu was giggling, he grabbed at his own hair, and suddenly pulled. With a sound of something breaking apart, like fabric being torn apart, a shocking scene could be witnessed. One could see Miao Xiu tearing off his scalp and face, and along with that, all the surface skin of his entire body…

It was as if he was taking off his clothes.

A piece of human skin was torn away.

And what was under the skin was not bloody flesh, muscles and bone.

It was…

A little girl that seemed to be around fifteen to sixteen years old.

A translucent and sparking girl, as if she was carved from jade. Like a little fairy that had descended into mortal lands.

This sweet and charming laugh had namely come out from the mouth of the little girl who had large eyes, as clear and pure as the autumn waters.

"It's not fun, it was discovered by you guys…" As the little girl took off the human skin of Miao Xiu, she unsheathed a toy-like little short sword and pointed it at Ye Qingyu. Panting with rage, her cheeks puffed up. "You bad person, to have uncovered my disguise. I need to kill you… come over, you're not allowed to dodge, I need to stab you!" Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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