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Chapter 1192 - Invincible (2)

"His crimes do not warrant death, so why don't you spare him?" the voice who had spoken continued.

The voice belonged to a Martial Emperor and this Martial Emperor sounded like he had also depressed his own cultivation and did not completely ascend to his true Emperor cultivation. He was also a sovereign within Royal City and his voice carried wisps of Emperor qi activity. This sovereign was clearly on the side of the sovereign of the Sky Fox.

Ye Qingyu scoffed coldly and said, "Are you going to stop me?"

He was now a Martial Emperor himself and carried the mandate of heaven at the prime of his youth, so he was already standing at the pinnacle of the martial way. Thus, he spoke forcefully and did not show any sign of weakness. The Martial Emperor who had spoken did not speak up when the sovereign of the Sky Fox had attempted to kill Ye Qingyu, so the fact that he only spoke up now showed that he was on the sovereign of the Sky Fox's side. He was so biased that Ye Qingyu was filled with anger.

"Young man, you shouldn't act rashly. Don't kill others over such minor issues," the voice said once more.

Ye Qingyu scoffed and said, "There's a deep enmity between us since he tried to take my life, so I can't spare him. If you wish to protect him, why don't you ascend to your true Martial Emperor cultivation and battle me? Otherwise, don't even think of stopping me."

The voice fell silent.

The sovereign of the Sky Fox was like a bird trapped in a cage and as the [Blood Drinker Sword] pressed down on his neck, he felt death looming closer. He shrieked and said, "My friend, Brother Dark Feather, save me..." He no longer cared about his pride now that he felt the threat of death so keenly and begged for mercy.

Ye Qingyu held the [Blood Drinker Sword] in his hand and Emperor mist swirled and seethed with murderous spirit all around him. He barked out a cold laugh and said, "Have you all awakened from your slumber to save this fox? He had schemed against me first, and tried to prevent me from gaining Dao later. There is an irreconcilable enmity between us, so if anyone else wants to plead for mercy, then be prepared to ascend to your Martial Emperor cultivation and battle me."

He made his stance extremely clear.

Ye Qingyu was determined to kill the sovereign of the Sky Fox today and would not abandon this plan because of anyone. Moreover, there was no reason for him to spare the sovereign of the Sky Fox since he had brought this upon himself.

After he spoke, three Emperor auras out of the several Martial Emperors who had appeared finally disappeared, as though they had re-entered a strange state of hibernation.

"Ha ha, you've just become a Martial Emperor and you're already so domineering. Even after you've stabilized your Martial Emperor cultivation, you should know that you won't be able to rule over the entire world," another voice piped up aggressively. His words were similar to the words the first Martial Emperor had said and he sounded very unfriendly.

"Brother Skyreach you must believe me when I say that Sinner's blood runs through this man's body, so you definitely must not let him..." the sovereign of the Sky Fox grew bolder when he saw that another Martial Emperor had stood up for him. He tried to use his words to instigate the other Martial Emperors who were observing the situation to attack Ye Qingyu.

However, Ye Qingyu's sword fell before he could even finish his sentence. There was a flash of divine splendor and the head of the sovereign of the Sky Fox fell.

"Your life was already hanging by a thread but you still dared to try to instigate and confuse the crowd with your heretical words. Did you really assume that I wouldn't dare to kill you? It's time for you to die," Ye Qingyu yelled and attacked mercilessly.

"Ah...you..." the sovereign of the Sky Fox sensed that the silver long sword contained a mysterious Emperor qi that immediately destroyed everything in his body, and his spirit was also torn into pieces by this qi.

The shadow of death had truly descended.

"No, don't kill me. I... spare me..." a phantom figure of a white nine-tailed Sky Fox appeared in the void. This phantom figure was the last spirit of the sovereign of the Sky Fox. He was truly frightened since he had not expected Ye Qingyu to act so boldly despite two Martial Emperors pleading for mercy on his behalf. He was consumed with regret and extremely terrified as he frantically begged for mercy.

"I can't spare you. Time to die," Ye Qingyu completely ignored his pleas and as the sword will from the [Life Sword Mantra] exploded from his [Blood Drinker Sword], he easily destroyed both the sovereign of the Sky Fox's body and spirit.


Emperor blood gushed out.

Layers of chains that contained the laws of Dao and the power of laws spurted out from the fox's neck like black and white blood.

There was a low rumble of thunder in the universe and at the same time, a peculiar energy wafted from the white fox's body.

An Emperor had perished.

This were the signs that an Emperor had died.

Silence seemed to fall upon the entire Guardians Royal City and countless people stood frozen to the spot on the Azure Cloud Square. The Crown Prince of the King of Zhenyuan’s residence, Poison Flower Princess, Marquis Tingtao Lin Xuan, Linghu Buxiu and Nie Tiankong were absolutely dumbfounded and their minds were a complete blank. The death of King Zhenyuan earlier had made each one of them feel a varying mix of shock, fright, or excitement but now, their minds were just a complete blank.

Many generations and centuries had passed but no one had witnessed the death of a Martial Emperor—— moreover, this Martial Emperor had died so tragically.

No one could believe their eyes.

"Keep!" Ye Qingyu yelled.

Then, the [Cloud Top Cauldron] spun around and a whirlpool that seemed like a black hole appeared at the mouth of the cauldron and instantly sucked the corpse of the sovereign of the Sky Fox within its murky depths. The [Blood Drinker Sword’s] splendor glowed even brighter as it quickly absorbed all of the Emperor blood that had splattered across the void.

He stood alone in the firmament and was as high as the heavens.

The sovereign of the Sky Fox would never be seen again and all signs of the sovereign of the Sky Fox were completely wiped away, as though he had never truly existed.

"You..." the sovereign of the Dark Feather yelled angrily.

"You've gone too far. You're simply too arrogant and contemptuous," Sovereign Skyreach said in anger.

They were enraged that Ye Qingyu had not accorded them due respect and killed the sovereign of the Sky Fox even before they finished their pleas for mercy.

"You might be young but you're extremely ruthless. You've only been at Royal City for a short period of time, but you've already killed countless noblemen, the King of Zhenyuan, and now the sovereign of the Sky Fox. You've stirred up chaos and diminished the strength of the camp, so are you working for the Invaders?" Sovereign Skyreach was extremely angry and immediately put the blame on Ye Qingyu.

"You're definitely up to no good. I guess the sovereign of the Sky Fox was right about the fact that Sinner's blood flows through your veins. You must be a Sinner and I pity the sovereign of the Sky Fox for being killed because he revealed your true identity," the sovereign of the Dark Feather said menacingly.

Yet another Martial Emperor had named him a Sinner.

These two Martial Emperors' words definitely carried weight and the Emperor aura that had vanished earlier gradually reappeared.

The words of Sovereign Skyreach and the sovereign of the Demon Father had caused the sovereigns in Royal City to waver.

Ye Qingyu stood in the void fearlessly and said, "If you refuse to accept this outcome, then feel free to ascend to your Martial Emperor cultivation and challenge me in battle."

He scoffed coldly and he had an extremely low opinion of the two Martial Emperors who had sided with the sovereign of the Sky Fox. He was the [Military Judge of the Nine Swords] within the camp and had limitless potential, but he only had the support of the sovereign of the Sun clan. When he was being refined by the sovereign of the Sky Fox, none of them had helped him on the basis that the strength of the camp was being diminished, yet they were now trying to fan the flames and instigate others to attack him.

"You..." the two sovereigns were enraged but they hesitated.

This was no longer their era and if they ascended to their true Emperor cultivation, there would be a huge price to pay and it would also reduce their lifespan. Furthermore, Ye Qingyu was a true Martial Emperor and he was incredibly mighty, so they might even sustain injuries and end up losing more than they would stand to gain.

"You would soon have to pay the price for killing an Emperor today," Sovereign Skyreach said, then he finally fell silent and his aura vanished.

"I will definitely kill you in the future," the sovereign of the Dark Feather said. He was very reluctant to leave but he ultimately chose to return into hiding. Although his interests were closely aligned with the sovereign of the Sky Fox , now that the sovereign of the Sky Fox was dead, there was no need to ascend to his true Emperor cultivation for a dead man.

As for the several Martial Emperor auras that had reappeared, they hesitated for a moment before silently vanishing.

Ye Qingyu stood in the firmament and his authority was matchless as he said, "I'll welcome your challenge anytime."

His voice echoed throughout the void.

This was a form of potential, right, and status that he exuded now that he had become an Emperor. If he was still fearful at this stage, then he should give up on the idea of gaining Dao altogether.

Today, he could proudly look down on everything in this world from his lofty perch.


The Azure Cloud Platform slowly descended.

Ye Qingyu landed on the Azure Cloud Platform and soon, he came back to ground level.

"Greetings, your highness."

"Greetings, Sovereign Zhang Longcheng."

"Long live Your Highness."

Many people on the Azure Cloud Square fell to their knees. In accordance with the laws of the camp, anyone who became an Emperor would also become a sovereign of the camp. Thus, even an unknown man without any title could immediately rise to the highest position in this world. After all, the Martial Emperor was the most powerful existence in this world.

Even the noblemen of the King of Zhenyuan's residence had also fallen to their knees. They were struck with terror and afraid that Ye Qingyu would come after them now that he was a sovereign and kill them all.

Nie Tiankong was also amongst those who had fallen to their knees.

Nie Tiankong was completely consumed with regret at that moment. He could have become a benefactor of a Martial Emperor and could have won the favor and support of this Martial Emperor, but he had chosen to give up everything at the final and most crucial moment and side with this Martial Emperor's enemy.

He was so overcome with regret when he recalled what had happened on the Azure Cloud Platform earlier that he could have strangled himself.

Everything that happened in the past was like a beautiful pipe dream that vanished into smoke.

He held a high position within the camp and was a commander, but now, he tried his best to blend in with the rest of the kneeling people and hoped that he wouldn't be discovered. He was terrified that Ye Qingyu would humiliate him and hold him accountable for what he had done.

Linghu Buxiu, Marquis Tingtao, and Lin Nanzhu were also amongst those who knelt on the ground. They were incredibly excited because they believed that after Ye Qingyu had become Emperor, he would continue to remain righteous and upright and would bring glory to Royal City.

This was a Martial Emperor at his peak and in the prime of his youth, so unlike the other sovereigns who were in hiding after their golden era had passed, this was a newly minted sovereign who had the power to truly rule over the entire Royal City and Dark Realm.

This was also a rule of law.

Only the Crown Prince, Poison Flower Princess, and the Second Prince remained standing in the crowd. They were extremely frightened but they clenched their jaw tightly and looked fiercely at Ye Qingyu.

Someone tugged on the Crown Prince's arm.

"Don't try to make me kneel. I will not kneel in front of someone who murdered my father. Ha ha," the Crown Prince said with a cold laugh. He glared at Ye Qingyu and said, "Hey, Zhang Longcheng, kill me if you dare. We, the Yuan clan, will never forget the humiliation we've suffered today. I will never forget the fact that you've killed my father for as long as I live, and I will avenge his death one day."

He sounded very tough and fearless.

If they begged and groveled for mercy, they would definitely die, so their chances at survival might be higher if they put on a tough act. This was the strategy that the Poison Flower Princess, the Second Prince, and himself had agreed on.

"That's right. Wipe out the Yuan clan if you dare," Poison Flower Princess added. Her face was deathly pale but she maintained a brave front.

The Second Prince also summoned up all his courage to say, 'Yes, if you spare us, we will definitely get our revenge one day."
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