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Chapter 1293, Hope

Ye Chongsheng had once appeared in the Domain Alliance's funeral for Ren Puyang, and was said to be from the Ye clan. He was very arrogant and powerful, and had the ambition to directly take over the Human Race's Domain Alliance. In the end, Ye Qingyu directly killed him and seized a lot of wealth and treasures from Ye Chongsheng, such as yellow sand golden armour and so on.

The impression that Ye Chongsheng gave Ye Qingyu was that he was just a clown.

When the name was uttered from the mouth of Divine General Zhi, Ye Qingyu was slightly surprised, but did not interrupt her.

If he guessed right, then the Ye Chongsheng that Divine General Zhi mentioned, most likely may have some relationship to that clown Ye Chongsheng, but they were definitely not the same person. Otherwise, Divine General Zhi would not have had such high evaluation for that Ye Chongsheng.

“Ye Chongsheng established the Ye clan's divine court, which was almost comparable to the former Divine Light Court. We also firmly believed that we have found the right person, thought that we can restore that former glory of the Divine Light Court, and complete the final task that His Majesty's entrusted us. Who would have thought that, what happened later, was entirely different from the direction we anticipated...” When Divine General Zhi talked about this matter, there was a look of regret and puzzlement.

“What happened?” Ye Qingyu asked

Divine General Jue carried on, “Just when everything was moving in the best direction, Ye Chongsheng suddenly changed his behaviour and conduct. He no longer strived for the direction we anticipated, but instead began to cultivate the strength of his clan, began to gather large numbers of wives to give birth to children of the Ye clan, and focused on establishing the power of the clan. Adding to this, he collected wealth and accumulated countless treasures through a variety of ways... It took him a long time to build a powerful and wealthy family. Moreover, he suppressed countless forces and went to countless secrets places in the world to search for rare treasures... What he did was no longer for the public but for himself.”

“He began to cultivate his successor. He put all of his mind and attention on the operation of the Ye clan. With his power and cultivation it wasn't difficult to build the strongest clan in the world. Moreover, he had plenty of time. We couldn't quite understand him, but still followed at his side. As expected, after a million years, the Ye clan had become the most illustrious force in the world, with deep roots and foundation and no one who dared to provoke them.” Divine General Jue evidently had a very high opinion of Ye Chongsheng, but in the end he sighed, “However, what we did not expect is that, when the Ye clan was at its peak, Ye Chongsheng had suddenly vanished.”


Divine General Jue nodded, and said still with an expression of inexplicable puzzlement, “Yes, he disappeared. One day, the whole Ye clan, including us, were shocked to find that he cannot be found anywhere. No matter what method, no matter what means, we couldn't find him. It was as if he's a bubble that has burst in the air.”

Ye Qingyu remained silent.

This was indeed a strange matter.

Logically speaking, it is impossible for a remarkable existence like Ye Chongsheng to be assassinated, and thus he shouldn’t disappear all of a sudden for no reason. The only possibility is that he voluntarily went to live in seclusion. However, he had spent a huge effort and time to create such an illustrious family, why would he suddenly leave everything and disappear?

“We have tried all kinds of ways but still couldn’t find him. He did not show up even when the Ye family was facing great danger. Later, when new Emperors appeared, many people finally believed that Ye Chongsheng might not be on this world anymore. Some people even say he had ascended to the Immortals; however, only us Divine Generals know that things are not so simple. Even His Majesty could not become Immortal, and although Ye Chongsheng was the most outstanding genius after the era of the Divine Light Court, there was still a huge gap between him and His Majesty. What His Majesty couldn’t achieve there was no way Ye Chongsheng could do it,” Divine General Zhi said very confidently.

Ye Qingyu nodded.

The later generations that were unaware of the existence of the Divine Light Emperor, and did not know that the Divine Light Emperor had once a long time ago established a high unattainable peak for the formation martial arts world, would feel that what the several Divine Generals said were untrustworthy. But Ye Qingyu had seen the memory of Lan Tian. He understood that if the several Divine Generals say that Ye Chongsheng had not surpassed the Divine Light Emperor, then he certainly hadn’t surpassed him.

“Later, things changed, years passed, the Ye family experienced many ups and downs, and many genius figures had been born and shook the world for a period of time. However, none surpassed Ye Chongsheng. Tens of thousands of years later, people also gradually forgot about the former peerless figure. The Ye clan also gradually moved from the front of the stage to the background, no longer contended for power, but silently began to develop outside the line of sight of the world.” Divine General Jue took a pause here before he continued, “And us Divine Generals had no choice but to re-enter the reincarnation, because the disappearance of Ye Chongsheng meant that our efforts had failed again.”

Ye Qingyu nodded as he listened.

It was clear that there must be sufficient proof to confirm that the efforts of that life have failed before a new reincarnation can begin.

“In subsequent reincarnations, we continued to search for a genius who may be the child of destiny, but everything was done in the dark. We did not actively interfere with the development of the world's civilization. Unfortunately we were not particularly successful. After a million years, there wasn't a genius comparable to Ye Chongsheng. We came to the conclusion that the appearance of Ye Chongsheng has most likely once again gathered the destiny of the heavens and earth. As a result, for a period of time, it will be difficult for a real genius to be born. We must wait until his death and the destiny of the world to dissipate again before a new genius appears,” Divine General Zhi explained.

Regarding the destiny, it had been mentioned several times before.

But it was clear that the Divine Generals, in the course of countless cycles of reincarnations, their grasp of this destiny of the universe had gradually become clear, and was no longer illusory.

“What was interesting is that, during the several reincarnations later we also saw the Ye clan, a family created by Ye Chongsheng, was still existing in this world. Its life and strength were even beyond those of countless Emperors. Moreover, we have found a very strange phenomenon.” Divine General Jue continued, “We found that the head of the Ye clan of every generation would change their name to Ye Chongsheng.”

“I see.” The mystery in Ye Qingyu's heart was finally solved when he heard this.

He can now be sure that the Ye Chongsheng who died in his hands should be the head of the Ye family of the last generation and not the peerless heaven's prideling expert Ye Chongsheng. This explains everything. It was no wonder that Ye Chongsheng was insufferably arrogant, but unfortunately, in his generation, the unrivalled Ye family has already deteriorated, and was eventually killed by Ye Qingyu.

“We were all surprised by this strange name changing habit because the Ye family did not have such a habit during the real Ye Chongsheng’s generation. After a series of secretive investigations, we found a more shocking fact.

“What fact?”

“After we decided that Ye Chongsheng had failed, we chose reincarnation, but it was in this time that the real Ye Chongsehng appeared once again. We have been through many reincarnations, but Ye Chengsheng is undoubtedly the only one that we could not predict and grasp. We even think that he actually know us very well and even knows about our origin and mission. His last disappearance was done in order to avoid us, so that we move on to the next reincarnation.”

Ye Qingyu was also shocked to hear this.

It was no wonder that when Ye Chongsheng was mentioned, Divine General Jue’s evaluation of him was very high.

After listening to all this, Ye Qingyu also felt the bizarreness of Ye Chongsheng. Divine General Jue was right. This person was obviously beyond their grasp. His appearance made the several Divine Generals feel that things were developing in a direction that they could not control. They couldn’t control or understand Ye Chongsheng, instead it was as though they had fallen into Ye Chongsheng's scheme, inadvertently becoming the pawns controlled by Ye Chongsheng.

“It turns out that our judgment was indeed correct. A real child of destiny had not appeared for a long period of time after Ye Chongsheng. For a million years, it was as if the spiritual qi of the world had entered a deteriorating era. There were rarely real geniuses seen and very few Martial Emperors. Everything had become chaotic. Even the Sky Emperor had also re-emerged. The situation was out of control. But what we were still most concerned about was Ye Chongsheng. This person's life and death was related to the success of the mission His Majesty had entrusted us. Unfortunately, with our strength, it was impossible to find out all this. This was undoubtedly the greatest frustration and setback for all of us.” Divine General Zhi looked ashamed when she talked about this period of time. It was clear that they all feel they have disappointed the Divine Light Emperor.

Divine General Jue had the same expression.

Ye Qingyu could understand what they were feeling.

But, thinking about it, it was reasonable.

After all, the true child of destiny must be a rare heaven's prideling. Whether it is opportunity, qualification or intelligence, that person was bound to be one in a million. How difficult will it be to assist and control such a person? If his heart was fickle like the Sky Emperor then it would definitely be a very difficult task for the six Divine Generals.

“Just when we thought everything had exceeded our calculations and had done everything to save the situation, about a few hundred years ago, another figure appeared. He was dazzling and powerful, even more so than Ye Chongsheng. It was then that we finally saw hope again,” Divine General Jue said.
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