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Imperial God Emperor 1098 - Our Deeds Will Fill an Honored Slate

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"What's going on? Have the successor of White Jade Capital and the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] been swept into this battle as well?"

The crowd was extremely astonished by the latest development.

These two women were the most beautiful and strong women of their time who had suddenly risen powerfully in the past decade and were legends in their own right throughout the Vast Thousand Domains. There were rumors that the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] was somehow connected to the Four Stars Sect, but no one had heard anything about the successor of White Jade Capital forming an alliance with the Human Race headquarters.

These two gorgeous women were as beautiful as fairies, but the energy waves created from their attacks were extremely powerful, comparable to the fierce ongoing battle between Spokesperson Li and the sect master of Four Stars Sect. The remnants of their energy waves radiated outwards and slashed the surrounding clouds into pieces.

"How could they be so powerful?"

"They are already as powerful as some sect masters."

"They are geniuses who emerged from their generation."

Various sighs and exclamations could be heard from the crowd and several elderly heroes felt as though the young generation had risen to take their place. This was no longer their era.

Many others focused on Ye Qingyu who continued to stand in front of the divine temple.

Madman Ye had yet to make his move.

Who from the Four Stars Sect's camp would be able to stop him?

Probably only the Quasi-emperor of the Four Stars Sect himself would be able to achieve this feat.

However, there was also an extremely mysterious elderly Quasi-emperor from the Human Race who was keeping a close eye on the battlefield.

The higher-ups of the various major forces and sects already had a vague inkling of the extent of Ye Qingyu's power and knew that no one but a Quasi-emperor would be able to defeat him. Once Madman Ye made his move, everyone knew that it would be extremely remarkable and earth-shattering.

The tide was tilting heavily against the Four Stars Sect for now unless those formations that the sect had been reinforcing for thousands of years could work their magic and turn the tide around.

After Lin Yutang was rescued, he clenched his jaw and turned into a ray of flowing light. He did not retreat but charged forward as swiftly as lightning to block Meng Wuyou just before he reached the Four Stars Sect's camp. Then, his sword light shone with divine splendor as he unleashed his most powerful move to kill Meng Wuyou and destroyed both his body and spirit.

"Ah…" Meng Wuyou shrieked before he was turned into dust.

Lin Yutang laughed with satisfaction after he successfully killed his opponent and said, "Lord Ye Qingyu, I have completed my mission."

"Damn it!"

"How arrogant of him."

"Kill him."

The elders of Four Stars Sect were livid.

Meng Wuyou had almost made it back to their camp before he was killed right in front of them. This was a hard slap on their faces and instantly, countless upper echelons of the Sect attacked in unison and dozens of terrifying energy waves rushed toward Lin Yutang.

In the distance, Ye Qingyu lifted his hand and made a grab at the direction where Lin Yutang was at.

An invisible force suddenly descended and protected Lin Yutang. Then, this force pulled him backward in an attempt to rescue him…

However, another voice rang out, "You won't be able to save him."

Black mist spread outward from a ripple in the air and hacked downward at the void. After Ye Qingyu's force field was broken apart, this black mist swarmed toward Lin Yutang and carried with it an extremely evil aura.

This power could only belong to a Quasi-emperor.

Silence fell upon the battlefield the moment this force appeared.

The Emperor-level power carried a primordial invincible authority with it, so all martial artists would instinctively tremble in fear when confronted with such energy and could not help but be gripped by terror.

"My god, a Quasi-emperor has finally appeared."

"Is that the Quasi-emperor of the Four Stars Sect?"

"I don't think so. This aura doesn’t seem to belong to the Quasi-emperor of the Four Stars Sect."

The crowd reacted with a mixture of shock and awe and hastily retreated at the first instance for fear that the Quasi-emperor's energy waves would spill over to them. A battle of the highest order was about to begin and since the will of an Emperor could easily conquer lands, this negated the Four Stars Sect's advantage of having strength in numbers.

That black mist was like an earth-shattering demon qi and in contrast, Lin Yutang looked like a stalk of grass enveloped by a sea of fire who was about to be burnt to ashes.

"Senior, please make your move," Ye Qingyu said.

"Very well," an ancient and authoritative voice boomed.

The elderly Quasi-emperor then made his move.

An elderly man with white hair and beard appeared by Lin Yutang's side. His face shone with a red glow, his skin was as soft as a baby's and his vitality surged abundantly like the sea as he used his bare hands to tear the black mist apart as easily as tearing paper. Then, he gave a gentle push of his hand, and the power of laws circulated, sending Lin Yutang back to Ye Qingyu's side.

"Old man, you're almost at the end of your life and you've already got one foot in the grave. Why couldn't you retire quietly to some garden to live out the rest of your days? Did you really have to send your frail body out to battle only to be buried here in this battlefield? Cackle cackle cackle…" a sinister peal of laughter that sounded as dark as a night owl rang out.

The black and evil mist circulated madly and it was as though the entire Four Stars Domain had suddenly been plunged into darkness and sunlight couldn't pass through. It was completely dark everywhere and it was like the era of darkness had begun.

"I have the responsibility of killing evil demons and getting rid of darkness," the elderly Quasi-emperor's voice moved like a blazing sun across the sky to transform into individual silver words that floated in the void. These words were as bright as suns and instantly vanquished the darkness, and light returned to the domain.

This was the power of a Quasi-emperor – the ability to change the world at their will and send light to the world with their words.

This had already far surpassed the ordinary martial way and was comparable to the abilities of fiendgods.

All the other ongoing battles were nothing in the face of such extreme power.

"You're dismissed," the sinister voice rang out once more.

After he spoke, his abundant power descended upon the battlefield to forcefully halt all the ongoing battles. All those who were engaged in battle flying from the force of his power and silence immediately fell in the void.

This was the true battle to the death between Quasi-emperors.

Spokesperson Li, the sect master of Four Stars Sect, the four main leaders of the White-robed Divine Guards and the Seven Sons all hastily retreated because the outcome of this punitive expedition ultimately hinged on the result of this battle.

The chubby Li Shengyan was the only person who refused to stay back after he was sent flying and charged toward the Four Stars Holy Girl, his eyes blazing. He was like a feral dog that had broken away from its leash and he was wholly focused on a singular mission - to avenge his ancestor…

Ye Qingyu shook his head and made a grab at the air to drag Li Shengyan back.

The battle of Quasi-emperors had already begun in the void.

The elderly Quasi-emperor shone with boundless silver splendor and he looked like an Immortal king while that ball of black evil mist continued to change and transform. It did not have a standard shape nor state and transformed into the phantom figures of various fiendgods that sent out a string of continuous attacks…

Boom! Boom Boom!

The sounds of the Great Dao thundered.

The power of laws could be felt everywhere.

This was the true battle of Quasi-emperors.

The Four Stars Sect's camp quickly retreated to prevent themselves from being caught up in the crossfire.

Those who were watching the battle retreated even further backwards.

"Wait a minute, that isn't that Quasi-emperor of the Four Stars Sect," someone exclaimed in the crowd.

By this time, it was clear that the mysterious Quasi-emperor who had engaged the elderly Quasi-emperor was definitely not the Quasi-emperor of the Four Stars Sect, but instead someone else who had never made an appearance before. The evil force he exuded was completely different from the martial arts techniques employed by the Four Stars Sect. This was definitely another dark Quasi-emperor.

"I can't believe that the Four Stars Sect has produced a second Quasi-emperor."

"Where did this dark Quasi-emperor come from? Could he be from the Dark Realm?"

"No wonder…I finally figured out why the Human Race headquarters has gone all out to launch a punitive expedition against the Four Stars Sect. It was truly wise for Ren Puyang to come up with this plan but unfortunately, it is a little too late to execute this plan after his death."

"You're right. From the looks of it, the Four Stars Sect has already thrown their support behind the dark camp."

"This would mean that the Four Stars Sect is the enemy of the entire Vast Thousand Domains."

The various prominent experts and figures who had gathered to watch the spectacle quickly understood the implications behind the emergence of this dark Quasi-emperor and their impressions of Ye Qingyu and the Four Stars Sect immediately changed.

There might have been some amongst the crowd who sympathized with the Four Stars Sect and thought that the [Ice Sword Killing God] Ye Qingyu had been too harsh on them after rising to power but now, the leaders of the various sects and forces could tell that Ye Qingyu was merely getting rid of the evil lurking in the Human Race.

However, things were not looking good for the Human Race headquarters and Madman Ye.

This mysterious dark Quasi-emperor had already engaged the elderly Quasi-emperor in battle. In other words, they had already called upon their strongest human and their most powerful trump card, but there was still another Quasi-emperor within the Four Stars Sect who still remained hidden in the shadows.

"Ha ha ha, old man, for all your calculations, you must have never imagined that you'll be facing off against me today, right? Cackle cackle cackle…" the dark Quasi-emperor laughed maniacally. His laughter rumbled like thunder waves that when combined with the attacks of the ever-changing black mist, were like a hundred ghosts walking the night. It was extremely hair-raising and menacing.

The elderly Quasi-emperor’s face was grave and he remained silent.

Boundless silver light shone around him and he looked like a blazing hot sun. Despite his simple moves, every punch and palm he sent out contained enough power to tear the heavens apart.

"Old man, why are you still trying to struggle? Since you have miscalculated, you should accept your death stoically. You've lost and this has been an overwhelming failure for your camp," the dark Quasi-emperor's voice was very piercing and had the power to interfere with and destroy the spirits of living creatures.

"You're burning your own life force. Cackle cackle cackle, I can feel your despair… This isn't going to help matters at all. You had only three years to live but after this battle, you won't be able to live for more than ten days."

"I pity your bag of old bones, since you're about to be dismembered. Cackle cackle cackle, I've yet to refine a puppet with the body of a Quasi-emperor, so after I'm done with you, I'd be able to fulfill my wish."

"The Human Race that you've worked so hard to protect, the Human Race headquarters and everyone who is present today at the Four Stars Sect shall die today. This is a great opportunity to get rid of our enemies in one fell swoop."

"Cackle cackle, I heard that both you and Ren Puyang have expressed your admiration for Ye Qingyu. What a pity that he is already destined to be the raw material for my next dark puppet. Ha ha ha ha!"

The dark Quasi-emperor's laughter echoed in the void.

Everyone's expression changed.

The victor had already emerged.

The [Ice Sword Killing God] might have entered the battlefield fully prepared, but he had not factored in the fact that there could be a second Quasi-emperor in the Four Stars Sect. This dark Quasi-emperor had the power to destroy the heavens and the earth, so this one misstep had cost them the entire battle.

Spokesperson Li and the others at the divine temple all looked extremely grave.

They could only hope that the elderly Quasi-emperor would be able to defeat both Quasi-emperors single-handedly and kill the Four Stars Sect Quasi-emperor lurking in the shadows after he defeated the dark Quasi-emperor, but this possibility was slim to none.

"Grandfather…" Lu Wei was extremely worried for his grandfather and his eyes were rimmed red with tears.

"Let's throw everything we have behind this battle. What's wrong with dying honorably for the future of the Human Race?" Tang Chong bellowed, his eyes widening with rage. "Even if we forsake our lives for the greater good, our deeds will fill an honored slate!"

On the opposite end—

"He he, Brother Ye Qingyu, I guess you've miscalculated this time," the Four Stars Holy Girl laughed as she turned to look at Ye Qingyu, her eyes were filled with contempt and ridicule under her veil. After being beaten by him on numerous occasions, she felt as though she could finally lift her head high again.

She couldn't wait to see his defeated and despairing expression.

She had no doubt that she would love it.
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