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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 139 Suspicion

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Chapter 139 – Suspicion

On the returning path back, Ye Qingyu’s mood was much better.

“I really can’t understand, Zhao Ruyun and those other people, why can’t they just properly perform the role of a military officer? Why must they cause such a ruckus, and make people hit their faces?” Ye Qingyu shook his head. “Do they really have pig brains? Every soldier should be clear on what the role of a patrolling sword envoy is, yet they must come and incite me…”

Because of such people, Ye Qingyu felt sorrowful.

Previously when he was at White Deer Academy, he had felt that the schemes and machinations between the noble families had nearly caused Deer City to completely rot. It did not have the drive or unity of days gone past. The so called uniting and resisting against the Demon Race together, to protect the survival of their race, seemed to be more like a joke.

Ye Qingyu had originally thought, that such things, would not happen in the army.

It would especially not happen in such an important military frontier.

But from the current situation, it really made him disappointed.

Within Youyan Pass, it was yet still the fights and struggles between factions. The so called noble families, the backbone of the young guard, their conduct was no different from the noble families within Deer City. They still emitted the smell of rotting decay. It was completely different from Ye Qingyu’s initial imagination where everyone was united and the atmosphere was sincere and harmonious.

And such was the things Ye Qingyu encountered by coincidence despite being here for less than ten days.

If he stayed here even longer, would he meet up with things even more shocking than this?

As he thought of this, Ye Qingyu could not but sigh.

If the army of Youyan Pass had people like Zhao Ruyun and Lin Lang, just how could they protect the frontier that was of utmost importance to the country? Just how long could it remain protected for?

Sooner or later, there would most likely be a day where the Pass would be broken past by the Snow Ground Demon Court?

Ye Qingyu lifted his head to look at the colour of the sky.

Snowflakes again floated through the air.

“The ten days of temporary rest is about to end. Three days later, I will officially take over this position, patrolling inside and outside Youyan Pass.”

Ye Qingyu suddenly felt that to be appointed as the patrolling sword envoy was a fortunate matter. At least, if he wanted to do something to change the situation in the Pass, then the position of patrolling sword envoy made this much more convenient. He could do as he wished for many things.

“Then let’s try. As a member of the Human Race, I can’t just go along with the tides. My parents died in the battle to protect Deer City. I will not allow their military badge to become shamed.”

“Even if I cannot reverse the tides in this crisis, but I must at least become a cornerstone in the Pass. The gutlessness and degeneration of others cannot become the excuse for my retreat. Even if it is extremely difficult, I still have to forge ahead. I must believe that scum like Zhao Ruyun are only in the minority. Hard and stubborn men like Wen Wan are the true soldiers. This is where the true hope of the continuation of the Human Race lies.”

Ye Qingyu walked amidst the snowy wind, his will becoming more and more determined.

After thinking through this point, all the negative emotions in his heart was completely swept away. His mood became pure and clean.

The yuan qi in his body, as if he could sense Ye Qingyu’s mood, immediately flowed much smoother than before.

A faint smile appeared on Ye Qingyu’s face.

“The control of inner yuan in my body has yet again increased to another level. If previously, I had only barely managed to control my fifteen Spirit springs of inner yuan, then right now I could be said to be well practiced in controlling it.” As he walked, he attempted to activate his inner yuan. As expected, the flow of inner yuan in his body had become much more smooth, with it being much more easy to control.

“The martial heart… that’s right, a martial artist not only has to train his body and his qi, he also has to train his heart. Only when his heart has completely integrated, can his martial path be completely integrated.”

Ye Qingyu faintly felt that he had begun to come into contact with a new door in the martial path.

An expert was first and foremost, a human.

A human had a heart.

If his heart was not complete, no matter what martial path they cultivated in, it would not be complete.

“The battle just now with Zhao Ruyun and the others can be counted as an important experience in fighting. Amongst those officers, that scholarly young man’s strength is above twenty Spirits springs. Only by activating the [First Limit] of the [Limitless Divine Way] could I defeat him… This is the first time after I’ve oame into contact with the profoundness of the [Limitless Divine Way] that I truly utilized the [Limitless Divine Way] in real practical battle. It is definitely amazing. If not for grasping this divine ability, the person who would be hung on the [Punishment Pillar] would have been myself.”

Thinking back to the previous battle, Ye Qingyu had really been lucky.

But this battle was the first true martial battle he had after his strength had multiplied.

From Ye Qingyu’s perspective, it seemed like he had completely suppressed his opponents. But the understanding and comprehension he was able to harvest from this battle was really significant.

It was enough for him to slowly recall and ponder over in the next three or four days.


An hour later.

Ye Qingyu returned to White Horse Tower.

The White Horse sword slave Bai Yuanxing was in a wheelchair pushed by the servant girl, silently and patiently waiting at the doors.

Only until he saw Ye Qingyu coming back with no injuries at all, could Bai Yuanxing let out a breath of relief.

He was not aware of what had occurred in the military supply department. But from superior Ye Qingyu’s facial expression, it seemed like something good had occurred?

“Superior.” Bai Yuanxing wanted to stand up.

Ye Qingyu pressed down on his shoulder. “Return and rest. In the future, there will be many matters that I will rely on you for. Right now, the most important matter is for your injuries to quickly recover. I can’t stay everyday within White Horse Tower to take care of you.”

Bai Yuanxing was horrified at the thought of this.

He quickly asked the servant girl to push himself back to his own room.

Ye Qingyu ascended the stairs to the fourth floor, sitting at the prayer mat before the window. As he looked at the inky black night outside and the snowstorm that was becoming more and more violent, he activated the nameless breathing technique. Absorbing the yuan qi in Heaven and Earth, he began cultivating his heart and qi.

The Ye Qingyu who was completely concentrated in cultivating did not know that in this inky black icy night, there were countless people that were currently agitated.

The matter that occurred in the stone hall, before Ye Qingyu had even returned to White Horse Tower, began spreading out at a crazy speed.

…… ……

Pass Lord’s Residence.

In the saffron yellow light of the formation lantern, in a room on the third floor of the Military council pavilion, nothing was left unlit.

A lean faced middle-aged man was currently bent over his desk, reading through scrolls

On the mahogany desk, there was a small mountain of scrolls.

As the middle-aged man evaluated the scrolls, his cinnabar red brush would constantly annotate these scrolls. Sometimes he would frown, sometimes he would laugh, his movements elegant. The speed at which he read each scroll was extremely rapid. Every time he finished a scroll, he would once again place it back to its position according to the categories. Everything was ordered and organized.

A boy with his hair in a little bun stood next to the desk. While he grinded the ink, he also covered his mouth and yawned, seeming to be extremely tired.

“Mister, it’s going to be the latter half of the night soon. You should rest early,” the boy reminded the middle-aged man from beside him.

The middle-aged man smiled. “No rush, no rush.”

The boy pressed his lips together. “Mister you are not in a rush, but Xing’er I can nearly withstand it no longer. You are working to such an hour again, if this is known by the Pass Lord, he will definitely punish Xing’er again.” As he said this, the boy went over, grabbing the arm of the middle-aged man, pulling him away, not allowing him to continue reading the scrolls.

The middle-aged man helplessly smiled, shaking his head. “I’ve really spoiled you. Fine, fine, fine, lets rest for tonight…”

Before he had finished.


The sound of knocking came.

A silver-armoured warrior entered, both his hands holding a dim golden-coloured scroll. He presented it in front of the middle-aged man.

The boy’s expression instantly changed the moment he saw the colour of the scroll.

The laughter on the middle-aged man disappeared completely in this instant. Lifting his hand, an invisible energy grasped the dim gold scroll and placed it within his hands.

The silver-armoured warrior went out, shutting the door from outside.

The middle-aged man opened the scroll, his eyes scanning. His first expression was surprise, then he lightly shook his head. A complicated expression flashed by through his face.

The boy could not help but stand on tip toes, curiously asking, “Mister, the golden scroll has already not appeared for months of time. Just what is written on it? Is it that the Snow Ground Demon Court has taken some new actions?”

The middle-aged man gave him a glance. “Do you still remember the young man that came to report from White Deer Academy several days ago?”

The boy nodded his head. “Is it that little kid called Ye Qingyu? I have some impression. Hehe, he seems somewhat stupid, wooden and slow. I guess that he won’t have a good time in his days at Youyan Pass… But could it be that on the dim golden scroll is information about him? I’ve already had a look at his previous scrolls. He’s only a little fellow at the three Spirit springs stage…”

The middle-aged man shook his head. “This time, Mister I have overlooked something. Xing’er you have also overlooked something.”

As he said this, he handed the dim golden scroll to the boy.

The dim golden scroll, represented information that was extremely confidential within Youyan Pass. Even if it was military officers or leaders at the middle level, they did not possess the requirement to read the contents of the scroll. Apart from the Pass Lord Lu Zhaoge, only the confidant advisers within the [Military Council Pavilion] had right of access. The middle-aged man’s surname was Liu. He was namely the Mister Liu that had received Ye Qingyu on the day he arrived. Xing’er was a little student that he kept beside him. To so casually give such a secret and confidential scroll for him to read, one was able to see how much he trusted and spoiled Xing’er.

Xing’er laughingly took the scroll, glancing through it several times. “The young guard of the Cool Breeze Mountain, although they can’t amount to much, at least there are several notable characters within that group. Especially advisor Yi Sance, he can definitely be ranked in the top one hundred of officers under forty years of age. Pass Lord admires him very much and therefore allowed him to enter the residence. Who would have thought that he would be fiercely beaten in his face by Ye Qingyu? This newly arrived patrolling sword envy, really doesn’t show his true colours.”

Mister Liu slowly stood up, stretching his back, then said, “The report of the Pass Lord’s residence cannot be wrong. One month ago, this Ye Qingyu was really at the level of three Spirit springs. After disappearing for a month and coming back, he can already completely dominate the advisor Yi Sance who is at twenty-three Spirit springs just by raising his hands… If my guess is not wrong, there must be something that has happened in this month, to cause this transformation. This allowed Ye Qingyu’s strength to explosively increase.”

“In just one month of time, his power can increase by that much?” On the fair little face of Xing’er, an incredulous expression was seen. “That can’t be too possible? This is far too universally shocking…”

“There are far too many inexplicable matters in this world. If my memory serves me correctly, the Demon Race has a technique that can allow a person’s strength to increase tens of times in a short amount of time…” On Mister Liu’s face, he had a seriousness that was never seen before.

Xing’er covered his mouth, “Mister, are you suspecting, that Ye Qingyu is connected to the Demon Race?”

Mister Liu nodded his head. “Precautions must be taken.”

“But…” Xing’er hesitated. “But he is an inheritor of a heroic military badge, how could he…”

Mister Liu sighed. “Therefore, such a matter must be handled carefully. In these years, the Snow Ground Demon Court is beginning to stir. The chaotic situation at the frontier is becoming more and more impossible to unravel. The treachery of the Demon Race must be guarded against… I will prepare to go see the Pass Lord. You can follow me along to see him.” Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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