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Chapter 1083, Dragon cave

In the ancestral tombs of the Dragon Human Race there were secrets left behind by its past emperors and experts were buried. And like the dragon tombs of legend, there were many treasures, but the place was known to be extremely dangerous. According to the Dragon Human Emperor, the experts of the Dragon Human Race could only enter the ancestral mausoleum at their absolute limit to choose a place to sleep. But now that the Great Ancient Dragon Emperor had occupied this place, it was as dangerous as a dragon cave.

“To enter the ancestral mausoleum, there can only be a few people, thus the army cannot enter.” The Dragon Human Emperor explained, “So I want to ask Mister Ye Qingyu to help out, I will personally lead the elites of the Sky Dragon Guards to accompany Mister Ye Qingyu.”

Ye Qingyu nodded, and after a thought, asked, “The strength of the Great Ancient Dragon Emperor, what realm is he at?”

“This...” The Dragon Human Emperor shook his head. “I am not quite sure, but before he died he was already beyond the pinnacle of the Great Saint. I have previously sent four experts of the pinnacle of the Great Saint realm into the ancestral mausoleum, but none had returned. Now his strength most likely has reached a certain level, not far away from the Quasi-emperor realm.”

It was no wonder that the Dragon Human Emperor wanted Ye Qingyu’s help!

Ye Qingyu understood that, since the Great Ancient Dragon Emperor had reached such a level, there was most likely nobody in the Dragon Human Race able to do anything to this former hero.

“Let's not waste time, Your Majesty, please prepare and we'll set off at once.” Ye Qingyu made a decision.

“Yes, Mister Ye Qingyu is eloquent and frank in speech, and has the graceful bearing of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] in the past. I will immediately order people to prepare.” The Dragon Human Emperor was overjoyed. In fact, he was also very impatient to set off. For today, he had already been preparing for too long.

After an hour, everything was ready.

Everything was kept simple, there were only six people of the Sky Dragon Guards though all were Great Saint experts, equipped with various secret weapons and fully armed.

Including Ye Qingyu there was a total of eight people.

“Wait for me in the palace.” Ye Qingyu did not plan to take Zhou Yuexin with him. The battle may be dangerous, much more than the battle of the mourning hall and the battle in the hidden chamber of the Snow Dragon City, and he may not be able to protect her well.

Knowing that she would become a burden, Zhou Yuexin, although unwilling, had no choice but to nod her head.

“I will send someone to protect Miss Zhou Yuexin,” the Dragon Human Emperor promised.

The bodyguard before came in and took Zhou Yuexin away.

The expression on the face of the Dragon Human Emperor grew solemn. “The passageway to the ancestral mausoleum is under this dragon throne...” He recited a mantra, struck out 9,981 dragon formation markings, and injected them into the Void above the dragon throne.


The dragon throne, as though it was alive, transformed into a purple and gold real dragon, moving away, and revealed a black hole that could accommodate a person at a time. There were bursts of dragon cries coming from the hole, as if there were thousands of dragons roaring in the depths.


The Dragon Human Emperor was the first to enter.

Ye Qingyu then followed.

The black hole entrance was linked to a passage without the slightest trace of artificial engagement. It was incomparably dark, with many twists and turns, and it was unknown where it led. Adding to this, it was quiet and surrounded by a faint chill, with the cries of a dragon growing more and more clear.

The speed of the crowd was neither fast nor slow.

After about one hour of time, they had already traveled down thousands of kilometers.

The black passage was deep and chilly, as if it led to the legendary nine levels of hell.

“A little further, and we're inside of the ancestral mausoleum, everyone be careful,” yhe voice of the Dragon Human Emperor sounded.

Ahead it was suddenly spacious and well-lit, rays of light shining through.

The passage had come to an end.

The mysterious Dragon cave had finally appeared in the sight of Ye Qingyu.

It was not like a small world formation as imagined, more like a huge underground cavern space. Everywhere was flowing with a faint purple-gold colour, filled with the power and pressure unique to the Dragon Race. There were artificially built jade steps and pathways, winding and spreading to the deeper underground. On both sides of the path were naturally-formed rugged purple gold rocks, and between them there were Dragon Human skeletons...

“The inner periphery of the ancestral mausoleum is the place where some of the experts of the Dragon Race are buried, even if there isn’t a grave of their own, for the Dragon Human Race, it was already a great honour to be a corpse here. To be buried here there are certain conditions...”

The Dragon Human Emperor explained to Ye Qingyu.

The crowd followed down the steps toward the depths of the Dragon cave.

Ye Qingyu saw that, in the surrounding purple rocks, in addition to the scattered ancient Dragon Human skeletons, there were some complete Dragon Human bodies, formed into purple and gold corpses, wearing divine armour. The bodies were still faintly surging with dragon yuan qi, the flesh had not corroded but there was no aura of life left. They must have been powerful experts before they died...

Along the way, Ye Qingyu saw at least thousands of skeletons of the Dragon Human Race.

These were all Dragon Human Race experts who had been buried in the Dragon cave for generations.

Regarding the Dragon cave ancestral mausoleum, Ye Qingyu had also read some information he obtained from the All-Knowing Tower. It was rumoured to be a city where the True Dragon King lived and was abundant in dragon qi. The first Dragon Human was cultivated there and was seen as a sacred ancestral land to the Dragon Human Race. In other words, the cave was in fact a dragon cave, which was later transformed by the Dragon Human Race.

As they got deeper, there began to be a faint aura of death in the air.

After all, it was a mausoleum, where the deceased gathered.

“Granduncle has a revered status, and his tomb is located in the deepest part of the Dragon's cave, which is also the most dangerous place.” The Dragon Human Emperor led the way, explaining to Ye Qingyu along the way.

Next, through the Dragon cave, Ye Qingyu saw various spectacles.

A number of small tombs were situated between the rugged rocks around them. To be able to be buried here after death, the Dragon Humans in these tombs must have had a greater status and cultivation base than the Dragon Human whose skeleton was scattered between the rocks.

In this Dragon cave there are most likely more than tens of thousands of Dragon Human skeletons... the situation is a bit bad.

Ye Qingyu thought to himself.

For he knew what the dark creature was best at manipulating the power of corpses, and the skeletons that had crawled out from under the tombstone in the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss looked very similar to the scene in the Dragon cave.

They went further ahead.

The little tombs turned into great tombs.

Some of the tombs were built like stone houses, quite exquisite and better treated, and in front of the tombstone were inscription stone tablets that detailed the name and entire life of the expert of the Dragon Human Race buried in it.

On some tombstones, there were also records of the martial arts of the Dragon Human Race, as well as the cultivation knowledge of the deceased. There were even notes of what remarkable weapons were hidden in the tomb. These martial arts and the weapons, if placed in the outside world, were enough to cause a bloodbath-like competition.

At this time, the Dragon ancestor mausoleum already had the value of an arsenal.

The average person would most likely be madly excited here.

But Ye Qingyu did not go look closely at the stone tablets.

For someone of his cultivation level, these cultivation techniques and martial arts no longer had any significance.

They traveled for another hour.

The Dragon Human Emperor came to a stop.

“In front is the mausoleum area of the Dragon Emperors of the past. In each tomb sleeps an Emperor who had once shook the whole world.” He looked ahead, his face full of reverence and dignity, like a devout believer had come to a holy land.

Ye Qingyu looked ahead.

A number of purple and golden pyramids appeared in his field of vision.

The tombs of the Dragon Human Emperors were pyramidal shaped, which was related to their beliefs. Moreover each Emperor’s tomb was cast by the Dragon Emperor before death. The size of the pyramids varied, and the details were different, but the large size and appearance were almost identical.

“That's the tomb of Granduncle.”

The Dragon Human Emperor pointed to the distance.

A towering purple-gold pyramid of nearly tens of meters tall that was almost as high as the Dragon cave underground space stood out among all the other pyramids. It was incredibly striking, and was the largest and the one which glowed with the brightest golden brilliance in the entire dragon cavern space.

That was the tomb of the Great Ancient Dragon Emperor.

Ye Qingyu's expression grew solemn.

Because this huge pyramid was surging with strong terrifying dark forces. After a careful observation with the [Eyes of the Void] he found that the glittering golden light was in fact mixed with faint black mist, which was the same dark forces as Wei Wubing, Zhang Wuxin and other people, but more powerful and countless times more brilliant than them.

Under the corrosiveness of this dark force, the hundreds of small pyramids around this huge pyramid had become a golden-black colour, especially the nearest few, which were almost ink-black.

The Dragon Human Emperor also felt the ubiquitous dark forces, “No, the last few times I sent people in, it was not like this. Today why is it so quiet?”

Before his voice faded.

“Can the throne of the Dragon Human Emperor not satisfy you? Why do you have to go against me, since you’re the present Emperor of my Dragon Human Race I have repeatedly let you go, but today, you actually led outsiders into the ancestral land.”

A cold voice with supreme majesty sounded.

Above the huge purple-gold pyramid, a black twisted light and shadow appeared, which eventually transformed into a burly old man and descended slowly from the sky. He was clad in ordinary robes, and wore an indifferent and calm expression. Walking along the countless pyramids, he looked like a fiendgod Emperor who ruled the Heaven and earth.

He was the Great Ancient Dragon Emperor who was rumoured to have died tens of thousands of years ago.

“I pay my respects to Granduncle.”

The Dragon Human Emperor bowed respectfully.

Behind him, the six Dragon Human Race experts also bowed respectfully.

But the gaze of the Great Ancient Dragon Emperor did not stop on these seven people, but directly fell on Ye Qingyu. His eyes were as sharp as a knife, looking up and down, “You won’t take the road to heaven, but broke into hell where there isn’t a door... if this was elsewhere, I may not be able to kill you, but in this Dragon cave I dominate everything. Even a Quasi-emperor will also perish... Ye Qingyu, you're too conceited.”
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