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Chapter 1335, Sky Emperor perishes

“The intelligent man never steps into the same river twice.” Ye Qingyu activated the golden-coloured formation, trapping the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster, the Dark Purple Sovereign and the others, before he turned to say to the Sky Emperor, “I know what kind of person you are, how would I give you another chance. And you, obviously do not know me very well. That's why you took the bait.”

At this point, everything was already settled.

The Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and the other four great fiendgod sovereigns from a different space-time frantically roared and struggled, but to no avail. The golden formation ancient character chain was formed from the one hundred eight ancient characters technique, which was specifically created to target the fiendgod sovereigns from a different space-time and thus had absolute restraining force on them. No matter how they struggle, all were eventually tied to where they were.

Ye Qingyu then operated the [Cloud Top Cauldron] to imprison the four great fiendgod sovereigns from a different space-time.

The Sky Emperor's plan was completely ruined.

Fifty to sixty Martial Emperors of the past had all been wiped out, while the four great fiendgod sovereigns from a different space-time were captured and imprisoned by Ye Qingyu. Of the forces that invaded the Guardian Royal City, only the Sky Emperor remained.

He had been driven to a dead end.

These words were the most appropriate to describe the Sky Emperor’s current situation.

“Today, all the grudges should come to an end.” Ye Qingyu came to a stop approximately one hundred meters away, eyes locked on the blue figure.

Under the seal of the golden ancient characters, it was impossible for the Sky Emperor to escape.

Ye Qingyu had long set up a formation in this area in preparation for the arrival of the Sky Emperor. From the beginning, from when [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] attacked the path of the Emperor realm, everything was only bait. The Immortal Empire seemed incomparably fierce, but in fact was just accumulating strength in the dark. No matter how many changes there was to the Sky Emperor's plan, their ultimate goal was to kill Ye Qingyu, which means they will certainly attack the guardian imperial city. Ye Qingyu carried out an overt plot that fooled the Sky Emperor to bring about his own disaster.

“I can't imagine that, in order to lure me out, you could sacrifice anyone. You even sacrificed Li Xiaofei who you owe a great deal of debt to.” The Sky Emperor sneered. “Endless years have passed, the you who had undergone hundreds of times of reincarnation, has finally figured it out? Hahaha, I didn’t think that you and I would become the same kind of people. Therefore, this time, I really have lost.”

Ye Qingyu responded in a calm tone, “At this time, you still want to plant thorns in the hearts of others? Unfortunately, I have let you down, I haven’t changed, and I don’t feel that there is anything that I need to change about my original life.”

His voice faded.

A powerful Emperor aura slowly emerged from the direction of the Imperial Palace.

A dark-haired, slender and tall figure appeared above the Imperial Palace, enveloped in majestic deep star-like Emperor aura. The power was not only clear and vast, but was of a very high level of martial arts.

This man, who else could it be besides Li Xiaofei?

[Quasi-emperor Xiaofei], who had once supported the destiny of the Human Race in the Vast Thousand Domains, declared his re-arrival with his tyrannical Emperor qi. It was evident that he wasn’t injured. The vastness of blood and qi did not appear wounded at all.

The Sky Emperor's pupils shrank, understanding dawning on his face.

“Able to hide from me... haha, turns out that Li Xiaofei has become an Emperor long ago. How could a new Emperor expert possess such a profound cultivation base? In the present world, without Ye Qingyu, it would have been the era of Li Xiaofei.” Sky Emperor fixed his eyes on Li Xiaofei.

At this time, Li Xiaofei was indeed the most powerful Martial Emperor after Ye Qingyu.

But when these words came from the Sky Emperor's mouth there seemed to be a hidden motive.

Li Xiaofei simply smiled, but did not respond.

If he were tempted by a few words from the Sky Emperor then he wouldn’t have become a Martial Emperor.

The Sky Emperor spoke again, “In other words, that day on the Platform of Green Clouds was all a set up. You have long become an Emperor before then...” He came to realize that everything was within Ye Qingyu's grasp all along. From the beginning, Ye Qingyu did not sacrifice Li Xiaofei nor did he use Li Xiaofei's opportunity of becoming Emperor as bait.

This infuriated the Sky Emperor even more.

He was not angry at failure, but of such failure. Ye Qingyu did not really pay the price.

“I have become an Emperor as early as sixty years ago. You think you can calculate everything, but you did not know that there is something in this world that you cannot control. Your fate today has been decided sixty years ago. The Great Emperor Ye Qingyu had already been preparing for today's war back then. Therefore, you were unaware that I had become Emperor and couldn’t detect my whereabouts. You have lost.”

Li Xiaofei finally spoke, looking straight at the Sky Emperor.

Given his present cultivation level, he, of course, had the qualifications to look directly at the Sky Emperor.

The pupils of the Sky Emperor shrank again.

The plan had been arranged sixty years ago?

He couldn’t accept this.

Does that mean that as early as sixty years ago, Ye Qingyu was already digging a hole, but he was unaware of this and still thought that he could control everything in the dark. Who would have thought that he was just a chess piece on Ye Qingyu's chess board?

“I don't believe it,” the Sky Emperor’s voice carried a trace of mania. He turned to Ye Qingyu, bursting into loud laughter, “Haha, so what? Your sixty years of planning still cannot defeat me. Even if you did not sacrifice Li Xiaofei, you have sacrificed the Domain Alliance, sacrificed the Qingluo Chamber of Commerce... You, in the end still felt the feeling of pain in my hands, just like thousands of years ago.”

Ye Qingyu did not speak.

“What, you boast about protecting all people, but among those who died in the destruction of the Domain Alliance temple, there are your relatives, comrades and friends. In order to confuse me, you chose to give up on them. To you, valuable people, such as Li Xiaofei, you will protect them, but people without too much value, such as Lin Yutang and others, you will abandon them without a second thought... Hahaha, we are after all still the same kind of people.” Sky Emperor laughed.

He wanted to plant a thorn in the hearts of Ye Qingyu and his followers.

The most direct and simple way was often the most effective way.

However, before he finished his words, the expression on his face had frozen.

Because he saw that, on the walls of the Imperial Palace were several figures appearing one after another, and the few people in front include the chief envoy of the Human Race of the Domain Alliance, Divine White-robed Guard Lin Yutang and other experts of major races——all who should have died in the battle of the destruction of the Domain Alliance.

The expression on Sky Emperor's face had completely stiffened.

How is that possible?

He could have accepted the fact that Li Xiaofei succeeded in tricking him, but how could these ants pass his perception? It should be said that, although it was the several Emperors of the past who took care of that matter, he was still observing everything in the dark. He clearly sensed that these ants were dead, how can this happen?

“It's not hard to fool you,” Ye Qingyu spoke. “You have been hiding in the Dark Realm for thousands of years, like a worm in a ditch, you think you control everything, but in fact, is just deteriorating and weakening bit by bit. If it were tens of thousands of years ago then perhaps I couldn’t do anything to you, but now you... are just too weak.”

“You have lost the original intent of a martial artist. A battle is always the original intent of a martial artist, scheming will only corrode your fighting power.”

The Sky Emperor was taken aback all of a sudden.

Fear twisted his face.

It was as if his fatal spot had been struck.

He wanted to retort, but he didn't know what to say.

It was also then that Ye Qingyu made a move.

The [Cloud Top Cauldron] rotated, coordinating with the ancient golden character formation, and suddenly launched out. When heaven and earth worked together, even the hero cannot escape. Under such a formation, the Sky Emperor felt that he was abandoned by the world. He wanted to fight back, but for some reason couldn’t display even one-tenth of his earth-shaking strength.


The [Cloud Top Cauldron] produced loud booming noises.

The blue body violently vibrated, instantly cracked like shattered porcelain, before splitting into countless pieces of blue fragments.

“Ah ah ah....” the Sky Emperor roared, his body recovered, but the blue colour was much dimmer than before and his power also weakened.

Evidently, he was already severely wounded by the loud booms of the bell.

For the Sky Emperor, such an encounter had never happened for a long period of time. Back then, the Divine Light Emperor fell under his scheming, and the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and other fiendgod sovereigns were suppressed by him. However, today, he saw signs of all his glory dying away, and also for the first time, felt a lack of strength.



The bells shook, and sound waves rang between heaven and earth.

The body of the Sky Emperor shattered again and again.

At this time, he had no room to fight back.

“Your strength, it's already so strong... surpassed the Divine Light Emperor back then. You have integrated with the strengthened power of his reincarnation? No, no, this aura...” The Sky Emperor trembled, his body was restored once again, but was blurred as a shadow.

At this time he was as weak as a puff of smoke. His cultivation base had declined and fell from the Emperor realm.

He also seemed to have given up his life, gave up on struggling and counter attacking.

“It's over.”

Ye Qingyu would not show the slightest mercy. The one hundred eight ancient characters assembled together, and the power of heaven and earth were gathered into a silver long sword. The Life Sword sword intent of the peak realm transformed into a starry river sword and sliced through the air.

This was a definite kill.

The Sky Emperor's thin blue body was severed into two.

The Sky Emperor’s source origin power dissipated instantly, and his true will began to scatter away.

This was a sign of death.

His form can no longer be recovered.

“So this is the feeling of death... It was you who saved me, and now I also died in your hands. It is a perfect cycle... Haha... Death freed me.” The Sky Emperor laughed, his eyes brimmed with tears, beads of blue tears streaming down his cheeks.
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