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Chapter 1183 – Emperor weapon

“I told you to change your frame of mind.” Ye Qingyu gradually retracted his fist. “Don’t always think that what you think is right. You’ll just be wasting your life guessing like that. That little bit of foundation from your Yuan clan alone isn’t enough against me. I shall give you some time now to display the technique given to you by the Sky Fox clan.”

“Preposterous.” Feeling a jolt in his heart, King Zhenyuan sneered while his injuries healed completely. “You yourself are depending completely on what the head of the Sun clan gave you… Hoho, I’d like to see how long you can last with this level of power.”

With that, he opened his palm, causing a wisp of blood radiance and a red flaming spear to appear in his hand at once.

This was his life weapon that had taken countless years to forge and temper. Having gently cultivated it using his own yuan qi and blood qi continually, it could already be considered a fake-emperor-weapon-level treasure. Wreathed by surging blood flames that were as volatile as flames from the kingdom of heaven, a fierce burst of aura began emanate from within.

This was a spear that had accompanied King Zhenyuan for many years and had killed god-knows-how-many experts and heroes. Having been stained by the blood of countless beings, there was visible evil blood qi diffusing from it, as tough as spider silk.

With the spear in hand, King Zhenyuan’s power soared by more than three times.

This was the force of a life weapon.


Shouting angrily, King Zhenyuan struck the spear out and turned into a flaming divine dragon.

“Indeed, it’s impossible to wake up a person who’s pretending to be asleep.” Ye Qingyu shook his head before advancing in a flash, with silver radiance emanating from all over his body, and silver and purple flowing light interweaving on his left shoulder. Dragon howls and Dao sounds were heard from his back before he exerted a fist.

He was actually intending to use his physical fist to take on the spear of King Zhenyuan.

“What arrogance. Even if the head of the Sun clan has given you Emperor qi, you shouldn’t be so reckless.” Feeling looked down upon, King Zhenyuan became enraged and unleashed the spear furiously. “Die!”


The noise of spear and fist colliding was heard.

On the plaza, the Crown Prince tidied up his emotions and revealed a hideous smile at the corner of his lips as he looked around somberly. “He’s dead for sure. Father’s [Spear of Scorching Thunderbolts and Evil Blood] is close to an Emperor’s divine weapon, and cannot be underestimated even by a Martial Emperor. To think that this foolish country bumpkin would be so arrogant...”

However, the expected ingratiating voices of the surrounding nobles were not heard.

Instead, he saw looks of shock appearing in everyone’s eyes.

Turning back to look at the Emperor qi projections in the center of the plaza, he saw that the fist of the arm wreathed in silver and purple had struck the spear and caused it to break off inch by inch. He then looked at the country bumpkin’s figure and saw that the latter instantly broke the defenses of his father before using the fist radiance to strike his father. Amid the frantic diffusion of blood mist, his father was blown apart...

The Crown Prince was dumbstruck.

He simply could not believe his eyes.

He had never imagined that his father, whom he considered to be invincible, could be ruptured alive.

To his side, the Poison Flower Princess, the Second Prince and the others. were unable to sit any longer and abruptly stood up.

Cries of alarm rang out from the crowd.

“Ahhh...” Disregarding her image as a young woman, Lin Nanzhu squealed as if words were no longer able to convey her inner agitation and excitement which she had held back for far too long.

Lin Xuan gaped as well.

Everyone in Royal City knew that King Zhenyuan was practically invincible to anyone who was not a Martial Emperor. Now that he had been easily destroyed like a beanbag by Ye Qingyu and even his life weapon was broken, they wondered if this meant that the [Military Judge of the Nine Swords] had already attained the Martial Emperor realm.


To one side, Linghu Buxiu calmed down somewhat. Given that he had some expectation of this result beforehand, he repressed his inner excitement as much as he could, albeit he subconsciously waved his arms with force.

At the same time, he turned his head and looked toward the other side.

Nie Tiankong and a few of his trusted generals and counselors were sitting on that side. When they saw the scene in the Emperor qi projections, they gasped uncontrollably and the expressions on their faces became subtle at once. None of them had imagined that the person whom they had abandoned and believed was certain to die would actually possess such power.

As if detecting Linghu Buxiu’s gaze, Nie Tiankong turned his back and made eye contact with the former.

At the instant when they exchanged glances, Nie Tiankong’s eyes revealed a hint of confusion, but that quickly turned to contempt. It was obvious that he, too, did not believe that Ye Qingyu, who currently held the upper hand, could become the ultimate victor. After all, he had conversed with the monarch of the Sky Fox clan before, and thus knew what kind of trump card King Zhenyuan actually held.

At the same time, he clearly did not want to reveal emotions of error-admission and introspection in front of another pawn whom he had abandoned that was Linghu Buxiu.

After capturing the full range of Nie Tiankong’s expressions, Linghu Buxiu sighed and sat back down slowly.

As if alive, the blood mist tumbled and drifted bizarrely.

Eventually, all of the blood mist abruptly gathered together and formed a human figure, the features and expressions on which soon becoming distinct. It was none other than King Zhenyuan, Yuan Wenjun. He had not only fully recovered physically but even the red robes he was wearing showed no sign of tears.

Patter patter!

He walked out from the blood mist with a gloomy and hideous expression on his face, murderous spirit boiling frantically. Flames raged in his eyes as he gazed at Ye Qingyu, brimming with hatred and madness.

“You really deserve to die!”

His anger reached the extreme.

Given his strength and cultivation, to be ruptured physically was nothing too terrible and could be healed with just a thought. However, to come off worse successively while being watched by so many people was unbearably embarrassing. He had thought that he could easily crush and kill his adversary, but instead he was thwarted time after time.

Ye Qingyu was still looking calm, “I’ve already told you to change your frame of mind… This is just the beginning. If you still think that you can control everything easily, my next stroke will bring about your death.”

“You have made me angry.” King Zhenyuan looked mad.

Ye Qingyu replied disdainfully, “You really are full of bullshit. Didn’t I anger you long ago? Take out the Emperor weapon of the Sky Fox clan, and perhaps you can hold on for a while longer. Otherwise, I shall send you on your way.”

With that, Ye Qingyu grabbed at the void with his backhand.

Blood light flickered.

The [Blood Drinker Sword] appeared in his hands.

It was currently as wide as four fingers, slightly thicker than the usual human sabers, with a primitive make and a blade that was as shiny as blood-colored lapis. Circulating like fiendgod blood in Ye Qingyu’s palm, it possessed a kind of hard-to-describe visual magical power.

“As you wish.”

King Zhenyuan snapped, gnashing his teeth.

Amid his angry howl, nine colorful beams of divine splendor soared behind him.

Forming a perfectly round disc of light, they gave off streak after streak of emperor qi mist. An inexplicable pressure began to circulate, seemingly intending to destroy the sky, the mountains, and the rivers.

The [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites].

The Emperor weapon of the Sky Fox clan.

It finally appeared.

It seemed that, after seeing the [Blood Drinker Sword], King Zhenyuan sensed that its power was several notches more frightening than that of his own life weapon and thus finally retracted his contempt. In his view, this was definitely the Emperor weapon given to Ye Qingyu by the head of the Sun clan, and so there was no longer a need for him to hold anything back.

“Hahaha, that’s the way.” Laughing out loud, Ye Qingyu waved the [Blood Drinker Sword] and drew close to begin a melee fight.

The sword radiance resembled blood lightning.

Under the edge of the [Blood Drinker Sword], the void silently split apart.

Sword will became rampant.

King Zhenyuan sneered, “Kill!”

A purple beam of divine splendor shot out from the [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites] behind him. Locking onto Ye Qingyu’s figure, it unhurriedly rolled its way toward him.

“Good, this is indeed worthy of an Emperor weapon. This beam of divine splendor is equivalent to an Emperor qi attack.” His heart turning cold, Ye Qingyu turned his offense into defense, instantly activating the will of the Life Sword. Blood radiance formed as he held the sword in front of him, sealing the purple beam of divine splendor.


Dao sounds thundered as Emperor qi surged.

Like a shooting star, Ye Qingyu’s figure was sent flying, crashing heavily onto the protective shield of Emperor qi on the platform and causing layer upon layer of ripples to flicker on the shield. After opening his mouth and spewing a stream of blood mist, he slowly slid down and landed on the surface.

Cheers rang out on the plaza.

The Crown Prince, Princess Poison Flower, the Second Prince and the others in their group hurriedly wiped the cold sweat off their foreheads and leapt up excitedly. Things were looking good again for them. Although the situation went a little out of control at the start, everything had been put right by this time. Evidently, the last strike had completely crushed Zhang Longcheng, who could not put up any resistance to it and was thus finished off in one blow.

The nobles supporting the King of Zhenyuan’s residence also felt relieved and lost no time cheering so as to put up a show for the residence’s people and to set the atmosphere.

Even Nie Tiankong, who had been sweating bullets, nodded his head inconspicuously and inwardly chided King Zhenyuan for being careless at the start. After all, Zhang Longcheng was backed by the head of the Sun clan and was bound to have many tricks up his sleeve. Fortunately, the situation has been turned around by this time.

Ultimately, everything was within everyone’s expectations.

King Zhenyuan was ultimately able to control everything.

This was something ordained by a Martial Emperor and could not be overturned by Zhang Longcheng.

As he thought about this, Nie Tiankong turned his head to look at Linghu Buxiu and his companions in the distance. Seeing that the previously-cheering Lin Nanzhu had already turned ghastly pale while Linghu Buxiu looked distressed, his heart could not help gaining some more delight.

On the platform, a smile reappeared on King Zhenyuan’s face.

“Do you understand now? This is the true gulf between us.” He gazed at Ye Qingyu as if staring at a prey that had fallen into his trap. “If you have any last words, speak them now. What I said earlier remains valid. If you kneel down and confess your earlier crimes, I’ll make it easier for you.”

“Hoho, hohohoho…” Ye Qingyu laughed instead.

A bright splendor flickered in his eyes as the wounds on his body healed instantly. While walking toward King Zhenyuan from the edge of the platform, he said, “It’s ultimately not your own Emperor weapon. Clearly, the Sky Fox clan doesn’t trust you completely, and that’s why they planted restrictions in the weapon so that the full power of the [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites] cannot be utilized… That’s very unfortunate, because this isn’t enough to kill me.”

“Humph, stoking the flames…? My next strike will send you on your way.” Changing countenance, King Zhenyuan worked up his technique, causing a red beam of divine splendor to shoot out from the [Samsara Disc of Nine Opposites] and lock on to Ye Qingyu.

This strike was even more terrifying than the earlier purple divine splendor.
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