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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 128 Path in Heaven that You Didn’t Go

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Chapter 128 – Path in Heaven that You Didn’t Go

Fifteen yuan qi silver dragons.

Fifteen Spirit springs.

In the passing of a month, Ye Qingyu had excavated another five Spirit springs.

Such a speed could be said to have surpassed all others before and since.

Apart from the fact that Ye Qingyu’s natural talent was exceptional, cultivating in the nameless breathing technique had an absolutely essential effect. Apart from the path of cultivation being extremely simplified for Ye Qingyu, the key point was that this experience was far too bizarre. To be stuffed alive and refined within the [Cloud Top Cauldron] by the [Pill King of Azure Phoenix] for nine days and nights and also receive the enhancement of the Spirit energy in the [Hundred Grass Divine Liquid] and the Origin crystal…

Such a growth in power was slightly similar to aiding a sprout to grow by piling resources excessively.

Ye Qingyu was able to grow from the fourth Spirit spring stage to the fifteen Spirit spring in a single step. If this was made known, it was enough to make the entire Snow Country tremble.

The fifteen silver dragons screamed and snaked, coiling around the body of Ye Qingyu. The roars of the dragons continued on for a very long uninterrupted period of time.

Ye Qingyu’s arm swiped through the air.

The silver dragons howled and bellowed within the ice room, a powerful yuan qi surge that roiled out in all directions. A vast and deep power, with the ice room as the center, shot out in all directions through the icy corridors. It shook the icy layers, splashing ice everywhere and the earth shook and the mountain trembled.


Ye Qingyu’s long laughter was really unbridled and unrestrained to the extreme.

The fifteen yuan qi silver dragons coiled in the air for a while, ultimately returning and charging back within Ye Qingyu’s body. Transforming into fifteen streams of inner yuan that flowed within his meridians and his body, it finally entered his dantian, and returned to the fifteen springs in his desert world.

A sensation of power that he had never experienced before shimmered around his body.

“This power compared to before is tens of times stronger, maybe even more. But this is like eating a big fatty in one bite. I also need to accumulate my foundation and to raise my mental state. Especially with regards to how to use this energy, I am not comparable to true experts of fifteen Springs. I need time to practice and adjust to this power.”

Ye Qingyu knew himself, that the growth in his cultivation was like a pavilion constructed in the air. It could not be truly utilized by himself as of yet.

“It’s time to leave from here!”

Ye Qingyu looked at the sleeping Big Head outside the formation, and approximated. He should have already entered into the underground ice cave for tens of days. The military of the country should have already noticed the abnormal change in the watch post and sent someone to investigate the truth. Right now, he should think of a method to communicate with Youyan Pass.

As he was about to break apart the formation, a change happened.

Abruptly, a loud laughter from far off in the distance, travelled through the icy corridors.

When Ye Qingyu heard this, his facial colour completely changed.

The next instant—

“Hahaha, little trash, I’ve finally found you.

The momentum of the coming person was ferocious.

The voice began hundreds of meters away, but by the time the last word was said, a silhouette like a bolt of lightning was already soaring from the left corridor. He landed ten meters off away from Ye Qingyu.

His long ashy grey hair fluttered in the air.

If it was not Liu Yuancheng, who else could it be?

This registrar of the city leader’s office in Deer City, had finally found him.

He pressed forward step by step, staring at Ye Qingyu fixedly. Coldly sneering. “Little scrap, I’ve already searched for you for tens of days. However, in the end you are discovered by me… this time, I’ll see just how you can escape!”

The killing intent was like a blade, shrouding the air.

Ye Qingyu looked at Liu Yuancheng. Praying and tightly clenching his last shred of luck, he asked, “Yan Fan and the others? What have you done with them?”

Liu Yuancheng lifted his head and roared with laughter to the skies, his expression covered with ridicule and mocking. “Yan Fan? Oh you’re talking about those lowly soldiers? Hahaha, of course I’ve slaughtered them all. Some of the soldiers were even shattered into meat paste by me. To go against me, then they deserve for their bones to be shattered into ashes.

Ye Qingyu’s figure quivered.

This was the news that he had not wanted to hear about the most.

“Hahahaha…” Liu Yuancheng madly cackled, venting the pleasure in his heart.

He had chased and searched for tens of days, finally finding Ye Qingyu. This time, he would absolutely not give any opportunity for this little trash to escape. He would definitely cruelly torture him and make him bitterly beg beside his leg. Only then could he avenge his two sons that had died.

Right now, it was only the beginning.

Looking at the sorrowful and tragic expression of Ye Qingyu, he already began to feel pleasure.


Ye Qingyu stabilized his figure, slowly lifting his head. In the back of his eyes, an endless fury appeared. The snowy white teeth struck out like the edge of a blade, saying each word carefully and slowly, “If it is like this, then old bastard, today I will bury you along with brother Yan and the others.”

Before he had finished.

Ye Qingyu’s body roared with wave after wave of the dragon’s cry, both his fists striking out. Fifteen yuan qi silver dragons bellowed.

The force of the fists, was as if it was a real physical object, attacking.

Liu Yuancheng was taken aback.

“[Seal of Obstruction]!”

His pupils constricted, releasing his strongest defensive battle technique.

The green inner yuan like a humongous gate, blocking in front of him. The wave of light emitted was clear and crystalline, as if it was a real object.


The fist shattered the green humongous door.

Liu Yuancheng was blown backwards, landing on an ice wall far off.

He lowered his head in disbelief as he stared down at both of his hands. On the back of his arms, veins had surged out, the arteries clearly able to be seen. Like a sinister cobra that coiled around his arms, drip after drip of blood shed from his skin. The skin of his fingers had already broken…

The acute pain in his arms was as if it were chopped off.

“You…” Liu Yuancheng stared at Ye Qingyu in shock. “Your strength…”

Too careless.

He had never imagined that the strength of this trash would grow by so much. Under a state where he had taken no precautions, he was put at a disadvantage and suffered an injury.

Ye Qingyu did not even utter a word, his left hand swiping through space.

The [Little Shang sword] appeared in his hands.

The hum of the sword was like a dragon.

The autumn water light shone throughout the ice cave.

A terrifying killing intent like a real physical object. The sharp edge of the blade spread out towards the surroundings in all directions.

The surrounding air was as if it was constantly sliced apart by invisible blades. There were incessant waves of transparent air being sliced by the resulting turbulence.

“Spirit weapon?” The pupils of Liu Yuancheng constricted, the shock on his face even more concentrated. Then he nodded his head and coldly sneered in a moment. “Fine, it seems like you have hidden your strength. A good scheme and method. However, with just fifteen Spirit springs, to want to kill me, you are perhaps too unaware of your own strength…”

But before his words were finished, Liu Yuancheng felt his vision blurring.

“[Soul Stealing Heaven Strike!]”

Ye Qingyu held the sword with both his hands, the golden dense mist around the hilt was as if it was liquid, sputtering and flickering. Like a demon, it appeared in front of Liu Yuancheng in a flash. The [Little Shang sword] did not leave a trace at all. The autumn water brightness of the sword was resplendent, directly chopping down.

One of the [Four Moves of the Unmatched General].


Liu Yuancheng roared, a green lightning sword appearing in his hands.

The sword blocked horizontally.


Both swords collided, emitting a clear and crisp noise.

At this moment, Liu Yuancheng and Ye Qingyu were already close with no boundaries between them. Their eyes stared into each other.

Liu Yuancheng could see the icy chill in Ye Qingyu’s eyes.

Then he was able to feel a bizarre energy that followed along the green lightning sword and encroached into his body. At this moment, he was shocked to discover that the yuan qi in his body was fiercely frozen, with no fluctuation whatsoever. Even his body was somewhat stiff, as if he had lost control of it.

And at the same moment, Ye Qingyu’s sword sliced again.

“[Storm of Swords]!”

He still held the sword with both hands, his figure rotating, transforming into a stream of mad gust.

Countless silhouettes swept Heaven and Earth.

Liu Yuancheng was still controlled by that strange energy, with no way to activate his inner yuan. He could only stare fixedly as blade after blade of the [Storm of Swords] cut into his body.

When the acute pain came, Liu Yuancheng bellowed in rage. A breath later, the yuan qi inside his body had finally recovered to normality. His twenty Spirit springs power soared out, enveloping his entire body and transforming into a yuan qi armour that blocked the [Storm of Swords]. And at the same moment, he could finally strike out with his sword in attack.

The green lightning sword flickered, like a long streak of red that pierced past the [Storm of Swords].


Jet after jet of blood shot out from the front of Ye Qingyu’s chest.

His entire person was knocked away by the sword qi.

But within the air, Ye Qingyu let out a long roar of laughter. “Hahaha, old bastard. Your retribution has arrived. Die for me… [Judgement of the Sword]!”

As the voice sounded, Ye Qingyu landed on the floor and slid five or six meters back. He knelt on the floor with one leg.

The [Little Shang sword] in his hands had already pierced down into the ice layer below.

A strange golden mist, like a liquid, constantly emitted from the sword hilt of Ye Qingyu’s sword.

A bizarre killing intent fermented in the air.

Liu Yuancheng was covered in blood. In the areas of his waist and chest, it was unknown just how many times the sword had sliced him. Pearly white bone was exposed, and vague inner organs could be seen. The injuries he had sustained was not light. But he was an expert of twenty Spirit springs, his life force was strong. Such an injury could not be counted as life threatening.

“Haha, you…” Liu Yuancheng had only just opened his mouth when his facial expression abruptly changed.

He originally wanted to say that even after using all your hidden cards you have no way to kill me. But once the first word was say, he could sense an apocalyptic killing intent that arrived down from the air. Lifting his head, in his line of sight, he could see a ray of sword star that descended from the Heavens, chopping down.

It was a golden divine sword, as if a divine spirit had appeared. Without sign or sound, it could wrest fortune from Heaven and Earth itself, extinguishing and killing all as it arrived.

Liu Yuancheng could not react or dodge at all. In the time of a breath, this gold divine sword, had already pierced through his body.


The icy cave shuddered as if it was struck by a meteor.

The layers of the ice fragments shuddered, as if it was a field made from soil and dust.

Ye Qingyu still knelt on the floor with one leg, panting roughly with large breaths.

In a flash.

The ice and dust dispersed, settling down.

Blood was everywhere on Liu Yuancheng. He was standing straight in his original place. His eyes were blank and the sword in his hands had already disappeared.

“A… very terrifying… battle technique… you… I…” He opened his mouth, and the blood was like a spring. His aura became weaker and weaker, his figure wobbling and shaking. “This… is Heaven’s will. I would really… hehe…”

Ye Qingyu struck out like lightning, the icy layer under his feet exploding. His figure like electricity, the sword in his hands beheaded Liu Yuancheng.

The head of Liu Yuancheng flew through the air.

“You still have so many useless words before dying.” Ye Qingyu fixed his figure, retrieving his sword and standing straight.

There was a path to Heaven but you didn’t go. Hell had no gates but you conversely trespassed*.

Ye Qingyu had originally first planned to go to Youyan Pass, then slowly settle his debts with Liu Yuancheng and avenge Yan Fan and the others later. He did not think that Liu Yuancheng would still be chasing him, not letting him go. He did not calculate that Ye Qingyu’s strength would grow so quickly, taking no precautions whatsoever. Ye Qingyu gained the initiative with the [Four Moves of the Unmatched General], and under the consecutive moves, Liu Yuancheng’s figure perished and his cultivation disappeared.

*Idiom describing people taking the harder option despite their being a easier option. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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