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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 150 Turning Off the Snow Dragon

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Chapter 150 – Turning Off the Snow Dragon

“There are top experts exchanging blows.”

The expression of Liu Zongyuan became more solemn and serious.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head, looking towards the direction of the South West.

At this time, the airship that he and the others were on, after five days of flight, had already entered deep into the territory of the Explosive Snow Glacier. The frontal battlefield of the [Gale Operation] was evidently occurring at the outer boundaries of the Explosive Snow Glacier. The battle should have already started and was enveloping everywhere. Right now, they should be having a brief clash between the two forces, an intertwining of fangs. After tens of years of fighting and opposing each other, both parties knew each other very well. There would not be a scene where one party was completely annihilated. Today, it was evidently time for the top class experts to clash.

Ye Qingyu did not know just what the plan of the army was.

But since this battle had started, this meant that everything was progressing according to plan.

The first person who emitted the Will of the Martial Path, should be a commander of the great army at Youyan Pass. Then the second vicious and ominous Will of the Martial Path, could it be that it was emitted from that person?

That person had shown himself?

Ye Qingyu silently pondered in his heart.

At that time—

“Fine, we can begin,” Mister Liu said as he tied the front of his robe at his waist, his body as straight as a javelin. Taking several steps forward, he stood at the head of the airship, slowly controlling his breathing. As if he was a martial artist optimizing his state before battle.

There was an armoured soldier that brought over a huge, green stone table. On it was a snowy white jade-like beast skin scroll.

When the Scroll was unrolled, it was completely white and blank inside.

Xing’er stood in front of this stone table. From a dimensional pouch, he took out a bear butterfly stone ink slab, a stick of dragon blood treasure ink, and a piece of mysterious azure ice.

Using the heat of his palm to melt this mysterious ice, he then dipped the dragon blood treasure ink stick in the water in the bear butterfly ink slab. Using a little blunt metal dagger, he began grinding. Under such a gentle action, the dragon blood treasure ink stick very quickly began dissolving in the bear butterfly ink slab. One was able to see scarlet red blood ink appear. The faint and strange fragrance of ink began dispersing in the air, giving off a comfortable feeling that relaxed the hearts of people.

Xing’er’s movement was gentle and calm, with every movement like a smooth dance. It was as if each and every one of her actions contained the essence of Heaven’s way.

Ye Qingyu witnessed for the first time, that someone was able to perfect a little thing like grinding ink to such a perfect movement.

The airship had no sounds or other actions occurring on it. It slowly swam through the clouds and mist.

Then the height of the airship lowered.

The white clouds became thinner and thinner.

If Ye Qingyu surveyed below, he could finally clearly see everything under him.

He could not help but sigh with admiration in his heart.

A vast ice and snow continent, where the mountain ranges were like silver snakes. It was a candle wax-like continent.

Although just through the name of the Explosive Snow Glacier, one could be able to imagine, that this continent was a ground that was completely covered by ice and snow; an extremely cold place. But by personally seeing the endless white snow ground, seeing ice peaks that were like deities mistakenly descended to mortal lands, seeing strand after strand of huge fissures in the ground like the movement of a dragon, Ye Qingyu was shaken. This was an entire world that was formed by ice and snow. It was too beautiful and too bizarre, like it was divine scenery.

This was a world ruled by ice and snow.

No wonder the Demon Race here was known as the Snow Ground Demon Race.

“Everyone careful!”

Liu Zongyuan let out a low shout, ordering the soldiers to be on full alert.

The soldiers who were also shaken by this scene of the beautiful snow, awakened.

Ye Qingyu also quickly recovered.

He knew that even then, though this ice world was beautiful, it was only suitable for viewing from far away. If one really was to live in such an environment, then it was absolutely a frightening experience. The instance the cold exploded, it was enough to reap away countless lives. Without the cover of vegetation, without food, it was unknown just how the Demon Race was able to survive in such a harsh environment.

No wonder in these years, that the Snow Ground Demon Race dreamed to go South through Youyan Pass and wanted to take over the territory that belonged to Snow Country.

Everything was for the reproduction and multiplication of their race.

It was unknown when a scarlet red brush was held in the hands of Mister Liu.

These brushes were special, each one about the thickness of a little baby’s arm. Simply looking, on the body of each brush, there was a coiled dragon carved on it. The tip of the brush was lustrous and plump. It was unknown what lifeforms the fur on the tip of this brush was created from. After it had been dyed with dragon blood ink, it emitted a pale radiance. As if it were two stars that were radiating fluorescent light in the night, it caused someone to be dazzled and dazed.

Both hands of Mister Liu acted at the same time, unendingly drawing across the snowy white scroll.

It was as if a deity was drawing.

Ye Qingyu carefully looked, and what Mister Liu was drawing was namely the terrain and topography of the Explosive Snow Glacier below.

Everywhere the airship passed, everything below that was seen in Mister Liu’s eyes, was drawn onto the scroll.

The speed at which he used his brushes was extremely quick. Only with a slight glance, he was able to replicate everything below exactly on the snowy white scroll, with no discernible difference. With only a few strokes, he drew miles of land below the airship onto the scroll. The lines were smooth and flowing. It caused one to have the impression that everything on the scroll was alive, as if the terrain would jump out from the scroll, as if it was a projection that would appear in front of someone.

Consummate and exquisite drawing skill!

It was nearly like a ‘way’.

Ye Qingyu finally slightly understood why Mister Liu was entrusted with a dangerous mission that needed for him to personally deeply enter into enemy territory.

If they could really completely travel around the Explosive Snow Glacier, then nothing could be hidden about the Demon Race. If this mission was successfully executed, then everything on the Explosive Snow Glacier would be as familiar to Youyan Pass as their own hands. In the future, if they needed to take military actions against the Demon Court, then the probability of success would be even higher.

At this time, Ye Qingyu suddenly realized that the importance of his mission was not low at all.

Time passed minute by minute.

An hour later, the snowy white scroll on the green stone table had been completely painted full by the drawings.

The dragon blood treasure ink had also been completely expended.

Mister Liu let out a long exhalation of air. Hot air steamed around his body. Evidently such a long process of painting was a matter that exhausted his energy very much.

The armoured soldier beside him rolled this snowy white scroll up, bringing it back to the cabin in the airship.

Another snowy white scroll was replaced on the green stone table.

Xing’er continue to grind ink with his head lowered. As if his entire spirit was immersed in grinding ink.

Mister Liu fixed his breathing. As his mental state recovered, both his hands again held a brush each. He began to paint yet again.

Ye Qingyu’s gaze fell on Mister Liu body. Observing his bearing as he painted, observing the decisiveness of which his brush moved, observing the naturalness of the brush when it stroked across the scroll, observing line after line of antelope curves appearing on the scroll, this mystery within a mystery feeling… Without knowing why, Ye Qingyu felt that in his heart something had been moved. This type of mysterious feeling was as if he could comprehend something, but there was still the tiniest shred missing. He could not clearly say what this sensation was, it was like the claws of a cat scratching outside the boot, causing one to go mad.

The other side.

Liu Zongyuan’s gaze landed on Ye Qingyu’s body. After being somewhat dumb, he was shocked by what he saw.

He found that Ye Qingyu was like an old monk entering meditation. His entire aura became distanced, giving off a feeling that he was one with nature.

This type of aura, Liu Zongyuan had once seen in the commander class warriors, like the general of the Vanguard camp, Liu Siufeng and a few other top class experts…

At this time, the expression of Ye Qingyu constantly changed, like an apostle listening to enlightenment, able to hear the essence. The transformation of expressions that occurred in a breath’s time on his face was a sign that he had completely immersed in the way.

“Mister Liu has the title of [Painting Saint] in Youyan Pass. Even though he has no martial power, but his drawing techniques are already near the degree where he can enter the way through painting alone. It is rumoured that whenever Mister Liu paints, the way will arise, that there is a type of returning to a natural state contained within his paintings. Even the War God of Youyan Pass, Lord Lu, has sighed with amazement over this. It’s a pity that normal people had no way of sensing this aura. Just who is Ye Qingyu, can it be that he is able to comprehend the natural law contained within Mister Liu’s paintings?”

Liu Zongyuan was extremely shocked.

Right now, he had focused his entire attention on Mister Liu painting. He had gained some small benefits, but it was definitely not to such an exaggerated extent like Ye Qingyu.

“This young man is amazing. With time, perhaps he can become the backbone of Youyan Pass and stand at the very apex.”

As he thought of this, Liu Zongyuan’s brain moved. He suddenly had an idea, that he would try to get closer to Ye Qingyu in the coming days. At least they would be acquainted, and in the future, if Ye Qingyu really grew up, then this would absolutely be beneficial to him without any drawbacks whatsoever.

Time flowed by.


Mister Liu let out a breath of murky air.

He finally stopped his brush.

The second snowy white scroll, had been finished.

A row of tight and clustered beads of sweat dripped down from the forehead of Mister Liu.

His spirit was somewhat expended.

The armoured soldier carefully rolled up the scroll for it to be stored away.

The third snowy white scroll very quickly replaced it.

Mister Liu moved a little to stretch. As he was about to paint yet again, he saw Ye Qingyu standing next to him. His expression that looked like fury, looked like anger, like happiness, like sorrow, like craziness, like madness, an expression of having completely forgotten himself. He was completely immersed in an indescribable state. He could not help but hesitate seeing this. Apart from being flabbergasted, he could not help but think of another matter.

Tens of years ago, there had also been a person that displayed such an expression when he painted, as if he was mad and drunk…

That person at that time was similarly young, similarly heroic, similarly glowing with vigour.

It was a pity that person became the greatest traitor in the history of the Empire.

A moment of blankness. It was as if time had turned back for Mister Liu and he had returned to that scene in the past.

Such an event and such a scene was far too much like what had happened in the past.


A rumble from the earth suddenly emitted from under the airship.

Everyone on the airship was shocked.

Ye Qingyu also fiercely awakened from the state that he had entered.

“What has happened?”

He looked in confusion at the other people.

Liu Zongyuan quickly came to the edges of the airship, lowering his head to look beneath them.

“The snow dragon is turning… Everyone be careful, below is a snow dragon den!” As he looked under, Liu Zongyuan’s expression greatly changed. He gave the order for the soldiers to be on high alert and prepare for battle.

Every soldier on the armoured plates began to act.

Ye Qingyu also came to the edge of the ship. surveying below him.

The ice plains below him suddenly transformed into the undulation of the ocean. A vast quantity of snow and ice layers roiled. One could vaguely see, strands and strands of this leviathan beast thousands of meters long moving below. Slithering through the ice and snow, as if it was a divine dragon swimming through the ocean. Everywhere it passed, the ice layers broke into dust, ice peaks collapsed and the ground shattered like liquid…

The body of the gigantic beast was snowy white, with vague dragon scales able to be seen. Seemingly extremely frightening from its outer appearance, it travelled through the ice.

“There really is a den of snow dragons below here? Snow dragons are one of the main races in the battle power of the [Southern Incline Legion]. This area should be a concealed military post of the Demon Race.” Mister Liu looked on for a while, a shred of a smile showing on his face. “Good, we finally have some profit. Bring the brush, I need to record this all down.” Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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