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Chapter 152 – Return Journey

Ye Qingyu welcomed the morning sun, unhurriedly getting up.

At that instant, Liu Zongyuan utterly concentrated as he stared at Ye Qingyu. On Liu Zongyuan’s face, there was a questioning expression. Ye Qingyu’s energy fluctuation did not show any signs of increasing explosively and there was not any special aura around his body. There seemed to be no change whatsoever after the essence of the moon and the cold qi vortex had entered into his body…

Could it be that his guess was wrong?

Ye Qingyu did not obtain the natural way from the [Painting Saint] Mister Liu?

Liu Zongyuan felt greatly surprised.

At that time, he saw Ye Qingyu slowly extending his palm flatly outwards.

A pale silver white mist like a burning scorching flame, as if it was a spirit that was filled with vitality, slowly rose from his palm.

Liu Zongyuan eyes jumped.

This was…

Ice attribute yuan qi?

Even this warfare officer who had a wealth of experience was tongue tied by this scene.

At that same time, a pressuring cold will spread out with Ye Qingyu at the center.

Ka-cha. Ka-cha.

There were the sounds of something brittle cracking.

As expected, the next instant, the white mist that was like a flame above Ye Qingyu’s palm suddenly consolidated. It transformed into solid silver ice, translucent and pure, as if it was an ice sculpture, or as if it was a flame that had been frozen. Under the shine of the sun, it flickered with a strange radiance.

Ye Qingyu looked down to see the ice in his hand. A smile appeared on his face.

As his heart willed, this cold ice quickly dispersed, becoming white mist yet again. It constantly transformed through different states, sometimes solid, sometimes gas, changing as he willed.

A seeping cold spread out towards all directions, but Ye Qingyu himself could not sense the slightest hint of cold. He could only feel that his inner yuan was flowing at an incomparably smooth rate, his entire person feeling a comfortableness that he had never experienced before.

The [Spirit Raise] was successful!

Apart from being excited, Ye Qingyu was also somewhat confused.

He had never thought that through his unconscious attempts, he would succeed. Originally, he only wanted to adjust to the sensation of the cold entering his body and successfully create a foundation for him to [Spirit Raise] at the twenty Spirit springs stage. But who would have guessed, he would accidentally complete the [Spirit Raise] prior to this.

His luck was far too good.

Was it not said, that before twenty Spirit springs, one could not [Spirit Raise]?

Ye Qingyu suddenly thought of himself yesterday night. Before entering that state, his body unconsciously entered into the peculiar state he had when he observed Miser Liu painting… could it be that the reason he was able to pre-emptively finish the [Spirit Raise] had something to do with this state? If such was so, could it be that this Mister Liu had accidentally aided him?

Behind his back.

The shock in Liu Zongyuan’s heart, was hard to describe using words.

Fourteen years old!

Fifteen Spirit springs!

At such an age, with such a cultivation state, that he would so easily succeed in the [Spirit Raise]!

Even the [War God of Youyan Pass] Lu Zhaoge, when he was fourteen years old, most likely could not complete the [Spirit Raise] prior to twenty Spirit springs?

Liu Zongyuan originally thought, that the natural way obtained from the [Painting Saint] Mister Liu could refine Ye Qingyu’s mental state, allowing his spirit to be full and with no imperfections. It was something that would have great benefits for his cultivation in the long term. But he had not imagined that the effects were far more incredible than what he had originally estimated. Very many famous experts only began to [Spirit Raise] when they were of the twenty Spirit springs stage. If they were unlucky, they might even need tens year of time to succeed in the [Spirit Raise] and to step past this door of the martial path. These people, when compared to Ye Qingyu, would most likely die of embarrassment.

As he was thinking, a light sound came. The door of the cabin was opened.

The Mister Liu who had rested for a whole night had recovered his vitality. He walked out from within the cabin.

“The weather is not bad. I have an idea: why don’t we continue heading North. How about it?” Mister Liu greeted Ye Qingyu and Liu Zongyuan with a smile.

When Liu Zongyuan heard this, his eyebrows formed into a frown. “Mister, if we keep heading North, then this is somewhat like a lone army penetrating too deep into enemy territory. We will have nearly gone outside the radius of the Explosive Snow Glacier, and truly entered into the territory of the Snow Ground Demon Court in the North. It will be even more dangerous Mister your status is valuable, if there is any danger…”

Miser Liu shook his head. “There is no need to fear. I received news from the army last night. The front lines is about to succeed. The [Southern Incline Legion] at the Explosive Snow Glacier is already completely in a mess. At this time, it is namely a good opportunity to fish in trouble waters*. The opportunity is transient; we cannot miss it. For the Empire, so what if I place myself in danger.”

As he said this, he looked at Liu Zongyuan, then looked at Ye Qingyu, “What do you say?”

“The front lines is about to succeed. Does that mean that that person has already fallen into the trap?” Liu Zongyuan’s mental state was shaken, turning his head to look at the soldiers behind him. Biting his teeth, he said in determination, “When I departed, the military order I received was to follow blindly behind Mister Liu. Since Mister wants to continue on deep into the territory, then the soldiers and I will absolutely pledge our lives and follow. Even if our bodies are torn and our bones are crushed, we will protect the safety of Mister.”

At this moment, on the officer who had experienced hundreds of battles, there was a lofty majestic quality emerging that was similarly seen on the army of the empire that pressed forward courageously.

At this moment it was as if Ye Qingyu could again see the sentries that were sleeping under the ice and snow of the hundred broken mountains.

Different roles, different positions, but similarly heroic.

This was the army of the Empire.

At that instant, emotions surged in Ye Qingyu’s chest. His blood was hot, as if a flame was burning within his chest. Nodding his head he said, “Since it is so, then I am also willing to follow along Mister Liu and Officer Liu and take this risk.”

Mister Liu began laughing loudly.

Liu Zongyuan glanced at Ye Qingyu once, then nodded his head slightly.

He originally wanted to find an excuse for Ye Qingyu to return in advance. He was able to realize that Ye Qingyu would perhaps be very important for the future of Youyan Pass. But since Ye Qingyu had fervently opened his mouth, it would be embarrassing and awkward for him to say anything.

“I hope that this time, we do not encounter any danger.”

No matter whether it was Mister Liu or Ye Qingyu, they were exceedingly important people in the heart of Liu Zongyuan. If there was any loss, he would not know how to explain himself.


A day of time passed by.

The formation airship carefully soared through the air in the demon territory. Thankfully they did not encounter any danger.

Mister Liu continued on drawing another four or five scrolls. He completely recorded down the terrain and topography of the areas the formation airship passed. They discovered a very concealed stronghold of the military of the Demon Race, as well as the military bases of the major races that fought for the Demon Race. The harvest was very great. If these scrolls were handed back into Youyan Pass, then the understanding of the [Army of Youyan] towards the Explosive Snow Glacier as well as the Northern plains of the North Demon Race would enter into a new era of history.

Everyone on the formation airship began to be excited.

With the success of this mission, this absolutely could be counted as a great contribution towards the war effort. Everyone that returned would definitely be heavily rewarded and this would become one of the qualifications for their future promotion to a higher position.

In the blink of an eye, another day passed.

The formation airship had already passed by the Explosive Snow Glacier, arriving at the Origin Ice Region.

Mister Liu had also become far more cautious, ordering for the formation airship to sail even higher. If there was any hint of trouble, he would immediately order for silence and for them to hide. He was not as daring as he was before. There were several times they encountered the flying Demon Races, but thankfully they detected them early and could avoid them pre-emptively. They did not encounter with any trouble.

At this time, the formation airship was completely akin to walking on a steel wire. It was extremely dangerous and risky. As dangerous as walking on a steel wire.

Such a lone group venturing so deep, once they were discovered, they would instantly be surrounded by vast quantities of the Demon Race army. At that time, it would be a catastrophic disaster.

That night.

“Tomorrow morning, we will turn around and go back,” Mister Liu made his decision.

In Liu Zongyuan’s heart, a stone was lifted.

If they did not continue to go on deeply, then they should not encounter any danger.

The speed of the formation airship was extremely quick. If they used their full power for flight and did not delay anymore to draw maps, they only needed approximately a day of time to once again enter the area that the [Army of Youyan Pass] controlled. At that time, they would be safe.

That night it was completely silent.

There was nothing that happened that was out of their expectations.

The next day, the formation airship turned around and returned.

The airship directly rose to high, high up in the air. if it was like this, they could evade the majority of the flying battle divisions of the Demon Race and they would also not disturb the Demon Race on the ground. They could use their fastest speed to fly.

Half a day passed.

It was exceedingly safe throughout the journey.

When the sun was in the noon position, the formation airship had already passed halfway through the Explosive Snow Glacier heading South.

On the armoured plates, the soldiers had already relaxed from their serious and careful manner.

On the face of Liu Zongyuan, there was the beginnings of a smile.

The vast majority of time, Ye Qingyu stood at the head of the ship, practicing controlling his cold attribute yuan qi.

That night he had mysteriously broken through and managed to succeed in the [Spirit Raise] in advance, within his inner yuan, there was a great quantity of ice and snow qi. When this left his body through the activation of his inner yuan, it could instantly transform into ice that froze his opponent— although this was normal ice, with no way to freeze high class opponents, but its power was already not low.

Big Head had also completely awakened.

The majority of the time, he lay on Ye Qingyu’s shoulder, lazily basking in the sun.

After this period of ‘hibernation’, there seemed to be some sort of transformation that had occurred on the body of this glutton. It did not eat anymore; even if the tastiest food was placed in front of him, this fellow would not even give it a glance. Ye Qingyu maliciously speculated that it was possible that this fellow had eaten far too much, so he was having indigestion.

“Half a day more, then we will have returned.”

Ye Qingyu also became much more relaxed.

He was about to rest for a while, when at that time, an unexpected change happened—

The originally lazy Big Head that was lying on Ye Qingyu’s shoulders suddenly reacted. His ears suddenly perked up, fiercely lifting his head and looking towards somewhere far off.

“What is it?” Ye Qingyu sensed this abnormal changed.


Big Head suddenly stood up, staring fixedly at somewhere far off. All the white hair on his body suddenly stood up.

This time, Ye Qingyu could sense that something was not right.

He followed Big Head’s gaze and looked at the distance.

But in front of them was a white cloud sea, without any abnormalities whatsoever.

“Wuwu……wuwu……” There was a low growl emitting from Big Head’s throat. His large eyes were filled with caution and hostility. He stared fixedly in front of him, the muscles on his body hardening.

In Ye Qingyu’s heart, there was a sense of misfortune rising.

Big Head had never been in such a state before. Before, even when they were attacked by the [Snow Ground Heaven Ape], such an expression had not appeared. Even when they were chased by the [Pill King of Azure Phoenix], he would have a lazy and uncaring expression…

Ye Qingyu stood up, looking in front of the formation airship.

The sea of cloud billowed, the waves as if it was angry.

Under the sun, above the cloud layer, everything was peaceful.

But in such a peaceful atmosphere, the white mass of clouds erected in front of them was like a huge mountain range that rose steeply from the ground, blocking the path of the formation airship. Such a mountain range peak like clouds had already appeared many times before on their route. These were just mist and clouds, they could just pass through without affecting the formation airship in the slightest. The formation airship had even utilized such masses of clouds previously to evade the patrols of the Demon Race.

Everything seemed normal on the formation airship. They approached the huge mass of cloud at high speed.

Ye Qingyu’s heart began drumming madly.

His countenance quickly changed, “Stop, quickly stop!” *profit from chaos Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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