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Chapter 154 – [White Horse Battle Armour]

The instant the sound waves sounded—


The ice spear had already nailed a live boar bat onto the metal plates.

At the same time, not giving time for the other boar bats to resist, another ice spear successfully solidified in Ye Qingyu’s hands.

He shouted loudly, the long spear stabbing out continuously.

The [Fierce Dragon Pierce] of the [Four Moves of the Golden Armoured King].

There was the faint pulse of dragon roars and a strange pressure was released. The originally madly violent boar bats unexpectedly screeched, their voice crammed with fear.

The formidable power of the chain techniques broke out.

Ye Qingyu transformed into a bolt of lightning, his figure like an avalanche. He headed towards the four or five [Snow Ground Boar Bats] on the metal plate, charging at them.


Ye Qingyu, using his own flesh and blood body, directly struck a four-meter-tall boar bat head on.

The Demon Race typically had strong and tough close combat attributes, and the boar bats were not an exception. Their wings were made from skeleton and skin, comparable to steel, and their body was also like cast iron. They enjoying a toughness that was blessed by heavens.

If an expert of the same level did not have a sharp weapon, it was very difficult for them to break past the natural defenses of the boar bats. But the skeleton of this huge boar bat, after being struck by Ye Qingyu’s body, was like porcelain meeting a metal hammer. Instantly, bones cracked and shattered, and the skeleton on its wings had nearly completely broken apart!


This boar bat let out a tragic howl.

The massive figure was struck sailing backwards, like a thrown steel ball. It madly and fiercely struck two of its comrades.

The scene was far too violent. Fresh blood flew everything, and accompanying the tragic howls, three boar bats were sent flying on the armour plates. Their massive and broken bodies flew through the air and rapidly descended down to the ground below.

Because their wings had been crushed and broken, they had no way of flying anymore. They were only able to fall to their deaths.

The power of that one strike was as fierce as a lion.

The soldiers that were originally fighting with others boar bats were dumbfounded as they witnessed this scene.

Just what was this type of power?

The body of patrolling envoy Ye, could it be cast from iron?

To unexpectedly use his body to slam directly at the demonic beasts. For other human experts, such a method of doing battle had no difference from committing suicide. It was common knowledge that the body of demons were much more tough and hardy than humans… but despite this, patrolling envoy Ye was able to win, and that boar bat, his body was crushed and his bones were shattered like porcelain!





This was a violent battle method that completely shook someone’s nerves.

Every soldier felt the fire in their hearts being lit by this strike.


“Superior is powerful!”

“Superior Ye is too amazing!”

There were several soldiers that immediately began shouting in triumph. Their gazes were filled with acceptance and respect when they looked at Ye Qingyu.

On the battlefield, only true power, bravery, and accomplishments could obtain the true admiration of others.

Previously, Ye Qingyu had remained silent for the majority of the time on the airship. He had taken no action at all. The impressions of the soldiers regarding Ye Qingyu was that he was only ‘a youth that accomplished the position of patrolling sword envoy’, this tag. It was only because of his military position that they showed respect on the surface for him. But at this moment, everyone instantly understood the true power of patrolling envoy Ye.

This time, by acting out, Ye Qingyu had given a great morale boost.

“Brothers, let act and fight together!”

Ye Qingyu laughed uproariously. Reaching through the air, he summoned the [Little Shang sword]. Like a mighty lion or a fierce tiger, his aura exploded. Taking large strides towards the fourth [Snow Ground Boar Bat], the blade of the sword flickered with a golden light. [Soul Stealing Strike] of the [Four Moves of the Unmatched General] was about to erupt after accumulating energy.

“We are willing to fight shoulder to shoulder with patrolling envoy Ye!”

“Kill them!”

The soldiers also became excited, roaring in rage as they did battle, the morale having risen greatly.


The fourth [Snow Ground Boar Bat’s] body was even larger than the others. It was nearly the size of a boar bat king. Screeching loudly, it struck a soldier flying, and then turned its head, charging towards Ye Qingyu.

The Demon Race also had intelligence. For a Demon Race like the [Snow Ground Boar Bat], by seeing with their own eyes three of their comrades being killed, they instantly knew that this human was not someone they should provoke. But this boar bat still maintained the stance that its demonic power was stronger than this human. It deciding to fight directly against and finish off this somewhat troublesome human.

Ye Qingyu welcomed him without the slightest of fear.

“[Soul Stealing Heaven Strike]!”

The killing technique instantly emitted.

Everyone only felt their visions blurring. Then Ye Qingyu’s sword move was already upon the wing of the [Snow Ground Boar Bat].

A slicing sound.

A large half of the skeleton wing was cut apart.

On the wound there was a layer of frost that appeared. It sealed off the sword wound. Before the demonic blood could spurt out, it was instantly frozen.

“[Storm of Swords]!”

After his initial strike proved effective, Ye Qingyu did not hesitate in the slightest. The [Four Moves of the Unmatched General] once again exploded.

The [Storm of Swords] that spread out through the skies swept everywhere.

Within this [Storm of Swords], there was also frost and snow qi contained within. Ye Qingyu’s attribute of cold inner yuan also displayed a frightening killing power at this instant. The [Snow Ground Boar Bats’] reactions and movements had evidently been affected by the cold and snow, their movements off by half a beat. In this instant, it was unknown just how many times they had been struck, one after another of white frost wounds constantly appearing…

The figures intersected.

Ye Qingyu appeared behind the boar bat, stowing his sword and standing.

The huge boar bat had already stopped struggling at this moment. The tight and clustered sword wounds had been completely frozen by ice all around his body. Everywhere on his body, there was a thin ice layer, looking incomparable tragic… It could even be said, that his massive body was frozen in ice.

Ye Qingyu turned around, kicking out.


This huge boar bat was directly sent flying away from the armoured plates.

Another one had been taken care of.

On the armoured plates, there were only the last two boar bats left.

Even if its nature was fierce and tough, but after seeing its comrades consecutively slaughtered like chopping up vegetables, these two boar bats also sensed that things were not going well. They did not dare stay on the metal plates anymore. Flapping their wings, they escaped towards the air.

“You want to escape?”

Ye Qingyu loudly roared. Activating the [White Horse Battle Armour], the pegasus wings behind his back spread out.

His figure moved, turning into a ray of light that chased after and killed the two [Snow Ground Boar Bats] in the air.

“Patrolling envoy Ye, quickly return,” Liu Zongyuan shouted loudly.

Ye Qingyu observed the flying speed of the [Snow Ground Boar Bat]. He had already thought things through in his heart. The pegasus wings were extremely nimble and comfortable, his entire body floating through the air. Replying, “Officer Liu, bring the ship and leave first. I’ll stay here to block them for a moment. As long as we extend the distance, we will be safe. At this time, we must not fight a drawn out battle.”

“No, this is far too dangerous,” Liu Zongyuan said in a panic.

Ye Qingyu laughed loudly. “Don’t worry, I have my plans.””

As he said this, he turned around and flew to meet the flock of [Snow Ground Boar Bats].

Liu Zongyuan was in a panic. He ordered the soldiers under his command to activate the full power of the formation airship and charge forward. Like a bolt of lightning that swept across space, he himself flew through the air. Behind his back, a pair of black wings extended, seeming to be the same as the [White Horse Battle Armour]. It was also a cast metal item formation, extremely nimble and agile. In an instant he came beside Ye Qingyu saying, “I’ll delay them along with you. But we must not fight an extended battle. Once we are entangled for long with these beasts, then we will be in danger.”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

As they spoke, Liu Zongyuan had taken out the blade sheath at his waist, inserting it onto the hilt of his blade.

A curved blade instantly turned into a long executioners blade.


He struck through air using his blade.

A huge blade with pale golden sword light struck out.

In the air, there was instantly a sharp killing qi.

The three or four [Snow Ground Boar Bats] at the very front were instantly crushed into pieces, black-coloured blood flying everywhere.

“So Liu Zongyuan’s [Spirit Raise] belongs to the metal attribute. Of the five elements, metal is the one with the strongest killing aura and also the attribute with the greatest offensive power. Those who cultivated in metal inner yuan specializes in killing strikes and baleful aura. Liu Zongyuan came from the army, and he is similar to the large majority of soldiers. He likes the attribute with the greatest offensive power…”

Ye Qingyu evaluated in his heart.

He controlled the [White Horse Battle Armour], his entire body fluctuating with white light. As the White Horse wings shuddered, his entire person transformed into a ray of light, shooting through the large pack of [Snow Ground Boar Bats]. The [Little Shang sword] exploded with sharp slice after sharp slice, constantly killing.

With the [White Horse Battle Armour], the amount of inner yuan expended flying through the air was so little that it did not even have to be considered. Ye Qingyu’s will to battle shot through the roof. He had an unprecedented carefree and unrestrained feeling.

This type of refinement and training through battle not only had a great beneficial effect on Ye Qingyu’s true battle power, but even for the control of the [White Horse Battle Armour]. He became more and more familiar with it. The flow of inner yuan in the formation of the battle armour became faster and faster, smoother and smoother. The brightness emitted from the armour also became hotter, as if Ye Qingyu was a great battle god of the sun.

“An extremely powerful battle armour. These White Horse wings, not only can it be used to fly, it can also be used as a weapon to slice apart the enemy.”

Ye Qingyu continued to fly like lightning, his wings like blades. He cut the two [Snow Ground Boar Bats] beside him into four pieces.

“Eh? The helmet of the armour seems like it has some sort of secret.” Ye Qingyu discovered by accident that within the white helmet, there was another hidden formation.

After inserting his inner yuan into the helmet, the originally white helmet began to shake and a pale silver-like liquid began seeping out. It covered Ye Qingyu’s face, but completely did not block his vision or his senses of the external world. It could even strengthen Ye Qingyu’s vision, raising his reaction speed and sensitivity. This was an extremely peculiar sensation. Ye Qingyu discovered, that after the change in the helmet occurred, he could ‘see’ even more clearly.

Was this the true secret of the [White Horse Battle Armour]?

Ye Qingyu was both shocked and overjoyed.

No wonder this armour was the historical armour of all the masters of [White Horse tower].

After he discovered the secret of the White Horse helmet, Ye Qingyu became more and more like a fish in water.

On the other side, Liu Zongyuan’s strike was extremely vicious. Every blade that he struck with, there would be [Snow Ground Boar Bats] shattering.

Liu Zongyuan’s blade techniques had an extremely heavy killing aura and an unrelenting baleful momentum.

After battling for eight minutes, they had at least killed two hundred or more of the [Snow Ground Boar Bats]. Even the boar bat king within this group was heavily injured by Liu Zongyuan. The momentum of this flying Demon Race battalion was very seriously injured. They were not as mad as it was previously. There were signs of chaos, and they showed signs of fleeing…

“Let’s go!”

Liu Zongyuan turned around, heading and chasing towards the direction in which the formation airship disappeared.

Ye Qingyu followed behind him.

For two people to completely kill off this battalion of [Snow Ground Boar Bats] was something that could not be done. They only needed to delay them for a bit, to give a bit of time to the formation airship for it to quickly depart.

After a short while.

The two once again returned to the formation airship.

Tallying the numbers. four soldiers of the vanguard had died in battle and twenty had been injured after the battle. The losses of an acceptable range. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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