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Ye Qingyu rubbed his hands over his brows in thought and soon, an idea came to him.

"If you're truly a bearer of the Divine Light Emperor's will, it is even more important for you to let me see the truth," Ye Qingyu stood up with a smile and continued, "I'm sure you have already found out about the history of Light City over the past few days, and even if you don't believe in the rumors, you would have been able to tell how powerful this city is. Doesn't the energy it exudes resemble the energy that had been present when the Divine Light Emperor ruled?"

"Uh..." The mysterious tall and skinny expert was caught by surprise and nodded before he knew it. "Indeed, the Light Palace should be a supreme treasure that the Divine Light Emperor left behind back in those days."

"As you know, I'm the current Lord of the Light Palace and have received the recognition of the spirits within it. The spiritual monkey that used to be the Divine Light Emperor's pet and all the divine generals have acknowledged me as their lord, so don't you think that I'm worthy of finding out the truth of those past events?"

"Uh..." the mysterious expert was left speechless.

He had not considered those factors before.

He had to admit that Ye Qingyu's words made sense. He was indeed worthy of knowing the truth since he was the current successor and Lord of the Light Palace.

Lan Tian shrugged and said, "Alright, stop being such a stickler for rules. Times have changed, so we'll need to change accordingly. It would be better for Lord Ye Qingyu to know the truth, since he's the only person who is able to defeat the Sky Emperor right now, wouldn't it?"

The mysterious expert looked at Lan Tian, then at Ye Qingyu. Then, he paused for a while before he finally turned and left.

The silence was his consent and Ye Qingyu let out a sigh of relief.

He had seen how obstinate that mysterious expert could be when he was still at White Deer Academy. In some ways, he was a man rooted to old traditions; Ye Qingyu was relieved that he had finally been convinced by his words.

Hon Kong had also let out a sigh of relief.

Naturally, he had supported Lan Tian's choice from the beginning.

"Alright, let's begin." Lan Tian dropped his irreverent act and sat cross-legged on the stone chair, as he slowly exerted his yuan qi to enter into an empty and meditative state. Then, he completely opened up his body and lowered his defenses.

Ye Qingyu slowly approached Lan Tian and at his mental command, his powerful consciousness power turned into a wisp of silver splendor that then disappeared between Lan Tian's eyebrows.

"Where am I?" Ye Qingyu examined his surroundings in confusion.

The moment his consciousness power tunneled between Lan Tian's eyebrows, Ye Qingyu suddenly felt a sense of vertigo, as though he had traveled back in time. After his senses returned to normal, he realized that he was in a flourishing world that was filled with life. The air was full of spiritual qi while the laws of the universe were extremely well-defined, but everything was tinged with an ancient aura.

This was a primitive world that was full of vitality.

He realized that he was standing in the void and when he looked down below, he could see thriving flora and fauna, many exotic herbs that could no longer be found in his world, and numerous towering trees that were now extinct stretching up to several hundred meters tall, akin to mountains. The river roared and it seemed boundless, while an endless, primordial and billowing wind swept toward him.

"This isn't the real world but I've been brought back to the primordial era dating back to millions of years ago. This is the world that existed millions of years ago, one that was etched onto Lan Tian's body and these are his memories!

He quickly figured out what was going on.

So this was how he was going to see the truth for himself.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Military drums could be heard from a faraway distance.

He was shocked.

These military drums sounded extremely similar to the drums that had sounded from the yellow mist, when the divine army on the walls of his [Cloud Top Cauldron] had battled against the Sky Emperor's armies. The rhythm of the drums was almost exactly alike with only a few minor changes to the notes.

He followed the sound of the drums and saw that a violent silver wave surged toward him like a falling waterfall up close. When he took a closer look, he saw that this silver wave was a surge of incredibly majestic silver warships that covered the heavens and were all linked together. Silver splendor circulated around each and every ship and at first glance; they seemed like an endless and majestic cluster of white clouds that floated upward.

These warships look so powerful and terrifying! he thought to himself.

These warships seemed like a formidable force, moving forward like an endless stream. There were probably hundreds of thousands of them; every warship seemed many times bigger than any warship that he had seen in both the Vast Thousand Domains and the Dark Realm. They exuded an incredibly mighty aura that even a Martial Emperor would not want to come up against.

These hundreds and thousands of warships seemed like they could defeat any force in this world.

"Could... are these the battle divisions of the Divine Light Court from those times?" Ye Qingyu muttered as he started to make sense of things.

No other force in the world other than the Divine Light Court at its peak would be able to gather such a formidable battle force.

He was even more certain that these were part of the Divine Light Court after he saw the shape, color, and the style of the totem banners of those warships. Although this was millions of years ago, this style had always been distinctive.

He approached the fleet and landed on top of a warship.

A thousand soldiers from the Divine Light Court were on that warship; they were all Quasi-emperors while their leader was a formidable Martial Emperor of his time. He was handsome, heroic and extremely powerful. The power contained within a warship alone would be enough to defeat all the domains in the Vast Thousand Domains.

He noticed that none of the soldiers on the ship were able to detect his presence.

This was normal since he was peering into the past. He was merely looking at a hologram projection of the past and did not exist in the same time period as these people.

He stood on the warship and continued observing his surroundings.

Soon, he spotted the flagship of this fleet.

It was an extremely majestic and large warship.

The other white warships from the Divine Light Court were already several thousand meters long, but when placed next to this gigantic flagship, they seemed like tiny fish swimming next to a large shark. The flagship was a silver warship that was several ten thousand meters long and looked like a sword that had been drawn out of its scabbard. Its banner danced in the wind, its drums beat loudly and it sailed across the sky like a cloud. Several dozen powerful spheres of light were on this flagship; these were the most powerful men of their time.

Ye Qingyu rose into the air and landed on the flagship.

Seven or eight people had gathered around the flagship's bridge.

Those were the most powerful experts in their world; even a Martial Emperor of their time would feel insignificant when compared to them. They stood on the flagship's deck as though they were eight dazzling stars; the light that burst out of them was so bright that no one could look directly at them.

All of the soldiers and military officials around them looked at those seven or eight people with admiration.

But the person right in the middle of the group received the most adulation from the crew.

From the back, it seemed like everyone looked at this man like a cluster of stars surrounding the moon. This man was tall and burly, with broad shoulders but a tiny waist and long legs. He was clad in platinum light armor and a splendor that couldn't be expressed in words swirled all around him. He had a crop of short, black hair that was only an inch long and stood up as spikes on his head, like bright silver needles. His power drew everyone toward him like a bright lamp that was lit in the middle of an endless night, but no one could see the limits of his power. Even though Ye Qingyu knew that this image was merely part of Lan Tian's memories and that it wasn't real, his heart raced as he gradually approached this man. It was as though he was part of this timeline and that everything was happening right in front of him. This man seemed so very real and did not seem part of someone else's memories.

This man must be the Divine Light Emperor, right?

He immediately figured out the man's identity.

He drew close and finally arrived in front of these eight people.

The Divine Light Emperor's side profile was extremely good-looking; he was so handsome that he didn't seem real. His complexion, brows, facial features, and hair were all exceedingly perfect, as though a grandmaster had painstakingly drawn him on a canvas with a brush bit by bit.

He was handsome and his aura was unbelievably masculine and full of resolve.

No matter how he looked at him, this was still the most handsome face that Ye Qingyu had ever come across. There was such a beauty in his handsomeness that it seemed out of this world.

This man is perfect, Ye Qingyu thought to himself.

Then, his gaze fell on someone who stood beside the Divine Light Emperor.

That young expert was clad in the same platinum armor. He looked like an exact clone of Lan Tian with his sky-blue long hair, a rakish smile, twinkling eyes, and the corners of his lips that were constantly turned upward.

This was none other than the Sky Emperor back in those days.

Ye Qingyu knew that the Sky Emperor had once been a general who was highly regarded by the Divine Light Emperor and had been entrusted with great responsibility. The Sky Emperor stood the closest to the Divine Light Emperor at that moment and his positioning seemed to suggest that he was the second-in-command; Ye Qingyu could tell that the Sky Emperor was indeed head and shoulders above everyone else, and only second to the Divine Light Emperor.

The other six men were all extremely powerful, but they were slightly weaker compared to the Sky Emperor. These were all the most powerful Martial Emperors of their time; their auras were so mighty that they were like blazing suns moving across the sky.

"Your Highness, Cloudy Clear Sea should be up ahead," the Sky Emperor said as he pointed toward the area covered in dense fog. "After we conquer Cloudy Clear Sea, the final sacred place of the foreign race, everything in this world will be under the governance of our Divine Light Court. From now on, anywhere the sun shines will be part of your land and every mouth that breathes will be of your people."

"That's right. We're just one step away."

"He he, we've defeated everyone in this world and have always emerged victorious. There's no other force that is as powerful as the Divine Light Court."

The other six men laughed and their faces filled with excitement at the thought of conquering another land. They were extremely confident of winning. Cloudy Clear Sea was not the most powerful sacred land and the foreign races that lived there were not the most frightening creatures, either. Now that they had experienced so many terrifying battles, to them, victory was within reach.

"I've heard that there is a Yinqing Sea Eye within Cloudy Clear Sea and whoever reverses this Sea Eye will be able to open up a time portal, to head into whatever time period he wishes to go to. I hope this rumor is true," the Divine Light Emperor said and there was an eagerness in his voice.
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