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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 137 Just Who Do You Think You Are?

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Chapter 137 – Just Who Do You Think You Are?

“I’ve disturbed you guys demonstrating your bravery?” Ye Qingyu laughed. “Really, my apologies. You guys continue, I’m only here to find him…” He lifted his finger to point at Zhao Ruyun. “That’s right, you. There’s a little matter I have to discuss.”

“What do you want?” Zhao Ruyun walked over with a cold smile. “I was just about to look for you, but you came to my doorstep of your own volition?”

“Eh? You were looking for me?” Ye Qingyu widened his eyes in seriousness, curiously asking, “For what matter did you come looking for me for? Ah, I know, you must have realized that you were in the wrong, and wanted to apologize to me, isn’t that right?”

“Apology? Wrong.”

Zhao Ruyun was taken aback, then immediately burst into laughter.

Not only him, the entire group of military officers in the hall had the same reaction. After staring at each other, they began laughing uproariously with mockery evident on their faces.

“Little thing, has your brain been burnt and you’ve became retarded?” Zhao Ruyun did not disguise his disdain in the slightest. “Why should I apologize to you? Just who do you think you are?”

Ye Qingyu did not say anything.

He remembered the event an hour before. When Bai Yuanxing had finally awakened and his description of the conflict that happened on that day.

…… ……

An hour before.

Inside White Horse Tower.

“What? It was because you were breathing too loud?”

Within White Horse Tower, as he heard the answer of the White Horse sword slave, Ye Qingyu was completely dumbfounded by this retarded reason.

According to the description of Bai Yuanxing, on that day he was excited and jogged towards the military supply department to request the reinstatement of the stipend for White Horse Tower. Because his body was weak, and he had run too quickly, when he arrived at the supply department he was somewhat out of breath. He waited outside the door until his breathing had recovered, then brought Ye Qingyu’s deputy seal to request the reinstatement. The military officer he encountered was namely Zhao Ruyun.

Zhao Ruyun had only glanced at Bai Yuanxing once. Then, he ordered people to fiercely beat Bai Yuanxing without allowing him to explain himself.

The reason was very simple.

The breathing of Bai Yuanxing was so loud that it made the allocation officer believe that this was an action of great disrespect towards him. It was a type of action that held the military supply department in contempt and was unforgivable. Not listening to Bai Yuanxing’s begging or explanation, he ordered people to hang this pitiful sword slave on the [Punishment Pillars] at the entrance of the supply department to be frozen alive.

“This is only an excuse…” Bai Yuanxing lay on the bed, incomparably weak. “Because the White Horse Tower has long been weak. I have previously been to the supply department several times asking for the stipend to be reinstated, but I have always been fiercely beaten… This time, he intentionally made things difficult for me. Even if not for this, there would be other reasons.”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

To be able to realize this point, this proved that Bai Yuanxing’s personality was timid but his thinking was agile.

“I know. Rest well.”

Finishing saying this, he headed outside.

“Superior, you… I’m fine, don’t go…” Bai Yuanxing saw this and panicked. He was able to guess what Ye Qingyu was going to do, rushing to sit up. Panting roughly, he said, “I’m really fine… I’m only a tiny sword slave, superior you…”

“Shut your mouth.”

Ye Qingyu fiercely turned around, and a never before seen severity shone in his eyes.

Bai Yuanxing hesitated.

This was his first time seeing such an emotion in the eyes of this patrolling sword envoy.

“Bai Yuanxing, remember well. You did nothing wrong, what are you afraid of? You are a person belonging to White Horse Tower, you are a person belonging to me, Ye Qingyu. From now on, lift up your head and stick your chest out. Don’t be faint hearted and gutless, I, Ye Qingyu, cannot command such a person.” Ye Qingyu’s tone was severe and strict. “Always giving in will just make people look down on you, and make them want to torment you even more. If you don’t want to suffer, then fiercely strike back at them.”

Bai Yuanxing was taken aback.

These years he had borne countless humiliations to save his skin. For the fulfillment of the wish of his ancestor, he was willing to accept any kind of humiliation.

He had never thought to change the way he lived, to put up any sort of struggle.

Because he felt he was far too lowly. In this icy cold world, if he made any sort of resistance, what met him was just a fierce beating and the possibility of losing his life.

If he died, then who would fulfil the wishes of his ancestor?

But at this moment, seeing the strict gaze of Ye Qingyu that he had never witnessed before, Bai Yuanxing was suddenly moved.

His first reaction was to avoid Ye Qingyu’s eyes, wanting to lower his head. But he miraculously managed to bear it. Under this serious gaze like that of an interrogator, Bai Yuanxing felt something fiercely beating on his heart, nearly making him unable to breathe.

Perhaps the protection that his ancestor wished for was a protection done by lifting his head, a protection that was dignified and noble.

And it was not a protection done with a cowering and lowered head?

Bai Yuanxing suddenly realized something.

At that time, Ye Qingyu had already left.

“Your set of [Flowing Light of the Stars], the thirty-six flying blades, were also confiscated by the military supply department?”

The voice, came from outside.

Bai Yuanxing was blank, immediately realizing where he was going.

…… ……

Military supply department, stone hall.

Ye Qingyu laughed. “I’m not any great character, I’m only here to discuss something… Mm, I have two requests. The first, is that you apologize. The second, give me back the set of flying blades, [Flowing Light of the Stars].” He looked at the group with a smile. “How about it, isn’t this very reasonable?”

The officers looked at Ye Qingyu.

They felt that it was possible that the brain of this patrolling sword envoy laughing currently was not too clever.

Could it really be that he had still not understood just what kind of situation he was in?

He believed that him alone could suppress everyone at the scene?

Did he take the wrong medicine?

Zhao Ruyun began laughing loudly. “Little thing, I think you have really eaten the gall bladder of a leopard. To dare intrude on my place to cause trouble. Haha, I’ll ask you one more time: who do you think you are, to make me apologize?”

Ye Qingyu seemed as if he did not mind these words at all. “If it is like this, then you refuse to apologize and you also refuse to return the [Flowing Light of the Stars] that belongs to White Horse Tower?”

The officers laughed together.

Lin Lang had laughed so much that his stomach was hurting. Holding his stomach in an exaggerated fashion, rubbing his eyes and slapping the table. “Hahaha, this is really too laughable. In this world, there is really such a stupid pig that I don’t even know what he should be called, hahahaha… apologize, everyone quickly apologize, hahaha, he is about to get angry…”

The scholarly young man Yi Sance, also began shaking his head and chuckling.

“What mother fucking thing do you think you are, that you want us to apologize?” Zhao Ruyun said word by word. “As for that set of flying blades, just why is it something that belongs to White Horse Tower? It is evidently something bought at a high price by us. Your lowly sword slave stole it somehow, and was captured by me on the spot with evidence on his body. I advise you to obediently return the lowly slave for him to accept his punishment…”

Before he had finished.

Ye Qingyu’s palm moved.

A two inch seal, like that of a cold arrow appeared in his hands.

He casually tossed it.


The seal landed on the floor of the stone hall.

On the seal, the light of the image of two swords intersecting brightened. Then, light projected from the seal. Clear and cold light enveloped the entire stone hall. The officers were taken aback and felt an alarming and bizarre sensation, like that of being surrounded by swords and blades

“Right now, I officially suspect the allocation officer of the military supply department, Zhao Ruyun, of embezzling funds and provisions, bribery, abuse of soldiers, plunder of another’s belonging…” The smile on Ye Qingyu’s face disappeared, his expression instantly becoming chilling cold. “Right now, as the patrolling sword envoy, I order you to surrender, and accept investigation.”

As he said this, Ye Qingyu’s hand casually swiped through the air.

The deputy seal of the military position also fell to the ground, transforming into black shackles.

Zhao Ruyun was blank, the smile on his face disappearing.

Ye Qingyu had activated the seal of the military. This meant that the matter had escalated to the official military level.

The position of the patrolling sword envoy was special and they did have the right to investigate the matters of the supply department.

And as for the crimes that he had just stated…

“This is you trying to frame me, I…” Zhao Ruyun jumped up in rage.

“Oh, you’re not listening to military orders is it?” Ye Qingyu smiled for a bit, stepping out. Others only felt their vision blur. He appeared in an instant before Zhao Ruyun, his hands grabbing through the air. The shackles formed from the deputy seal automatically soared into his hands, and directly headed towards the arm of Zhao Ruyun.

“You dare?”

Zhao Ruyun was furious, his arm moving to avoid this attack. His hand was touching the long sword at his waist.

“You want to resist a military order?” Ye Qingyu had a laugh that was not a laugh, the light in his eyes chillingly icy.

“I… hmph, you have no evidence, and want to ruin my good name. Of course I need to resist. Such a matter, even if it is escalated to the Pass Lord’s residence, I am still in the right.” He grinded his teeth, pulling out the long sword at his waist and immediately, cold light surged out, yuan qi surging.

Thirteen yuan qi dragons, indistinct, began coalescing around Zhao Ruyun’s body.

He had a cold smile of disdain as he looked at Ye Qingyu.

According to the information contained in Yi Sance’s research, he knew that Ye Qingyu was just a martial expert of three Spirit springs.

And as for Zhao Ruyun exhibiting his thirteen yuan qi dragons, his reason behind this was very clear. He wanted to tell Ye Qingyu clearly that he was thirteen Spirit springs, and his strength was many times greater than him. So therefore, don’t pretend to be authoritative in front of me, and honestly scram off. Even if he used his official seal, he was just seeking his own humiliation.

Ye Qingyu had a calm expression, striking out once again.

The deputy seal once again headed towards Zhao Ruyun’s arm.

“You are looking to die…”

As he saw that Ye Qingyu really did not intent retreat, Zhao Ruyun could not bear it any longer. The long sword in his hands quivered, vibrating and transforming into sword lights, the tip of the blade like the brilliance of the stars. It headed towards the wrist of Ye Qingyu that held the seal.

After one of your hands is crippled, let’s see if you are still so fierce.

Within Zhao Ruyun’s eyes, killing intent flourished.

The educated young man Yi Sance, seeing this scene, hesitated for a moment, but did not act to stop him.

As for the other military officers, they only coldly sneered, waiting to see Ye Qingyu being made fun of.

And as the tip of the blade was about to descend on the veins of Ye Qingyu’s wrist, as everyone felt that the next moment blood would spurt everywhere, Ye Qingyu’s wrist lightly and faintly moved. Extending his middle finger, with a light ping, he lightly flicked the tip of the oncoming sword.


The light hum of the sword sounded.

As everyone could not yet clearly see what had occurred, Zhao Ruyun let out an exclamation, instantly retreating.

The figures instantly separated.

“You…” Zhao Ruyun face was full of shock.

The sword in his hands was rapidly vibrating, as if it was a fiercely struggling python. The sword constantly emitted the hums of it shaking. In the air, there was a strange sound wave that spread out. No matter how Zhao Ruyun tried to suppress the sword, the blade of the sword would not settle down.

Ye Qingyu’s expression was smiling yet not smiling as he looked towards Zhao Ruyun.

Zhao Ruyun bit hit teeth, both hands gripping his sword. The thirteen yuan qi dragons became even clearer, inserting yuan qi into his arm, wanting to use his full strength to suppress the vibration of the sword blade.



He suddenly opened his mouth and spat out a jet of blood, the skin of his flesh breaking apart at his hands, fresh blood dripping from it. The sword could be held no longer. Flying out from his hands, it nailed itself onto the stone beam above. And as for the rapid shaking, it still vibrated without stopping.

“Right now, do you know just what mother fucking thing I am?”

Ye Qingyu looked at Zhao Ruyun. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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