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Imperial God Emperor 1070 - I've Turned 100 Years Old in the Blink of an Eye

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Chapter 1070 I've Turned 100 Years Old in the Blink of an Eye

Ou Wuji charged toward Wei Wubing and unleashed an extremely powerful force along the way.

He knew that he was already a sinner in the eyes of the Human Race headquarters.

He had schemed and plotted to climb his way up into a position of authority, and he planned to lead the headquarters of the Human Race to greater heights. Ou Wuji actually had lofty goals, but he trusted the wrong person and ended up doing many evil deeds. He felt extremely guilty, and it was only now that he realized Wei Wubing had managed to get what he wanted, thanks to his own ambition.

His ambitious goals were just a dream.

Now, he had woken up from his dream.

Much harm had already been done, and there was no way to turn back at this point.

Ou Wuji felt guilty as he stood in the hall of the great human heroes. He was dripping with cold sweat, as if he had just woken up from a nightmare.

As such, he wanted to atone for his sins.


He unleashed the pinnacle of his Quasi-emperor power; his entire body transformed into a huge ball of light. He charged forward without any heed for his own safety. He was using up his own life force to break through Wei Wubing's defensive qi barrier...

"Get lost!"

Wei Wubing did not even turn back to look at him and merely made a backhand slash with the bone blade.

Blood splattered everywhere.

Ou Wuji's body was cut in two almost instantly.

Cries of alarm rang out everywhere around them.

"Hahahahaha..." Ou Wuji laughed deliriously. He burned up all of his remaining life force, causing his blood vigor to amplify and his wounds to heal instantly. He launched another kamikaze assault at Wei Wubing again, and he looked like a moth flying into the fire. He was prepared to give up everything to buy Ye Qingyu some time.


Wei Wubing growled and made another backhand slash, piercing through Ou Wuji's entire body. The bone blade went through as if going through candy; a huge amount of blood began flowing down the blade, instantly turning it blood red...

"Haha..." a beast-like sound was emitted by Ou Wuji.

Even though he was an expert at the peak Great Saint realm, among the strongest martial artists in the Vast Thousand Domains, his strength was still much weaker, when compared to an expert like Wei Wubing who had evolved. He could feel his life force draining away and his strength being devoured by the bone blade. Slowly, he lost all ability to resist.

Wei Wubing's bone blade was reverberating, and it was about to render Ou Wuji into dust.

It was at this very moment...

"Why did you do this... [Eyes of the Void]," came Ye Qingyu's voice.

Two purple beams of lightning pierced through the flames from the [Eyes of Destruction], suppressing the black flames before pushing them back. The portal was shattered instantly and the purple beams smashed onto Wei Wubing. It was exactly the same scene as before, but Ye Qingyu had completely gained the upper hand this time. The beams had come out of his eyes, like two divine lightning swords.

Visual prowess against visual prowess.

"Ah..." Wei Wubing roared as he was instantly knocked back.

The bone blade that was his arm had also been slashed into two.

Ou Wuji clattered onto the floor, and a shard of the white bone blade was still embedded in his chest. His black hair had turned snow white, his face was covered in wrinkles and age spots. He looked extremely old, and his original suaveness was completely gone. He was on his last breath.

Ye Qingyu appeared next to him and helped him up.

He had used up all of his life force, and there was no way he could reverse his current condition.

"I... I... was wrong..." Ou Wuji spoke with much difficulty.

Ye Qingyu nodded.

He did not like this person, but even he had to admit that Ou Wuji had achieved glorious feats on behalf of the Human Race, even before he had left the Heaven Wasteland Domain. He was also just a hero and had enjoyed a period of fame, when his dazzling exploits had drawn the attention of many people. Unfortunately, he was corrupted by power when he arrived at the Alliance of Domains. Even so, he had stabilized things in the Human Race headquarters over the past year, after Ren Puyang had left Heaven Connect City. Furthermore, he was also the first person to help him just now, even though Ye Qingyu knew that he did not require Ou Wuji's help.

No matter what happened in the past, Ou Wuji had regretted his actions at the very last moment of his life and chose to walk on the path of redemption.

He was wrong in the past.

His only sin was that he chose the wrong path at the most critical moment of his life.

To be fair, he had done more good than harm to the Human Race headquarters throughout his entire life.

Ou Wuji looked at Ye Qingyu in extreme earnest, as if he wanted to tell him something. Alas, he could no longer speak.

"You'll be placed within this hall after your death," Ye Qingyu sighed. "Your descendants will not be prosecuted, and they'll be treated like the descendants of a hero from the Human Race."

A strange light flickered in Ou Wuji's eyes as he heard Ye Qingyu speak.

It was the light of reflection.

Thank... thank you... it... it only takes a single decision to cause a lifetime of regret, and once you look... look back upon your life, you'll realize that you're already close to death! A tear fell from his eyes, and he let out a final sigh. His body turned rigid very quickly, and he turned into a swirling column of dust which dissipated beside Ye Qingyu.

The First Deputy of the Human Race had died.

The sight of him dying made everyone extremely sad, Lin Yutang and Tang Chong included.

Their hatred of him had diminished by a great deal after knowing that he was not the mastermind behind Ren Puyang's death. His final decision was worthy of his status and position, as the first deputy of his people.


In a corner deep inside the main hall, Wei Wubing struggled to get up and charged forward again.

The [Eyes of the Void] visual prowess had caused him great damage and nearly shattered his skeletal body. It was not lethal, however, and he could still fight.

"Let's end everything now."

Ye Qingyu's body flickered, and the [Blood Drinker Sword] re-appeared in his hand.

He had deciphered all of Wei Wubing's fighting styles and now knew what realm he was in.


There was a flash of splendor.

A dazzling ray of divine light slashed down toward him.

It was as if the hottest rays of sunlight had been summoned, and everyone felt their eyes hurt. Piercing rays of light emanated from the interior of the mourning hall. Everyone lost their sight temporarily and instinctively shut their eyes.

When they finally opened their eyes, Ye Qingyu had already retracted his sword.

The black mist within the main hall vanished as quickly as a thin layer of snow under the bright sun.

Wei Wubing's huge skeletal body stood rooted to the ground like a sculpture made of bones. He had long lost all of his life force and vitality, and the evil black mist that had been swirling around his body could also be seen to be rapidly disappearing...

"Is it over?"

"Lord Ye Qingyu won, right?"

"What do you think?"

"That last strike from his sword... is not a technique of the human world."

"It slashed anything in its path."

Sporadic exclamations rang out from the experts of various races. Soon, they were out of words when trying to describe what they had just witnessed.

The power of the dark seal was already gone from the mourning hall.


Wei Wubing's huge skeletal body split apart right in the middle, and every part of his body was split symmetrically in two. They fell to each side and eventually landed upon the floor of the hall; all his body parts spilled out noisily, as if they were pieces of stone...

Is he dead?

Everyone began taking in huge gulps of air. They had been affected by the terrible shockwave of energy during the battle earlier on, and they really felt as though they could be killed at any time.

Now they felt as though they had survived a huge ordeal.

Ye Qingyu kept his sword.

A thought came into his mind, as he saw the pile of white bones on the floor.

"These bones... they look familiar. I can recall now that they look completely alike the unidentified pile of bones I saw at the bottom of the Fallen God Abyss, in the 17th District of the Black Demon Abyss..." Ye Qingyu announced his discovery. He had taken the risk of sneaking into the Fallen God Abyss to pick some Black Demon Grass, and he had made the alarming discovery of the strange pile of bones then. He even kept some of them and found that they were extremely tough and mysterious. He had wanted to examine them in greater detail originally, but he had not expected that Wei Wubing's body would have been formed by bones of the same kind.

Ye Qingyu squatted down to take a closer look.

"My Lord... is he dead?" Lin Yutang and the others asked as they crowded over.

Ye Qingyu nodded.

He picked up a few pieces of bone casually, before looking at the remaining pile on the ground, seemingly deep in thought.

If he had guessed correctly, Wei Wubing's skeletal body was not that of his true self. It was a tool for battle that he had pieced together at the very last minute, to carry his spirit. Which meant to say...


A reddish black ray of light shot out from the pile of bones like a flash of lightning. It was headed right out of the mourning hall.

"Oh no..."

"He's still alive."


Everyone was extremely shocked. It was only then when they realized that Wei Wubing had not perished, and he had discarded his skeletal shell, attempting to escape with his spirit intact.

Ye Qingyu was already on the move.


He moved as quickly as lightning and made the first move. In an instant, he had caught up with the reddish black beam of light. He was holding onto a pill furnace made of white jade, which released a powerful sucking force, absorbing Wei Wubing's spirit right into the artifact.

"No...!" Wei Wubing gave out an indignant roar of anger just as the furnace was sealed shut.

Ye Qingyu placed the furnace on his palm and observed it for a moment. He sealed the lid shut after he was satisfied and kept it away for the time being.

Outside the Alliance of Domains' divine temple.

The Great Dragon Turtle Demon was extremely anxious and paced back and forth, with a look of anxiety plastered onto his face.

He had come looking for Ye Qingyu, but due to his lowly status, he was barred from entry into the inner grounds and could only wait there.

It was already afternoon, and the dark clouds in the sky were slowly dissipating. He could make out the blue skies vaguely. It had been four hours since Ye Qingyu had left for the divine temple of the Alliance of Domains, and the Great Dragon Turtle Demon completely had no idea what was going on inside. The other beings of Heaven Connect City were also concentrating their thoughts on the divine temple, and they wanted to know how things had fared.

Everyone was feeling anxious at the moment.

The Great Dragon Turtle Demon had not come to know about the result of the battle, however.

"What should I do, what should I do?" he asked Lin Baiyi very anxiously. "Lord Ye Qingyu has just returned, and now something so huge has happened in the Heaven Wasteland Domain? Those damned nobodies, how dare they rebel? Someone must have instigated them... Tsk tsk tsk. When will Lord Ye Qingyu come out of the temple? We can't dally for too long."

The usually calm and collected Great Dragon Turtle Demon was extremely anxious.

Lin Baiyi looked very apologetic as well, "If only I had returned half a day earlier. I could have stopped Lord Ye Qingyu before he entered the divine temple."
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