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Chapter 1324 - You've Already Remembered Me

There was an infinite amount of space within the [Cloud Top Cauldron] and countless spaces, large or small, could be formed inside at the user's will. After Jiang Xiaohan was suppressed, she was held captive within a specially formed area.

However, after his spirit entered the area, he discovered that Jiang Xiaohan's figure was like a transparent block of ice cube that was gradually fading away. She almost resembled a phantom figure by this point and two spheres of bright blood-colored light floated behind her like boiling globes of blood. As they floated mid-air, their shapes constantly shifted; ancient and distant angry growls could be heard within them.

All signs of life were disappearing from Jiang Xiaohan's body.

Ye Qingyu sensed that she was like a mist that could disappear at any moment once the wind blew, wispy and almost non-existent.

It felt like the time when he saw Ye Chongsheng at Black Demon City's imperial maze.

Jiang Xiaohan, whose body was already close to fading into nothingness, suddenly looked up from her cross-legged position on the floor when she sensed his presence. She looked at him with a mysterious smile.

"Hehe, Brother Qingyu, did you finally remember to visit me?" Jiang Xiaohan spoke and her voice was barely discernible.

Ye Qingyu could read some strange information from her gaze and her expression, because Jiang Xiaohan's eyes were bright and clear; she looked relaxed and carefree as she spoke, as though she had returned to the time when she had been proud of coming in first. The hate and anger that she had expressed when he suppressed her were nowhere to be found.

Something seemed wrong.

He remained silent and frowned.

"Haha, Brother Qingyu, no matter what happens, you'll now remember me forever, right?" Jiang Xiaohan said lightly. Gone was the fierce and savage expression worn as she was devoured by the [Cloud Top Cauldron]. It seemed like she had broken free of her inner demons within the span of half a day. He couldn't detect any anger or resentment when she smiled.

Ye Qingyu remained silent.

He wouldn't sympathize nor empathize with her plight, but he had to admit that she was right. He would remember her for the rest of his life—even though the memories were unpleasant.

Jiang Xiaohan burst out laughing once again, when she saw that Ye Qingyu was silent.

Her carefree laughter sounded like the songs that sylphs hummed when they flitted across the yellowing forest of the mountain valley.

"I think, I already know the answer to that," she said with a smile.

Her body, as transparent as ice, suddenly turned even more transparent. It was as though the ice had started to melt. In an instant, all that was left was a faint and misty outline of her figure. Then, she quickly started to disappear as if a breeze had blown her misty figure away.

"I hope you'll like my presents, Brother Qingyu. We'll meet again," she said before she finally disappeared.

Ye Qingyu was astonished.

He could sense that Jiang Xiaohan had completely disappeared from the space that he held her captive, and her disappearance did not feel as if she had fled. Instead, it seemed like she had died, as though a lamp had been blown out, ice had melted, or steam had evaporated. She was truly no longer around.

However, her last words left him with a bad premonition.

Did Jiang Xiaohan leave any other traps behind?

Ye Qingyu's gaze fell on the two blood spheres that were still floating in the void.

If he guessed correctly, these two were the 'presents' that she had been referring to earlier. He detected a familiar aura surging and swirling around those two globes of blood and recognized them as the energy aura from the Heavenly Saint Body and Indestructible Divine Body that Jiang Xiaohan had brought out in battle earlier.

"Could it be..."

An idea flashed past his mind.

Jiang Xiaohan's [All Energy-Absorption Body] could become more powerful through devouring and converting the energy of whatever she consumed into her own. She wasn't imitating their strength but rather, she had taken and absorbed their foundation. According to many theories of the formation martial way, the foundation of a martial artist was contained within his flesh and blood, so it was highly possible that the [All Energy-Absorption Body] devoured the flesh and blood when devouring other body types.

Could those two flickering balls of blood be the Heavenly Saint Body's and the Indestructible Divine Body's foundation flesh and blood?

Did this mean that they had been separated from her body after he had suppressed her strength? Could this be the manifestation of their foundation flesh and blood?

He looked at these two blood spheres in contemplation.

If his guess was right, this would mean that they contained the largest mysteries of the two magical body types since ancient times, the Heavenly Saint Body and the Indestructible Divine Body. If he refined and absorbed these two body types into his own, he could become like Jiang Xiaohan and wield the power of these two divine body types.

It would also mean that these two globes of blood were extremely precious. They didn't pale in comparison to Emperor scriptures and in fact, they were even more precious than Emperor scriptures. After all, according to legend and classical records, the Heavenly Saint Body and the Indestructible Divine Body were almost as strong as Martial Emperors at the grand maturity stage.

In order to prove his hypothesis, he used the one hundred eight ancient characters to lay out restrictions to prevent any accidents from happening, then he started to divide his divine sense into tiny wispy tentacles that slowly moved toward those two balls of blood.


He gasped.

Those two balls of blood were indeed filled with chains of laws and the Dao principles that were as abundant as a sea of fog. They were like two independent tiny worlds and the mysteries of their body types that astounded the world were contained within the criss-crossing blood-colored web of the chains of laws and Dao principles.

Time ticked by as Ye Qingyu closely examined these balls of blood.

A day later.

Ye Qingyu stood on the stone steps in front of the great hall and looked down at the disciples who were cultivating and meditating in the Immortal Dojo. He lifted both hands slightly and two balls of blood spun in the palms of his hands.

"I've already completely comprehended the mysteries of the two divine body types," he mused.

However, he wasn't extremely thrilled because he had merely done this out of curiosity.

Although these two were ancient divine body types and extremely rare, with the exception of some mysteries contained within the Dao principles chains that he could use as a reference, most of the mysteries contained within them were useless to him.

The mysteries within the spheres of blood were very well-defined because Jiang Xiaohan had used her [All Energy-Absorption Body] to refine them; there wasn't any dense fog in the way that obstructed him. Thus, it saved him a lot of effort. It was also extremely easy to absorb them in their current state, so he could easily take control of them, but he would not do so.

This was because he had cultivated his nameless breathing technique and had many miraculous encounters, so his physical strength was so powerful that a strength of this level was hardly seen in the world. Jiang Xiaohan couldn't even defeat Ye Qingyu with two body types, so he was sure that his own body type was comparable to them; there was no need to give up his present body type for these two.

However, he wouldn't ignore their value.

He decided that he would give these two body types to his disciples.

He had even decided whom he wanted to give them to. He would give the Heavenly Saint Body to Bai Yuanxing because the technique he cultivated, the [Heavenly Blind Way], was a close-combat technique, so it would be perfect when used in combination with the hardy Heavenly Saint Body. As for the Indestructible Divine Body, he would give it to Jin Ling'er.

These two people were also his earliest disciples who were the most loyal to him. They were also very talented and blessed with a strong aptitude, and their cultivation techniques were a perfect match with their body types, so he wanted to use this to help his top two disciples of the Immortal Dojo become even more powerful at a faster rate.

Ye Qingyu thought of the mysteries of the two divine bodies and he merely needed to find their compatible points. All power and might was built on the power of Dao laws, so he was contemplating how to combine the mysteries of these two divine bodies into his own cultivation, to increase the combat strength of his own body.

He also remembered the words Jiang Xiaohan had said before she disappeared and was even more certain that she was still alive.

Bai Yuanxing and Jin Ling'er soon arrived at the great hall.

"Master," they said as they greeted him with a bow.

Ye Qingyu nodded and sent the sphere of blood that contained the Heavenly Saint Body into Bai Yuanxing's body while he sent the Indestructible Divine Body into Jin Ling'er's.

"Use your qi to absorb and refine their foundations," Ye Qingyu said telepathically as he told them about the mysteries and secrets that these two balls of blood contained.

He also told them to refine that strength as soon as possible, so once they managed to merge with the blood spheres, they would be able to transform their body constitution in a heaven-defying manner and obtain the power contained within these two ancient bodies.

Then, he remained at the Immortal Dojo and observed the progress and development of the new disciples.

He was powerful enough to be able to see how they improved day by day and what they had comprehended. Naturally, he could also tell that his disciples were all at different stages of development; the effectiveness of how they cultivated was also completely different. He wanted to see the similarities despite their differences.

He observed them patiently and seemed to have forgotten about everything else, as he fully immersed himself in the task.

Six months later, he received news from the Dark Realm.

"Your Highness, there are some strange changes on the Invaders in the Chaos district. According to the scouts, it is highly likely that they will launch a large-scale attack soon," Ling Yun said. He had come from the Unmoving City of Darkness to deliver the news.
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