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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 125 Being Kicked

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Chapter 125 – Being Kicked

Outside the cauldron.

The black-robed figure, Chen Moyun sat in a meditative position in front of the cauldron. Yuan qi revolved around his body, his inner yuan activated to the extreme. Both of hands formed a bizarre seal, and from this seal in his hands, yuan energy surged out and transformed into a red flame. It burned at the bottom of the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

From the outside, the [Cloud Top Cauldron] was like a golden-coloured gourd. With a small top and a large bottom and both sections possessing a perfectly round shape.

On the top of the pill cauldron, there were the design of the four great ancient mythological beasts carved onto it. The entire golden cauldron seemed as if it was covered by a golden halo. On the top of the cauldron were three mountain-like crowns that pressed the cauldron down and the entire mass seemed as if it was surrounded by golden water. There was not any chinks or gaps whatsoever, giving off the sense that it was one entirely well-blended entity.

The pill cauldron slowly revolved.

On the forehead of Chen Moyun, there were also beads of sweat.

Even if he was the [Pill King of Azure Phoenix], but to use his utmost efforts to control the [Cloud Top Cauldron] was a matter that took great energy.

“This little brat can really bear it. Six days and six nights have already passed, but from his sounds he seems to still be as lively as a tiger or a dragon.”

Chen Moyun began to grow frantic inside.

Of his abilities in the art of pill creation, eighty percent of it came from the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

Tens of years ago, in an exploration formed by the Azure Phoenix Academy, he had unknowingly obtained the copper cauldron. At the start, it was just a normal and discarded cauldron. It was only due to the broken and old appearance of the cauldron that allowed Chen Moyun to obtain it when he had such a lowly status back then. Afterwards, Chen Moyun was able to discover the true secret behind the cauldron and his strength began to grow explosively. From just a low class student, he leapt to become the pill master that everyone respected.

But after so many years had passed, Chen Moyun discovered with some regret that he had only uncovered a little portion of the secrets of the cauldron. Ultimately, he was not able to utilize the full power of the [Cloud Top Cauldron]. He was not able to do as the [Pill Mantra] described and achieve the realm where man and cauldron could combine into one.

He was not even able to truly activate the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

But even if so, the scraps that he was able to obtain from the [Cloud Top Cauldron] was enough for him to become the [Pill King of Azure Phoenix] that was famed throughout the lands.

If he was able to completely decipher the mysteries behind the [Cloud Top Cauldron], would this not represent that he could soar into the heavens in one go?

Therefore, to refine the [Human Pill of Dragon Blood], he chose a method that needed to expend a great deal of effort and would spare no expense. He used a special method that he would not normally utilize to refine the pill and also expended the divine herbs that he had spent his life accumulating that was akin to his dowry. He gave up everything to refine the [Human Pill of Dragon Blood].

In reality, even the [Human Pill of Dragon Blood] was something that Chen Moyun had unintentionally peeked at in a forbidden tome within Azure Phoenix Academy.

He had never ever created such a thing before.

Using a live person to create a pill was a forbidden technique within Snow Country.

Once it was exposed, he would suffer the punishment of the laws of the country as well as the exclusion of the Human Race in the entire martial world. It could be said that the risk to undertake such a task was extremely great.

But Chen Moyun still chose to take such a risk.

If he was able to create a [Human Pill of Dragon Blood] and ingest it into his body, it could add another five hundred years to his life. At that time, he could definitely completely understand the secrets and profoundness of the [Cloud Top Cauldron]. Relying on the [Cloud Top Cauldron], he could absolutely soar in the skies. After entering into the Bitter Sea stage, even the immortal stage would not pose a problem for him.

And at that time, his title could change. It would change into the [Pill King of Snow Country].

“As long as I work harder and completely refine this brat, every one of my grand schemes can become reality!”

Chen Moyun did his utmost, not even sparing a shred of energy.

His inner yuan, was currently being expended at a crazy rate.

The fifty Spirit springs that he possessed was fiercely fluctuating all around his body. The yuan qi springs soared out and travelled through his body and meridians. It eventually transformed into the power of flames that surged from the seals in his hands, activating the cauldron.

In the blink of an eye, another day and night had passed.

Chen Moyun’s sweat was like starch paste. The back of his head and shoulders was completely drenched.

In total, an entire seven days and seven nights of time had already passed in refining this pill.

“That little brat should have completely died already.”

Chen Moyun tapped on the copper walls of the cauldron.

The angry voice of Ye Qingyu came from within the cauldron. “Why are you so noisy? Your father I was comfortably sleeping, do you have any civility? Can you let me sleep a good sleep, I still have to train in a little while…”

Chen Moyun was taken aback, nearly spitting out a mouthful of blood.

What had happened?

The little brat had not died yet.

Something was not right.

Previously, he had attempted to refine living creatures within the [Cloud Top Cauldron] before. There was a time that he had managed to refine a four star demon soldier, creating a [Demon Pill]. This four star demon soldier, no matter whether considering his life force or demonic powers, was above Ye Qingyu in strength. It ultimately was only able to withstand six days and nights before perishing. Ye Qingyu was only a little martial artist of three Spirit springs, how could he endure for such a long time?

Chen Moyun was somewhat confused.

But after some rapid thinking, he quickly thought of the explanation.

“That’s right, this little brat possesses the [Holy Body of the Dragon’s Blood]. It is a body type that can be placed in the top three of the Human Race since antiquity. Naturally, it will be a little abnormal. To want to completely refine him, most likely more effort must be used. Haha, if it is like this, the stronger the holy body, when it is finally refined into a [Human Pill], the effects will be even greater… haha, this time I really have encountered a great fortune.”

Thinking of this, the worries in Chen Moyun’s heart quickly disappeared.

Utilizing the time efficiently, he once again refined for another half day.

“This should be about right…” He knocked on the walls of the cauldron yet again.

The result was once again the curses of Ye Qingyu that was as lively as a tiger or dragon.

Chen Moyun began to panic and became angry at the same time.

“Could it be that the [Hundred Grass Divine Liquid] is not enough to completely turn Ye Qingyu into a medicinal man? Therefore, there was no way to completely refine him to his death?”

Chen Moyun, as he did his utmost to maintain and activate the cauldron, began to consider what possible explanations there was for Ye Qingyu’s continued survival.

After some hesitation, he ground his teeth. From within a ring on his finger, he took out a rouge container made from jade. Inside, there was a transparent crystal the width of a finger. Like a gelatinous dessert, it trembled and swayed. Under the light, it emitted a five coloured radiance, shining with a dream-like colour.

Chen Moyun’s gaze, when he saw this crystal, was as if seeing the roots of his life.

“I’ve spent a thousand efforts and suffered ten thousand hardships to acquire this. Half my life was spent before I could obtain an ounce of Origin crystal. I really can’t bear to part with it… but it is only a dead object, and humans are alive. As long as I am able to refine the [Human Pill of Dragon Blood], even a greater price is worth it!

He ground his teeth, thousands of expressions flitting through his face.

Finally, he solidified his determination. With a wave of his hand, this ounce of Origin crystal was thrown into the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

Then he bit apart the tip of his tongue. A mouthful of the essence of his blood was spat on the flames of the cauldron.


The light of the fire exploded.

The originally scarlet red flame, turned into a violet colour, swirling around the cauldron.

As expected, Ye Qingyu’s exhalation of shock was able to be heard within the cauldron. Then, it was the sound of chaotic impacts within the cauldron. From an initial estimation, he should be madly struggling inside. It seemed like there was an immediate effect.

Chen Moyun was overjoyed.

He did not delay any longer, spitting out another three spurts of the essence of his blood. He continued to enhance the flame.

After losing four spurts of blood essence, Chen Moyun’s face became much more pale and pallid. As if he had suddenly aged many times. His originally grey hair had completely turned silver white. There were countless more wrinkles on his face, as if he had aged tens of years in an instant.

He bit his teeth, continuing to activate his inner yuan.

All of his strength was squeezed out.

And under the mad activation of Chen Moyun, one was able to hear the indistinct roars of beasts above the cauldron. The four figures of the ancient mythological beast began to have an aura revolving around it. As if they were alive, an inexplicable apparition could be seen.

Chen Moyun became overjoyed.

“The cauldron has come alive!”

This time, even the heavens are aiding me.

The roar of the divine beasts and the aura enveloping the cauldron was a scene that had never occurred before when he utilized the cauldron.

In the time of a day and night, the [Human Pill] could definitely be successfully refined.

Chen Moyun did his utmost.

…… ……

“The situation is not good!”

Ye Qingyu’s body was completely red, as if he was a tomato that was about to break apart in boiling water.

The Origin crystal the width of a finger, sunk from above. It floated in front of Ye Qingyu.

From within the Origin crystal, a terrifying Spirit energy was emitted that surged and roiled within the [Cloud Top Cauldron]. Compared to the Spirit energy of the [Hundred Grass Divine Liquid], it was many, many times more concentrated. Under the effect of the pill cauldron, the terrifying Spirit energy, madly rushed towards Ye Qingyu’s body.

Ye Qingyu originally felt like he was a fatty that was already very full and was about to vomit. But at that moment, someone madly stuffed yet more items into his mouth.

Such a sensation of engorgement made him completely crazy.

He unendingly swung his fists, beating on the walls of the cauldron, wanting to release the energy in his body.

And at the same time, within the pill cauldron, another change happened.

On the eight patterns carved onto the walls of the cauldron, every line began to emit a radiance. As if every line was an ordered chain, it shot out from the walls, wrapping around Ye Qingyu’s body. It was as if it wanted to pierce and bury into his flesh. The refining power of the cauldron, through these lines, seamlessly affected Ye Qingyu’s body.

“If this continues on, will I become the first person in history that is stuffed to death with Spirit energy?”

Countless thoughts flickered in Ye Qingyu’s mind.

“Then let’s do it!”

He made an extremely mad decision.

Fiercely suppressing the chaos in his heart, he began to utilize the nameless breathing technique. He did not reject the Spirit energy within the Origin crystal anymore, but instead began to absorb it of his own initiative.

Success and failure depended on this.

Ye Qingyu risked everything.

…… ……

The time frame of nine days and nine nights had completely passed.

Chen Moyun had nearly expended all his energy.

The [Cloud Top Cauldron] floated to the ground, incomparably peaceful.

The lines of light emitting from the copper cauldron were like golden fluctuating ripples. From within the pill cauldron, there was a faint fragrance seeping out. And in the interior of the cauldron, one could vaguely hear the singing of angels.

An apparition had appeared.

Chen Moyun controlled the excitement in his heart, circling around the cauldron several times. Carefully observing and listening to any commotion within, a satisfied expression appeared on his face.

According to his previous experience, it seems like refining the pill was a success.

According to the [Pill Mantra], the appearance of an apparition represented the birth of a [Divine Pill].

It must be the [Human Pill of Dragon Blood] that was successfully created.

“Hahahaha, even the heaven’s itself is bequeathing onto me. I, Chen Moyun can finally change my fate. Ahahahaha…” he laughed loudly. “Ye Qingyu, this is your fate, you were destined to be used by me. Thank you for your generosity. Ahaha, I hope that after you die, you won’t blame me. But, even if you blame me, it is no use. You should just honestly stay under the yellow river and watch with wide eyes as I soar into the heavens.”

Saying this, he used his [Pill Mantra], quickly unlocking the pill cauldron.

The copper lid slowly floated up.

A five coloured radiance shone from within the cauldron.

Within the ice cave, a strange fragrance immediately surged out.

Chen Moyun could not wait to jump next to the cauldron, lowering his head to peer into the cauldron.

It was completely dark inside. Chaotic mist was swirling about, and nothing was able to be seen clearly.

Chen Moyun chuckled loudly, his lips curling in such a fashion that it had gone completely bent. He stretched his hand within the cauldron, half his shoulder going in. Fumbling inside, he laughed loudly. “Everything about this cauldron is good except that it is too large. Ai, every time after I refine a pill, I have to stretch my hand out and feel for the inside. The [Human Pill of Dragon Blood], quickly come out! Wahahahaha…”

At this time, he had an excited expression that was hard to describe.

But at this time, suddenly—


On his bottom, a fierce kick was struck.

Chen Moyun was far too excited, with no defense at all. He did not react. With a crash, he fell headlong into the cauldron, a harsh tumble.


The copper lid fell back down at the same time, covering the cauldron. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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