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Chapter 127 – Accordance Treasure


An invisible barrier appeared in the air.

The silly dog Big Head directly struck onto this barrier. His face was nearly completely flattened by the impact, appearing incomparably comical.

The next instant, he was sent rebounding backwards. He fiercely struck and landed on an ice wall far off in the distance. He became completely confused as a result of the impact, gold stars appearing before his eyes. On the ice wall, he left a clear and distinct dog shape, as if this imprint was sculpted onto the wall.

He was forced to stay outside by the defensive formation.

But he only lightly shook his head, then looked towards Ye Qingyu yet again. He stuck out his tongue and began happily panting, an expression of matchless excitement on his face.

This type of gaze was like suddenly seeing hope in the midst of despair.

Within his eyes, there was an ineffable radiance of being emotionally moved that was flickering.

As he wagged his tail towards Ye Qingyu, an excited smile spread on Big Head’s face. It retreated several steps backwards, then his hind legs stomped on the ground. With a whoosh, he transformed into a ray of light, dashing on bravely regardless of any perils towards Ye Qingyu.


He struck the barrier again.

This time the tumble was even more vicious than last time.

But very quickly, he stood back up again. He charged forward once again.


He was still struck backwards.


In the icy, silent, and lonely underground cave there was the unrelenting sounds of impact.

Ye Qingyu quickly waved his hands, indicating for him not to rush forwards anymore.

And at this time, Ye Qingyu discovered that on the ice wall, there were tight clusters of the shape of Big Head’s figure. From a rough guess, there were at least a few thousand bunched together. There were so many imprints that the number could not be counted…

At this moment, Ye Qingyu suddenly realized something.

It was very possible that after he had fainted from his heavy injuries, the black-robed Chen Moyun had brought himself to this comparatively hidden ice room to refine him. Big Head should have been thought as a normal battle companion by Chen Moyun, and thrown away. But this glutton could be counted as loyal. He had followed their path, wanting to save Ye Qingyu but had no way of breaking past the defensive formation. It was unknown just how many times he had tried and was rebounded backwards by the formation, landing on the ice wall…

Thinking of this, Ye Qingyu was slightly moved in his heart.

“Fine, fine, glutton. First don’t charge. Wait for me outside, I still have something to do. Wait until I’m finished, then we can go out!” Ye Qingyu gestured to the glutton, indicating that he should not be impatient.

Big Head immediately understood Ye Qingyu’s meaning.

Through the formation, he stuck out his tongue at Ye Qingyu. Shaking his head, he had a complete look of flattery on his face. Half his body on the ground, he constantly wagged his tail.

Ye Qingyu let out a short burst of amusement, turning to face the cauldron.

He began planning about what he should do next.

The [Cloud Top Cauldron] in front of him was absolutely a treasure. Only slightly grasping the power of it was enough for the Chen Moyun of average talent to become the acclaimed [Pill King of Azure Phoenix]. One was able to discern the extraordinary nature of the cauldron just by this fact alone. Ye Qingyu would absolutely not forgo this opportunity. But the cauldron was four or five meters tall, made using copper and an unknown divine material. It was unknown just how heavy it was. Ye Qingyu attempted several times, but he could not even budge it.

“This can’t be. With the current strength of my arms, there is at least hundreds of thousands pounds of force in it. How can I not lift this cauldron…”

Ye Qingyu was shocked.

What he did not know was that previously, Chen Moyun had not moved the cauldron. From the beginning, he had placed the cauldron in his interdimensional ring[JR1] [AT2] [JR3] , and used the space technique to retrieve it. He did not need to expend effort carrying and moving it about. It was only that the interdimensional tool [JR4] on Ye Qingyu had already been smelted down by the cauldron— in reality , even if it still existed, Ye Qingyu’s interdimensional item was far too low class. It absolutely could not be compared to the interdimensional ring of Chen Moyun. It would not have been able to contain this treasure.

Thinking for a bit, Ye Qingyu decided to attempt to use the [Sole Will of Heaven Earth Copper Cauldron] to control it.

As expected, there was an immediate change.

Ye Qingyu suddenly felt that there was a mysterious relationship between himself and the [Cloud Top Cauldron]. It was hard to describe this relationship using language alone.

The next instant, the heavy cauldron shuddered, rapidly swirling and rotating. At a rate visible to the naked eye, it quickly shrank. In the blink of an eye, it became the size of his finger, floating and arriving in Ye Qingyu’s palm.

Ye Qingyu felt that his palm was light, as if there was nothing there whatsoever.

“It’s become lighter… this sensation is too fantastic. To suddenly become as light as a feather from so heavy a weight, could it be that it has recognized me as it’s master…? Haha… Eh, this… Heavens, I can even see the space inside it…”

Ye Qingyu suddenly discovered, that he could observe the interior of the [Cloud Top Cauldron] according to his will.

This was far too incredible.

Chen Moyun had obtained this cauldron for decades. But even he absolutely could not observe the space inside so easily. Otherwise, when he was refining Ye Qingyu, he did not need to knock on the walls of the cauldron to discern the state inside. If he had this ability, he only needed to have a glance to know all that is happening inside.

It seems that in these tens of years, the [Pill King of Azure Phoenix] still had not obtained the recognition of the [Cloud Top Cauldron]

Ye Qingyu chuckled delightedly.

If this was known by Chen Moyun, would he be so angry that his corpse would become alive again, then spurt out three pounds of blood?

Ye Qingyu carefully inspected the inner space of the cauldron.

As expected, Chen Moyun had completely turned into ashes. He had transformed into black ash that coated the bottom of the cauldron.

Apart from these ashes, the inner chamber of the [Cloud Top Cauldron] did not have anything else. Chen Moyun, after acquiring this cauldron, had always regarded the inner chamber of the cauldron to be an ominous place. Apart from refining pills, he would not store anything within the cauldron, so the space being left empty was within expectations.

“Leaving behind the horrifying ashes of human remains, just throw it away…”

After this thought had just been birthed, one could see the copper lid of the [Cloud Top Cauldron] opening, and the black ashes released.

It was the ashes of Chen Moyun.

Ye Qingyu was taken aback, then could not help but laugh loudly.

This [Cloud Top Cauldron] was an Accordance treasure.

The so called Accordance treasure, meant that it could understand it’s master wishes and transform into powerful tools according to its master’s will. Since the God and Devil Age, the appearance rate of Accordance treasures was very low. Only those legendary great characters, could possess one. Different classifications of Accordance treasures had different powers but without exception, every one of them was a great treasure.

Ye Qingyu had not imagined, that the [Cloud Top Cauldron] was an Accordance treasure.

From this point alone, it should not be simply a cauldron.

This Chen Moyun had held such a great treasure without realizing it. He was really blind to have used such a treasure to act as a pill cauldron alone.

Ye Qingyu was unable to contain his joy.

This was absolutely a harvest that was out of his expectations.

He had never imagined that the background of the [Cloud Top Cauldron] would be so extraordinary. He had not thought that the hundred and eight ancient characters on the interior of the cauldron, the [Sole Will of the Heaven Earth Copper Cauldron] would be able to control the cauldron. Through such a fortunate incident, Ye Qingyu was able to obtain this treasure. For this point alone, it was worth it for Ye Qingyu to experience such danger.

“Eh? What is this?” When Ye Qingyu looked inside the cauldron once again, there was a little thing flickering with light.

His heart willed, and this object was taken out from the cauldron.

It was an interdimensional ring.

The silver ring possessed a serpentine pattern. Its fangs were biting into a dark red precious stone.

“Could this be the interdimensional ring of Chen Moyun?”

Ye Qingyu very quickly realized it’s background.

Chen Moyun had been smelted into ashes. The objects on his body had also been completely scorched down. For this ring to remain behind, it was definitely not an ordinary object and should also be a treasure. Perhaps it was a treasure that contained all the accumulated wealth of Chen Moyun through these years?

Ye Qingyu quickly became excited.

But after attempting for several times, a disappointed expression was seen on his face.

This interdimensional ring had an interdimensional seal. With Ye Qingyu’s current strength and his mastery over the interdimensional formations, he could not open it and observe the inner space of the ring.

“But this doesn’t matter, I’ll first keep the ring beside me. Once my strength is enough, I can definitely open it and take out the things inside.” As Ye Qingyu thought this, his mood instantly became high again.

He placed the interdimensional ring to store within the [Cloud Top Cauldron] once again.

After several attempts, Ye Qingyu finally succeeded in placing the [Cloud Top Cauldron] into the fourth Spirit spring in his dantian world for it to begin to be nourished.

Afterwards, he began taking care of the problems in his body.

Because he had absorbed far too much Spirit energy, Ye Qingyu’s body was in a state of engorgement. In one breath, he had excavated until he reached the ten Spirit springs stage. But the energy within his body was far too rich and abundant, making even his body seem somewhat swollen.

“First, I need to think of a method to absorb and digest the leftover yuan qi energy!”

Ye Qingyu could only think of one method after mulling it over. It was still to raise his level yet again. He began excavating the eleventh Spirit spring. On one hand it would expend yuan qi energy, and on the other hand it would expand the limits of how much yuan qi he could store. Only by expanding and expending at the same time could he completely digest the leftover yuan qi energy.

“I estimate I should be the first person in history that is worrying about there being too much yuan qi in my body.”

Ye Qingyu laughed at himself.

Then, within this ice room, he began training.

With his current cultivation level, not eating for one or two months was not a problem.

Time quickly flashed by.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

In this month of time, Ye Qingyu had always remained in a meditative stance, as if he had fossilized. There was an evident and visible yuan qi fluctuation around him, as if there was a rippling phosphorescent light sometimes there and sometimes not. His breathing was as thin as a thread, like a candle in the wind. As if his breath would extinguish at any moment, the entire situation was very bizarre.

His hair and eyebrows quickly grew back again.

The thick black hair had grown to his waist, flowing like a black waterfall behind his head. After entering into the Xiantian stage, the growth on his hair was very rapid.

Big Head was outside the formation. He had been guarding for an entire month.

At the beginning, he would stick out his tongue and pretend to be adorable, staring at Ye Qingyu. It was like a scene that he had finally reunited with his own parents and did not want to leave. But afterwards, when he saw that Ye Qingyu had not moved in the slightest, Big Head began to slumber.

Ever since devouring the [Snow Ground Dragon Ape], the sleep of this glutton became more and more frequent. It seemed as if he would not wake up from his sleep.

Ye Qingyu trained for an entire month.

Big Head slept for an entire month.

That day.

The Ye Qingyu that was within the formation suddenly opened his eyes.

His long thick black hair began floating.

There was a vortex of air swirling in the ice room, sucking in the dust and fragments of the icy layer.

The originally swollen figure in this instant, with a speed visible to the eye, began transforming.

In the blink of an eye, he had recovered his originally muscular and streamlined figure.

His flesh was healthy and masculine, with a sleek body. In the dim lighting of the ice cave there was a type of masculine beauty.

And at the same time, a surge of deep yuan qi fluctuated in the room. With Ye Qingyu at the center, it began to be released. A faint steam slowly emitted from the nose and mouth of Ye Qingyu as well as every pore on his body. Then fifteen yuan qi silver dragons rotated and swirled around Ye Qingyu, with form but no substance, as if it was an illusion. Roar after roar of divine dragons resounded in the ice cave. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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