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Chapter 140 – The Notoriety of a Tool

Youyan Pass, Vanguard camp.

Within the army of Youyan Pass, the Vanguard possessed the strongest attacking and invasive power. In the main battle force, within the four great camps, the vanguard was unquestionably the one with the greatest fame.

The number of people in the Vanguard was also the greatest.

According to normal arrangements, for the Vanguard, there were forty warfare officers. The number of soldiers under each officer’s command was not the same. Those that were strong could easily command five hundred, and those with lackluster ability could only command around two hundred. But in these years, as the relationship between Snow Country and the Snow Ground Demon Court became more and more tense, there were more and more frictions, The vanguard had already been expanded three times, with now over a hundred warfare officers. The normal soldiers were three or four times that of its normal numbers.

Wen Wan had arrived in Youyan Pass for less than half a year of time.

But even within the hundreds of warfare officers in the Vanguard, he was already well known and famous.

Not only was this because Wen Wan’s personal strength was exceptional, he had already fought in several marvelous battles where he annihilated the enemy. His troops, the [Silver Armoured Soldiers] also became famous through such battles. It caused the ordinary Snow Ground Demon Race to smell the wind and lose their courage*. Because of his forceful temperament, if he saw things that he did not like, he would definitely interfere. On the battlefield, he fought without regard to his life and outside the battlefield, he had even more fearlessly contradicted the commander of the Vanguard, Liu Siufeng. He was known as both the [Violent Officer] and the [Brash Officer].

Very many people saw Wen Wan as the new star of the Vanguard camp.

Even Liu Siufeng, the commander in chief of the Vanguard who Wen Wan had a small conflict with, had even once privately indicated that he admired this fierce warrior very much.

According to normal development, the rise of Wen Wan was something that would happen sooner or later.

But who could have guessed that three days ago, the military authority of Wen Wan was taken away. He was captured by the disciplinary squad of the Vanguard camp.

For what reason?

No one could explain.

Even the camp of the [Silver Armoured Soldiers] was being watched over by experts.

These silver armoured men with white helmets had followed behind Wen Wan to fight for hundreds of battles. They were utterly loyal to their leader. Ever since Wen Wan’s military position was taken from him, these two hundred and twenty men had not rested, but they also did not riot or protest. They only sat silently within their camp, anxiously waiting for the return of their commander.

Within the night air, the snow became greater and greater.

The chilling wind were like blades.

This was the fourth night that Wen Wan had been captured.

At the temporary resting place of the disciplinary squad of the vanguard.

Four steel pillars three-meter-high were deeply embedded onto the ground in a formation. The formations carved on these pillars was activated, creating an invisible energy field in the air. It prevented all observation from the outside, enveloping the entire disciplinary squad of the vanguard inside.

If you were outside and was watching from far away, you could only see the rippling light. There was no way to discern what was exactly on the inside. One could only see the vague shape of three black tents.

[Four Dragon Light Prison].

This was the metal formation that the disciplinary squad used to hold and interrogate criminal suspects.

Once the four formation pillars were buried under the ground, and the formation activated, it would warp even light itself. If you were under the Bitter Sea stage and trapped within, this was absolutely something you could not escape from.

One could say the disciplinary squad was a character that everyone in the Vanguard feared. Similar in role to the patrolling sword envoy, they were the high watchers of Youyan Pass. The disciplinary squad was the black faced judge of the Vanguard. No matter whether it was a soldier or an officer, once they caught the eye of the disciplinary squad, there was a ninety-nine percent chance they would be found suspect. In many cases, once you were invited into the [Four Dragon Light Prison], it signified that your career in the future was completely finished.

No military officers judged by the disciplinary team had ever been spared.

When they saw that Wen Wan was forced into the [Four Dragon Light Prison], the entire vanguard was shaken.

Some people were delighted.

Some people were suspicious.

Some people sighed.

Of course, there were some that didn’t care.

And as for the person who did not care the most, he was Wen Wan himself.

He did not have the attitude of other military officers when the disciplinary squad arrived. He did not exhibit a fearful expression like the apocalypse had arrived. Instead, Wen Wan possessed the countenance of a curious spectator. He walked step by step into the [Four Dragon Light Prison] and curiously extended his hands to touch the formation pillar, a smile cracking open at his mouth.

Such a performance made the man who led this group of disciplinary soldiers sit up and take notice

“You’re not afraid?” Zhou Yinan asked Wen Wan curiously.

“Why should I be afraid?” Wen Wan, against expectations, had a countenance like that of a curious baby, widening his eyes and looking at Zhou Yinan.

Zhou Yinan said with a smile, “Because apart from you, every military officer that entered the [Four Dragon Light Prison], no matter whether they are a noble officer with deep family background, they would be shivering in fear. I have seen far too many people’s mentality completely collapsing in the instant they enter into the [Four Dragon Light Prison]. Some cry and go crazy, some weep bitterly, and there are some that insult and curse. The ultimate reason for this behaviour is fear. But this is my first time witnessing someone bringing a smile when they entered.

Wen Wan slapped his chest, chuckling loudly. “Your father I has done no wrong, so there is no need to be afraid. Besides…”

As he said this, the fellow mysteriously whispered near the ear of Zhou Yinan, “And to tell you honestly, I am person with an extremely great background. Today you guys will capture me, but very quickly you will respectfully release and see me off.”

Zhou Yinan hesitated, then immediately smiled faintly. “Then I can only wish you good luck.”

During these days, Zhou Yinan had always carefully observed Wen Wan.

When the disciplinary squad interrogated someone, they would basically use torture, making someone feel so much pain they did not want to live anymore. But under Zhou Yinan’s directions, this time their attitude towards Wen Wan was much gentler. There were basically no great tortures used and only occasionally throwing a punch or two his way. This was the reason that this fellow was still so arrogant and mouthy

Therefore, throughout these days, the disciplinary squad still had not managed to obtain any sort of information.

Outside the large tent.

Zhou Yinan with black armour all over his body and a long sword at his waist, stood within the snow storm, deep in thought.

“Superior, if we don’t use the great tortures, this goes against regulations,” a member of the disciplinary squad spoke in a low voice beside Zhou Yinan.

Zhou Yinan did not say anything.

Without knowing why, the instant he arrested Wen Wan, he felt that this matter was definitely not as simple as it was on the surface. Although the order was personally passed down by the captain of the disciplinary squad, but Zhou Yinan’s intuition told him to not take things too far with Wen Wan. Perhaps for himself, perhaps for the entire disciplinary squad, this would prove beneficial.

“Superior, superior?” The member of the disciplinary team continued to speak beside his ear. “The time of five days is about to pass. The captain personally issued this case. If we continue to tarry, I fear there will be consequences.”

Zhou Yinan turned his head and gave him a glance, hesitating for a bit. He then said, “Wait for a little longer.”

The disciplinary member hearing this, shook his head, not saying anything more.

The disciplinary squad of the Vanguard was split into six groups. All these groups were under the command of the captain. Zhou Yinan was the leader of the fourth group, and in these years, he had solved many cases. But because his personality was far too straightforward and unbending he had not been promoted in these years. His footsteps had stopped and remained stationary. The members who followed him to solve cases, were the same people again and again, also without prospects for much development.

At this time, a strange change occurred.

As a strange roiling noise sounded, one could see the light screen at the exterior [Four Dragon Light Prison] shuddering. A door of light appeared.

Two people came from the outside.

The person at the lead was somewhat skinny and short, not even one meter six. Wearing a black robe, he had a beard and a dark complexion. He did not emit any sort of imposing manner whatsoever, but his entire person gave off a gloomy and ruthless aura. As if the air around him was warping, he gave an incomparably strange feeling. Even the heart of someone looking at him for the first time would palpitate unwillingly with fear.

There was a young man following behind him. With an eagle shaped nose and a treacherous face, he was a man under Zhou Yinan’s command, the disciplinary soldier Kang Yu.


“We pay respects to the superior.”

Zhou Yinan and the others quickly rushed to pay their respects.

This thin and short middle-aged man was namely the captain of the disciplinary squad, Lai Junchen.

“No need.” Lai Junchen’s face had a smile. “How goes the interrogation of the suspect?”

Zhou Yinan hesitated, lowering his head. “This… I still cannot find anything of use.”

“Did you not manage to interrogate anything of use, or did you not interrogate at all?” Lai Junchen asked with a laugh that was not a laugh.

Zhou Yinan did not dare to say anything.

The moment he saw Kang Yu, he knew that matters had not progressed according to his plan.

The young man called Kang Yu was originally a disciplinary member that he had did his utmost to nourish and develop. But later on, he discovered that this young man chased after immediate rewards, favouring extreme methods. If it benefited him, he did not care about the truth at all. As a result of this, afterwards Zhou Yinan gradually distanced himself from Kang Yu, becoming estranged. It seemed like Kang Yu had brought the captain Lai Junchen over here, running to Lai Junchen’s place to report to him for what he had done.

“I am really curious, just what kind of person he is, that you Zhou Yinan don’t dare interrogate.” Lai Junchen had his eyes squinted, without any obvious display of happiness or rage. “Fine, if you don’t want to interrogate, then I won’t make things hard on you. Just leave this matter for Kang Yu to handle.

Kang Yu’s expression immediately showed delight.

He knew that his opportunity had arrived.

Accepting the order, he headed towards the large tent holding Wen Wan.

Zhou Yinan still wanted to say something, but Lai Junchen waved his hands quickly, indicating for him to not speak anymore.

“I know of your intentions. Wen Wan can be counted as a fierce warrior and sparing him will have definite benefits for the Pass. But such a matter is not a decision that can be made by you or me…” Without anyone else around, the Lai Junchen that was known as a butcher within the Pass, displayed a rare patience for the first time. “Yinan, you must be clear, in such turbulent and troubled times, humans are like dogs. We are just the dogs of the army. Those who we bite and don’t bite, these are often things that we can decide for ourselves. Whether Wen Wan is deserving of his punishment does not matter; you can’t protect him and neither can I. Everything will be gone when he leaves. You don’t want to be an evil person, then let Kang Yu bear that crime. I still have great trust in you.”

“Superior.” Zhou Yinan had a face of someone emotionally moved. “Why must you make things so hard for yourself, in reality… I have always known, that superior you are in a difficult situation. Others only see you causing bloody scenes within the army, but they don’t know about your well-meaning intentions. It is namely your methods that has suppressed and shocked the restless nobles in the army. It is what allows Youyan Pass to be like a steel board. There is no need for you to explain, it is only that…”

Lai Junchen slapped Zhou Yinan on the shoulder, bitterly smiling.

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