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Chapter 1299, Jump around for a little while

Wild joy quickly spread across the faces of the officials of the Heaven Wasteland Building.

Because they also could tell that this voice belongs to the strongest martial artist, Palace Lord Ye Qingyu, who everybody in Heaven Wasteland Empire worships.

They didn't expect the martial arts legend who had supported the entire Heaven Wasteland Domain all by himself to appear in the most desperate time.

They turned around to see the door of Heaven Wasteland Building opened. A row of people walked out, led by a man with black hair that flowed down his back like a waterfall, white clothes as pure as snow, and was incredibly handsome and elegant. Who else would it be besides Ye Qingyu? And following behind Ye Qingyu were the guard of Light Palace Luo Yi, Ximen Yeshui and the young [Pill King] of Heaven Wasteland Domain Lin Baiyi as well as the [Blade King] of Heaven Wasteland Domain Qin Zhishui.

“Lord, you... the seal of Heaven Wasteland Domain has been lifted?” the Great Dragon Turtle Demon exclaimed.

The back hall of the Heaven Wasteland Building had long been transformed into a small space formation world, which can allow one to directly teleport from Heaven Connect City to Heaven Wasteland Domain. Since Ye Qingyu and others had appeared from the back of the hall, then they must have traveled through the transportation formation. With this thought, the Great Dragon Turtle Demon could finally relax.

“Pays respect to Palace Lord Ye Qingyu.”

“Pays respect to Lord.”

The officials of the Heaven Wasteland Building bowed respectfully one after another.

Although there were still Quasi-emperor forces and experts outside, all the officials of Heaven Wasteland had already relaxed completely. The wrath and sorrow they felt before had been swept away, and there was no longer the slightest hint of fear. When they heard Ye Qingyu's voice, the apprehensions they had was gone immediately, because this man had never let anyone down. He had created miracles time and time again, defeated strong enemies, and in the eyes of all living beings of Heaven Wasteland, Ye Qingyu was their martial arts belief, their spiritual pillar. This man represented invincibility, represented strength, represented an undefeatable legend.

“There were some little matters going on in Heaven Wasteland Domain, but they're completely settled now.” Ye Qingyu raised his hand, and a gentle force lifted the crowd up, as he said with a smile, “It looks like you’re in trouble, what happened?”

He didn't know what was going on, but vaguely guessed something.

The Great Dragon Turtle Demon indignantly recounted everything that had happened in the Heaven Wasteland Building and what the envoys of Heaven Wasteland Empire in other major domains had experienced, especially the death of the envoy in Water Moon Domain and the fury of the experts of Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Ye Qingyu's face flashed murderous intent when he heard this. “These people really do not learn from their mistakes. The same thing has already happened several times before, but they still cannot calm down. Haha, just a few Quasi-emperors, yet they dare to step on the head of our Heaven Wasteland Domain? Do they not want to live?” He released his divine sense and grasped the aura of all the Quasi-emperors far and near. Particularly the aura of the Four Stars Holy Girl, which was like raging flames. It was evident that her cultivation base had reached a very high level.

When Ye Qingyu crippled this woman, he did not think that she could come back and recover. This was really a surprise to him. It is likely that she did not rely on her power or the power of the Four Stars Sect to do so, but might have cooperated with some outside forces. There might even be shadows of the Sky Emperor behind this.

“Haha, really any dogs or cats can come.” Ximen Yeshui was already very dark but as he was speaking his face darkened even more, and an undisguised killing intent came to his face. “Haha, this time, Brother Ye Qingyu won't need to do anything. I will help you get rid of this bunch of trash... Especially that holy girl. This time she must be destroyed completely. Brother you cannot pity her this time. This woman is like a poisonous snake. Only you will suffer if you don't kill the snake.”

Ximen Yeshui's strength had already reached a very powerful level. He was very confident in dealing with the group of Quasi-emperors outside.

Qin Zhishui and Lin Baiyi were also eager to try.

Ye Qingyu retracted his divine sense, shook his head, and said, “There is no hurry, we shall first let them jump around for a while. Let’s see who will jump and if others will jump out before we make a move. As for the Four Stars Sect... I don't see any need for it to exist in this world anymore.”

Ye Qingyu was in fact also enraged.


Time flew by.

The deadline set by the alliance of several major sects and the Four Stars Sect had come.

“Haha, Ye Qingyu really is afraid and doesn't dare to show up, instead he sent the cockroaches in the Heaven Wasteland Building to die...” The Four Stars Holy Girl sneered and then issued the command, “Attack, first take over the Heaven Wasteland Building and then find that Ye Qingyu.”

She was incredibly confident and her stance was very tough.


Several powerful beams of light, at the same time, bombarded the outer protective shield of the Heaven Wasteland Building, stirring up layers of ripples, and terrifying power spread out, which caused the surrounding buildings to collapse.

However, the protective light shield of the Heaven Wasteland Building, although flickering, had not been broken.

Countless onlookers, upon seeing this scene, had a change of expression.

It had to be admitted that Heaven Wasteland Domain’s foundation was not weak at all.

Watching their property being destroyed, the owners of the surrounding buildings also dared not say much. The Four Stars Sect, Tianqian Sect and other forces of the alliance had already said that, no matter how much the damage is, they will compensate with double the amount. Thus at this time they had no reason to argue with this monster-like alliance.

“Continue the attack.”

The Four Stars Holy Girl sat down and gave an order.


Countless powerful beams of light constantly bombarded the Heaven Wasteland Building.

These were all top Great Saint experts of the alliance attempting to break the defense of the Heaven Wasteland Building.

As an alliance headed by the Four Stars Sect, this was a good opportunity to flex its muscles and strength.

The Four Stars Holy Girl sat high on the platform in the distance with a cold and cruel smile on her face.

In the past, she was a real Holy Girl in the world——at least on the surface. She was a sacred and pure existence, high and mighty, and was a goddess in the hearts of countless people. But since the appearance of Ye Qingyu, her goddess image was gradually shattered, and in her view, it was Ye Qingyu who destroyed her everything and caused her to fall from the altar, and become a loser that everyone hates.

Therefore now, she no longer cared about her image.

This time, she wanted to use the most powerful and cruel means to tell the world that the woman who had to cover her face with a veil no matter what she did no longer exists. Now she could do whatever she wants to do without hesitation, such as...

Destroy the Heaven Wasteland Building.

Once they break through the Heaven Wasteland Building, she planned to skin all the people in the building, and kill and dismember all those loyal to Ye Qingyu, and then hang them on the gate of Heaven Connect City to tell the whole world that the former beautiful holy girl no longer exists.

Replacing her was a cold-hearted and ruthless female tyrant.

The era of the female tyrant had descended.

In a blink of an eye, the time to make a cup of tea had passed.

Under the fierce and crazy bombardment, the defensive shield of the Heaven Wasteland Building remained intact. Although it seemed shaky, it was in fact still firmly in place.

The Four Stars Holy Girl narrowed her eyes slightly.

She felt anger.

The time spent was a little more than she could bear.

“Ask the Palace Master of the Black Moon Immortal Palace to help out.”

Someone immediate pass along the order.

Among the remaining members of the Black Moon Immortal Palace, there was an old monster that was not killed under the sanctions of the Domain Alliance and Ye Qingyu. Instead he escaped, and because of some reasons, he had now achieved the Quasi-emperor realm and become one of the top forces in the alliance.

After a short moment.

All sorts of crazy attacks stopped.

“Haha, above the black moon, I alone am the honoured one... Today is the day of revenge, and the beginning of the re-emergence of my Black Moon Immortal Palace.” A figure shrouded in black moonlight appeared and descended onto the Heaven Wasteland Building, his voice hoarse like an owl.

Suffocating powers filled the air.

In an instant, the experts of all sides that came to watch had an abrupt change of countenance.

“A Quasi-emperor expert!”

“Black Moon Immortal Palace? Wasn’t this sect extinguished by Ye Qingyu? How could there be the birth of a Quasi-emperor expert? Did the heavens have pity on this sect?”

“Finally there is a Quasi-emperor level existence making a move, the Heaven Wasteland Building is finished.”

There were all kinds of discussions crazily bubbling like an undercurrent tide.

This scene also made some people, who originally stood on the side of the Heaven Wasteland Empire, hesitate and retreat. From the start, Heaven Wasteland Domain had been in a passive state, which was suggestive that the rumours were true. Perhaps Heaven Wasteland Domain and Ye Qingyu had really encountered great trouble and were unable to protect themselves.

Just then——


A red-black pillar of light, like the arrival of the black moon, instantly struck the Heaven Wasteland Building.

The ground quaked.

Following crackling noises, the defensive shield of Heaven Wasteland Building was finally shattered.

“Kekeke... the time for revenge has come.” The Quasi-emperor enveloped in black moon mist made an owl-like roar, turned into a stream of flowing light, and, with incomparably murderous intent, sped towards Heaven Wasteland Building. “Keke, shatter, let the blood of Heaven Wasteland dye this land red.”

Anyone can feel the boiling murderous spirit and incomparable violent power of the Black Moon Quasi-emperor.

Just as the Heaven Wasteland Building, like a small hill under a mountain torrent, was about to be crushed into ruins, a sudden change occurred——


A fist formed from yuan qi rumbled out from the Heaven Wasteland Building, directly blasted away the Black Moon Quasi-emperor who was speeding down. A high and mighty Quasi-emperor, in that moment, did not even have the time to react or dodge.

That scene was like a fly being swatted away.

“Ah...” The Black Moon Quasi-emperor was knocked thousands of meters away, spewing out jets of blood.

At this moment, the door of Heaven Wasteland Building that had been closed all this time was finally pushed open slowly.

A handsome man with black waterfall-like hair, and dressed in a snow-white robe confidently and elegantly came out the door. Behind him, he was followed by the Great Dragon Turtle Demon and many other experts of Heaven Wasteland Domain.

However, for a moment, all eyes were fixed on this man.

“Ye Qingyu!

In the distance, the Four Stars Holy Girl sprang to her feet, calling out the name with a piercing-cold and sinister tone of voice.
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