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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 124 Soul Will of the Heaven Earth Copper Cauldron

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Chapter 124 – Soul Will of the Heaven Earth Copper Cauldron

In a split second, the ancient Bronze book activated and flickered with light. Like previous times, it began madly absorbing Ye Qingyu’s inner yuan with extreme speed. Ye Qingyu was nearly completely sucked dried by the Bronze book. In only a few seconds’ time, Ye Qingyu’s inner body was in a bizarre state of near dehydration.

To establish again after destruction.

Ye Qingyu struggled to maintain his consciousness. He waited for the repayment of the Bronze book that would appear.

But this time, a slight change happened.

After ten minutes had passed, the expected repayment had still not manifested.

The Bronze book was still sucking away the yuan power within Ye Qingyu’s body.

However, this type of absorption was evidently much slower and gentler than the previous times. It maintained a special rhythm, not exploding in an instant and turning Ye Qingyu into a dehydrated person.

Ye Qingyu did not become panicked.

Because he had already realized the reason why such a situation would appear. It was because the [Hundred Grass Divine Liquid] was constantly restoring the energy within his body by its medicinal properties. And the Bronze book seemed to be particularly interested in this energy, slowly absorbing it.

Ye Qingyu’s body, was as if it had become a point of conduit.

After passing through his body, the medicinal power of the [Hundred Grass Divine Liquid] entered into the Bronze book.

This type of process continued on for one day and night.

Then the Bronze book seem to grow tired of using this method to absorb the [Hundred Grass Divine Liquid]. It stopped sucking the energy in. Tens of breaths later, there was an incomparably pure yuan qi that surged out from the Bronze book. In an instant, it had flowed throughout Ye Qingyu’s meridians and his bones and limbs. As if rivers returning to the sea, the streams converged in the desert of the dantian world and flowed into the four Spirit springs.

The long awaited repayment had finally occurred.

Ye Qingyu immediately became as lively as a tiger or a dragon.

This new power made him feel as if he was reborn.

Inner yuan fluctuated around his meridians and within his body. Ye Qingyu was immediately able to feel the pressure constraining him lessen by a large margin. He attempted to move his arms and legs and was finally able to stretch out his body within the [Cloud Top Cauldron]. His figure became much more relaxed.

But he was still trapped and could not escape.

The copper lid of the [Cloud Top Cauldron] had already fallen, sealing the entire pill cauldron.

A vast and deep energy enveloped the interior of the cauldron. This was especially so for the copper lid that was engraved with the images of birds and beasts. On the lid, there was a strange light pattern fluctuating, as if it was alive. It emitted a strange energy, as if it was the world itself. It gave a feeling that even if your strength was greater still, you would not be able to break apart this world.

Ye Qingyu attempted several times, but was not able to open the copper cauldron.


There was suddenly the sound of someone knocking on the cauldron.

It was someone banging on the outside.

“How is it? Three days and three nights has already passed; could it be that you have already been refined to death?” The voice of the black-robed man came from outside.

At this time, Ye Qingyu was not particularly anxious, assuming the stance of a hoodlum and laughed in contempt. “I peh, you hypocrite that angles for fame. Slowly refine outside, even if you get tired to death, I won’t be smelted to death. If you have the abilities, then come inside and lets fight.”

There was a brief silence outside.

And then the voice of the black-robed man that seemed to be consumed by both fury and laughter sounded yet again. “Good, very good. It seems like you still have energy. These three days of time is just the appetizer. The next six days will be enough for you to suffer. At that time, I will wait for you to beg for my mercy.”

As he finished, he continued to maintain the cauldron and began the refinement process once again.

Ye Qingyu immediately sensed the temperature of the cauldron rapidly rising.

Even with Ye Qingyu’s current strength, he was able to feel a torrid heat that was hard to endure.

It was if he was bathed within lava.

The [Hundred Grass Divine Liquid], was once again absorbed by Ye Qingyu. There was only two thirds left behind.

Ye Qingyu could not think of a solution to his crisis at this very moment so he crisply decided to sit in a meditative position. Putting aside all distractions, he continued to train.

In the blink of an eye, another day had passed.

The [Hundred Grass Divine Liquid] became more and more violent. Under the high temperature, a large quantity had already turned into gas. The liquid transformed into golden steam that coalesced within the pill cauldron.

Ye Qingyu did not have to spend any effort whatsoever to absorb the [Hundred Grass Divine Liquid]. Just by inhaling and exhaling, there would be the purest herbal Spirit qi that entered into his body. At this moment, even every single pore on his body were absorbing the energy of the herbs.

Ye Qingyu had a feeling that he was about to become a medicinal human.

He had an illusion, that if a martial expert just took a bite out of him and ate a piece of his flesh, their strength would greatly increase.

“Haha, little thing, do you feel that your entire body is entirely free from injuries? How is the absorption of the energy from the medicine?” The voice of the black-robed man came from outside the cauldron, containing ridicule but also a wickedness. He said, “Obediently, quickly absorb all the remaining medicinal energy. Only then can I proceed on with the next step of the refinement, ahahahahah…”

“Old bastard, to want to refine me into a [Human Pill]. I fear you don’t have the appetite for it,” Ye Qingyu loudly yelled. “If you have the guts, then quickly do it.”

“Haha, when a dead duck is cooked, the beak is still hard… there will be a time when you will cry.” The black-robed man let out an angry grunt, not say anything anymore.

What he should be doing right now was doing his utmost to activate the cauldron for refinement with his inner yuan.

As expected, Ye Qingyu once again felt the inner temperature of the cauldron rapidly rising. This time, there was not much difference from being directly roasted on the fire.

“This bastard is really too malicious. His plan is to make me completely absorb the medicinal power of the [Hundred Grass Divine Liquid] and become a medicine man. Then he will refine me into a [Human Pill].” Ye Qingyu racked his brains for a solution. But right now, apart from using the medicinal liquid to raise his strength, he seemed to not have any other choice. He could only continue, and take things step by step.

Ye Qingyu resisted against the heat of the cauldron while he diverted another part of his consciousness to observe the interior of the cauldron.

He wanted to find something within the cauldron, some information that he could utilize.

Chen Moyun had obtained this cauldron named the [Cloud Top Cauldron] from ancient ruins. This meant that this cauldron was not created by his own hands. He may not have completely grasped and controlled the secrets of this cauldron. Perhaps there were some aspects that Chen Moyun had neglected that could be of use for Ye Qingyu.

He comforted himself just like this.

Ye Qingyu examined the walls of the cauldrons.

As expected, he very quickly discovered many engravings and images in the style of the far ancient ages. They were different from the birds and beasts engraved on the copper lid. These engravings were mainly about the different characters in the pictures as well as the narrative of a tale. There were also some strange characters inscripted on the walls that Ye Qingyu counted carefully. In total, there were a hundred and eight characters, tight and clustered. It made one feel slightly dizzy whenever one looked upon it.

There were eight pictures of diagrams where it mainly retold the tale of a person.

The rough story of the eight diagrams said, there were once some very powerful people. From the clap of thunder in the skies, they managed to harvest the heavenly fire which they used to refine pills. The pictures showed the process of them refining pills in the Ninth Heavens… this was somewhat ridiculous, mysterious and unimaginable.

Ye Qingyu pondered for a while. This [Cloud Top Cauldron] should be an autobiography of the first owner of the cauldron. He should have just been blowing his own trumpet.

Contrary to expectations, the lines of the diagram were simple, but it was exceedingly lifelike. It should be engraved from the hands of a grandmaster.

As time flowed on, this diagram seemed to come alive, swirling within the interior of the cauldron. The characters depicted on the walls seemed as if it would walk out from the pictures.

“The background of the cauldron is absolutely not simple.”

Ye Qingyu gloomily speculated, at this while his heart faintly palpitated. Previously, Chen Moyun had not used his full power to expedite the progress of the cauldron. Like making congee, he used a small flame to slowly stew contents. Once the medicinal power of the Hundred Grass Divine Liquid was completely absorbed by Ye Qingyu, it was extremely likely that this person would turn up the power of the flames.

Right now, he could only hope that this fellow as per his estimation, had not completely grasped the secrets of the cauldron.

Ye Qingyu surveyed the interior of the pill cauldron, especially the hundred and eight characters. He memorized the orders and sequence of these characters, beginning to translate and guess at the meaning held within. Ye Qingyu held a little knowledge in regards to the characters from the God and Devil Age and the Far Ancient Age. Previously, to clear up the mysteries of the Bronze book, he had completely searched through the martial library of White Deer Academy. Those neglected language scrolls that no one had noticed, he had read from start to finish.

The characters were complicated and profound. But if given enough time, Ye Qingyu believed that he could definitely understand the meaning held within.

“It seems like, mastering another language is quite important.” Demon King Ye laughed at himself in self-deprecating humour.

Because he did not need to cultivate to absorb the spirit energy within the medicinal liquid anymore, Ye Qingyu crisply decided to focus all of his attention in solving the contents of these characters.

Ye Qingyu had a sensation that made him feel that these characters would somehow be of use.

Time flew by.

In the blink of an eye, another two days had passed.

Ye Qingyu had finally managed to completely absorb the [Hundred Grass Divine Liquid] in the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

Right now, just by opening his mouth, there would be a surge of spirit qi from the [Hundred Grass Divine Liquid] that gushed out.

Every cell in his body was as if it was completely stuffed with energy that was about to overfill. Ye Qingyu felt that his body was so full that it was not realistic anymore, like a balloon that had reached its limits. As long as someone blew another breath of air into him, as long as there was another shred of Spirit qi inserted into his body, his body would absolutely explode.

And as for the meaning of those hundred and eight characters, he had nearly completely deciphered it.

“This seems like a technique for refining tools and pills, it’s called… called… [Sole Will of the Heaven Earth Copper Cauldron]?”

Ye Qingyu carefully did his best to comprehend the characters.

There was only a short passage on the [Sole Will of the Heaven Earth Copper Cauldron]. But after a detailed consideration, this technique seemed to be all-encompassing. Ye Qingyu realized the meaning behind the characters, but the profoundness that it contained was too hard to comprehend in such a short time. After much thought, he felt a spell of faintness that made him unable to reason on.

And at that time—


The walls of the pill cauldron were struck on again.

“Two days and two nights have passed without any noises whatsoever. Have you died yet? The [Hundred Grass Divine Liquid] should have been completely absorbed. If my guess is not wrong, then you should not even have the strength to speak right now, isn’t that right?”

The vicious voice of the black-robed man could be heard.

Ye Qingyu did not reply straight away.

“Could it be that you have really died? This is just too disappointing, that you did not even manage to endure seven days. According to the Pill Mantra], if you are alive when you are being refined, then the [Human Pill] that is produced will have the greatest effect. But this is still fine, as long as it’s a [Human Pill] that is produced…” The voice of black-robed man continue to transmit from the outside.

Ye Qingyu was enraged. “Nonsense, your father I is still fine. You only have such method? This is just too disappointing…”

There was silence outside once again.

Then a flustered and exasperated voice could be heard. “Little trash. Good, good, good! You wait, I’ll very quickly make you cry…” Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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