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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 162 Furious Wen Wan

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Chapter 162 – Furious Wen Wan

“Eat, eat your father…”

If it was not for the fact that he did not want to awaken the slumbering Snow Dragon through making too much noise, Ye Qingyu would really have loudly berated Big Head.

In truth, he was really about to faint from being so angered by this stupid dog.

Could it be that gluttons don’t value their lives?

It was such a large Snow Dragon. If they utilized the time to quickly run away before it awoke, perhaps they could keep their lives. But you still want to go eat? This is just like an old man eating poison — do you resent the fact that your life is so long?

Such a terrifying gale was created just through the air exhaled from the snout of the slumbering Snow Dragon. One could easily imagine just how terrifying it would be once it was awake.

But what was even more terrifying was that the place they were situated in right now was the Snow Dragon Den. Once this Snow Dragon was awakened, the other Snow Dragons would also be startled. At that time, even if the [War God of Youyan Pass] Lu Zhaoge himself arrived, he could only weep in the face of such a scene. In the underground ice world, the Snow Dragon was the indisputable king, controlling the power of ice and snow. It was completely invincible in such an environment.

“Run, quickly run…”

Ye Qingyu grabbed Big Head, turning and leaving.

“Eat, yummy…” Big Head looked reluctant to leave, looking at the slumbering Snow Dragon below. Saliva was dripping from his mouth.


A day later.

Underneath the icy ground.

“Speak, stupid dog, how do you want to die?”

Ye Qingyu had red eyes of rage as he looked at Big Head.

Big Head was crouching underneath the ice wall, his head lowered. He was like a child that had done something wrong, the emotions in his eyes brimming with grievance. His throat emitted noises of whimpering, trying to fawn on Ye Qingyu, and his tail was like a little broomstick that swept left and right.

Ye Qingyu was helpless in the face of such a display.

The entire day, they travelled while lead by this glutton. They were like a headless fly that had entered into a labyrinth. They completely lost all sense of direction – fundamentally, they did not even know where they were heading. After consecutively passing by six or seven ice caves with Snow Dragons, Ye Qingyu could confirm that Big Head did not recognize the path at all. His so called ‘leading the way’ was to bring Ye Qingyu to one after another of different deep pits that the Snow Dragons were slumbering in.

Ye Qingyu was lost.

The position he was in right now was still at the boundary of an ice cave that was thousands of meters long.

At the bottom of this space, there was a huge Snow Dragon that was approximately two thousand meters long with his body coiled, like a mountain range. It was currently peacefully slumbering. As it breathed and exhaled, there would be a horrifying snowstorm forming from his snout, the cold wind exploding out. The two crystal gales coming out of his snout were like two huge ice and snow cyclones that rotated in the ice cave. These gales ultimately left towards a huge passageway above.

After continuing to see tens of Snow Dragons, Ye Qingyu was yet still shaken seeing this Snow Dragon.

They were just descendants of the ancient divine dragon, and the power of their blood was no longer pure anymore. They had even lost the ability to fly. But the Snow Dragon still maintained the outer appearance of the divine dragon; there was an incomparable nobility and dignity about them. The Snow Dragon in front of Ye Qingyu was the largest Ye Qingyu had seen, and the crystal gale from its snout was also the most terrifying. It was perhaps the little leader of this Snow Dragon Den.

“Since I’m lost, I can’t just wildly run about everywhere. It’s possible that I can run into the territory of the other Demon Races, then this will be even bothersome!”

Ye Qingyu sat on icy boulder, holding his chin in deep thought.

Within the dragon’s den, the passageways left behind by the movements of the Snow Dragons were like a labyrinth. After Big Head had caused a complete mess, Ye Qingyu did not even know where he was. To return to his starting point was impossible. Furthermore, the large majority of the ice crystal passages were unstable. They were passages left behind by the movement of the Snow Dragon and hence had a possibility of collapse. But this ice den was the carefully prepared hibernating spot of the Snow Dragon. Not only was it stable, one could also avoid the snowstorm in the passageway. It was a decent resting place.

Furthermore, after Ye Qingyu’s previous observations, the Snow Dragon was in an extremely deep sleep. The noises of the ice gale that formed from its breathing were like the rumble of thunder. It would not wake from noise. As long as they were careful and cautious, this place was conversely the safest place to stay in.

As he thought of this, Ye Qingyu decided to temporarily stay at the boundary of this underground ice cave.

The time before the [Flash formation] in the Bronze book could be used again was approximately one month.

Staying here for a month of time, then using flash to leave, seemed to be the best plan from the current situation.

Since he had made his decision, Ye Qingyu was not in a rush anymore.

He took off the [White Horse battle Armour], storing it within the [Cloud Top Cauldron] in the Spirit springs of the dantian world. Changing into a black robe, he sat cross legged on a flat ice boulder and began to train.

“The Snow Dragon is the descendant of the ancient dragons, and normally lives within an ice and snow world. Even its breathing can form a snow storm containing the power of cold ice. This is much purer than the snowstorms above ground. To train in such an environment has a definite great benefit for my ice attribute yuan qi! And the den of this Snow Dragon was not chosen casually – much care has been placed on its location. This place is the place with the purest yuan qi of Heaven and Earth within several thousands of kilometers.”

After his heart had calmed down, Ye Qingyu immediately discovered the profoundness of this area.

From solely the perspective of cultivation, this was the best place for cultivation.

Ye Qingyu closed his eyes, activating the nameless breathing technique, and began to enter the state.


In the blink of an eye, three days had passed.

Youyan Pass.

Within the Pass Lord’s residence.

On the third floor of the military council pavilion.

“What? Mister, do we still not have news regarding patrolling envoy Ye?” Liu Zongyuan was so anxious that he was like an ant on a hot wok, walking back and forth.

After the [Painting Saint] Mister Liu had checked the secret documents of the military council, he shook his head with a dim expression.

Liu Zongyuan sat on a chair not knowing what to say. Half a while later, he let out a long sigh.

The normally lively Xing’er had examined all the secret documents that had been reported up. After confirming they had not missed anything, there finally appeared a hard to contain disappointment and emotionality on his handsome face. He could not help but sigh in his heart. “This fellow, why has he not escaped… he evidently… really a trash, I had such high expectations… this makes me so angry!”

After experiencing the journey to the Explosive Snow Glacier together, the three had a deep impression of Ye Qingyu. They also harboured feelings of goodwill towards him.

On that day, after the formation airship left the sealed space formation, they very quickly encountered the reinforcements: commander of the Vanguard, Liu Siufeng. They very quickly returned to Youyan Pass. The precious maps on the formation airship were also safely transported to the advisor division of the army, and this was unquestionably a great contribution by the soldiers. Even the [War God of Youyan Pass], Lu Zhaoge personally came to praise Mister Liu and the others. Every soldier on the airship received great rewards. Liu Zongyuan’s military rank rose by one, becoming the top twenty military officers of the vanguard camp, and the soldiers under his command doubled.

And as for the matters regarding Ye Qingyu, it was temporarily suppressed.

The higher ups of the army, after hearing Mister Liu and the others descriptions, felt much admiration for Ye Qingyu. Since Mister Liu and the others firmly believe that the newly arrived patrolling sword envoy could escape from the hands of Yan Buhui, they ordered for Ye Qingyu’s matter to be temporarily kept secret. Everything would wait for until he returned. At the same time, the strategists of the army also sent out a large amount of scouts and experts, patrolling at the edges of the Southern edges of the Explosive Snow Glacier. Once they heard news about Ye Qingyu, they would immediately come and report back.

But after three days had passed, there was still not any news whatsoever.

Gradually, many people believed that Ye Qingyu had died in battle.

There was not any sort of news coming from the Demon Race. If he had chosen to surrender, the Demon Race would definitely announce it to the entire world at the first instance. Like the time that Yan Buhui had chosen to capitulate, they would use this matter to strike and enrage Youyan Pass.

Mister Liu and the others who held great expectations for Ye Qingyu, gradually began to become less hopeful.

“Lord Lu once said that if Ye Qingyu has not yet returned in three days, then this must be reported to the military…” Mister Liu helplessly smiled, while at the same time blaming himself somewhat. If at that time he had been a bit more determined, perhaps Ye Qingyu could be brought back. Or at the start, he should not have arranged for Ye Qingyu to take on this mission.

However, right now, it was too late to do anything.

Liu Zongyuan sat dumbly on the chair, speechless for a long time.

A youth, a youth with a boundless future, ended just like that?

Thinking back to Ye Qingyu’s smile and laughter, it was as if everything was just yesterday.

The room entered into a deep silence.



The door of the room was loudly struck open from the outside.

The two guards could not block the Wen Wan who was like an enraged bull.

Wen Wan’s eye were red, charging in. Glaring at Mister Liu, he roared in rage, “Where is he? Where’s Ye Qingyu? Just where did you bring him? hand him over!”

Even though he was known as the brash officer, but this was the first time that they had seen Wen Wan lose his composure like so.

Liu Zongyuan quickly stood up. “Officer Wen, you’ve gone crazy. Trespassing in the military council pavilion is breaking the laws of the army. Quickly go away now, Mister Liu is magnanimous and won’t hold you accountable for this. Otherwise…” Saying this, he quickly held Wen Wan back. Liu Zongyuan was helping Wen Wan by doing this. He vaguely knew about the relationship between Wen Wan and Ye Qingyu and could somewhat understand Wen Wan’s current emotions. But they could not ignore the laws of the army. The military council was such an important place. If the matter that Wen Wan had entered by breaking the door was made known, he would be in deep trouble.

“Scram, scram!” Wen Wan was enraged like a bull, breaking through loudly. Pointing at Liu Zongyuan’s nose, he cursed, “Liu Zongyuan, do you motherfucking remember what you promised me at that time? At that time, you slapped your chest in guarantee that you would definitely bring Ye Qingyu back safely. Where is he? You returned unharmed and safe, promoted, what about Ye Qingyu?”

Liu Zongyuan felt guilt in his heart. He could not become angry and could only bring Wen Wan outside.

Mister Liu silently sat on the table, not even saying one word. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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