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Chapter 1339, Reborn

The current Immortal Dojo had students all over the world.

The Immortal Dojo did not require disciples to practice in the martial arts hall forever, nor did it require disciples to keep the martial arts learned from the Immortal Dojo a secret or from being passed on. Even the Emperor techniques learned from the one hundred and eight divine statues on the Immortal Dojo can also be passed on.

Many of the experts who had comprehended the true meaning of martial arts in the Immortal Dojo, after leaving the Immortal Dojo, will open a school or establish a sect, or set up a martial arts hall, which in some other places may seem tantamount to betraying the practice of the sect. However, the Immortal Dojo will not look into it and instead encourages it. Those who bring the martial arts of the Immortal Dojo to great heights will be rewarded.

More than one hundred years of time had passed, the Immortal Dojo can be said to have become a sect with consciousness——to be precise, it is the peak that a martial arts school can reach.

How prestigious Imperial God Emperor Ye Qingyu is was how stable the Immortal Dojo is.

Today, the number of disciples practicing in the Immortal Dojo had already exceeded millions, and the disciples from the Immortal Dojo were over hundreds of millions. During the last one hundred years, the impact of the Immortal Dojo on the Vast Thousand Domains and the Dark Realm can be said to be meticulous and detailed, like air entering into everyone's blood, and had reached an extreme peak state.

Even for many martial arts sects, families, clans and forces, the Immortal Dojo had become a belief.

And the first batch of martial arts experts to join the Immortal Dojo, almost all have become influential figures in the Vast Thousand Star Domains, with only two exceptions.

The first was a youngster of the Brute Race, who found every step extremely difficult due to his poor aptitude, and only his perseverance was unparalleled. Although he was directly accepted as a disciple by Ye Qingyu back then, these years, Ye Qingyu did not pay too much attention to him, and instead let him practice by himself. To this day, he had still not reached the Saint realm, but his life yuan was stable, and he was still bitterly training in the Immortal Dojo. Ye Qingyu has had many face-to-face talks with the youngster, but did not give direct pointers or improve his cultivation base.

The second was an old man who had limitless life yuan. Although he had successfully passed the assessment of the stone bridge, his foundation wasn’t too good, and coupled with his deteriorating body and poor blood and qi, although he had taken advantage of every second to train, in the end it was a race against the god of death. There were several times that he finally broke through to the next boundary and won a new life during the last day before the exhaustion of his life yuan; however, in the end, he was unable to break into the Heaven Ascension realm. When he saw a ray of light, his life yuan was finally exhausted.

After the old man's death, Ye Qingyu personally buried him within the grounds of the martial arts hall.

Today, it had been ten years since the old man's death.

The old man's grave was already surrounded with plants and grass.

It seems that this tomb was no different to the tombs of disciples who died for various other reasons, but just a moment ago, Ye Qingyu suddenly sensed a wisp of life force trying to burst out from the tomb. And this life force was not from the grass and plants around the grave, but from the coffin in the grave.

To be precise, it came from the bones in the coffin.

Ye Qingyu, standing on the stone steps of the great hall, could see through everything with one glance. He saw the scene inside the coffin. The skeleton was undergoing a strange change, throbbing, and silk-like flesh were beginning to wrap around the bones...

Rise from the dead?

Ye Qingyu was astounded.

Back then, when the old man's life yuan was exhausted and died, Ye Qingyu already sensed a strange aura within the old man's body that wouldn't disperse. Therefore, after burying him, he had been observing all along, because he vaguely felt that the old man might have learnt a strange cultivation technique.

However, the old man had been buried for ten years without any changes. Ye Qingyu also gradually grew less concerned. Unexpectedly, after Ye Qingyu's breakthrough, he immediately detected the changes in the coffin as he came out of the shrine.

It was an unbelievable process of rising from the dead.

Bones that had been buried for over ten years were coming back to life.

Others may not know, but Ye Qingyu can clearly see the whole process, the blood gradually growing brighter, and the white bones being covered by silks of flesh and blood... The whole process was as though the decaying of flesh and bones after death was being reversed at a very slow speed.

The old man was being born again.

There was a smile tugging at the corner of Ye Qingyu's lips.


Back then, as the Great Dragon Turtle Demon was facing death, his origin source was also exhausted and dissipated, but because of a coincidental incident, he came back to life under the effect of some mysterious force, and then soared to the sky, and became one of the top martial arts experts. But at that time, Ye Qingyu's cultivation base was not strong enough to see through the mystery in this and could only treat it as an unresolved question.

What happened to the old man today was obviously more mysterious than the Great Dragon Turtle Demon, but Ye Qingyu could clearly observe everything.

Rebirth was something in defiance of nature in any era.

Even if Ye Qingyu had now achieved Sovereign realm, and as long as the Vast Thousand Star Domains was undestroyed, he would forever be immortal, but if he were to die, it would still be impossible for him to be reborn. But an old man who had died ten years ago was able to achieve this.

Ye Qingyu marveled, quietly observing the whole process on one side.

Given his current vision and martial arts cultivation base, he could understand the meaning and mystery of the process by just observing.

Time flew by.

Three days later, in the Immortal Dojo, finally some people noticed the changes within the old man's grave.

Because a gush of vast life force was surging out from the grave. Many people were able to feel this strange change.

Ye Qingyu ordered someone to temporarily block off the tomb, obstructing people from disturbing the resurrection of the old man. At the same time, he told Jin Ling'er, Bai Yuanxing and other core elite disciples in the Immortal Dojo to cover over while he activated a divine technique, so that these disciples can also observe everything happening in the tomb.

This was an opportunity that the more people see the better.

Everyone has their own fate and opportunity, and everyone's fate was worthy of others to learn from. Even the high and mighty deities had places where they can learn from the mortals. The same is true for martial artists. For example, the old man can be reborn, but someone as strong as Ye Qingyu was unable to. And even if one were to watch the entire process, it is still impossible to completely understand the meaning and mystery, but there would absolutely be harvest. This harvest will be a once-in-a-lifetime, similar to reading an exceptional Emperor scripture.

Time flew by.

A month later, the old man's body in the coffin had been fully restored.

In another month, he opened his eyes and regained consciousness.

And in another month, he seemed to have regained his memory and cultivation base.


The grave exploded.

The old man broke out.

He looked around in shock, staring at the familiar Immortal Dojo, as though awakened from sleep, but ten years of time had passed already. This time, his life yuan would no longer fade at any time, but instead there was a surging life force within his body, full of infinite possibilities.

“It's... I am reborn into a second life,” he exclaimed in disbelief.

And those who found it even more unbelievable was Bai Yuanxing, Jin Ling'er and the others.

Having obtained the blood of the Heavenly Saint Body, Bai Yuanxing’s battle strength was close to that of a present age Martial Emperor, though he had yet to try to attack the Emperor realm. Jin Linger on the other hand had obtained the blood of the Indestructible Divine Body, and also reached the peak of the ninth level of the Quasi-emperor realm. These two people can be said to be one of the top experts in the martial arts world, but even so, they still couldn’t fully understand what they saw. They simply intuitively captured some unfathomable information.

As for the other disciples, they understood even less, but still absolutely made some harvest.

While Ye Qingyu had a thorough understanding to the secret of rebirth.

He laughed, and then ordered someone to bring the old disciple over and directly took him in as a disciple.

“Disciple Yue Renfeng pays respect to teacher.” The old man called Yue Renfeng was trembling all over with excitement knowing that he had become a handpicked disciple of the Imperial God Emperor.

However, same with his treatment to the Brute Race youngster, Ye Qingyu did not teach Yue Renfeng any Dao scriptures and Emperor techniques, nor gave pointers to his martial arts training, but instead encouraged Yue Renfeng to continue his martial arts cultivation in accordance with his previous methods.

After that, Ye Qingyu snapped off a branch from the World Tree in the dantian world and directly planted it in the dried up dragon vein in the Ancient Sky Dragon Star.

How difficult is it to plant a World Tree?

Back then Nameless Emperor, Ocean Sand Emperor and others had also attempted to raise a World Tree with flesh and blood and managed to grow a seedling. It was impossible to plant a new World Tree.

However, Ye Qingyu did so.

The branch of the World Tree was planted in the soil, surrounded by formations.

A year later, this branch of the World Tree had successfully grown roots in the Ancient Sky Dragon Star.

Ten years later, the little tree had grown up.

Then, the already withered Ancient Sky Dragon Star that was doomed to be destroyed underwent an unbelievable and wonderful change. Buds and leaves began to grow on the branch, the dried up river began to moisten, and then rain fell... everything began to recover.

Twenty years later, the Ancient Sky Dragon Star came back to life.

This star that had exhausted its life yuan and was doomed to shatter was unexpectedly restored completely, as if it obtained a new life source. Its domain life force cannot be compared to a large domain star like the Heaven Wasteland Domain, but compared with other historical and ancient domain stars, it was in no way inferior.

“The secret to rebirth, I've figured it out.”

Ye Qingyu was very satisfied with the experiment.

This means that, from then on, whether which star in the Vast Thousand Star Domains were to suffer a crisis, he can use this method to reverse the situation, as long as the stars in the Vast Thousand Star Domains had not fallen or been destroyed. This means that the Vast Thousand Star Domains will exist forever. And this also means that, Ye Qingyu, whose life had integrated with the fate of this star domain, was also close to achieving eternal life and life force.

“Now, I can go to the extreme land of death to completely resurrect Liu Shaji.”

Ye Qingyu now had absolute confidence.

At the same time, the Celestial Phoenix Maiden can also obtain a new life.

The regrets of the past will be made up.

Ye Qingyu left the Ancient Sky Dragon Star and found the Ferryman of the Netherworld in a semi-hidden state.

However, before Ye Qingyu could ask the Ferryman of the Netherworld to take him to the extreme land of death to revive Liu Shaji, a message came all of a sudden. An unexpected disaster, came to the world without warning. It was not an attack from intruders, but something more terrifying.
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