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Imperial God Emperor 1202 - Absolutely Impossible

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The outcome had indeed been decided.

This was the soldiers' first encounter with a Martial Emperor and they realized that a Martial Emperor's terrifying power was exactly like how the legends had described it to be.

Countless crystalline snowflakes suddenly appeared in the void and danced through the void like white elves. These snowflakes immediately filled the skies and the earth and all the Invaders who came in contact with the snowflakes were immediately turned into ice sculptures regardless of their cultivation and this also included huge Invaders of peak Quasi-emperor cultivation. These ice sculptures then plummeted to the ground and shattered into shards of ice that clattered everywhere.

The battle ended with the appearance of the wind and snowflakes.

Millions of Invaders had swarmed into the Great Wall from the crack in the Unmoving City of Darkness, but as the wind and snowflakes danced across the skies, all these Invaders were destroyed and there was no room for escape or for them to struggle out of this hopeless situation.

The yells and howls of slaughter instantly came to a halt.

The soldiers of the Unmoving City of Darkness who were covered in blood and missing limbs looked at this legendary sight in disbelief, unable to wrap their minds around it.

They could not believe their eyes. How could the Invaders who had swarmed into the city like a never ending stream of hellish monsters and who they had battled for an entire month only to find themselves on the verge of defeat suddenly all turn into dust with one wave from this god-like man?

This battle had erupted without warning and had ended in an even more abrupt manner.

"Ah..." an injured soldier who had almost been sliced into two from the waist and who was of peak Great Saint cultivation suddenly cried out in alarm when a snowflake fell from the sky and landed between his brows.

He saw that those Invaders had instantly turned into ice sculptures when these snowflakes landed on their foreheads and died without a place of burial, so he had associated these snowflakes with the grim reaper. Now that this snowflake had landed on his body, he was incredibly frightened and thought that he was about to die.

Cries of alarm rang out from various parts of the battlefield as well.

Snowflakes had also landed on the foreheads of the many soldiers of the Unmoving City of Darkness.

Did this god-like man mean to kill them all after killing the Invaders?

The same thought crossed the minds of countless soldiers of the Unmoving City of Darkness.

However, contrary to their expectations, death did not befall them.

After the snowflake landed between their brows, it quickly turned into a cooling sensation that spread throughout their bodies and released an abundant vitality to replenish their foundations on the martial way and heal their injuries. As this cooling sensation worked its magic, all injuries were completely healed in a matter of four to five breaths, regardless of how critical these injuries had been.

Many soldiers stared at their limbs that had once been broken in astonishment. Their horrific injuries healed in front of their eyes, the pain vanished, and the fatigue that they had felt receded like a wave. They suddenly felt their energy levels reach an all-time high and this feeling was just like they had emerged from a long period of rest.

"How could this be?" the battalion commander marveled at these changes.

He had led his men in battle earlier and almost exhausted all his yuan qi. He would have withered away after the battle even if he managed to survive but now, he felt the essence of his foundation be completely replenished and even sensed that it had become even more powerful than before.

My god.

What kind of power was that?

The battalion commander was a seven-step peak Quasi-emperor, but these changes in his body still left him completely dumbfounded.

He saw that this phenomenon did not only affect him but all his comrades were also experiencing the same changes in their bodies. No matter how critical their injuries were, as long as they still had one breath left in them, their injuries would heal and their cultivation would be restored after the snowflakes that filled the sky landed between their brows.

His entire body started to shake when he realized what was happening.

This battle had almost completely destroyed the various battle divisions of the Unmoving City of Darkness, especially the main battle division that was loyal to the Emperor of Darkness. They had lost half their soldiers while the survivors were all critically injured. Countless soldiers had their Dao foundation destroyed and lost their will to fight. In other words, the elite battle divisions that had pledged their loyalty to the Emperor of Darkness were on the verge of being disbanded, so even if they had won the battle, the Unmoving City of Darkness would be a shadow of its former self.

However, after these snowflakes that were like divine pills fell from the sky, the surviving soldiers were completely healed and their origin power had even been upgraded. These were all brave soldiers who had experienced and fought valiantly in battle, so as long as they managed to survive with their combat strength intact, the Unmoving City of Darkness could maintain its strength.

"Many thanks, my lord."

"All hail the divine king!"

"A deity, he must be a diety who descended from the heavens."

Loud cheers suddenly rang out from the battlefield and this broke the silence that had hung in the air. The soldiers of the Unmoving City of Darkness who had come back to their senses quickly knelt and bowed in Ye Qingyu's direction. They worshipped him like a divine king and seemed extremely pious.

"Military Adviser, this man is from Royal City..." Lingyun started. He was similarly drenched in blood despite only battling for a short period of time. He hurriedly flew toward the flagship and made the introductions before Wang Jianru could, afraid that the military adviser would accidentally provoke the ire of the new Emperor. Lingyun regarded this new Emperor with awe and fear after witnessing how ruthless this new Emperor could be along the journey. He knew that the Unmoving City of Darkness would definitely not be spared if they provoked the rage of the new Emperor.

However, Lingyun forgot what kind of bond Ye Qingyu and Wang Jianru shared.

Wang Jianru smiled under her bloodstained mask. Her eyes twinkled and she waved off Lingyun's words with a smile as she looked at Ye Qingyu and said, "You've managed to come in time. If you arrived three to five days later, I'm afraid you might have had to bury my corpse then."

Ye Qingyu bowed and said, "Greetings, teacher. Where is Xiaojun?"

Although he was already a Martial Emperor, he was still filled with respect toward Wang Jianru who had once guided him along his martial way and protected Song Xiaojun single-handedly. Thus, he bowed solemnly at her. Both him and Song Xiaojun respected and treated Wang Jianru like their guide in life.

Wang Jianru smiled and said, "I'm no longer worthy of receiving such a formal bow from you. Ha ha, Xiaojun has entered the battlefield in space..."



The sounds of song and dance filled a big black ship.

Deputy Commander Xie had his arms around two courtesans in the VIP cabin and his hands boldly roamed around their exquisite bodies that were only concealed by a thin layer of gauzy fabric. There was another courtesan who knelt beside him and fed him wine and fresh fruits.

Elder Shen Lingzhi cocked his head and listened. Then, he said with some confusion, "I can't hear any movement from the battlefield a hundred kilometers away. Has the battle ended?"

"Ha ha, it is a miracle that the lousy military adviser managed to hang on until now. I guess their armies must have been completely wiped out by now," Deputy Commander Xie mumbled. He had beautiful women in his embrace and his mouth was full of great wine, so he had completely given in to the sensual pleasures of life.

"That's great," Shen Lingzhi stood up and rubbed his palms excitedly. Then, there was a flash of worry in his eyes as he mused rhetorically, "If the military adviser perished, then her men would probably be either dead or critically injured, but what about the Invaders that swarmed in... it will be difficult dealing with them." The right military division under him would not be able to handle them all.

"Ha ha ha, don't worry. These Invaders are under the control of Supreme Commander Yang. All he needs to do is to issue a military order and they would quietly leave the city," Deputy Commander Xie had a little too much to drink and accidentally blurted out this astonishing secret in a moment of tipsiness.

Supreme Commander Yang was one of the four supreme commanders of the Great Wall - Yang Qinhu. He was extremely powerful and influential and was one of the men who controlled the thirty million-kilometer long Great Wall. He was also Deputy Commander Xie's superior and was as terrifying as a demon-king. Yet, according to Deputy Commander Xie, this man seemed to have struck a deal with the Invaders. This news was bound to stun the world if it got out.

Shen Lingzhi seemed to have already guessed that this was the case. He seemed slightly surprised but soon regained his composure. He was secretly thrilled and quickly bowed, "I'll be counting on Deputy Commander Xie to handle this. Ha ha, after this matter is resolved, I'll be sure to reward you greatly."

Deputy Commander Xie's eyes flashed with greed and he nodded, "Very well, Elder Shen Lingzhi... City Lord Shen Lingzhi, you are truly a man of your word. Ha ha, you will rule over the Unmoving City of Darkness from now on. Please don't ignore my requests if I require your assistance in the future."

"You can count on me, ha ha. Thanks for your auspicious words..." Shen Lingzhi was thrilled. His long-cherished dream had always been to become City Lord and rule over the Unmoving City of Darkness and now, his dream had been realized. He forced himself to remain calm and said, "Oh yes, as for that bitch named Song Xiaojun, her whereabouts are still unknown. She wouldn't be returning, right? She is far too powerful and I'm not her match..."

Deputy Commander Xie threw his head back and laughed as he said," Don't worry. Everything is under control. He he, this bitch is inconsequential and she won't be able to stage a comeback. He he, we might even be able to capture her alive and she might even become a female slave with a little training. Ha ha ha, she would be a rare commodity."

Shen Lingzhi immediately felt reassured by Deputy Commander Xie's words.

He suddenly felt as though he had never been this relaxed in his life.

Hurried footsteps sounded outside the door and a high-ranking nobleman from the right army pushed open the door and blurted out in panic, "My lord, my lord, it's a disaster..."

Shen Lingzhi's expression hardened and immediately gave this military officer a hard slap as he growled, "Why are you so flustered? I'll skin you alive if you spoil Deputy Commander Xie's good mood..."

The appearance of this military officer at this time had killed the joyous atmosphere earlier.

The military officer crashed against the wall and fell in a bloody heap. He didn't dare to breathe and quickly got on his knees to beg for mercy. His body trembled as he said, "Please spare me, grand elder. I... I had urgent news to report and didn't dare to delay my report. Please spare me..."

Shen Lingzhi frowned and said, "Go on, what's the matter?"

"Grand Elder, the battle that had raged on a hundred kilometers away had ended and the battlefield is littered with the corpses of all the Invaders that had swarmed in..." the military officer stammered in fear.

"What?" Shen Lingzhi said as his face turned pale.

Deputy Commander Xie's expression froze for a moment before he said, "That’s impossible."

This couldn't have happened since they had meticulously planned this battle and had controlled the numbers and strength of the Invaders. It was already a miracle that the front, back, and left army divisions of the Unmoving City of Darkness had managed to last this long. How did they manage to wipe out the Invaders?

"What exactly happened?" Shen Lingzhi was no longer able to remain calm.

"I heard that Lingyun managed to come back with reinforcements after he went to Royal City and the man who accompanied him to the Unmoving City of Darkness was extremely powerful and managed to turn the tide..." the military officer mumbled with his head bowed in fear and he didn't even dare to breathe.
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