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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 185 - You are the trash

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Ever since Ye Qingyu left White Deer Academy, he had experienced countless life and death battles. Facing experts like Liu Yuancheng, Chen Moyun, he had experienced first-hand the villain of this age; Yan Buhui, faced the crushing pressure of the Snow Dragon King, and even on the snow ice peak, had an exposure to the martial will of the mysterious figure that had slumbered for millions of years. In this short half a year, his experience and encounters were not something that a normal person could imagine. As a result of this, he had formed a powerful will and imposing aura.

Once he was angered, an invisible pressure instantly exploded.

The disciple of the Crepe Myrtle sect who was holding the cup of wine felt a hard to describe force hitting him.

Such a sensation was like facing the Patriarch or the disciplinary elders within the sect. As if he was to say one word more, this terrifying pressure would completely crush him.

This Crepe Myrtle sect disciple did not say anything else, like a duck that had been scared by the storm, was shivering and trembling. He brought his cup of wine and quickly left… "Master, I'll go find someone to take care of this bunch of people who don't know the distance between Heaven and Earth," Bai Yuanxing said angrily.

If not for Ye Qingyu previously holding him back, this White Horse sword slave would have completely exploded with rage.

A bunch of idiots from the sects that don't know how to tell the difference. Using their bad habits that they performed in the Jianghu within Youyan Pass, they really did not know how to live. With Ye Qingyu's status and fame today, he only needed to say a word and it was enough to completely arrest and imprison this group of retards within the military prison and teach them a lesson. At least they would have to waste half their lives away for the elders of the Crepe Myrtle sect to collect them.

"Let's not rush, wait and see." Ye Qingyu faintly shook his head.

If there was not a need, he did not want to enlarge the problem. After all, this would affect the cooperation between the army and the sects. He himself had been in the limelight for far too much recently, and he was already the tree that had grown taller than the forest. If he caused an incident, it could possibly give an opportunity for people who had the appetite to target him.

Bai Yuanxing hearing this, could only sit back down in simmering anger.

At this moment—


The sharp sound of a cup of wine breaking on the ground was heard.

The clamour and bustle of the hall on the fourth floor instantly halted. Countless people looked in surprise at the place where the cup had fallen.

It was the table of Wei Tianming and the others.

One could see the previous disciple of the Crepe Myrtle that had come over, was currently standing next to Wei Tianming. He was currently saying something at the same time, as well as pointing to the Ye Qingyu far off. Evidently, he had nothing good to say and was over exaggerating the story…

Wei Tianming's face turned darker and darker.

The person sitting next to him, from his clothing, was not a disciple of the Crepe Myrtle sect. He should belong to the other sects, and should be the friend of Wei Tianming. The person who had thrown the cup to the ground was him.

This person had a slender build with messy yellow hair, a sharp mouth, and a monkey-like chin. He seemed to be around twenty years of age, with viciousness on his face. He fiercely threw the cup to the ground, and after attracting the attention of all parties, stood up with a sound. He slammed his hand onto the table, coldly sneering. "I’ll have to disturb the enjoyment of everyone. I am the [Flying Divine Monkey], Huang Ran. Just now, I have encountered something that I really cannot stand, and broke my cup through being too emotional. I'll first apologize to everyone…"

Saying this, he clasped his hand.

"So it was hero Huang!" "The great name of hero Huang, [Flying Divine Monkey], I have long heard of. The thirty-seven moves of the wind and lightning staff, known as invincible under the twenty Spirit springs, I have long admired."

There was praises and compliments from all around.

It seemed like this Huang Ran was rather famous.

"I wonder just which blind thing it was that dared to incite hero Huang. Why don't you say who it is, so we can all know?” someone intentionally stood up, shouting loudly.

Huang Ran clasped his hand, glancing at Ye Qingyu's direction. With a cold smile, he said, "Today the experts from all the sects in Snow Empire have gathered in Youyan Pass.

Cooperating on a great project, we are answering the call of the great Emperor of Snow Empire, to assist in battle and resist against the Demon Race. I am not enough, but I am willing to aid the great matter of the Human Race in Snow Empire a hand. Even if I die in battle in the Explosive Snow Glacier, I have nothing to say…"

There was a surrounding of applause and praise.

Huang Ran clasped his hands in thanks. Continuing on, "I think that every hero and man here will have the same thinking with me; hot blood in their hands and share the burden of national matters. But there was someone who said such words, that the people of the sects are all trash, not worth mentioning. That they are not enough to succeed but more than qualified to fail. Not only this, they also singled out and insulted senior brother Wei Tianming. I am only a martial brute, but even I cannot stand such humiliation. Therefore I broke the cup just now…"

Before he’d finished.

"Fuck his mother, just what kind of turtle dare say such words?" "That little brat, to dare insult us great heroes. Quickly stand up." "Fuck, whoever said that, scram out in three breaths’ time." "Kneel down and apologize. Otherwise even if it is the Heavens themselves, we will cut them."

It was like scattering a handful of salt in a hot wok of oil, instantly the entire great hall of the fourth hall began boiling. One after another, the people of the sects that thought of themselves as heroes, just how could they accept such humiliation. They stood up one by one, breaking cups and dishes, causing clatter and clamour. Killing intent spread throughout the hall.

The people of the Crepe Myrtle sect, with the black-haired middle-aged man and Nan Ha in the lead were sitting in the table opposite. Hearing this, they also stood up. Hearing someone insult their senior brother Wei Tianming, they were righteously angered, instantly someone wanting to rush out and fight… "Sit down." The middle-aged Shishu lightly ordered.

The Crepe Myrtle disciple was taken back, but seeing the seriousness and anger in the Shishu, all sat down.

Nan Hua glanced at her Shishu, then again looked towards Ye Qingyu's direction. She already understood in her heart, what had largely happened. Between Wei Tianming and the white-robed rich kid, there had already been many small conflicts. It seems like this time, a real fire had been created.

Nan Hua calmly smiled.

Senior brother Wei Tianming had walked the Jianghu for many years. With his experience and methods, it was not something that an idle and useless wealthy kid could compare to. With only a little trick, it was enough to incite the rage of all the people of the sects, pushing this white-robed person into an extreme situation. It seems like that white-robed person was going to be unlucky…

Nan Hua had a pitying expression as she looked at Ye Qingyu.

"If one carefully looks, that white-robed person is somewhat handsome, and his aura is somewhat vigorous." Nan Hua had several looks, and could not help to lightly praise. But her heart will not be moved. She had long passed the stage where someone's outer appearance could charm her. An even greater shell, if they did not have status or power, was only a brocaded pillow. Sooner or later, it would be stomped beneath the feet of others.

She silently sat there, waiting for the development.

At this time, the [Flying Divine Monkey] had already embellished the story, causing the emotions of the entire fourth floor to become extremely impassioned. Dishes and plates broke, as if they were really going to rush out and kill someone. There were even people who unsheathed their swords and blades, stabbing it quivering into the table…

Huang Ran became even more pleased with himself. Coming to Ye Qingyu's table, he pointed at him. "It is this wealthy little brat, a little scrap that doesn't understand anything. He insulted senior brother Wei Tianming personally, insulting everyone…”

Immediately, killing-like gazes like wolves and tigers gathered on Ye Qingyu's body.

If it was a normal person, most likely they would be completely dumbfounded by such a situation.

Ye Qingyu acted as if he had heard nothing at all, lowering his head, he calmly and slowly sipped at his cup of tea.

Seeing that Ye Qingyu had lowered his head, Huang Ran thought that this white-robed youth was afraid. With a cold snort he spoke, "Little thing, are you burying your head into the soil? Today you have to give us an explanation, just who is a trash? Heh heh, what words do you have to say for yourself, what explanation do you have?"

The surroundings were in complete clamour.

Ye Qingyu drank a mouthful of tea, feeling the faint bitter taste swirling around the root of his tongue. Then he looked at the angry and vicious face of Huang Ran. He suddenly had a feeling of wanting to laugh out loud, faintly smiling in a calm manner. "Explanation. Just what do I need to explain?"

Huang Ran was dumbfounded.

Ye Qingyu's reaction was completely different from what he imagined.

On this white-robed youth, he could not see a single shred of fear or worry. But conversely, in his bright eyes, there was mockery and disdain that was not disguised in the slightest.

"You… you dare call us trash, you…" Huang Ran momentum weakened immediately.

Ye Qingyu laughed slightly again, then said in a matter of fact tone, "That's right, I said you people are trash, what about it? Are you not satisfied?"

Once these words were said, all the vicious faces like tigers and wolves in the great hall were all stunned.

What was called arrogance?

What was called overbearing?

This was.

At this moment, nearly every one of the sects in the large hall had the wrong impression, that their actions of throwing their plates to the floor and unsheathing their blades, in front of this calm slight smile of this white-robed young man, was the extremely childish actions of a little kid. It was incomparably laughable.

Far off.

The faint smile on Nan Hua's face also froze.

This white-robed young man…

Did she overlook something?

This pretty young girl from the sect sat in front of a table, lightly asking herself in her heart.

The table next to them.

Wei Tianming and several of his Jianghu friends’ expressions had already changed. They faintly felt something.

At the center of such an atmosphere, the [Flying Divine Monkey] Huang Ran’s expression had completely changed. When Ye Qingyu's reaction was so forceful that it was out of his expectations, even if he was a brute, he would have already noticed something. In such a situation, to be calm like ice, this white-robed young man was definitely not a pushover.

"You… you…" Huang Ran struggled to find words that he could use to regain his face.

At this moment— "Eh? Brother Ye? You were here?" a clear and bright voice travelled over.

It was the military warfare officer Liu Zongyuan, as well as four of his most trusted experts. Coming to the fourth floor and seeing Ye Qingyu, he instantly let out a big grin. "Mad Tiger Wen has long been waiting in a room on the eighth floor. We waited for you for a long time, then we came down to ask the server. He said there was someone with a similar appearance to you who came to the fourth floor. I went to have a look, and you really were here."

Ye Qingyu laughingly greeted him, "Brother Liu!”

Liu Zongyuan had the uniform armour of a military warfare officer which was pitch black, like steel. One glance was enough to see he was a powerhouse who held power within the military, his aura like that of an eagle or a tiger. In his long time within the battlefield, it was unknown just how many demon lifeforms he had killed. His body emitted an ominous aura that shook one's heart, that normal people could hardly detect, but for the people of Jianghu, such a butcher-like aura, they were the most sensitive to. They looked at Liu Zongyuan's behavior, then looked at the armoured experts that had the same bloody chilling aura behind him. Instantly, the colours of everyone from the sects in the large hall completely changed. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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