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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 149 Will of the Martial Path

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Chapter 149 – Will of the Martial Path

But, whether that person would perish had nothing to do with Ye Qingyu.

What Ye Qingyu was concerned with was just why did Mister Liu speak of such a matter to him in such detail?

As the advisor and strategist of the Pass Lord’s residence, Mister Liu could absolutely be described as having ten thousand matters to take care of every day. Those able to stay within the [Military Council Pavilion], every one of them had the deep trust of War God Lu Zhaoge. And furthermore, this time the army of Youyan Pass had taken such painstaking efforts to plan an operation against that person. According to reason, Mister Liu should be incomparably busy right now, but was instead on a formation airship that headed somewhere unknown and chatting to Ye Qingyu…

Of course Ye Qingyu did not think that this was because Mister Liu was bored and wanted to find him to pass the time.

For a scholar like Mister Liu, there were countless plans and schemes flashing through his mind at every moment.

Everything he did, every word he said, there was a clear motive behind them.

And right now, just what was Mister Liu’s aim?

Ye Qingyu fell silent for a time, then lifted his head. “Then right now, we have flown so covertly for such a long time. We are deep into the territory of the Demon Race. On the way we have cautiously avoided all the patrols and checkpoints of the Demon Race, hiding within the cloud layers. Just what is this all for? Could it be that we are hiding to ambush that person?”

Mister Liu smiled faintly.

“Of course not. I’m not underestimating myself, but that person has a terrifying strength. In the entire Youyan army, apart from Pass Lord Lu and several other people who are able to defeat him, to find a person that is able to last ten moves in front of him is extremely difficult. Even if we considered everyone together on this formation airship and added them together, we will be exploded to bits by just one of his fingers in an instant. Not to mention ambush, if we are discovered by him, we only have one path: death. To ambush that person? We are still far, far away from reaching that requirement.”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

He knew that Mister Liu spoke the truth.

The terrifying power of that person was able to be completely seen through these short words.

The army had planned for ten years, but was not able to kill him. From that alone, one was able to see just how great his strength was.

He and everyone else on this airship, in front of that person, were just ants. They completely could not pose as any sort of threat to that person. Even if that person stood still for them to hack into pieces, ultimately they would be killed by the yuan qi protection around his body.

“If it is like so, then can I dare ask mister, just what is the reason for our travel?” Ye Qingyu did not beat around the bush anymore, saying things openly.

Mister Liu smiled. “Our mission is very simple. We are only here to survey the Explosive Snow Glacier, to record down the surrounding terrain.”

“You mean… to create a map?” Ye Qingyu’s heart thumped.

“You are not wrong. But we are not just simply creating a map. These years, because of the betrayal of that person, the empire has always been at a complete disadvantage in the Northern front lines. Our power has no way of entering into the territory of the Explosive Snow Glacier. We are lacking in understanding of the terrain, the topography, as well as the concentration of Spirit qi in different areas. This time, the military has planned a scheme to target that person. Apart from killing the greatest traitor in history, we also hope to use this opportunity to clearly understand the terrain of the Explosive Snow Glacier. We are currently observing the military power and arrangements of the [Southern Incline Legion] at this area. One can imagine, once the true operation begins, this area will definitely enter into a chaotic state. That will be our opportunity.”

Mister Liu patiently explained.

So it was like this.

Ye Qingyu had finally understood a little.

This time, the [Gale Operation] was definitely well planned and meticulous in all aspects.

From this, one could comprehend the ambition of the military.

Not only did they want to kill that traitor, they also wanted to gather information of the terrain and topography, and the distribution of military power of the Demon Race… this was evidently making preparations to invade into the Explosive Snow Glacier.

Could it be that the Empire was currently preparing for the third large scale battle against the Snow Ground Demon Court?

“If there are not any mistakes in this plan, then it should be tomorrow morning that the true battle begins. Once the [Southern Incline Legion] is disturbed and that person enters into battle, he will enter into our prepared trap. Once that person has perished, the Explosive Snow Glacier must be completely chaotic. And then, our opportunity will have arrived.” Mister Liu had a faint smile, slowly sipping his tea.

Even though he was a scholar with weak power, but he was not nervous in the slightest in such a dangerous area.

This calm and unperturbed spirit really made someone admire him.

And as for the little student Xing’er next to him, he was as calm as a rock that did not know fear.

Ye Qingyu drank four cups of tea in succession.

When Xing’er handed the fifth cup, he shook his head, standing up. “If Mister does not have any more orders, then I’ll first go out and prepare for the matters tomorrow.”

Mister Liu nodded his head.

When Ye Qingyu turned and left the cabin, in the corner of his eyes, he saw that the clear and large eyes of Xing’er had always been staring at him.

…… ……

Returning to the armoured plates.

“Eh? You’ve changed your armour?”

Ye Qingyu was surprised to discover that the originally armoured soldiers on the armoured plate had changed away from their silver armour. Instead, they were wearing a strange beast skin demon armour.

These beast skin demon armour were namely the uniform of the soldiers of the Snow Ground Demon Race. The texture was crude and the appearance bloated. The material was made from the fur of some unknown beast as well as metal that was found mainly in the Explosive Snow Glacier. There was a clear difference between it and the armour of the Human Race. The demon armour had a primitive and violent style and there was a faint demon qi pulsing from the armour. Even the warfare officer, Liu Zongyuan had donned the demon armour.

“It seems like this is for another layer of protection. By disguising ourselves to look like the Demon Race, perhaps we can escape in the confusion at a crucial time.”

Ye Qingyu understood.

He sat cross legged at the armoured plates at the head of the airship, activating his inner yuan. He breathed in and out according to the nameless breathing technique, constantly optimizing his state, making preparations for the possible battle of tomorrow.

Six hours later.

There was a soldier bringing a set of demon armour, respectfully handing it to Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu wore the [White Horse armour] on his body, then wore this set of demon armour over it on the outside. The black bear skin cap covered the large majority of his face. His entire body emitted with a sour and bloody odour, demon qi emitting from his body. If one could not see the face, they would really think that he was a soldier of the Demon Race.

At the time he donned the demon armour, on the sky far off, a slight ray of the sun of dawn was exposed.

The new day was about to descend.

The morning wind was like blades.

Mister Liu slowly walked out from the cabin.

Behind him was the student Xing’er who had similarly changed and put on the demon armour.

As he greeted Ye Qingyu by nodding his head, Mister Liu came to the head of the airship under the protection of the warfare officer Liu Zongyuan and six other elite soldiers. He stood shoulder to shoulder next to Ye Qingyu.

“It is about to begin!”

Mister Liu moved his fingers, calculating the time, then turned his head to look at the South West direction. He spoke lightly.

Before he had finished.


An undulation that seemed to be there but not there, began shuddering from the South West direction.

In truth, the position that Ye Qingyu and the others were in right now was very far away in distance from the center of the yuan qi explosion. If they looked, the limits of their vision could not discern any abnormal happenings. If they did their utmost to hear, the limits of their hearing could not hear any sound. But any martial artist, any of the Demon Race, at this instant, through a method that even they themselves were not aware of, was able to sense this terrifying fluctuation.

The sensation that it gave was as if a bolt of lightning exploded in their hearts in an instant.

It was a type of power that directly impacted their spirit and their soul.



“Will of the Martial Path!”

The Liu Zongyuan that had always remained silent, finally opened his mouth.

“A hundred miles away, there are experts with cultivation level at the Bitter Sea stage and above that has acted. This really is a very frightening power of their consciousness.”

On the face of this Warfare officer, there was a look of yearning.

Will of the Martial Path?

After Ye Qingyu was slightly taken aback, his heart finally understood.

So this strange undulation was the legendary Will of the Martial Path that experts possessed.

He had once seen at White Deer Academy, within the historical books, narratives about this phenomenon. It was said that in legend, true top experts, not only were their fleshy body and inner yuan trained to the extreme limits, the power of their consciousness was also like invulnerable steel. Through just a thought, their vast consciousness could extend in all directions, causing the lifeforms hundreds, thousands of miles away to feel their unshakeable will. It caused them to shudder as if they had witnessed a deity appearing.

Ye Qingyu had only heard about this so called Will of the Martial Path through books.

This mysterious sensation that he had personally experienced gave him a deeper understanding as to what exactly it was. His heart was incomparably shocked.

Through just a thought of someone hundreds of miles away, it could cause his spirit to be so greatly shaken. Just what kind of terrifying existence was it?

Could it be that the War God of Youyan Pass, Lu Zhaoge, had acted?

Just as Ye Qingyu was questioning—


It was another wave of Will of the Martial Path that exploded.

This time, the Will of the Martial Path, was not as peaceful and calm as the first. It contained a killing intent and viciousness that soared to the sky. It was as if a blood ocean that completely covered the sky was pressuring and crushing towards them.

In such an unprepared state, Ye Qingyu could feel his vision darkening. His figure shuddered, nearly shouting. In an instant, it was as if his entire body was submerged in a pool of blood. A fear that he could hardly control spread throughout his body. It was as if the Death God suddenly appeared tens of meters away from him, or as if he was being stared at by some huge gigantic primordial beast. Cold sweat instantly seeped out from the forehead of Ye Qingyu…

On the armoured plates.

The other soldiers were already loudly screaming.

The soldier with the lowest strength let out a tragic shout. With a crash, he fell, directly struck by the killing intent contained in this Will of the Martial Path. He fainted.

Even Liu Zongyuan let out a fierce and low grunt.

Evidently in front of this Will of the Martial Path, he was also adversely affected.

In that instant, the countless lifeforms hundreds of miles around, no matter whether it was intelligent or unknowing ants, was affected. Above the sky, under the icy grounds, millions of life forms were completely shaken by this bloody Will of the Martial Path. They were so scared they were shivering and shuddering in terror.

In the time of the spark of a flint, Ye Qingyu reacted. He suddenly thought of something, crying in disdain in his heart. Activating his inner yuan, he moved to block in front of Mister Liu…

Mister Liu did not know any martial arts. If he was struck by such an impact, would there be a risk to his life?

But when Ye Qingyu turned his head to look, he was shocked to discover that Mister Liu was wearing a jade piece between the eyebrows. It was emitting a pale silver aura, tangible but with no substance, like a dim lantern. It had completely dispersed that terrifying strike of the Will of the Martial Path.

And as for the student Xing’er that stood next to Mister Liu, without knowing why, his expression was completely peaceful. It was as if he had not sensed this terrifying undulation at all. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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