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Chapter 1236 The Beginning of a New Era

Of course, Ye Qingyu would not leak out such insider information.

Ye Qingyu could make use of the fact that the Sky Emperor did not want outsiders to know the truth. He tried to imagine how the Emperor would try to forcibly suppress all of the major Emperor clans in Royal City and even the entire Dark Realm. What sort of effect would that lead to if all of the old sovereigns of the Emperor clans dared not show themselves and return to the city? To many clans and beings that did not know the entire truth, the old sovereigns were evidently afraid of Ye Qingyu.

That was the type of effect Ye Qingyu was looking for.

The sky had gradually turned bright when he finished visiting the last Emperor clan.

At this moment, the silly dog Little Nine flapped its gold wings as it managed to locate Ye Qingyu. "Woof, haha, there really isn't any fun here. Woof, I thought that there would be a lot of experts in Royal City, but all of them turned out to be weaklings. The 'Heavenly Dog Army' of yours truly has all sides of the mountain and city walls under complete control, and I've turned this Royal City into a trapped city. What are you going to do next, human pet? Start killing? That's a really good thought. Woof, I can help you kill. I'll eat all of these useless guards, hahaha..." it said proudly.

It drooled as it spoke.

Ye Qingyu did not know whether to cry or laugh. "It's more like you want to eat, right?"

The silly dog rebutted righteously, "Is there any difference? Come to think of it, you foolish humans kill for nothing. Think about it, dead people become corpses that take up space and pollute the air. If they're eaten up, we can save space and make good use of them. The feces that we produce after eating them can even be used as fertilizer..."

"All right, all right. Get rid of that thought soon; I've no intention of destroying Royal City," Ye Qingyu replied. He had no time to argue with this silly dog. "Reincarnation is about to begin, and all warriors, even if they are from the Spirit Spring stage, are valuable resources when it comes to the life and death struggle of the tens of thousands of realms and domains. Pass along my imperial edict and order all of the fighting and unrest in the city to cease immediately. I wish to rebuild Royal City."

"Tsk..." The silly dog rolled its eyes at Ye Qingyu. "Woof, I'm not your subordinate. Hmph, find someone else to pass out your orders. Woof, I haven't enjoyed myself enough yet," it said, still indignant at being unable to eat to its heart's content. It then transformed into a ray of flowing light and disappeared far away into the sky.

Ye Qingyu was completely speechless.

This silly thing was becoming increasingly hard to control.

"However, this silly dog seems to be fleeing from me." Ye Qingyu suddenly realized that the dog was behaving strangely.

Very quickly, he came to understand the reason.

Great Commander Sun Yi came forth to report on the situation of the battle and the current landscape.

It was only after listening to Sun Yi that Ye Qingyu realized that in the process of seizing the mountains and castle walls, it disregarded the Great Commander's advice and swallowed up four Quasi-emperor level experts who were guarding the city walls. It had even gone into a frenzy and nearly devoured the entire battle division of Quasi-emperors who had been fiercely resisting at the western gate. It had most likely guessed that Ye Qingyu would blame it for such behavior and thus decided to flee quickly, feeling guilty and afraid of being reprimanded.

Ye Qingyu could only remain speechless.

After they parted ways at the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor, the silly dog seemed to have met with some miraculous encounters of its own. It's greatly increased its powers aside, even its appetite was growing increasingly large, so much so that it could even swallow Quasi-emperors whole. Furthermore, Ye Qingyu still did not have the time to slowly interrogate the creature to find out what exactly had happened to it. This was because Ye Qingyu could sense a terrifying power in the dog that made him feel fearful.

"Your Majesty, what should we do next?" Sun Yi asked, looking to receive instructions.

He could be considered to have become a loyal fan of Ye Qingyu now, and the Sun clan was entirely in the new Emperor's camp.

"I believe you must be exhausted after participating in a bitter fight for an entire night. Rest for now; go back home and come back to see me after you've settled all the matters of your clan," Ye Qingyu said.

He also thought highly of the Great Commander.

This was not merely because of the fact that Sun Yi had always stood firmly in his camp. In fact, it was because Sun Yi was a commander who had his own unique style and charm. He was easy-going and loyal, and he could see things from a wider perspective. Also, he was one of the rare moral people among the Guardians and had always been unhappy about the bizarre aura that was left to ferment within Royal City. He had given Ye Qingyu his full support and aid after seeing his great ambition. Likewise, the commander thought that his leader was a principled and moral man.

"Your humble subject has already heard the news that the old sovereign managed to fulfill his dreams, even though he ended up dying. To him, it's a form of release." The Great Commander sighed. Only he knew what the old sovereign was truly thinking and knew that the amount of his own lifespan that he burned up all these years was torture. Now that he had the protection of Ye Qingyu, however, he managed to die feeling satisfied.

Ye Qingyu nodded. He really did not know what happened to the guys in the back. It looked like Sun Yi really did not know anything about the flow of operation.

The Great Commander was worried about the state of the city. They had just quelled the unrest at the four gates but there was still some commotion in the center of the city. He was also worried that the Emperor clans might attempt a comeback, and it was for this reason that he requested permission to lead the army on patrols.

"That's all right. Everything is within my grasp," Ye Qingyu said.

Sun Yi only left with his orders upon seeing the supreme self-confidence in Ye Qingyu.

However, he left ten of his trusted men in the military at Ye Qingyu's side to do his bidding.

The ten of them were not members of the Sun clan, but talents that he had unearthed from and developed in the army. They were outstanding humans who emerged recently, and they were youthful and extremely talented, besides being loyal and dependable. They were extremely familiar with the current situation of the city and were men that had been handpicked by Sun Yi to serve Ye Qingyu. This would prevent a situation where the sovereign would have no soldiers to serve him.

Ye Qingyu sent one of them to the number one military brothel to receive Lin Nanzhu and her company.

After which, he stood in the void and looked down at Royal City. He willed his Emperor qi aura to spread out, and it engulfed the entire city like an ocean pouring through the streets. Everything within a radius of a few hundred kilometers was instantly suppressed by the Emperor's aura. In an instant, all living beings, whether sentient, worms, ants, snakes, or rats, could sense something trembling in their souls, causing them to feel a level of panic that they never knew before. This feeling was the same as if they had seen their god. They did not even have the intention to resist or react.

The entire Royal City was trembling under the might of Ye Qingyu's aura.

He stood above the city like the burning sun, and he dictated everything in this world.

All living beings in the city looked fearfully and in shock toward the sky.

The martial arts experts could sense the terrifying pressure of his Emperor qi even more. They were fearful and kowtowed to the demonic and god-like figure in the sky. The more powerful they were, the smaller they felt in his presence.

"The might of a Martial Emperor."

"Is an Emperor-level expert enraged?"

"This is too formidable, true Emperor-level strength..."

"Which sovereign has reached the peak of his level and leveled up?"

"That figure... looks like the new Emperor."

All sorts of exclamations could be heard from the developed areas, and all activities ceased even in the districts that were embroiled in war. The combatants lay prone on the ground in fright and dared not lift up their heads. Many Quasi-emperor-level experts who had been hiding in the dark were also trembling now.

"I'm going to begin my reign today and become your current sovereign. My reign will be known as the Immortal... Hear me, immediately after the sun rises today, there will be no fighting allowed in Royal City. Everyone will assume their original posts, and anyone who tries to stir unrest will be killed. Those who desert their posts will be killed. Those who disobey will also be killed."

Ye Qingyu's voice was incredibly authoritative and rang out in the mind of every living being.

His words carried the might of the Emperor realm each time he said "kill". The sky and earth cried out, as if the heavenly drums and bells had been rung, rousing the land from its slumber. Even the laws of nature and Dao sounds had also rung out. The words of an Emperor were the law, and he was executing the will of the heavens. In an instant, he displayed the full range of his might.

Furthermore, as he finished speaking, a red sun peeked out on the faraway white horizon.

All of Royal City, which had experienced an entire night of slaughter, was gradually enveloped by the red glow of the morning sun.

All living beings instantly understood that Royal City and the entire Dark Realm was welcoming its new sovereign. His reign would be known as the Immortal Reign, and he was the Immortal God Emperor.

Everywhere around Royal City was quiet.

A while later, none of the other sovereigns appeared to speak. The imperial throne circled swiftly around the world.

The beings of each clan came to look, signifying that the hidden sovereigns did not object to his coronation. It meant that the Immortal God Emperor was going to take over the control of Royal City and the Dark Realm.

Tens of thousands of beings knelt down and kowtowed at this moment.

They did not know that the previous reign had quietly ended with the departure of the Sky Emperor and the various hidden sovereigns. They were very clear that a new reign was upon them, as they heard the name of the Immortal Reign for the first time in their lives.

Lin Nanzhu and her mother had just been received by the officers sent by Ye Qingyu to the number one military brothel when the new Emperor issued his orders to the world. The good-looking and intelligent beauty lifted her head to look at the sky, and her heart was greatly conflicted.

She could not help thinking back to the first time she met Ye Qingyu.

At that time, Ye Qingyu showed himself as Zhang Longcheng, and she was still worried that he did not understand the situation and was getting himself into big trouble. After that, she came to understand that he was really strong, and he showed his true self when he became Emperor after the Battle of the Azure Cloud Platforms. His chiseled, handsome features were extremely regal looking, and countless women in the prime of their lives in Royal City became intoxicated by him. Of course, Lin Nanzhu had fallen for the outstanding young man once, but she was very clear that he was in a different league, even though she was the daughter of a marquis, and even if her father would eventually become a king...

We're people from different worlds after all... I wonder what sort of woman would be worthy of his love?

Lin Nanzhu thought to herself before catching up with her mother. They left the brothel under the guidance of the officer, and she wanted to find Mo Weinan's mother as soon as possible. That day, the residence of Marquis Tingtao faced a huge disaster, and luckily she was alerted in advance. She had sent Mo Weinan's mother out secretly. She hoped that the lady would be fine; otherwise she did not know what to tell Mo Weinan.

In the sky—

Ye Qingyu retracted his imperial authority gradually.

"I'll now issue my imperial edict. All chiefs, kings, dukes of the various Great Emperor clans and Great Commanders of the military have to report to the Great Hall of Policy for a court session. No one is allowed to be absent," Ye Qingyu said as he released nine rays of silver light from his palm. They transformed into nine ice imperial edicts that landed in the hands of nine officers beside him, thereby granting them the authority to carry out his orders.

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Nine bolts of flowing light cut through the air.

The sun was shining brightly in the east, and it rose slowly.

A new era had arrived.
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