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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 136 The Person Walking in the Setting Sun

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Chapter 136 – The Person Walking in the Setting Sun

Ye Qingyu bitterly trained in the [Limitless Divine Way].

He flipped through the ten pages of the Bronze book, constantly deepening his understanding of the [Limitless Divine Way]’s breathing technique.

Gradually, he found a sensation.

In that instant, with his highly concentrated and elevated spirit, he entered a strange state where he was himself but not himself, observing himself but forgetting himself. Ye Qingyu felt that in the time of the spark of a flint, a strange transformation had occurred.

This type of feeling was like flowing light flashing by.

But after numerous attempts, Ye Qingyu finally managed to latch onto the tiniest shred of this sensation

“The perfect state, in theory, the [Ten limits] is hard to reach. I need to first begin from the [First Limit], to increase my strength by a factor of one…” …… ……

Three days later.

Military supply department, stone hall.

The rooms of the hall were closed. Seven or eight people sat silently within the stone hall.

Zhao Ruyun had already changed into a black Taotie* beast skin armour. His appearance was thriving with heroic spirit. He retold everything that he knew then said, “In these days, Ye Qingyu has nearly not left his residence and acted extremely low key. I don’t know what kind of medicine he is selling in his gourd. The reason I invited everyone here was to discuss on how exactly to take care of this person.”

“Haha, he is just being deliberately mystifying. I’ve long said, this little brat is just trying to scare people with fake bravado.” The voices of laughter sounded. The person who had spoken was namely the guerilla officer Lin Lang that had clashed with Ye Qingyu at the Pass Lord’s residence.

In the stone hall apart from Lin Lang and Zhao Ruyun, there were another three or four people sitting there. Their ages wear all similar, extremely young and wearing bright armour. All of them had considerable positions within the army and every one of them were young people that came from a noble family.

As Zhao Ruyun heard this, his expression slightly relaxed. “Brother Lin’s words are reasonable. In truth, that night, I was really frightened by him. After all, the military position of the patrolling sword envoy is far too special. I cannot be too cautious. Therefore I have invited everyone here to discuss a plan, but it seems I have made everyone witness a joke.”

Everyone began laughing.

And within these people sitting down, there was a young man wearing a green robe. He had thick black hair, white skin and brought with him a rich scholarly air. With a smile he said, “From past examples, for someone to be able to occupy the position of the patrolling sword envoy, their history must not be simple. As soon as I heard the news from brother Zhao, I’ve already ordered my people. Utilizing the information channels in the Pass Lord’s residence, I’ve sent people to investigate on Ye Qingyu’s background information. I believe we will very quickly have news…”

Before he had finished.

As if it was responding to his words, a clear screech of an eagle came from outside.

One was able to see in the skies, a black dot diving down. It was a huge black eagle, ferocious, its body shrouded in divine light. The length of its wingspan was tens of meters and in the blood red skies of the sunset it was like a streak of black lightning. Shooting past layers and layers of sentries in the air, it unexpectedly did not meet with any blockages. In an instant, it came to above the stone hall of the military supply department.

“Haha, it seems there is already a result.”

The scholarly young man smiled, gesturing faintly with his hand.

The huge black eagle rapidly shrunk, turning into a ray of light that ultimately entered into the stone hall and into his palm. It transformed into a piece of black jade that was smaller than the size of a hand. The lines of the figure were extremely smooth. It was a jade statue in the shape of an eagle, and seemed charming form its outer appearance.

The scholarly young man shone with a faint light, discerning the information held within the jade eagle statue.

The black jade eagle piece was the formation creation of Youyan Pass of the Pass Lord’s residence, specially used to deliver and convey information. It was extremely costly to construct each and every piece. With it, it was possible to send a message across ten thousand miles within two hours, incomparably incredible. In the entire Youyan Pass, only people of the Pass Lord’s residence was able to use it.

And the scholarly young man was the youngest advisor of the Pass Lord’s residence. He was called Yi Sance.

He had deliberately demonstrated the majesty of the black eagle jade piece and had definitely done this out of the intention to flaunt a little bit. Everyone sitting here were people of outstanding talent in the younger generation in Youyan Pass . They were high class nobles and were normally a small group. Every member was somewhat arrogant. The scholarly educated young man was the only one among them who held a position within the Pass Lord’s residence, possessing a high status.

“Haha, it seems we have really overestimated the newly arrived patrolling sword officer.” The educated young man Yi Sance faintly smiled. “According to my information, this Ye Qingyu, is just a small person from a common background. He is only a little student from White Deer Academy that has not even graduated yet. The only reason he was able to obtain the beneficial position of patrolling sword envoy was that he was able to inherit a heroic brass badge from his parents. He could be said to have been extremely lucky…“

As everyone heard this, they were all taken aback.

“So it was like this. Haha, a person like that really caused me to not sleep well last night.” When Zhao Ruyun heard this, he was both embarrassed and angry. Such a little character had really caused him to be restless throughout the night. Calling his friends so early morning was really making a large issue out of a small problem. This time, he had completely become a joke.

“I wonder what is his level of strength?” Another person was somewhat more cautious, enquiring form more information.

The educated young man lightly smiled, the black jade piece transforming into a bird shaped light, disappearing in the direction of the Pass Lord’s residence. Only then did he say, “Ye Qingyu, second year student of White Deer Academy. Fifteen years old, and according to the most recent news, he is approximately between the third Spirit spring stage and the fourth spirit spring stage…”

“Third Spirit spring?”

“Second year?”

“Only fifteen?”

Everyone sitting there began laughing uproariously.

Within their laughter was both contempt and disdain.

Such news made them completely reassured.

If they were really slightly worried before, they did not have anything they needed to be afraid of right now. That’s right, the position of the patrolling sword envoy was special, and they possessed real authority. But in the martial world, the personal martial strength of someone and the power of their family would always be the most accurate measure to measure someone by.

And very evidently, in the eyes of these people, the patrolling sword envoy Ye Qingyu did not fulfill the necessary standard.

“The White Horse Tower is known as the Tower of death. Haha, it seems like the twenty-second patrolling sword envoy will also be cursed to his death. This scene is going to appear very soon.” Lin Lang had completely relaxed.

Right now, he was somewhat regretful of the fact that he should not have acted so prudently at the Pass Lord’s residence. If he long knew about Ye Qingyu’s background, he would have definitely fiercely humiliated Ye Qingyu then. Perhaps if he did that, within Youyan Pass, they would be spreading his fierce reputation everywhere right now.

Zhao Ruyun continuously sneered.

He had already began planning in his heart, whether he should send someone to recapture the White Horse sword slave Ye Qingyu had rescued.

Since Ye Qingyu did not have any status whatsoever, to play to death with a sword slave under his command was not something important at all. The most important thing was to regain his face. Otherwise, this time where he had made a fuss over nothing would later become a joke and a point of mockery in their discussions.

“We were really far too sensitive. Our faces had been covered by ashes** by that brash idiot Wen Wan not long ago and hence we were far too careful. We have not exposed our claws and fangs in far too long a time. This has made people look down on us…” A young man with a black beard and leopard-like eyes slammed on a table, loudly shouting. “I think this is an opportunity. We should single out this person called Ye Qingyu to demonstrate our power. It will also allow the other factions of the military to realize that the young group of Cool Breeze Mountain is not an entity easily messed with.“

The Youyan army was united on the surface but in reality, it was split into different factions. It was divided largely according to the area they were from. Although these factions did not fight to the death between each other, but a struggle for pride and glory within the army was unavoidable.

The Cool Mountain faction, could be counted as a solid faction within Youyan Pass. Lin Lang, Zhao Ruyun and the scholarly young man called Yi Sance belonged to the young group of this faction.

“That’s right If we endure this time, our faces will be completely lost.”

Other people also bellowed their grievances.

However, some people hesitated. “This is not right. As people of the military defending the same pass, we could be counted as comrades. Zhao Ruyun also had some matters where he was wrong, we should not try to escalate the situation. Both parties should take a step in retreat…”

Before that person had finished.

Lin Lang immediately became enraged, slapping the table and standing up.

“Haha, as a soldier, face and reputation are the most important thing. Little children talk about right and wrong, soldiers talk about the strong and the weak. Retreat, retreat, retreat, just where can we retreat to? Facing a little trash, we have to retreat, do you have the slightest bravery in you? Without guts, how can you fight in the war and win?”

Zhao Ruyun also coldly sneered. “That’s right, Lin Lang’s words are not wrong. This time we must definitely do something and make those who look at us like were laughingstock revise their judgement. This will also make the new recruits who don’t know how high the heavens are or how deep the earth is realize just who does Youyan Pass belong to…”

In this moment, the group was completely excited.

The military officers all became animated, a scorching flame burning in their hearts.

And at this time, the doors of the stone hall were loudly kicked open with a crash.

The clamour came to a spontaneous stop.

“Just what is happening?” Zhao Ruyun looked towards the doors, standing up with shock. Coldly snorting. “Where are the guards on duty? Did I not say, without my order, no one can enter?”


The clear sound of applause sounded.

It was especially loud and clear in the stone hall.

“Well said, beautifully said. You have really opened my eyes,” a voice sounded, with the figure nowhere to be seen.

The first people to appear were two armoured soldiers with red faces. Falling and crashing in, panting and covered with sweat, they did not know what to say.

Then, the piercing red sunset shone from the door.

A silhouette, under this crimson red light of the setting sun, entered. His entire body enveloped in radiance, he walked step by step inside. Standing at the door, he slowly clapped his hands.

The officers looked over, squinting their eyes.

Who was it?

The sunlight was piercing to the eyes. A faint shine came from the outline of this figure and the front of the figure was shrouded in the gloom of the light. The lighting was hazy and the features could not be clearly discerned. As if this person was covered in divine light and it was not possible for someone to look upon him directly.

“Good, well said, very well said. Listening to it just makes my blood boil. Haha, your words are entirely correct.”

The silhouette in the light spoke slowly with a strange tone.

“Superior, we… we couldn’t block him, he’s…” An armoured soldier quickly came beside Zhao Ruyun. “He is the patrolling sword envoy Ye Qingyu.”

As these words were said, the room fell completely silent.

As Cao Cao was mentioned, Cao Cao had arrived.***

To think that the person who had been completely mocked and insulted would use such a method to appear in front of them.

The expression of the officers, instantly became marvelous to behold.

*legendary Chinese creature. See for pictures and diagrams **to be placed in a sorry/embarrassed state ***famous saying about Cao Cao, main villain in Romance of the Three kingdoms. Makes reference to the fact that as soon as Cao Cao was mentioned, he would shortly appear. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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