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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 131-132 Guerilla Warfare Officer

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Chapter 131-132 – Guerilla Warfare Officer

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Approximately ten minutes later.

“I wondered who it was, to be so unbridled in the Fort of the Pass Lord. To not follow etiquette and recline down in such disarray. So it was really the infamous [Impertinent officer].”

A piercing and unfriendly noise came from beside Wen Wan.

Wen Wan was originally quite content reclining backwards, but he frowned upon hearing these words. Just a short listen alone was enough for him to discern who it was. An impatient expression flashed by his face. Not even lifting his head, he shook his foot about, and said in an impatient voice, “What, coward, is your bottom itchy again? Scram to one side. You thing with no guts, don’t disturb my mood. Be careful otherwise your father I will beat you.”


The noble military officer that seemed to only be around twenty years of age, stood outside the pavilion with an expression of rage.

From the conversation between the two, the relationship between Wen Wan and this noble officer was not that good.

“Peh, a brash person with bravery but no brain.” The noble officer coldly snorted, a chilling light flickering in his eyes. His facial expression was as if he could not understand Wen Wan at all.

And at this time, Ye Qingyu walked out from the inner hall.

“Old Wen, the matters are settled. Let go.” Ye Qingyu waved the formation plate on his hands. There was already the inscription of the army of Youyan Pass written on it. This represented that from now on, Ye Qingyu was a person belonging to the military of Youyan Pass.

Wen Wan stood up. “So quickly? Did you see the Pass Lord?”

Ye Qingyu shook his head: “I did not see him. There was only a Mister Liu who received me.”

“Mm.” Wen Wan nodded his head, his thoughts unknown. Gesturing, he said, “Let’s go.”

The noble officer heard the words exchanged between the two. His gaze passed over Ye Qingyu. With a cold smile filled with disdain, he suddenly lifted his leg, blocking the path of Ye Qingyu. Stretching out his chin he said, “You’re new?”

Ye Qingyu gave him a glance, then nodded his head.

“Since you are new, then I will teach you a lesson. From now on, don’t walk together with this brash idiot who has countless enemies. Otherwise, you will definitely encounter trouble,” the noble officer said in an overbearing tone.

Ye Qingyu was somewhat confused.

He looked at Wen Wan asking, “Your enemy?”

“Him? He is enough to be the enemy of your father I? He is only a coward that ran from the battlefield, and was taken care of several times by me. If not for the fact that his background is somewhat tough, I would have long played with him to his death. He’s not even worth mentioning,” Wen Wan rubbed his nose, saying very arrogantly.

Your words are perhaps far too straightforward?

Ye Qingyu said with anger, “You said you came to pave the road for me. Instead, you came to recruit enemies for me?”

Wen Wan chuckled roguishly.

Ye Qingyu slapped the shoulder of the young noble with a laugh. “Don’t worry, I am definitely not on the same road as this foolish person.”

The noble officer retreated a step with disdain, rubbing the shoulder Ye Qingyu had slapped. He coldly sneered. “So you understand…”

But before he could finish, Ye Qingyu smiled harmlessly. “But I will also give you a lesson. Don’t be so arrogant in front of anyone anymore. You best not let me see you running from the battlefield. Otherwise, no matter how hard your support is, I will definitely play with you to your death. I guarantee, on this point alone, I am definitely different from this brash person who wants to do it but doesn’t dare.”

The noble officer was dumbfounded.

Then he instantly realized that the words of Ye Qingyu were mocking him.

“Stand there.” The anger of the noble officer was invoked. He fiercely grabbed the Ye Qingyu who was about to leave, coldly smiling. “A thing that doesn’t know death, just where did you come from? To speak to me like that? Do you know who am I?”

He had heard just now that Ye Qingyu was reporting for duty for the first time in Youyan Pass. Furthermore, he had not received the direct reception of the Pass Lord, and was just received by the Mister Liu who had a position akin to an advisor. Therefore, according to his estimation, Ye Qingyu must not be someone of a great background. He was only a little character assigned here, and he was free to used his military position to oppress him.

He had performed such a move far too many times. He had already refined it down to the state of perfection.

But as Ye Qingyu heard this, the only thing he wanted to do was laugh.

This noble officer, was completely no different from the idiot nobles in White Deer Academy.

Why was it that even the army would have idiots like him?

“Since you have said so much, then I really want to ask who you are.” Ye Qingyu was not in a rush to leave. Turning around, he stared at him, calm and unruffled.

“Haha, then listen well. I am of the left camp, the guerilla warfare officer Lin Lang.” The noble officer had his chin lifted up high, staring down at Ye Qingyu. “How about it? This military position, is it enough for you to lower your head and bow to me?”

The army of Youyan Pass was divided into the Vanguard, Left camp, Right camp and the Back camp.

And the position of guerilla warfare officer belonged roughly in the middle level of each camp. They commanded over a hundred people. Possessing the power to launch a strike by themselves, their position in Youyan Pass could be counted as comparatively high.

Ye Qingyu heard this and began laughing out loud.

He lifted his military seal and waved it around. “So it was the guerilla warfare military officer Lin. I really have been too disrespectful. I am the patrolling sword envoy Ye Qingyu, reporting to the pass today. I wonder, do I need to bow down to superior Lin?”

Lin Lang heard this and was taken aback.

He stared fixedly at the seal, his face instantly turning green and red. Ultimately, he lowered his head and did not dare to look at Ye Qingyu directly anymore.

Patrolling sword envoy!

This fellow, was really a patrolling sword envoy!

Lin Lang screamed crazily in his heart.

The military position of the patrolling sword envoy was somewhat special in Youyan Pass. It also belonged to the middle level, but there was not any ties to any of the four camps. It was also not managed by the Pass Lord’s office. It directly reported back to the royal court of Snow Country, and belongs to a special role similar to an ambassador sent by the military department.

Within Youyan Pass, there were only ten patrolling sword envoys.

Each and every patrolling sword envoy held extremely great power. Their role was to survey the hundreds of officers, representing the royal court to patrol the camps. They maintained discipline and ensured the loyalty of the army to the country. Their role was to monitor illegal activities and prevent discipline from being broken. It was also to report back whether there were any activities that attempted to deceive the Emperor. They interrogated and decided the fate of many officers in the army. All officers below the position of general in the four camps must accept the surveillance and monitoring of the patrolling sword envoy.

And for those who broke military discipline, the patrolling sword envoy had the power to first execute then report afterwards.

In total, the military position of the patrolling sword envoy was not high, but they held very real power. They were horrifying characters that changed people’s expression when they discussed it in the army.

But due to the fact that the power of the patrolling sword envoy was so great, this position did not possess any soldiers under them to command. Apart from four or five members to aid them, they did not have the power to command soldiers. Normally, patrolling sword envoys were all experts of the martial path. They used their personal strength to enforce their judgement.

Lin Lang would not even have dreamed that to show off, he had kicked into such a hard steel board.

With his tiny little guerilla warfare position, even if he had the support of his family, in front of such a fierce character like the patrolling sword envoy, he was completely like a soft piece of tofu. If this patrolling sword envoy decided to come after him with a steel heart, then his little life would sooner or later be handed over.

“This… this… your subordinate I… I…”

Lin Lang stumbled and mumbled, his face red, not even producing a complete sentence.

As he spoke, at that time, his knees were very quickly about to soften. If not for the last shred of dignity as a noble and as a martial artist, perhaps he would have long knelt on the ground with a crash.

Ye Qingyu laughed uproariously.

“Coward.” Wen Wan gave a look of disdain.

The two of them left the gates of the Pass Lord’s residence, leaving from the grounds.

Lin Lang stood where he was, his face filed with embarrassment and resentment. Watching the back of the two, his lips moved several thousands of times, but ultimately no words were said.

Today, he was placed at a complete disadvantage.

As his cold sweat quickly went away and the icy wind blew past, it made him more clear headed.

As he did his best to suppress the rage in his heart, Lin Lang said silently, “What am I doing, to be scared by a newly appointed brat… En, the Pass Lord did not receive him personally, this means that this little brat does not have any background or status. To be together with that brash idiot Wen Wan, his background should be normal…”

He sat in the pavilion, carefully considering.

He began to feel more and more that his previous judgement was correct.

“Motherfucker, Ye Qingyu is it? I was nearly frightened by you little brat. This grievance is set, you best have a great background. Otherwise, I will definitely repay the shame of today… For a new patrolling sword envoy to arrive in Youyan Pass, this news must be quickly spread out. Let me see whether you can stabilize and take root here!”

Lin Lang coldly laughed.

…… ……

Wen Wan accompanied Ye Qingyu until he reached the official residence of the patrolling sword envoy.

“I’ll come find you later.” Wen Wan slapped Ye Qingyu on the shoulder. “These days, to find you, I have already not reported back to the camp for a long time. I estimate there will be many bothersome matters piled up, I’ll first return to take care of it… the days in Youyan Pass are very boring, you’ll soon get used to it.”

As he said this, he gathered his subordinates and left.

Wen Wan’s military rank was also a guerilla warfare officer, commanding two hundred snow dragon riders. He could be counted as one of the elites of the vanguard. Although the time he had spent in Youyan Pass was short, but he had already fought in several hard battles and obtained a splendid battle record. He could be said to be one of the newly rising stars of the army in this period of time, with a significant fame. His reputation was much tougher than the noble officer Lin Lang who relied on his family to come here.

Ye Qingyu saw Wen Wan off. Standing in front of the official residence, he was somewhat moved.

The architecture in front of him was said to be the residence of an officer, but in truth was built in accordance to the general style of Youyan Pass. Square shaped tower, with four storeys, it could be considered as the highest structure a thousand meters around. The style of construction was still made with sturdiness at the forefront; the walls were rough and crude, seemingly very normal from the outside

On the direct northern doors of the tower, there were two words—

White Horse.

This name of this tower, was the White Horse Tower.


The doors of the tower were opened.


A pale pallid and thin youth, wearing rusty armour and large beast skin shoes, walked out from the front door. Looking at Ye Qingyu with a questioning expression he weakly said, “Who are you looking for?”

Ye Qingyu smiled faintly. “I am new here. From now on I will live here.”

“Ah? New here?” The youth was dumbfounded, then after half a moment, suddenly realized something. There was a shocking light emitting from him. He said inconceivably, “You… you… you mean that you are the new patrolling sword envoy?”

Ye Qingyu could not make clear why this youth would be so moved but he nodded his head with a smile.

The young man stared at Ye Qingyu, his emotions in turmoil. Whimpering and crying noises came from his mouth. He began madly nodding his head, then knelt on the floor, bowing to Ye Qingyu. After several bows, the skin on his forehead was broken, dark red blood seeping out.

“Quickly get up.” Ye Qingyu lifted his hand, a surge of yuan qi supporting the young man up. Frowning, “Just what is this? Why are you crying?”

The young man wiped away his tears, his face still covered with tear droplets. He said stuttering, “Subordinate… subordinate is… is the sword slave of White Horse Tower, subordinate… subordinate I have finally waited for the arrival of superior you… I have waited so bitterly for you…” Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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