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Imperial God Emperor CHapter 180 - Shock and suspicions

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To face a Bitter Sea stage expert, and especially Zhang San, a person who had reached the Bitter Sea stage long ago, no one had expected Ye Qingyu to be able to survive.

The difference between the two realms was like the difference between Heaven and Earth.

The reason Wen Wan had gone berserk was because he felt that the chances of Ye Qingyu’s survival were slim.

Even Liu Zongyuan was overcome with fury and could not hold onto Wen Wan any longer. He did not care about anything anymore, and loudly shouted, "Head Zhang, you are far too tyrannical. Ye Qingyu is the future star of the Empire, and has contributed greatly to Youyan Pass. To kill him as you please, the things that you have done in these past years are too over the line. Today, no matter what, you will have to give us an accounting."

Liu Zongyuan completely tore apart all pretense of friendliness with Zhang San.

Lin Lang, Yi Sance and the others could only coldly sneer.

Zhang San fiercely turned around, coldly glaring at Wen Wan and Liu Zongyuan. Killing intent seeped out from his heart. "Haha, the dogs that bite people do not bark. Just what kinds of things are you two, to not even dare to let out a fart in front of me before, but leaping out to bark madly right now? Haha, if I want to kill a person, do I still need to ask you two little dogs and give a report to you guys?" "Trash, I will fight with you to the death." Wen Wan was like a crazed tiger, rushing forward, about to strike out.

At this moment "Old Wen, quickly stop."

A familiar voice sounded.

Everyone felt their vision blurring and could see a figure flash out from the dust behind Zhang San, holding Wen Wan back.

His white robe was like snow.

This person was namely Ye Qingyu.

"Release me, you motherfucking…" After being held back, Wen Wan’s first instinctive reaction was to roar in rage. But he had only screamed for a bit when he suddenly realized something. Turning his head to look, he saw the face that was horribly familiar appear next to him. The fellow that he had originally thought had long died was still alive.

His mind went completely blank.

"Brother Ye, you… are you still alive?" Liu Zongyuan's state of mind was more stable and was the first person to react.

Ye Qingyu had a face of helplessness. "I say, Old Wen, can you have a little more confidence in me, why is it that I would die? Haha, I'm a person that even Yan Buhui cannot kill. To want to kill me, no matter who it is, they will have to pay a small price!"

Liu Zongyuan could not say anything, before Wen Wan next to him went berserk yet again.

"Bastard…" Wen Wan roared in rage, a punch landed on Ye Qingyu’s chest. "I remember I motherfucking told you not to scare people needlessly, yet you pretended to be dead yet again!" "Ai…"

Ye Qingyu opened his mouth and spat out a jet of blood.

"Eh? Are you okay?" Wen Wan was shocked by this, quickly taking back the second punch that he had thrown out.

Ye Qingyu had a bitter face. "If you punch me a few times more, I really won’t be fine… Old Wen, could you be a little gentler. Every time I see you, you meet me with fists. It's causing me to have psychological pressure every time I see you."

Wen Wan swung his fists about resentfully. "I, your father was only worried about you, little bastard…"

Ye Qingyu was also moved in his heart.

This time, Wen Wan and Liu Zongyuan had completely gone against Zhang San, one of the huge figures in Youyan Pass, in their panic for himself. Just who was Zhang San? Ye Qingyu completely understood today that the two people before him, in front of so many people to reprimand Zhang San, just how much courage did this need?

Especially Liu Zongyuan. Previously, Ye Qingyu really regarded him as a friend, but only as a normal friend.

But right now, Ye Qingyu knew that the military warfare officer was a true man. He was a staunch and resolute person, a person that was truly worth knowing.

Ye Qingyu was not used to using words to express his own emotions.

But he would forever remember such a scene.

Only after Wen Wan had completely inspected Ye Qingyu from top to bottom and confirmed that he had not sustained any hidden injuries, could he lay his worries to rest.

As for the other people, they had fallen into an extreme shock that they could not break out of.

Ye Qingyu was still alive?

Furthermore, his injuries did not seem that serious…


Countless gazes turned towards Zhang San in this instant.

This great figure of the military did not slaughter Ye Qingyu in the first instant. Those three huge and terrifying sounds as well as that yuan qi fluctuation that nearly caused the entire White Horse tower to collapse, just what was that about? Could it be that Ye Qingyu had directly fought and resisted against Zhang San?

No matter whether it was Lin Lang, Yi Sance or other various people belonging to the major camps or factions, they felt that this matter was somewhat ridiculous.

"Just what has happened?" Lin Lang stealthily went over, asking Zhao Ruyun.

Zhao Ruyun's face was deathly pale. He shook his head, not saying anything.

Even if he was a stupid pig, he would know to absolutely not disclose what had happened in the hall just now. Otherwise, Zhang San would definitely cut him up alive. For Zhang San, this matter was definitely a great humiliation. He would absolutely not let anyone know of his humiliation.

Zhao Ruyun right now was in tremendous panic and shock.

He had no way of believing that Ye Qingyu really could directly fight against, and even injure Zhang San.

He really could not see through Ye Qingyu at all.

But there was one point that he could be sure of. Zhao Ruyun swore that in his entire life, he would never ever face a monster like Ye Qingyu. Despite how despairing and defeated his heart was, but he must admit that he and Ye Qingyu were not on the same level.

The atmosphere of the large hall, was slightly strange.

"Little thing, who would have thought you had some level of cultivation. It seems I was mistaken." Zhang San looked at Ye Qingyu, coldly snorting. "But you are still not enough. There is still a great distance for you to go if you want to overthrow me. Wait and see, one day you will see my true power."

As he finished, Zhang San turned around, heading outside the large hall.

The crowd that had rushed in through the large door hurried to open a passage like they were avoiding supernatural beings, snakes or scorpions.

Zhang San brought Zhao Ruyun away from the large hall, heading outside White Horse tower. With the protection of the four soldiers outside, they slowly disappeared in the streets far off.

At this time, the sky was already dark.

The last afterglow of the sun descended on the streets.

The restricted time was about to arrive. There were very few people left on the streets, making it extremely spacious.

Zhang San's figure in this twilight seemed somewhat lonely.

Without knowing what he thought of, he suddenly turned to look at White Horse tower.

As his back was towards the sun, his body blocked the rays of light. Therefore, his facial expression in this instant was covered in shadows and was extremely unclear. But in his eyes that were oblique and long, like blades, there was a deep coldness that flashed by.

Everyone that saw that gaze would shiver in their heart.

Only until Zhang San and the others disappeared in a corner far off did the large majority of people relax greatly.

Everyone's gaze once again returned to Ye Qingyu.

Everyone began to newly re-evaluate this young man due to their extreme shock.

Originally, everyone thought that he was only a minor character. Right now, they could not help but think even deeper. As they thought back carefully of the things that had happened ever since this young man came to Youyan Pass, more and more people realized that the new master of White Horse tower was really not as simple as he seems.

At least from the matter today, it was very possible that Ye Qingyu had directly fought against the three punches of Zhang San.

Could it be that Ye Qingyu's strength had already entered into the Bitter Sea stage?

Even if it was not the Bitter Sea stage, he had at least stepped on the boundary of the Bitter Sea stage.

This was the evaluation in the hearts of everyone.

Heavens, a person that has not yet reached sixteen was suspected to be a Bitter Sea stage expert?

Thinking of the weight behind such a person was enough to make anyone feel light-headed.

"Since Marquis Ye is fine, then I can rest assured. I will bother you no longer, and we shall say farewell. We will call on Marquis Ye another day," an officer of the Right camp clasped his hands and said.

These words were extremely intricate, vaguely expressing friendly intentions.

As he said those words, other people also reacted.

"Marquis Ye really is a young hero…" "The army is really somewhat chaotic these days." "Farewell!" "The mentality of a young man, you need to pay more care in the future."

The other people spoke up and said a sentence or two, either displaying their good intentions or saying a few perfunctory words. They then clasped their hands in farewell. The matters today were somewhat complicated. The two parties in confrontation, looking at the situation now, were both fierce characters. The large majority had high praises for Ye Qingyu, but they were absolutely not willing to offend Zhang San. Therefore, the best practice was to quickly leave.

Ye Qingyu did not say much, smiling and clasping his hands to see them off.

Very quickly the large hall packed with people became empty again. The crowd that had rushed in turned and departed.

"Brother Ye, I'll first go back, too. Tonight, I am on duty, and there is an hour left till the roll call. We'll meet again another day." Liu Zongyuan let out a breath of relief, clasping his hands in farewell.

"Qingyu dares not forget the debt of Brother Liu’s aid today." Ye Qingyu did not leave things at half measures, clearly expressing his attitude.

Liu Zongyuan smiled slightly and nodded his head heavily. He brought the soldiers under his command and left.

"Big Willow, I, Old Wen will offer my apologies to you for some other day. Several days ago I have offended you, today I must admit that you, Big Will is a true man. I admire you," Wen Wan shouted at Liu Zongyuan's back.

Liu Zongyuan did not turn back but lifted his hand and waved, indicating that he knew.

"That fellow, at least he still has a conscience, to dare to speak…” Wen Wan had his arms folded across his chests and said with a smile.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head, and said thoughtfully, "That's right, if true men like Liu Zongyuan are everywhere within the army, people like Zhang San, how could they dare be arrogant… The [Army of Youyan Pass], if they really want to launch a strike against the Snow Ground Demon Court, with their current attitude, this will be difficult."

Wen Wan laughingly insulted, "You stinky brat, just what do you know. There is naturally a reason for why Zhang San is so arrogant. It is not as simple as you imagined. This time you are in the limelight, but the trouble you have incited is also not few. There are times that you need to submit and nod slightly. Today you really provoked the madman Zhang San to strike out…"

Ye Qingyu smiled. "I intentionally provoked him to act." "Eh?" Wen Wan was taken aback, then was instantly enraged. "You mean that you hate the fact that your life is too long? This is absolutely crazy."

Ye Qingyu began laughing. "Of course I was confident, so I did this. Zhang San really was at the Bitter Sea stage, but according to the rumours, Zhang San chose to enter into the Bitter Sea stage when he was at the thirty five Spirit springs stage. Therefore he can only be counted as a fake Bitter Sea stage. Today I provoked him to strike, so I could test his strength." "You are completely crazy." Wen Wan glared at him. "A fake Bitter Sea stage expert to a Spirit spring expert, is also a great mountain they can never overcome. To think that you…”

Ye Qingyu laughed but he did not say anything.

Wen Wan suddenly realized a matter, "You little brat, how do you suddenly know so much? To have understood Zhang San in such detail, who told you? Also, honestly tell me, just what stage have you reached?" …… ……

Liu Zongyuan came out from the White Horse tower. The smile on his face gradually disappeared.

Today at White Horse tower, for him, was an extremely great choice.

To completely go against a person like Zhang San was a thought that he dared not even think three months ago.

For a military warfare officer like him, Zhang San could casually flick his wrist and that was enough to send him into hell.

Even if he did not like Zhang San's way of doing things, but Liu Zongyuan would still choose to evade him.

But today, he did not understand why he would reprimand Zhang San in front of so many people.

But he did not regret this.

Because he had received the true friendship of Ye Qingyu.

The officers behind him had worry on their faces. They were currently fretting over their own masters.

As they walked past the restaurant opposite them, they saw two familiar figures walk out from within. It was namely the [Painting Saint] Liu Yuqing and his student Xing’er. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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