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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 184 - Provocation

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The large hall was not completely flat; it was in picturesque disorder. There were four main layers in the hall, with two or three steps between each platform. It was a classic split level hall, with decorative mountains, running water, war songs, vegetation, and summer flower partitions. It caused the entire large hall to fill with a sensation of delight.

Ye Qingyu, after a slight observation, was able to sense the subtleness of this formation.

Within the [Breeze and Drizzle building], there were a multitude of large and small formations arranged everywhere. Apart from defensive formations, there were many tiny formations for controlling the air, temperature, light, humidity and so on. Such a design evidently came from a formation master; it was absolutely not something anyone could do.

No wonder it was the temporary Imperial residence of the Emperor of the Snow Empire.

Ye Qingyu sighed with emotion in his heart.

"Two masters, did you reserve a seat?" The server bent his back, asking with a smile.

Ye Qingyu considered. That fellow Wen Wan seemed not to have told him just what table he had booked, so he lightly shook his head.

The business of the [Breeze and Drizzle building] was really curiously good.

With a glance, one could see that the first floor was completely packed with people.

"Since it is like this, why not go to the fourth floor?" The server explained eagerly with a smile. "The first to the third floors are already full. In these two days, there are many sect people that have come, and they spend a lot. There are many that have already reserved a seat, and there are many that just directly come, therefore…”

Ye Qingyu nodded: "That's fine, then let’s go to the fourth floor."

The server led Ye Qingyu to a small pavilion behind a decorative mountain.

In the pavilion there were two girls in the prime of their age wearing tight-fitting violet dresses that were welcoming guests, smiling and asking after them. There was a jade-coloured badge in their hands that activated slightly, and one could see on the floor of the small pavilion, there was a strange formation light that functioned, a radiance surging out…

This was a small scale teleportation formation.

In the interior of the [Breeze and Drizzle building], there were no stairs between the floors. Unexpectedly, they used a small scale teleportation formation to transport people about that made Ye Qingyu shocked and impressed.

Just from solely this point, it was somewhat extravagant.

"Two honoured guests, please enter the [White Jade Stairs].”

Seeing the surprise in Ye Qingyu's eyes, there was a trace of pride and satisfaction twinkling in the server’s eyes.

So the small scale teleportation formation had a nice name called the [White Jade Stairs].

Ye Qingyu did not notice his expression at all and did not pay attention. Conversely, he seriously praised the design and architecture of the [Breeze and Drizzle building]; it really had workmanship similar to heaven's creation. It was the most marvelous structure that Ye Qingyu had ever seen.

As they spoke, the small scale t[1] [2] [3] [4] eleportation formation was about to operate… "Eh? Wait a moment, quickly stop… there's still us."

A somewhat familiar voice was heard.

When they lifted their head to look, there were tens of people led by another server that rushed to the outside of the little pavilion. The leading young man had a face filled with sideburns and a muscular build, wearing a pale violet loose fitting clothes. It was the group of people that Ye Qingyu had encountered at the morning stand earlier.

The girl with the flirtatious expression, Nan Hua, as well as the black-haired middle-aged man were also within the group.

As the group neared, the Wei Tianming with sideburns evidently recognized Ye Qingyu. He coldly snorted, his attitude untamed, and walked in large strides into the transportation formation with the others following in a line after.

After approximately ten or so people had entered, the leading server reminded, "This [White Jade Stairs] can at the most transport fifteen people. Please can the remaining honoured guests, wait ten breaths of time, is this possible?"

At this time there were namely two people of the Crepe Myrtle sect outside the pavilion.

Wei Tianming had a look, his glance falling upon Ye Qingyu and Bai Yuanxing. He directly opened his mouth, without any reservations "Hey, you two, get out. Enter the next one."

Bai Yuanxing was instantly enraged.

Ye Qingyu shook his head, telling him to stay calm. Then he further shook his head at Wei Tianming and said, "No."

The Wei Tianming with sideburns was immediately angered. "Little kid, have some vision. Don't go finding pain for yourself."

The other people of the Crepe Myrtle sect also stared evenly at Ye Qingyu, a mocking expression on their faces. There was a faint threat and there was even someone who slightly released a yuan qi pressure, wanting to scare Ye Qingyu out.

Ye Qingyu smiled. "Such words are also what I want to say to you. Take away your childish games. Coming to Youyan Pass, even a dragon has to stay coiled. You best not cause trouble, otherwise if it is too much, even if your patriarch comes, he cannot interfere.”

The people of the Crepe Myrtle sect were taken aback.

Wei Tianming, after a temporary blankness, was furious. He was about to say something, when the black-haired middle-aged Shishu[5] gave several evaluating glances at Ye Qingyu and said to the Wei Tianming behind him, "Tianming Shizhi[1], calm down, don't cause trouble."

Wei Tianming coldly snorted, warning Ye Qingyu with slanted eyes, then sneered. "You little brat, your sure have guts. Let's see if you are still so arrogant later." Saying this, he said in a snort, "I'm heading out, I'll take the next [White Jade Stairs]."

Saying this, he walked out of the pavilion.

But his eyes always remained on Ye Qingyu like a dagger, with an unfriendly expression.

Ye Qingyu acted as if he did not see this.

At this time, the small scale transportation [White Jade Stairs] was activated. Everyone only felt their vision blurring, the scenery becoming indistinct and in the next instant they arrived at the fourth floor of the [Breeze and Drizzle building]

The people of the Crepe Myrtle came out the pavilion with a clamour.

There were people that intentionally turned around to look at Ye Qingyu, with cold smiles on their faces. There was even someone who drew their hand across their throat, their eyes vicious, threats evident.

Ye Qingyu completely ignored them.

"Two honoured guests, please follow me." The server, very professionally, led the way.

Ye Qingyu and Bai Yuanxing walked from the pavilion of the fourth floor and evaluated their surroundings in detail.

The area of the fourth floor was similar to the large hall of the first floor, except slightly smaller. But the furnishings were much more elaborate, with formation screens dividing different areas. Apart from being spacious, it was particularly secluded, with flowers and grass for decoration. There were dancing and singing girls with slender figures and beautiful faces as companions, their voices light. It was as if someone had ascended to a divine island through climbing a vine.

Sitting at the tables of the fourth floor, the large majority were people of the Jianghu.

The wild aura of people of the sects was evidently different from the serene atmosphere of the large hall. It was extremely noisy, with shouts and screams, there were even people playing drinking games. Originally, it was supposed to be a meeting place between elegant people, but now it was completely rough and crude. There were even people who did not have fun, and began arguing and shouting…

It was a pit for the singing and dancing girls that were like flowers or jade[6] [7] [8] . In such a scene where the atmosphere was completely spoiled, even a more beautiful dance or song would become like playing the harp to the bull. It was completely pointless, but these were the rules of the restaurant, so they could not leave…

There would occasionally be some crude men that would harass the girls with their mouths, with the girls all enduring it.

Ye Qingyu frowned, shaking his head.

Very quickly, they sat at a table near the window enough for six people. Casually ordering some food and wine, they waited for the arrival of Wen Wan and Liu Zongyuan.

The scenery of the window was decent, able to survey from high up. One could observe the terrain around.

Inside the large hall.

The Crepe Myrtle sect belonged to the top six sects of the Snow Empire, so their status was extremely high. When the group entered, it immediately attracted many people's gazes. Out of every table, there were continuously people standing up, greeting, and paying their respects. There was not a lack of flattery…

In this moment, the people of the Crepe Myrtle became the heart of people's gaze on the fourth floor.

A while later, Wei Tianming and his two junior brothers also ascended and also received many greetings.

"So you are the great hero [Flying Heaven Sword] Wei Tianming, I have long heard of your name!" "According to the rumours, hero Wei half a year ago, slaughtered the Black Wind bandits of Flowing Jade Mountain alone, killing a hundred and sixteen people, spreading your fame throughout Jianghu. Today, seeing you, your graceful bearing is really like a celestial being!" "I am the [Wind Chasing Foot] Ma Ben. I have long ago heard of your name; you really are fitting of the name. Hero Wei, we should find an opportunity to get closer later!"

There were many people that stood up, clasping their hands in respect.

This Wei Tianming belonged to the movers and shakers of the third generation of disciples in the Crepe Myrtle sect. In these years of travelling throughout Jianghu, he has had some fame and received the title of [Flying Heaven Sword]. He could be considered the number one figure within the third generation.[9] [10] "No, no, this is just the over praise of various friends. I am ashamed to have such a title, everyone has over exaggerated." Wei Tianming said such words, but in his heart he was extremely pleased with himself and there was a satisfied expression on his face.

Ye Qingyu looked from the side, faintly shaking his head.

The people of Jianghu and the sects liked their fame. Everyone praised everyone; if they did not have any great hatred with each other, when they met they would praise each other to familiarize themselves.

It was just that the group of people on the fourth floor seemed to be largely under the twenty Spirit springs of cultivation. Their actions were crude, and Ye Qingyu, who originally had some expectations for the sect, could not help but be disappointed.

This crowd of people was evidently a disorderly bunch. To want to rely on such people to aid the army in resisting against the Demon Race was really somewhat optimistic. If the situation turned for the worse, such people would become the horse that would cause harm to the rest of the herd[2].

And when Ye Qingyu was thinking such thoughts, there was suddenly someone who came before his table and heavily rapped[11] on his table.

Ye Qingyu lifted his head to look. It was a disciple of the Crepe Myrtle sect.

This disciple from the Crepe Myrtle sect had a look of disdain when he looked at Ye Qingyu. He held a cup of wine in his hand and said, "Hey, little kid, my big brother Wei treats you to a cup of wine."

Ye Qingyu looked towards the seated table.

He could see the Wei Tianming, with the sideburns, was speaking and laughing with several other people of the Jianghu. Instantly they also looked over, the crowd staring at Ye Qingyu, mockery and contempt on their faces. Evidently they could not wait for Ye Qingyu to drink this cup of wine…

Ye Qingyu looked at the cup of wine held in the hands of the Crepe Myrtle sect disciple.

The wine was jade-like and there was a black ink smell that was hard to detect emitting from the surface of the wine. It was tasteless, but was somewhat strange…

There evidently had been something done to the wine.

Perhaps it was poison, perhaps it was a type of drugs, who could know.

Ye Qingyu's heart was really angered through this.

This bunch of stupid people that did not know what's best for them, really did not know how to write the character ‘Death’. To not affect the strategy of the military, he had already avoided creating conflict with the people of the sects, but did they really think he was easy to bully? To intentionally come over and make trouble for him, did they really think he was a pushover? "Take back this cup of wine. Scram and tell that person surnamed Wei to not test the limits of my patience. If he wants to die, then I will fulfill his wishes. What dog fart [Flying Heaven Sword]. A trash that has not even reached twenty Spirit springs; a clown that is self-satisfied over nothing. Coming to Youyan Pass, you had best behave yourself. Otherwise you won't even know how you died."

Ye Qingyu said word by word.

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