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Chapter 129 – Flash

He had calculated everything throughout his life, with countless devious plots and schemes. He had caused harm to countless people. Spoiling both his son and his adopted son, creating trouble in Deer City, he had died as a result of this.

This could be counted as his karmic retribution.

Ye Qingyu stored away the [Little Shang sword].

Originally, he wanted to cut away Liu Yuancheng’s clothes to wear himself, but it was already shredded into tatters. There was no way to wear it anymore.

Ye Qingyu thought for a while, then searched the corpse of Liu Yuancheng. He found several storage dimensional [JR1] pouches on him. Opening the space [JR2] [AT3] [AT4] seal on them, he found that there were already several sets of clothes prepared within. Ye Qingyu tried wearing it and although it was not quite fitting, but at least it could cover his body. He no longer needed to be naked.

He then inspected the other storage dimensional [JR5] pouches. Inside, there were some riches contained within and Spirit herbs as well as various other similar types of objects.

Apart from this, there was also an unexpected jade container. The craftsmanship on it was extremely fine and detailed, the carvings elegant and beautiful. It seemed exceedingly valuable just from the appearance.

“I wonder what is inside?”

Ye Qingyu attempted to open the jade container, but discovered that the formation on the container was extremely exquisite and profound. There should be a self-destruct formation on it. If he was not able to solve the miniature formation and chose to open the jade box by force, it would destroy itself.

“Liu Yuancheng regarded this jade container so importantly. There should definitely be some very important objects inside. After I return, I must find a formation expert that I can trust in to unlock this jade container.”

Ye Qingyu placed the jade container into the [Cloud Top Cauldron], storing it away.

After rummaging around several other dimensional [JR6] pouches, Ye Qingyu discovered a jade piece the size of a thumb.

Compared to the [Pill King of Azure Phoenix] Chen Moyun, Liu Yuancheng was evidently more shabby. On his body, there were not any high class storage items like dimension [JR7] rings or the such. Only this jade piece was somewhat rare. Ye Qingyu discovered three little characters on the jade piece. After inspecting it in detail, he discovered the words [Chen Moyun] carved on it.

This jade piece belonged to Chen Moyun.

“Eh? Why is there something that belongs to Chen Moyun on Liu Yuancheng’s body?”

Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

He closely inspected and discovered that there were no restrictions or seals present on the jade piece. His consciousness entered within and half a moment later, a delighted expression showed on his face.

“I did not think that what the jade piece stored was a [Pill Mantra].”

Within the jade piece, there were some important information or perhaps techniques and sutra stored away. Only a true expert could place their consciousness into the jade piece. People like Chen Moyun were able to do this, but for Liu Yuancheng, he was still somewhat lacking. What made Ye Qingyu feel that something was strange was the fact that the jade piece had no restrictions or seals whatsoever. It was as if it was an item that had no owner.

“Could it be that Liu Yuancheng and Chen Moyun were conspirators?”

Ye Qingyu vaguely understood.

This time coming out, he had travelled by the secret route of the army. Normal people should have no way of tracking or chasing after him. Even if Chen Moyun was the [Pill King of Azure Phoenix] with a respected status, he was not a man of the military. Furthermore, this was the Deer Mountain Range and not the Azure Phoenix province – his influence could not be brought to bear. To want to find Ye Qingyu, he could only rely on the old bastard Liu Yuancheng. The two villains should have long colluded together, each of them cherishing their own sinister designs.

And this jade piece should be something that Chen Moyun gave to Liu Yuancheng to buy him into service.

The [Pill Mantra] that was stored within the jade piece was something that only a high class pill master could come into contact with. A normal martial artist absolutely could not see it at all. It could be counted as a precious treasure.

In truth, Ye Qingyu’s guess was not wrong.

At the beginning, Chen Moyun had relied on this [Pill Mantra] to bribe Liu Yuancheng and made Liu Yuancheng to place spies within the army. Liu Yuancheng took a risk to obtain the route that Ye Qingyu would travel, planning to ambush him halfway.

Ye Qingyu’s fortune was very good.

At the time that Chen Moyun had handed over the [Pill Mantra] to Liu Yuancheng, he had erased the formation seal on the jade piece. Afterwards, there was not enough time for Liu Yuancheng to erect another formation, making the jade piece become an object with no owner. Ye Qingyu could browse the contents as he pleased.

“Haha, this [Pill King of Azure Phoenix] is really generous. Not only did he gift me my present strength and the [Cloud Top Cauldron], he has also given me a [Pill mantra]. He is completely the grandfather that hands out wealth, wahaha…”

Ye Qingyu’s eyebrows relaxed as he laughed.

This [Pill Mantra] had really solved one of his great problems.

After receiving the pill formula from Li Shizen at that day, Ye Qingyu had always wanted to attempt to refine pills. But his foundation was extremely thin, with no one to teach him. For him, refining pills was but the spoken dreams of a madman. But right now, all was well with the acquisition of the cauldron and the [Pill Mantra]. As long as he spent effort training, sooner or later he could become a pill master.

After robbing all the things clean on Liu Yuancheng’s body, Ye Qingyu dug a culvert on the ice floor, placing the corpse within the hole.

“Seeing that you have given me so many treasures, I’ll bury you. When you reincarnate in your next life, become a good person,” Ye Qingyu said.

After the battle, the formation within the ice room had already lost its effect.

Big Head was still slumbering in a far off corner.

Ye Qingyu picked him up, and exerted all his strength to knead and pinch him.

But this glutton would still not wake up.

“Eh? He is in such a deep sleep? Something is not right, it is like he is hibernating.” After observing for a moment, Ye Qingyu discovered that the breathing of this glutton was thin like a cotton strand. He had a slow heartbeat and his body was at a constant temperature. He was like the animals that chose to hibernate in the winter.

A dog would really hibernate?

Ye Qingyu was completely speechless.

He again fiercely pinched Big Head, and still couldn’t wake him up. At the moment, he could only give up.

“Just what is this! Other people’s battle companion, even if their battle power is trash, at least it can pretend to be adorable. Why is it that I met with a fellow that apart from eating, can only sleep!”

Ye Qingyu could not laugh or cry.

But after confirming this silly dog was safe, he was much more reassured.

“The upcoming question to solve is how to depart from this underground ice cave that is like a maze.”

Ye Qingyu thought for a while, but had no way of remembering the path he came from.

“This underground cave has corridors after corridors of complicated intersections. It is like a spider’s web. As long as one step is wrong, every step will be wrong after and one will never be able to escape from here. Previously, when the sentries brought me here, we chose the path randomly in our rush. Plus, this is the location Chen Moyun has chosen. I don’t even know where this is. If I fumble around blindly and chaotically, there’s a possibility that I can be lost here forever.”

Ye Qingyu quickly thought of a plan in his mind.

“However, as long as I always head up, and travel upwards, I should be able to leave here. This underground ice cave, at the most, extends several hundred meters beneath the ground. “

After considering, Ye Qingyu finally had a plan of action.

He was not in a rush, sitting and resting for a while. He made sure his inner yuan was at the most optimal condition before doing anything. Summoning the Bronze book [Fiendgod Titled Chart], [JR8] [AT9] he began browsing the pages.

By raising himself to the level of fifteen Spirit springs in one breath, this represented that Ye Qingyu could already browse fifteen pages of content in the Bronze book.

Of the fifteen pages, Ye Qingyu had already read ten when he was confined within the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

The fact that Ye Qingyu was able to escape from the [Cloud Top Cauldron] in top secret was only achieved by relying on the power of one of the pages of the Bronze book.

This page, belonged to one of the three sections, [Titled Strange Objects].

This was different from the pages Ye Qingyu had previously unlocked. On this page, there was not any techniques like the [Four Moves of the Unmatched General] nor strange objects like the [Sentry Guard] . There was only a large Fiendgod symbol, that could not even be counted as a character.

Ye Qingyu, after successfully translating it, was sure that this symbol was a formation belonging to the God and Devil Era.

He had attempted to insert his inner yuan into this Fiendgod symbol. Then he immediately understood the power held by this formation.


This formation was what was known as the [Flash formation] in the God and Devil Age.

The power it possessed, was similar to the [Delimiter] formation that could be seen in the continent. It could break apart the constraints of space, breaking open the limits like teleportation. From one place, you could appear in another place in an instant. With a [Delimiter], one could appear and leave as they pleased from countless dangerous areas. Even top experts could not block them.

The [Flash formation] held the power of teleportation.

Ye Qingyu had relied on the power of flash, to escape from a treasure like the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

Chen Moyun would not have dreamt that Ye Qingyu would possess such an object like the [Delimiter]. Naturally he had not had any safeguards whatsoever and was kicked into the cauldron from behind without any knowledge because he was stupidly feeling for the pill inside the cauldron.

The existence of the [Flash formation] meant that Ye Qingyu had a hidden card that he could use to turn around countless situations.

On some perspective, this could be equal to gaining an extra life.

Right now, Ye Qingyu felt more and more that the Bronze book [Fiendgod Titled Chart] was extraordinary. It absolutely far exceeded his most optimistic imagination.

“Apart from a page on the [Flash formation], there are still ten pages of the Bronze book that I have not managed to decipher. It should be some rare thing, but I don’t have the time right now to investigate. I must first quickly return above ground and head to Youyan Pass. This is the most important matter.”

Ye Qingyu stuffed Big Head into his chest, inner yuan surging into the [Flash formation].


Accompanied by his clear and loud shout, Ye Qingyu’s figure ascended. He disappeared from his original location.

Since the last time he had used the [Flash formation], over a month had already passed. He could already use it again.

With Ye Qingyu’s current strength, by activating the [Flash formation], he could approximately teleport to a distance of around five miles – that is around five thousand or so meters. He chose to flash upwards. This would definitely be out of the boundaries of the ice cave, and return him above ground.

The truth proved, that Ye Qingyu’s judgement was correct.

The underground ice cave should be located five hundred to a thousand meters below the ground. His flash carried him in one instant to four thousand meters[JR10] [AT11] in the air.

Fresh air surged towards him from all directions.

The cold astral winds gusted by him, making him feel extremely comfortable.

As the first of the red sun shone towards him, warm sunlight descended on his body, making everywhere bright.

Ye Qingyu could not help but scream in exhilaration.

He had been in that dim underground cave with no daylight at all for more than a month, breathing in the thin and ancient air for a very long time. Now he had finally returned to a normal environment. Ye Qingyu felt a sensation similar to him being born anew.

Under the strong wind, the clouds were like waves in the sea.

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