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Chapter 1256, Count me in

The Light soldier camp was now the most powerful elite force in Light City. In the entire empire there wasn’t a stronger military battle division. It was just that the fatty and the soldiers were not reliable, like some slippery fellows. They had only saved the crisis at the critical moment in a few key battles, thus there were not many people who know the prestige of the Light soldier camp.

The serene blue figure and the others came to a stop at the entrance of the soldier camp.

“Familiar military arrangements.” He ran his eyes across the tents and the defensive layout, catching a trace of the familiar taste. The God Emperor back then was a rare genius, a master of everything, omnipotent, and anyone who received one-thousandth of the God Emperor's inheritance can dominate an area, achieve the position of emperor. The law of formations of the camp before his eyes vaguely exhibited the shadow of the God Emperor.

It was just that this layout hadn't quite captured the essence, it seemed right but was actually wrong.

“He did not set up the formation.”

The blue figure made a judgment.

He was about to step into the camp, when there suddenly came a scream from the inside. He then saw a fatty roll out of the central tent of the camp, like a frightened rabbit, speeding to the depths of Light City without turning his head once.

Adding to this, some light armoured soldier, also, like being chased by a dog, covered their head and scurried away, disappearing behind the distant central city gate.

Even the blue figure was taken aback by the scene.

He never thought something like this would happen.

Since that person established Light City, since that person developed the army camp, then the commanders and soldiers here should be fearless and courageous fellows. Why did they scamper away like rats without any contact?

The entourage behind him stood there gazing at each other blankly.

The scene was sudden and funny.

It was only when the whole Light army camp had become an empty camp that the blue figure slowly came out of his surprise.


He smiled.

The party of people continued.

Passing through the central city gate, the path was entirely free of obstruction and hindrance. There wasn't the slightest defensive force, like an empty city. It was evident that all the defensive force had fled.

In the distance, two angry roars could be heard.

“Fatty, put me down, as the commander in chief, how can you flee without a fight, Palace Lord would be disappointed...” It was the voice of Yang Henshui.

“You fatty, you fled from the enemy because of fear, but also tied us to escape with you, you are just afraid that nobody would take the blame for you when Palace Lord finds out. You’re too shameless... let go of me.” It was the roar of Li Changkong.

Evidently, as generals of the central city area, they wanted to fight to the death, but were tied up by the fatty and dragged away together.

“What battle, it is not worth battling, you would just be throwing away your life. Why make a meaningless struggle, it's better to flee. Even if the sky collapses there would be a tall man to support it.” The voice of the fatty also sounded before they all disappeared into the distance.

The blue figure slightly twitched the corner of his mouth when he heard this.

The group of people had finally arrived in the inner city area of Light City.

In the depths of the fire woods, the Underground Fire Spring was still burning, and the Light Palace was floating in the sky above the Underground Fire Spring. Ye Qingyu had always carried this Palace with him, but then after his strength greatly increased, he left the palace in Heaven Wasteland Domain and was presided over by the little silver dragon. It was the core of Light City, but also the core of the entire imperial capital. It was the most heavily guarded place in the Snow capital.

Yu Xiaoxing and others were on the stone steps at the entrance of the Light Palace.

The soldiers of the Light army camp had already fled to some unknown place, and only fatty, carrying Li Changkong and Yang Henshui, was hiding behind Yu Xiaoxing and others with a frightened look.

The blue figure halted his footsteps, stood in the fire forest, slightly closed his eyes, and shook his head, “Not here.” He was sensing the location of Lan Tian, but he didn't find anything, and thought that he was being concealed by some methods.

But he wasn't worried.

Because since Lan Tian had been confirmed to be in this domain, then there was no way he could escape. It wouldn't be long before he finds him. His eyes fell on Gao Diping and Wen Wan on the stone steps, a smile curving his lips, because in these people, he felt that familiar and long-lost aura. Only the people cultivated by the God Emperor would possess that power and aura.

Once, he also had that aura.

Once, his friends, subordinates, comrades, also had that aura.

It was after that war back then that almost all the people with this aura were killed by him. He had personally, one by one, left everything that was familiar to him back then in the dust of history. For the eternal goal, he would not regret his actions, and even if time was turned back, he would still make the same choice.

Seeing the few people in the distance radiating the same aura, he fell into a trance again, seemingly returned to that period of time that was engraved in his memory.

But it was only for a moment.

With his present status, how well respected was he? He had seen the ups and downs of the mortal world and watched the changes of the vast sea. How stable was his state of mind? The dark blue eyes quickly turned still and peaceful like a rippleless well, as he lifted his head to look at the people on the Light Palace.

“Where is he? Hand him over,” the blue figure said indifferently.

Yu Xiaoxing took a step forward, looking at these twenty figures. At this time she already knew what had happened outside. The entire imperial army that guarded Light City had been wiped out. The loss was disastrous. The people in front of them seemed calm and peaceful, but were all monsters, because standing with the twenty figures was the ox-headed Emperor expert that escaped a few days ago.

“You are the rumored Sky Emperor?” Yu Xiaoxing asked.

“Nonsense, Your Majesty had spoken, you just need to obey, yet you dare to ask a question back. Do you want the Heaven Wasteland Empire to be wiped out?” The Wild Ox Martial Emperor snapped, assuming the condescending attitude he had four days ago.

And the other twenty Martial Emperors of the Dark Realm were already ready to instantly go out to slaughter all the people of the imperial family of the Heaven Wasteland Empire. The countless cases and examples in the past years had proved that one should answer what His Majesty asks, and do what he tells one to do. Anybody who questions him would only be killed. His Majesty hated fools the most, and would never waste time on them.

However, to their surprise, the blue figure simply waved his hand slightly, and was not enraged.

“The imperial qi you carry is second to none in the entire Human Race, is strengthened with the will of the true dragon, and has prosperous destiny. Even the ancient emperors in the past did not possess Emperor qi comparable yours. The Heaven Wasteland Empress indeed lives up to her reputation. You are qualified to ask me one question.” The blue figure showed rare patience. “Yes, I am the rumoured Sky Emperor, but not complete until we find that person. It is only then that I can be considered the complete Sky Emperor.”

“Who do you want us to hand over?” Yu Xiaoxing asked again.

The Sky Emperor’s expression turned indifferent, “Why ask something you already know the answer to? Or are you prepared to use your imperial qi and the destiny of the empire to fight against me? Why do you have to strike a stone with an egg? If you hand over that person, then I won't touch the Heaven Wasteland Empire.”

The entourage behind was slightly surprised.

Because they knew that the Sky Emperor's intention of coming here was to erase the Heaven Wasteland Domain from the Vast Thousand Domains. This was more in line with the way that the Sky Emperor's did things all along. Since Heaven Wasteland Domain may be the nest of the Light Divine Emperor, then he must destroy the root to prevent future trouble. But now, the Sky Emperor had changed his mind and was willing to leave Heaven Wasteland Domain alone... This, what is this about?

In the world of the Light Palace, Yu Xiaoxing felt tremendous pressure.

She had been the Empress of Heaven Wasteland all these years, had unknowingly cultivated the imposing manner of a person in a high-ranking position, and her words and actions would inevitably bring huge psychological pressure to others, which has nothing to do with martial arts. It was the power of a person who ruled over tens of thousands of living beings, but in this moment, in the face of the indifferent Sky Emperor, Yu Xiaoxing couldn't help but feel like a little boat struggling in a storm, as if she would capsize at any time. It was simply difficult to withstand the imposing manner that the other side causally showed.

At this time, Gao Diping gently took a step forward.

An invisible power burst forth, and an invisible mist spread across.

“So many years have passed, the high and mighty Sky Emperor who thinks highly of himself used his million years of cultivation base to pressure a little girl. It really is an eye-opener.” Gao Diping taunted, his imposing manner instantly took the enormous pressure away from Yu Xiaoxing.

The Empress felt relaxed right away.

She straightened her body, her expression grew serious and resolute, and said bluntly, “Although I do not know why you are looking for Lan Tian, but I will never give him to you. If you're that capable then find him yourself. But first you have to go through me.”

Since the Sky Emperor was the enemy of Brother Qingyu then she cannot give him what he wants.

The madness of a woman was sometimes extremely terrifying.

In this moment, Empress Yu Xiaoxing was already prepared to die, even if she had to take the imperial throne and the entire empire with her she would never regret her decision.

The Sky Emperor nodded, “Fine.”

Then he motioned with a wave of his hand, “Kill!”

The twenty sovereigns of the Dark Realm moved past the Sky Emperor, approaching the Light Palace.

The expression on the people on the steps of the Light Palace suddenly turned incomparably solemn.

The atmosphere was suffocating like the air had solidified.

Gao Diping and Wen Wan did not wait for the Empress to say anything, and came down the stairs of the Light Palace side by side to meet the attacks head-on. They planned to use the strength of two people to withstand against over twenty sovereigns. Looking at these two tragic figures, fatty, who was standing behind Yu Xiaoxing, was scared stiff, his face ashen.

A battle was on the verge of breaking out.

At this point, there was a sudden change.

In the distance came the sound of the ocean tide, mixed with Dao sounds, soothing and deep.

Clasping a three-pronged spear, a dark-faced man, who clearly looked as powerful as a fierce general or an iron tower, was dressed like a scholar. He wore a square headcovering, and was coming from the distant sky, riding a giant wave of Dao sounds. In the blink of an eye, he was already above Light City. He pressed down the wave and came to stand with Wen Wan and Gao Diping. He grinned, revealing his spotlessly white teeth, a clear contrast from his dark face.

“You fighting? Count me in,” the dark-faced scholar said——
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