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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 183 - The situation of the sects

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Nan Hua had a faint smile on her face as she listened to her senior and junior brothers debating.

Seeing her senior brother Tianming, the man with the sideburns, spouting and discussing loftily, there was a shred of disdain in Nan Hua's heart.

Every disciple of the sect thought of themselves as exceptional. Their traditions were age old, profound cultivation techniques, they were the chosen children of heaven. But Nan Hua knew extremely well in her heart that since the Snow Empire was founded, the greatest power within Heaven Wasteland domain was the Imperial Family of Snow Empire. Under the rule of the Empire, all the glory of the sects had long been blown away by the wind and rain. The age that belonged to the sects, had already gradually ended.

There were many disciples of the sects that normally had been affected by the philosophy that the sects were the greatest. They felt that they towered above others, sleeping out in the open, not influenced by worldly affairs, and had distanced themselves away from the mortal world. They thought of themselves as immortal like beings; they looked down upon the worldly soldiers, calling the soldiers military brutes.

But Nan Hua was clear that in the Empire today, there were countless experts.

Not mentioning others, just solely from the Youyan Pass army, the overall commander [War God of Youyan Pass] Lu Zhaoge’s power was so strong that the patriarchs of many sects were not his opponent.

The[1] [2] free and unrestricted sects were a helpless radiance that had slowly elapsed.

For a top sect like the Crepe Myrtle sect, even they could not help but open their sect deep within the mountains. They said that they had already left mortal affairs, tranquil as immortals, but who would not yearn for the flourishing world in their hearts. Especially those disciples who were inexperienced and unaware, they were immeasurably self-satisfied. The higher-up elders of the sects, who would not reminiscence over the glorious era where they received enormous tribute and the admiration and respect of the flourishing cities?

Senior brother Wei Tianming and the others brought the attitude that they were above the others of Youyan Pass. They felt that they were immortals descending from the heavens; here to rescue the pain and suffering of the common people.

But Nan Hua was different.

The strength of this charming girl could not be counted as the greatest within the Crepe Myrtle sect, only above average. But when comparing her appearance, she could be rated as stunning, her beautiful aura causing countless fellow disciples to fall for her. As a result, there were always disciples of the Crepe Myrtle sect surrounding and pleasing her. If it was previously, within the sect, and she chose a core disciple with a great future and exceptional talent and married him, it would definitely be a choice that would make countless people envious. Perhaps in the future she would become the wife of an elder, or perhaps the future wife of the leader of the sect…

But right now, ever since leaving the Crepe Myrtle sect and experiencing the flourishing human society, Nan Hua's heart was no longer concerned with the sect.

If she was able to select a talented young man with both status and strength and marry him, then she could enjoy a high position and wealth endlessly[3] [4] . This was a god-like living style[5] that was far more perfect than staying in the old mountains and forests and living a tranquil life composing poems to the moon.

Therefore, Nan Hua felt that Wei Tianming and the others were childish.

But her mind was nimble and her subtleness was far deeper than her peers. She naturally would not express her true thoughts, only a faint proud smile to represent her own attitude.

Of course, Nan Hua also looked down upon useless and idle young masters.

Such as the young man that was wearing a white robe with an elegant long sword at his waist. Just a glance was enough for one to determine that he was an idle trash. There were no experts that would have such a useless sword that looked good but could not be used. He also brought a servant wearing a little green hat next to him…

If she had to choose such a spoiled rich young master, she would rather choose her fellow disciples of her sect.

Nan Hua once again thought of the various rumours that she had heard on the way. There was a person called Ye Qingyu, that sounded not too bad. Young age, with decent strength he had also been given a title of Marquis. Holding two roles simultaneously in Youyan Pass army, it was said that he had not yet married. He was the youngest Marquis in the history of the Empire… "This Ye Qingyu could barely count as a candidate. After seeing him and observing for a while, just to see what he is like. If he was really as the rumours say, then it was not a bad choice to make some investment…”

Nan Hua silently planned in her heart.

She had extreme confidence in her beauty and quality. As long as she made some moves and displayed a fake countenance, then that person called Ye Qingyu could easily be captured[6] [7] .

…… ……

Ye Qingyu walked leisurely through the large streets and small alleys.

His meeting with Wen Wan and Liu Zongyuan was in the afternoon. The time was still early so he was not in a rush.

Ever since coming to Youyan Pass, Ye Qingyu had never really taken a good stroll throughout its streets and experienced the culture. Today was mostly a good chance, so he came out to have a look.

Compared to the free, flourishing, laid back, and mercantile aura of Deer City, Youyan Pass was evidently more disciplined. On the two sides of the streets, one was able to see some little stands, but the number was far less compared to Deer City. The large majority of the shops on the two sides of the streets were square and straight. Normally, all architecture was constructed with defense as its number one priority; so these buildings were extremely stable.

The goods within these shops had many weapons and armour, materials for formation, rice, flour, and noodles. There were all sorts of essential living materials. As for silks and fabrics, paintings of flowers and the such, these were extremely rare.

But what made Ye Qingyu somewhat surprised was that on the way, he encountered many martial artists rushing about who seemed to come from Jianghu. One look was enough to see that they had different temperaments to the people of Youyan Pass. Evidently, they were people who had come from the sects.

Why were there suddenly so many disciples of the sects within Youyan Pass?

As for the situation regarding the large sects within Snow Empire, Ye Qingyu only had a general idea from a book. As for the details, he was not too clear.

For White Deer Academy students, after graduating from their fourth year, they would have choices. Some would choose to enroll in the army; while others would choose to enter into their families. There would also be some outstanding graduates that would be chosen by some great sects in Snow Empire and choose to enter these sects to cultivate the martial way, devoting themselves to martial arts.

As far as the top ten class experts within Snow Empire, it was said that six of them came from the sects.

But experts and disciples of the sects liked to act alone. They tend to appear and disappear without any signs whatsoever, so they rarely had any interactions with the army of the Empire. This time, for there to be so many people of the sects to appear in Youyan Pass greatly surprised Ye Qingyu.

"I've heard that the Imperial family of the Empire has called an Imperial summons. Using the name of the Emperor, they are recruiting experts of the sects for a short term service in Youyan Pass to aid the military. This time, the top six sects within the Empire will send people to help in the Spring attack…"

Bai Yuanxing gave an explanation.

Ye Qingyu remained confined in his room training and did not pay attention to outside matters. But Bai Yuanxing, apart from training, would also pay serious attention to the small and big activities within the Pass. Very consciously, he became the eyes and ears of Ye Qingyu. After sorting through all of the large and small information, he could provide useful information to Ye Qingyu at any moment.

"Oh, so they came to help."

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

There were good and bad people intermingled within the sects, but one could not help but admit that the foundations of the sects were extremely deep and the cultivation techniques that were passed on had a long history. The requirements for becoming a disciple were also extremely strict, therefore many experts came from the sects. If the Empire really wanted to form a large scale invasion, then the aid that came from the experts of the sects could be used to fight against the demon warriors and commanders of the Demon Race. This would have an extremely good effect.

The experts of the sect could supplement the weak points of the army, not having enough battle power from top class experts.

But there were definitely misgivings. The discipline of the people of the sects were far too unruly. A huge problem facing the higher ups of the Youyan Pass army was how they were going to harmonize the two parties. After all, the army was an entity that placed great importance to discipline.

As he thought, Ye Qingyu shook his head with a smile.

Since the army of the Empire had already issued such an enlistment, then they should have already formed their own strategy and plans. There was no need for him to worry. As long as he performed his own duty, it was fine.

With this thought in mind, Ye Qingyu did not think about such miscellaneous matters anymore.

Since it was difficult for him to come out normally, clearing his mood and walking about the streets was the right thing to do.

Leisurely strolling along the way, he really seemed like a wealthy person with nothing to do. Adding to this, the white robes of Ye Qingyu as well as the ornamental [Cutting Wind Sword] that the sixth master of the White Horse tower had left behind made Ye Qingyu look even more like an idle young master in the city.

Bai Yuanxing was a local of the city and hence was comparatively familiar with it. On the way, he explained different aspects of the city to Ye Qingyu, acting like a tour guide.

Ye Qingyu's understanding of Youyan Pass increased little by little.

The two then arrived at the Northern district of Youyan Pass at around noon.

There were gradually more and more military installations.

This was the area controlled by the Vanguard of the [Youyan army].

"If we head forward for another five or six kilometers, we will be at the great camp of the Vanguard. Master, the meeting point that you have arranged with Officer Wen and Officer Liu is there…" Bai Yuanxing pointed at an octagonal black stone building with nine stories to the left.

"Eh? That’s the [Breeze and Drizzle building]? There’s still an hour of time left from the arranged time, let’s just first go in and have a seat." Ye Qingyu smiled as he headed towards the octagonal black stone building.

This [Breeze and Drizzle building] had a considerable history.

It was said that this was a temporary imperial residence constructed during the first time the Emperor of the Snow Empire led troops into battle to fight against the Snow Ground Demon Court. There was the founding Emperor's personal inscription, and that was where the name of the building came from. This was the only octagonal building tens of kilometers away and it was also the tallest architecture[8] [9] [10] [11] . Compared to the square and straight buildings around, it was rather beautiful, and could be counted as a scenic spot within Youyan Pass.

In the battle following after, both parties struggled, but this eventually fizzled[12] [13] [14] out to nothing, without a victor being decided. His Imperial majesty returned to the court and this building was at first managed by the military. However, as time passed on, a higher up of the army received the right to manage it, opening it to the public and creating a restaurant that was famous throughout the Pass[1].

The meeting point with Wen Wan and Liu Zongyuan was namely this restaurant with a long history.

Very quickly, they came to the restaurant.

There were eight soldiers on duty wearing bright armour at the door. One could tell that the owner behind this restaurant was indeed not normal.

"Two masters, please…" There was a young server wearing short cotton clothes that quickly rushed to welcome them, drawing his sound out and receiving the two.

The server of the [Breeze and Drizzle building] was a person with great eyesight and extreme observation ability. Seeing Ye Qingyu's appearance, he knew that he was someone with money so he welcomed them passionately, leading Ye Qingyu and Bai Yuanxing into the hall.

The moment they entered into the hall, it was as if they had entered into a whole different world.

Outside there was a spring chill, but there was a warm breeze hitting one in the face in the hall. The green vegetation refreshed the mind; Also, there was a fresh and clear smell of plants that met them, as if it was a flourishing garden. In an instant, it filled one with energy.

The arrangement of the tables in the hall was also extremely intricate.

[1] Technically (cause I know someone’s going to comment) the army is part of the military. The military points to all 3 branches, so Army, Navy, and Air Force….if you wanna get technical :P Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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