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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 143 A Place with Many Visitors

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Chapter 143 – A Place with Many Visitors

“The [Seven Stars of the Skies]?” Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

Wen Wan’s manner of eating food could be compared to Big Head’s. While devouring the dishes ravenously he said, “En, of the [Southern Incline Legion] in the Snow Ground Demon Race, there are seven prodigies from the younger generation. They are known as the seven geniuses of the Demon Race rarely seen even in a hundred years. They are named after the big dipper. Respectively, they are called Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta and Eta. Every one of them are fierce characters and they have killed a significant number of the Human Race experts…”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head, indicating that he understood.

He continued to look downwards at the list. As expected, he saw the introduction of the [Seven Stars of the Skies].

These seven great demons, in the [Great Demon List], were ranked at fifty-fifth, fifty-ninth, sixty-first, sixty-eighth, seventy-third, seventy-seventh and eighty-fifth positions.

Alpha Star. [Great Demon List]. Ranked seventy-third. Six star demon warrior…

Beta Star. [Great Demon List]. Ranked sixty-eighth. Seven star demon warrior…

Gamma Star. [Great Demon List]. Ranked eighty-fifth. Five star demon warrior…

Delta Star. [Great Demon List]. Ranked sixty-first, Seven star demon warrior…

Eta Star. [Great Demon List]. Ranked fifty-fifth, Eight star demon warrior…

Epsilon star [Great Demon List]. ranked seventy-seventh, Six star demon warrior…

Zeta star. [Great Demon List]. Ranked fifth-ninth, Eight star demon warrior…

The introduction of every person in the [Seven Stars of the Skies] were extremely extensive. Not only did it detail what kind of Demon Race each belonged to, it also introduced their power, battle records, battle methods and weaknesses. Ye Qingyu’s could not help but pound as he read through the battle history of these seven experts of the Demon Race. These seven great powers of the Demon Race could still be considered as relatively young, as their ages were not yet over a hundred. If this was converted to a comparable age with the Human Race, then they should be around twenty to thirty years of age. At such an age, with such a strength, they were definitely deserving to be called geniuses.

Ye Qingyu continued to traverse the information about these entities.

He asked himself in his heart, if he faced any one of the [Seven Stars of the Skies], was it possible for him to win?

According to Wen Wan’s previous words, if the rankings of the [Military Star List] and the [Great Demon List] were the same, then their strength would also be no different. The lowest expert of the [Military Star List] was recorded to possess a strength above thirty Spirit springs. Using this as a foundation of comparison, the strength of the [Seven Stars of the Skies] could be determined. The Gamma Star that was the lowest positioned among them, ranked eighty-fifth, should be around the forty Spirit springs of the Human Race…

Ye Qingyu himself was as of right now at the fifteen Spirit springs realm. After activating the [Limitless Divine Way], his strength would multiply. The opponents he could face were experts that are within the thirty Spirit springs boundary.

In other words, Ye Qingyu would not be able to beat Gamma.

And furthermore, Gamma was just the strategist amongst the [Seven Stars of the Skies]. One was able to discern the terrifying strength of the other seven stars through this point alone.

If he wanted to defeat these great demons, Ye Qingyu needed to able to activate the [Second Limit] of the [Limitless Divine Way], multiplying his strength by a factor of three. Unless he did so, it was impossible.

“Haha, how is it? Are you scared?” Wen Wan had taken his fill of alcohol and food. He said laughingly, “The reason I gave this to you is to make you realize just how many experts, masters, geniuses, and authorities are gathered in Youyan Pass. It will make you realize what it means— there is a person beyond a person and a sky beyond a sky. You must know you are not the only genius in this world. Your strength did increase rapidly, but you must not be conceited. Youyan Pass is a battlefield and life and death is decided in a breath’s time on the battlefield. This is different from White Deer Academy. You must use the shortest amount of time possible to adapt and adjust. After bringing you all the way to Youyan Pass, I do not want you to perish in just a few days.”

These words were very agreeable at the start. Wen Wan’s careful teachings made Ye Qingyu slightly moved.

But as he heard the later parts, Ye Qingyu’s face turned dark.

Whatever well intentioned words, by coming out of the crude mouth of Wen Wan, would take on a completely different meaning.

“You managed to easily take care of Yi Sance, Zhao Ruyun and the others. This is already a fairly good record. But your self-confidence must not surge. You must know that of these people, the greatest among them is Yi Sance. But even he could not enter the [Military Star List]. To win against them is not something to be proud of.” Wen Wan spoke again, “And furthermore, you could be said to have handled matters poorly. You must remember not to provoke others, and not to always have your thoughts written on your face. If you can really endure it no longer and must act, then you must kill them in one blow. If you really leave such disasters alive, then who knows whether there will be hidden arrows and spears attacking you from behind you on the battlefield? These nobles have a high opinion of themselves. They are crafty and cunning. They are willing to do anything. If I was you, that person called Zhao Ruyun would long have died.”

Ye Qingyu smiled slightly, seriously nodding his head.

He agreed with Wen Wan’s points.

“That’s right.” Ye Qingyu finally remembered something. “Help me find two people. One should be a doctor following the army, he’s called Li Shizen. The other is a young man called Ye Congyun.”

Wen Wan nodded his head without saying anything.

The two conversed until the middle of the night.

Wen Wan still spoke in a long-winded fashion, explaining the situation within Youyan Pass very clearly.

The Human Race was established in the mountain pass. They sat in Youyan Pass, which is like a Heaven’s moat. And as for the [Southern Incline Legion], they were stationed at the Violent Snow Glacier a hundred miles away. The hundred mile distance between Youyan Pass and the Violent Snow Glacier was like a gigantic meat grinder. Even if the two parties were currently peaceful for the moment, the area between them would have large numbers of small scale battles. Every moment and second, there would be soldiers dying from both sides.

According to Wen Wan’s information, every ten days, Youyan Pass would hold a small scale battle.

On one hand, it was to train the soldiers and preserve their will to do battle. The other reason this served was to deplete the military power of the Demon Race and probe at their battle power.

And every time they departed, a patrolling sword envoy would provide assistance.

According to the rotation, Ye Qingyu should, within a month’s time, accept the order of the Pass Lord’s residence and participate in a small scale battle.

“I don’t know whether I will also participate in the battle at that time. But no matter what, you must be careful. In the battlefield, swords and spears have no eyes. One mistake and you may regret it for the rest of your life.” Wen Wan constantly nagged. Within his words, he began to display regret over the fact that he brought Ye Qingyu into the front lines. But the current developments were already not something he was able to control.

Ye Qingyu was excited in his heart. He was very interested in the upcoming battle.

Instead of fighting with people of the same race here, why not charge into the battlefield and kill the Demon Race.

“Also, this time, you have caused great chaos in the supply department. Very quickly, every party and faction will know of your name. I believe in a short amount of time, your fame will quickly surge. Therefore, in this period of time, you had best move in a low key fashion and don’t go inciting more trouble. You are still a soldier in the end. If you constantly cause trouble, the various commanders will regard you as a thorn and begin to develop poor opinions,” Wen Wan reminded Ye Qingyu yet again.”

Ye Qingyu at this time, did not banter with Wen Wan anymore. He closely remembered the points he said.

Because of the lateness of the evening, the streets were already extremely tightly guarded with high security patrolling around. Therefore, that night, Wen Wan stayed at White Horse Tower.

Only until the early dawn of the second day did he leave, returning to the Vanguard camp.

“The two people you are searching for, if I have news, I will definitely contact you,” Wen Wan said before leaving.

…… ……

In the next several days, Ye Qingyu’s name began spreading throughout Youyan Pass at a crazy rate just as they had expected.

Zhao Ruyun had really been hung on the [Punishment Pillars] for a full six hours. Only then was he released.

Lin Lang, Yi Sance and the others did not dare breathe a word to anyone regarding the matters that had occurred in the Stone Hall.

But this matter began transmitting throughout Youyan Pass. It was unknown as to just what channels this information was passed along.

Yi Sance and the others were both angry and embarrassed. They announced that they would isolate themselves for the time being, but this was not enough to halt the transmittance of information throughout Youyan Pass.

There were all sorts and types of rumours, but basically it all said: there was a new person called Ye Qingyu that was appointed the patrolling sword envoy. Not long after he arrived, he completely defeated all the experts of the Cool Breeze Mountain Faction. And the Zhao Ruyun that was normally so arrogant was hung on the [Punishment Pillars] at the supply department…

Such news began spreading out like the wind.

“This Ye Qingyu, just who is he?”

“Haha, to think that the new master of White Horse Tower would be so violent?

“Such a pity. If I was there, seeing the humiliated face of Zhao Ruyun is enough for me to feel pleasure for a year’s time.”

“This new patrolling sword envoy, just what is his background, that he would be so forceful?”

“Ye Qingyu? I’ve never heard of this name before…”

“It seems like within Youyan Pass, there is going to be another strong character that will emerge.”

“Speaking of the subject again, the Zhang San of the supply department is so protective, could it really be that he will not interfere into this situation?”

At this time, nearly everyone was discussing Ye Qingyu’s name.

It was exactly as described by Wen Wan. Ye Qingyu’s name, with the speed of a hurricane, swept outwards in all directions. The previous day he was a new and nameless person, and today he was a person that was able to attract the attention of countless forces in the pass.

Many careful people had already begun stealthily investigating into Ye Qingyu’s background.

There were also people that prepared to take action. They brought presents to greet Ye Qingyu at White Horse Tower.

The birth of such a forceful new character made many people see opportunity.

Of course, there were far more people that only continued to observe. The people Ye Qingyu had offended, their backgrounds were also great. To make such a choice of whom to support at this time, the costs outweighed the benefits.

At this time, the originally completely desolate White Horse Tower unexpectedly became as bustling and as busy as a market.

Ye Qingyu had no interest in the people bringing gifts standing at his doorstep. Closing the doors, he chose not to receive them. He hid within the quiet fourth floor of White Horse Tower, training in the silent room. The only White Horse sword slave was already in a weak state, so he only focused on recovering. Seeing such a bustling scene made him very excited, but he had no way of receiving the guests.

The duty to block the entry of the visitors fell upon Mother Wu’s shoulders. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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