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Ye Qingyu could tell that the Sky Emperor had used his own body as a conduit to open up a portal to another timeline.

It was also obvious that the Sky Emperor had not actively sought out these fiendgods from another timeline. The blurry figure who had first appeared had probably initiated contact with the Sky Emperor; they must have agreed on some kind of deal that ultimately led to the Sky Emperor betraying the Divine Light Emperor in such a public manner. The greyish black aura from the blurry figure; it did not grant any extra powers to the Sky Emperor. Rather, he used the blurry figure's aura to release his coordinates that then led to the appearance of the seven other blurry figures.

The figure that had been slashed into pieces by the [Sword of Divine Light] was also amongst these figures.

Since he was merely a projection that had descended upon this timeline, he did not sustain any injuries, even though his body had been slashed to pieces earlier.

Now that the Sky Emperor had opened up a portal to an alternate timeline, these fiendgods and sovereigns were starting to come into this world.

The destructive energy that swirled all around the universe had originated from these fiendgods and sovereigns.

This was only an early warning sign that these fiendgods and sovereigns were about to make their descent into this world. They had used the coordinates released by the Sky Emperor to send their projections through, but the energy that they exuded was enough to practically destroy the entire Cloudy Clear Sea.

"Retreat!" the Divine Light Emperor yelled. His wings of light flapped, releasing a bright light energy that surged like the ocean and suppressed this destructive energy.

The Cloudy Clear Sea tribe and the soldiers of the Divine Light Court who were within the range of this destructive energy managed to retreat safely thanks to the protection of the Divine Light Emperor. This was no longer their battle and thus, the other six divine generals led their men to leave the battlefield. The Cloudy Clear Sea tribe also started to make their retreat under the leadership of their king. No matter how resentful and angry they were, they had to admit that it was probably a misunderstanding. Since the ploy had even managed to trick the Divine Light Emperor, this was no longer something that they could be part of. The wisest choice they could make was to retreat from this battlefield, if they wanted to preserve their bloodline.

The bright light energy surged like an ocean and started to launch its attack in the air.

The Sky Emperor let out a hysterical cry, as though he were a lunatic.

A large blurry gate opened behind him.

Grey, black, and misty light pillars that had a rotting smell constantly shot out from within this gate, as though a demonic meteor from outer space had landed in this world. These misty light pillars hurtled out frantically into this world and as their mist billowed outward, the seven projections behind the Sky Emperor grew sharper and clearer. The frightening mist had entered their bodies and their figures started to solidify, as though this mist was pumping life into them.

They were attempting to truly make their way into this world.

The Divine Light Emperor stood in the void. The large sword wings of light behind him fanned out, and as they flapped, one by one, its feathers transformed into divine swords that charged at the large blurry gate behind the Sky Emperor like a raging tempest.

He seemed absolutely invincible.

Although Ye Qingyu knew that he was merely watching a projection, he couldn't help but feel a shiver run down his spine. The power of light that surged as abundantly as the stars in the sky seemed vast and limitless. The Divine Light Emperor had chosen 'light' as his honorific title and his grasp of the power of light far surpassed the understanding of normal men. He controlled the laws of light deftly and effortlessly, single-handedly managing to suppress the seven blurry figures behind the Sky Emperor.

"Return to your own timeline. I don't wish to mess up the laws of time and space. Otherwise, I would have immediately killed all of you, destroying the Dao cultivation that you had painstakingly cultivated over millions of years," the Divine Light Emperor said and his voice carried the mandate of this part of heaven and earth, as it echoed like thunder all around the world.

"This is just wishful thinking. You wouldn't be able to carry out your threats," a blurry projection said.

He made his move; a curved blade appeared in the void and he slashed out. It instantly tore part of the void open and an endless suction power appeared from the inky black crack in the void, sucking all the divine swords in the air into its depths before the crack repaired itself. This control of space seemed like a skill that an average Martial Emperor could perform, but he had swallowed the Sky Emperor's swords of light. This was something that no ordinary being could do.

The battle unfolded.

Ye Qingyu witnessed an unparalleled battle that was like Immortals and demons fighting for dominance.

The Divine Light Emperor's cultivation had definitely broken all historical records and was something that no one else in the future had been able to match. He had already surpassed the Martial Emperor's cultivation realm and had transcended the realms of power that no other Martial Emperor had managed to do. It might seem like just one stage above Martial Emperor, but it was hard to imagine how anyone could achieve such perfection to transcend the Martial Emperor realm. It was merely a memory projection, so Ye Qingyu could not actually sense the energy ripples and the power of laws at work, but he couldn't help but tremble even at the sight of it. It was hard to imagine how someone could be this powerful.

It seemed as though he had the power to summon all the powers in the world with a single thought.

The seven projections were also very powerful, likely not any weaker in their own time and space. But having not truly traveled to this timeline, the Divine Light Emperor continued to have the upper hand.

The battle lasted for ten days and nights.

Ultimately, the large blurry gate behind the Sky Emperor was destroyed by the [Sword of Divine Light].

The seven projections struggled with all their might, but since they were unable to truly descend upon this world within such a short time, they were also destroyed by the Divine Light Emperor.

"It is time to end this," the Divine Light Emperor said as he approached the Sky Emperor.

"After we return, you are to head to the Destruction Cliff to reflect on your actions. I'll only allow you to leave after you've quelled the raging demon in your heart," the Divine Light Emperor said. He did not kill the Sky Emperor but continued to try to convince him to turn back from this path.

Ye Qingyu could tell that the Divine Light Emperor was a very sentimental and compassionate man. He continued to spare the Sky Emperor despite his heinous crimes; he extended mercy toward his subordinate as an Emperor and he was also being perfectly reasonable as a friend. This was part of his innate nature and perhaps the Divine Light Emperor's tolerance of his friend's actions had induced the Sky Emperor's descent to the dark side. Otherwise, the Sky Emperor would have been wiped from the world a long time ago.

The Divine Light Emperor's actions made him seem even more humane. He was a living, breathing human; not a lofty and cold-hearted sovereign, but a true friend.

This compassionate side of him seemed at odds with the mentality that an invincible, unparalleled sovereign would normally have.

The six divine generals gathered around the Sky Emperor and some tried to counsel him while others berated him. They were all enraged by his betrayal.

"Ah, hahahahaha..." the Sky Emperor threw his head back and laughed. "Counsel me? Hahaha, did you really think the battle has ended? Did you really believe that he managed to crush everything? Hahaha, how pathetic of you. Everything has just begun," the Sky Emperor's body suddenly split apart and turned into wisps of grey mist that overcame the resistance of the power of laws and the light to completely vanish from the world.

"What's happening?" the six divine generals realized that something was wrong.

The Divine Light Emperor's face paled. He was surprised to see that he hadn't been able to stop the Sky Emperor from leaving. The Emperor technique that the Sky Emperor had used earlier when he instantly turned his body into millions of wisps of mist was not of this era. He couldn't believe that he had failed to stop the Sky Emperor from leaving despite his invincible cultivation and mysterious techniques.

There was something odd about this.

The Sky Emperor would have never been able to pull this off and his backers, the projections that had yet to fully descend upon this world had been slashed into pieces.

What was going on?

The Divine Light Emperor frowned and immediately started to use his Light Emperor Detection Technique. After he deduced several scenarios, he suddenly turned pale and said, "We have to head back to the Divine Light Court immediately."

He turned into a silver flowing light even before his voice died away and disappeared on the spot.

The six divine generals looked at each other in dismay and they all realized that something was wrong.

They had never seen the Divine Light Emperor looking so solemn and grim.

Ye Qingyu guessed that something terrible must have befallen the imperial city of the Divine Light Court. It was highly possible that the events at the Cloudy Clear Sea had merely been a diversion tactic.

The reason was simple.

The Sky Emperor was smart enough, and those unparalleled sovereigns were cunning enough to know not to forcefully descend upon this world during the battle at the Cloudy Clear Sea when it was impossible to do so at that point in time. They had laid out such a meticulous plot that it was impossible for them not to have a clear understanding of the Divine Light Emperor's cultivation.

Two hours later.

At the capital city of the Divine Light Emperor.

The vast capital that had only looked like an endless sea of heavenly palaces was now reduced to a sea of blood. Countless creatures who had lived within the city were reduced to bloody sludge. Even Saint and Great Saint experts were killed instantly, and four large blood formations that shot up to the skies were laid out across the four corners of the capital. These blood formations unleashed a power that seemed like it could annihilate everything in this world and a destructive power consumed the entire capital. Every creature under the Saint realm was immediately reduced to nothing but blood the moment they came into contact with this power.

The powerful Divine Light Court that had once been known as 'heaven on earth' had been turned into a hellish sea of blood.

Mournful and sorrowful cries echoed throughout the void.

Both experts on the martial way and ordinary citizens died in large numbers.

The energies from their blood and qi became part of the vast ocean after they died and continued to feed the four large blood formations. Then, a large bloodied gate opened in the sky above the Divine Light Court. The energies of the blood, qi, and spirit from countless creatures were incredibly powerful when combined, and whoever laid this blood formation had already taken all this into consideration and leveraged on this fact to forcefully open the door to an alternate timeline.

A sharp figure appeared in the gate of blood.

This was an ethereal Daoist priest who was clad in black Daoist robes. He had white hair and brows but he held a long, blood-colored spear instead of a fly-whisk in his hands. His long, blood-colored spear made his kindly face look savage and bloodthirsty.

The aura he exuded was so frightening that it couldn't be described in words.

This was an extremely powerful expert who wasn't of this time nor space, and who had surpassed the Martial Emperor realm cultivation. He had not fully transcended the Martial Emperor realm cultivation, but he was merely a whisker away. Heaven and earth trembled the moment he appeared, as though they weren't able to contain the power of such an expert.

The real enemy of the Divine Light Emperor had appeared.
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