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Chapter 1255, Visit

The Light Palace has always had a very special status in the Heaven Wasteland Empire.

Because of the previous two generations of Lords of the Light Palace, the Light Palace vaguely had the power to rule over the empire, but fortunately the Light Palace had never questioned the affairs of the empire and had a special relationship with the imperial family. Thus it had never suffered from the suspicion of the royal family, and instead was always the most important force of the imperial family.

Today both Gao Diping and Wen Wan had shown remarkable power, thus Yu Xiaoxing had personally gone to the Light City to inquire further. She was certain that Wen Wan and others knew some secrets that she did not know, as well as the reason for this sudden wave of beast tide.

And in the face of the Heavenly Empress, Gao Diping and Wen Wan also dared not to be disrespectful.

Inside the fire woods, the two men told Yu Xiaoxing about some secrets.

It wasn’t until sunset of that day that Yu Xiaoaxing left.

What kind of story was behind this, Yu Xiaoxing did not tell to others.

But after she returned to the palace, the first thing she did was order the empire to immediately enter battle state, and then ordered the Lords of the four major foreign races of the Northeast, Northwest, North and South to enter a state of readiness. However, she did not send troops to support the Imperial capital. At the same time, the great demon army of the Snow Ground Demon Court that was already traveling southward was ordered to withdraw and return to Youyan Pass, to be stationed at the north of the empire with Lu Zhaoge.

And the imperial Snow capital was on full alert.

The majority of the damaged formations had been repaired by Gao Diping, while the other imperial formation masters were working hard to restore the other parts. The military in the entire imperial capital was operating in an orderly manner like a sophisticated machine.

Gao Diping and the others had made several attempts to find the reason why the Domain Gate of Heaven Wasteland Domain was sealed, but unfortunately to no success. The sealing force was too mysterious. Gao Diping, Wen Wan and others were not experts in formations and thus were unable to break the seal.

“If Divine General Shang or Divine General Jue was around, it will definitely be possible to crack the power of this seal,” Wen Wan said resentfully.

Among the five Divine Generals, Divine Generals Gong, Zhi and Yu, three divine generals had already appeared. In the Battle of Light City, even the [Martial Artist of Shadow] had shown up, but Divine General Shang and Divine General Jue were still nowhere to be seen. Even Gao Diping and the others did not know about their whereabouts. These two divine generals were a couple, most skilled at the way of formations, and had once killed peerless experts with formations alone. They had received the handed-down teachings and techniques of the Light Divine Emperor, but for some reason had disappeared together.

In the end, Wen Wan suggested that Yu Xiaoxing and other higher-ups of the empire to temporarily leave the imperial palace and enter the Light City.

“When the map is unrolled, the dagger is revealed. Since Wild Ox had escaped he will certainly notify the Sky Emperor, and at that time he will come in person.” Wen Wan said, “Snow capital will be very dangerous at that time, even if there are millions of troops and countless formations, it will still be difficult to block the footsteps of the Sky Emperor.” It was Wen Wan and Gao Diping who suggested the Empress to not summon the different foreign races and their respective military army into the imperial capital, because in the face of the Sky Emperor, no matter how many troops and living beings there are, all would just be buried and not be able to hinder him in any way.

Yu Xiaoxing accepted Wen Wan's suggestion.

On that day, the real pillars and higher-ups of the empire, including Lin Zheng, Li Guangbi, and Yu Feiyan had temporarily entered Light City and laid down a lot of arrangements to prepare for the arrival of the Sky Emperor.

In the whole process, they did not give up on breaking the seal of Heaven Wasteland Domain, but there was no success in the end. Yan Xingtian had repeatedly urged the Heaven Wasteland Empire to contact Ye Qingyu right away, but there was no way to contact him now. The beings of Heaven Wasteland Domain were like turtles trapped in a jar, without the Domain Gate it was impossible to escape.

On the third day.

The scouts from all over the Imperial capital came back to report that they did not find any signs of counterattack from the horde of beasts. The majority of the defeated horde of beasts were detained on the grasslands, and fundamentally were like scattered sand. There was not the slightest sign of a counteroffensive, nor signs that they were being controlled.

More importantly, there was no sign of a continued increase in the number of beasts in Deer City, which had become a den for the beasts. This indicated that the number of beasts of the horde of beasts had not increased, and that the person behind this had no intention of continuing to send more troops into Heaven Wasteland Domain.

In a blink of an eye, another day was over.

The Sky Emperor still had not come as expected.

There was also no sign of arrival of Emperor experts under the Sky Emperor.

But Yu Xiaoxing and the others dared not to let their guard down.

On the fifth day, the wind was warm and the sun was shining beautifully.

The atmosphere in the imperial capital seemed relaxed outwardly, but was incredibly tense. Except for the officers and military of the empire, the ordinary people were unaware that a crisis was imminent. As a result, the atmosphere on the streets was relaxed, and the public was still immersed in the joy of a few days ago. There were streams of people weaving in and out, shops were busy and hawkers were shouting at the top of their voice.

These days, because the people outside the city were accepted in, there were a lot more unfamiliar faces in the city.

Approximately ten kilometers away from Light City, on the main road of the imperial family's street, a party of about twenty people were casually touring the imperial capital. The leader was tall and somewhat burly, dressed in a common linen robe, with half his face masked by his fur hood. What was strange was that there was a faint blue brilliance lingering around his body.

And every one of the more than twenty people behind him was also not ordinary at all. They all exuded a faint majesty that was evidently being suppressed, and when martial artists brushed past them they felt an instinctive soul-shivering pressure.

This party of people was obviously not people of the imperial capital, but recently there were many unfamiliar faces, so the people around did not find it strange at all.

“It's been many years since I saw the bustling world.”

The blue figure sighed.

“Your Majesty has not tread upon the secular world for many years, and the living beings, who are struggling in the mortal world are no different to ants to your Majesty.” One of the entourage behind him laughed.

“That's not right. The living beings of the mortal world, although weak, should still be respected. They, like us, had been painfully struggling and pursuing their goal in the earthly oven. It's just that what they seek is different from us, but in essence, even the ultimate goal of survival that a little beast seeks is no different to our pursuit of the great Dao and eternal life. We all just want to live,” the blue figure said righteously.

“Your Majesty is insightful, we all understand.”

The entourage behind him bowed respectfully.

The blue figure nodded and continued ahead.

His mind was extremely calm and peaceful, looking around while walking, he seemed very carefree.

His pace was neither slow nor fast, as though he was admiring the beautiful scenery that he had not seen in a long time. Then, all of a sudden he thought of something and couldn't help sighing emotionally. “Back then, I followed the God Emperor to cultivate, had once walked in the mortal world, sought and appreciated the great Dao with the mortal's way and point of view. I was no different to those ordinary living beings. It was only then that I understood something, and took a vital step, unfortunately... now so many years have passed in the blink of an eye, everything is no longer the same. Who will wake up first from the dream? Only I know what my life is.”

The entourage behind him did not dare to answer.

Because they knew that the person mentioned was His Majesty's taboo, and except for His Majesty himself, anyone who dares to mention this person will be severely punished.

The party of people continued to advance.

About half an hour later, they came to the outer area of Light City.


An imperial soldier immediately discovered them and issued a warning, “This is a restricted area of the imperial military. Please leave, if you enter, you will be killed, please don't make a mistake.”

The blue figure halted.

He looked up at the magnificent city walls of Light City, and lifted the hood that covered half his face, revealing a serene blue face without any facial features. It was so terrifying that the several soldiers who came over to stop them were all frozen in fear.

“It is indeed his style, the aura of the wall... I can smell him.”

The blue figure let out a long sigh.

There were incomparably complex feelings in that sigh.

“I didn’t expect him to be hiding in such a little domain after disappearing for so many years... Yes, this Heaven Wasteland Domain, these years have been linked with the outside world and a Domain Gate has appeared, which is why I couldn’t find any clues before. His way of doing things really should not be underestimated. Unfortunately after that war, he had already become dried bones in a burial mound, and no longer qualified to battle with me again.”

He nodded as he spoke, ignoring the interceptions of the soldiers, and headed straight for the city.


“Stop there!”

The several soldiers immediately blocked his path.

However, the next moment, there were dark blue flames, without warning, gushing out from the mouth and nose of the several soldiers, and before they could let out a cry of pain were immediately turned to ashes, dissipating in the air.

“What's going on?”

The imperial guards in the distance immediately noticed the scene.

The sound of alarm rang over Light City, before it was intercepted by an invisible force, preventing the sound waves from spreading to the imperial capital outside. Moreover, the ordinary citizens in the imperial capital were unable to see this scene and were still walking along the streets without the slightest surprise.

Countless dark blue flames began to burn within the body of each soldier throughout Light City, burning them to ashes and destroying their souls.

The empire's most elite army had discovered the invaders, but was powerless to stop them.

Waves upon waves of armoured soldiers rushed over only to be turned to ashes by the dark blue flames.

The blue figure and the entourage behind him, just like they were visiting a scenic spot, had very easily broken through all the military defenses outside Light City, and passed the front city gate of Light City, like they were stepping into an uninhabited land. In less than ten seconds, tens of thousands of elite troops had died in battle.


The fatty who was sat lazily in the sun at the entrance of the main tent suddenly knitted his brows in a frown, realizing that something wasn’t right.

It was then that the blue figure and his group of people came to the main tent of the Light soldier camp.
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