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Imperial God Emperor 1138 - Gate to Good Fortune

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"Where is the door?”

Ye Qingyu discovered to his surprise that he couldn't find anything that resembled a door on this warship and didn't know how to enter the warship.

Moreover, upon closer observation, he noticed that the warship was made from an extremely sturdy material that was even harder than several divine gold and Immortaliron, so this warship was definitely crafted from a special material. This warship looked as though it was made from one piece of metal but when he took a closer look, the metallic sheets had been joined together and the handiwork was so perfect that it surpassed even some metal refining techniques used by formation martial artists.

The civilization on Earth once had such exceptional alchemy skills.

He formed another impression of this civilization.

"Let me think, let me think…" Li Qing said excitedly as he quickly searched his memory for the notes his grandfather had left behind. He remembered that his grandfather had stumbled upon the door to this divine palace and the way to activate it was recorded in his grandfather's notes, so he had committed this method to memory.

Then, he walked toward the side of the giant warship and slowly ran his hands over the metallic body as though he was searching for something.


Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

There was a strange sound, then the area where he had been running his hands along suddenly vibrated gently and there was a bright flash of dark blue light that was like a smooth mirror. Li Qing's palm was clearly reflected in it, and strange fingerprints appeared.

"Detecting fingerprint… Detecting species… Detecting DNA…"

A voice could be heard speaking in short bursts.

This voice was extremely strange and seemed to originate from the metal body of the warship. It spoke woodenly without any emotion at all.

Ye Qingyu found to his surprise that he was able to understand some parts of what the voice had said.

The tonality of this voice was very similar to the language used by the Dark Ones. There were some differences but they shared some similarities as well, so they could understand most of what this mechanical voice said. Ye Qingyu realized that the language and words used by the Dark Ones should have evolved from the civilization that used to be Earth but it was unlikely related to this divine palace warship since most people did not know about this artifact, so it couldn't have exerted enough influence on the entire Dark One population.

Li Qing was completely overcome with excitement.

As he continued to tinker with the warship, a ray of dark blue light circulated around the metallic body of the warship, forming the shape of a door that was about two meters tall. Then, a physical door appeared, bathed in a soft silver splendor, like a door to a portal.

Ye Qingyu took the lead and walked toward the door.

He took the lead not because he was anxious, but because he wanted to ascertain that it was safe inside. Li Qing might be familiar with this place but he couldn't really fend for himself.

"Welcome to ark number one…" the cold and mechanical voice sounded once more.

The moment he stepped through the door, a faint red light swept over them but this light was not dangerous.

"This is a detection technique and it seemed like its purpose was to prevent aliens from entering the ship. It is very magical and I've read about it in my grandfather's notes…" Li Qing yelled excitedly. He felt as though he was living in a dream and the floor underneath him seemed to be so soft that it was like stepping on cotton candy, giving everything a dream-like impression.

Then, they continued to make their way forward.

They passed a long metal corridor and as they walked, Ye Qingyu even saw the 'plastic' that he had only read about thus far. The entire corridor would light up as they walked along it and he even saw some signs that hung on the metal walls. He found that he could probably recognize one-third of the words on these signs.

He was truly talented when it came to languages.

Mastering the language and words of the Dark Ones is equivalent to mastering half of the words used by the civilization on Earth. No wonder Li Qing's grandfather managed to return home alive after stumbling upon this place. He even managed to discover many profound secrets here and took away some artifacts, he thought.

The things that he saw here were beyond his imagination.

The fact that any civilization had evolved to the point where the Dark Forces decided to consume it meant that it must have been extremely powerful, and it was so strong that the evil Dark Forces felt threatened by it. As someone who had been reborn from a past civilization, he knew that the civilization of Earth was destroyed because of how advanced it had become. In some aspects, the development of this civilization probably surpassed that of the civilizations of the Vast Thousand Domains because the Dark Forces had yet to launch a full-scale attack on the formation martial way civilization despite repeatedly harassing them.

This mean that the civilization on Earth was probably more advanced than that of the formation martial way.

I wonder how amazing this civilization was, he thought, his curiosity piqued.

"This way to the weapon bay… I've seen it described in my grandfather's diary…" Li Qing said excitedly and selected a pathway when they came to a fork along the corridor. His grandfather had obtained the spears, handguns, and other weaponry from this ship's weapon bay.

Ye Qingyu did not stop him and continued to follow his directions.

He didn't sense any danger throughout the entire ship, so it should be safe to roam around. This made sense since Li Qing's grandfather would have perished here if there had been danger in the first place.

However, he speculated that there was definitely more to this divine temple ship than these weapons and that this ship likely contained secrets that were as vast as the sea. What Li Qing's grandfather had obtained back then probably barely scratched the surface.

Soon, they arrived at the weapon bay.

The weapon bay occupied a space that was several hundred square meters and it was lined in exquisitely beautiful metallic shelves. The moment they walked in, they could see the weapons shining brightly on the shelves.

Ye Qingyu's gaze swept the area.

It was very beautiful and tidy within this weapon bay and all the items were arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Despite the passage of time, there was not a speck of dust in this place and it was bathed in a warm, gentle glow. He felt extremely comfortable here and found that this place was much better preserved as compared to the derelict ancient temples of the Vast Thousand Domains.

Each metal frame was about ten-meters tall and it was divided into smaller squares and the guns that Li Qing showed him earlier were neatly displayed on these shelves. Each gun was in perfect condition and they were of varying shapes and sizes, but they were all carefully arranged in accordance to their type.

He even discovered clothes that resembled armor hidden in the metal shelves further at the back of this weapon bay and these clothes came in a complete set as though he could slide the entire set over his body. It was completely different to the armor he was used to seeing throughout the Vast Thousand Domains and it had its own unique style which was very aesthetically pleasing. However, it seemed a little unwieldy and when he used his [Eyes of the Void] to examine the armor, he saw that these white armor had layers and there were wires that looked like the circuits of the electric generator, so it was obvious that this armor ran on electricity.

He explored the entire armory and according to his rough calculations, there were probably close to ten thousand guns stored within this place with another five thousand pieces of armor.

It was likely that this was only one of the many armories around and it was probably a very ordinary armory because he could make out the words 'perimeter', 'reserve' and 'emergency' on the signs that were hung within the armory which marked out this particular weapon bay as an ordinary weapon bay.

He left the weapon bay and walked along the corridor to explore the rest of the place.

The cabins were largely similar and there were all sorts of rooms of varying sizes that were full of well-preserved artifacts. The technologies of the Earth civilization must have been extremely advanced since this divine temple ship was probably as ancient as the ancient ruins of the past Emperors and Sovereigns that were located on the Vast Thousand Domains but all the artifacts within it were perfectly preserved.

He even found well-preserved food stocks in several storage cabins and these were all food that he had never seen before, but they were all in perfect condition. He tasted the food and found that they still tasted very fresh. It was amazing how well the taste of the food managed to withstand the passage of time.

This was a truly amazing civilization.

Two hours later—

"This is as much as I know from grandfather's notes, he didn't make any mention of the other place in his notes… so I'm not too familiar with this area. I guess we can only explore this place as we walk around… This is incredible; I feel as though I'm in a fairyland that has only existed in legends," Li Qing exclaimed in amazement.

However, he had gradually calmed down and after the initial bout of excitement had passed, he became a little flustered.

He realized how insignificant he was as compared to everything around here.

They reached the end of the corridor.

A large white metal door blocked their path.

It was obvious that there would be even more secrets to be uncovered behind that door.

It was even possible that the true core of this divine temple ship lay behind that door.

Ye Qingyu looked at Li Qing.

Li Qin scratched his head a little helplessly, then he stepped forward and tried to fiddle with this door, but it was obvious that he didn't know how to work this door. He employed all of the techniques he knew but he couldn't find the secret to opening the door in the next thirty minutes and the door remained still and silent.

"My Lord…" Li Qin sounded a little troubled as he said, "I'm afraid I'm of no help here since my grandfather did not mention it in his notes, so I can't figure out how to open it."

Ye Qingyu nodded.

He had expected as much.

"Since your grandfather stumbled upon this site, why did he leave later on?" Ye Qingyu said as he slowly approached the huge metal door and pressed his palm against the door to have a feel of the firmness and the quality of the metal. "Theoretically, if he had continued to remain here, he would have uncovered many more secrets in another few decades. Then, if he had brought more weapons back to Luoshen Ridge, he might have been able to change the fate of the Dark Ones."

Li Qing replied respectfully, "This was what my grandfather had planned to do since he came across food in the storage chambers, so he didn’t need to worry about starving in here. However, according to his notes, he heard a strange voice after three days and nights of exploring this place and this voice told him that with his abilities, this was as far as he could get. Then, he struggled with all his might but a mysterious force transported him out of his place and back above ground"


Ye Qingyu was slightly taken back.

Had the divine temple ship sent Li Qing's grandfather out of this place?

Did this mean… that the divine palace ship had its own sense of autonomy and will? Why else would it say that Li Qing's grandfather's abilities were limited and send him out of the ship before he had delved even deeper into the ship?

Was it trying to select somebody?

This meant that it was probably no coincidence that brought Li Qing's grandfather to this ship back then as well. There was even a chance that the divine palace ship had even used an earthquake to transport Li Qing's grandfather to this place.

Suddenly, a voice sounded——

"We have detected an organism that fulfills our strength requirements and his combat abilities are pegged to S-level. The [Gate to Good Fortune] shall open…"
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