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Imperial God Emperor 1069 - White-Boned Battle Demon

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“Oh? Is that so? Can you tell me who exactly I am, Lord Ye Qingyu?”

A bizarre smile formed on Wei Wubing’s face.

“Who? A wandering soul, I suppose,” Ye Qingyu answered calmly.

“A wandering soul?” Lowering his head, Wei Wubing carefully pondered, as if he was judging whether Ye Qingyu’s description was accurate.

A while later.

He began to laugh.

“Hohoho, a wandering soul, a wandering soul, indeed...” He looked at Ye Qingyu with a forced smile. “Can you… describe me a little more exactly, Lord Ye Qingyu?”

At this moment, all of his previous expressions, including those of fear, vehemence, uncertainty, and worry… disappeared.

All expressions abruptly disappeared from that heavily wrinkled face.

They were replaced by an inner calmness and a kind of indifferent contempt toward Ye Qingyu.

Evidently, all of his previous expressions were just pretense, and only this was him in his true state.

These expressions revealed that he was actually not the least bit afraid of Ye Qingyu.

The crowd began to sense that something was not right at this time.

Ou Wuji looked surprisedly at Wei Wubing.

Instead, Ye Qingyu’s expression remained unchanged. “Alright, a more accurate description, you say? One of the survivors of a bunch of wandering souls which had destroyed countless civilizations and eras, probably killed many fiendgods, and once dominated the world? Is my guess correct? Unfortunately, you all were ultimately unable to escape heavenly judgment and were nearly wiped out… Your kind was then thought to have gone extinct, but who would’ve thought, a few of you survived and hid in the dark, retaining the same wicked heart and even dreaming of a resurgence… I wonder if you’re satisfied with this description.”

Wei Wubing nodded while forcing a smile. “From your perspective, this can indeed be considered fairly accurate. However, history has always been written by the victors, and the eventual victors will certainly not be your lot. The so-called wrath of heaven… hohohoho,” he laughed somberly. “After our resurgence, you foolish creatures will all become nothing but food.”

As soon as he spoke.

Wisps of black mist emanated from his body.

Along with his flicking of the red-feathered fan, the mist immediately began to circulate frenziedly and pervaded the entire mourning hall in a twinkling. This kind of skill was extremely similar to Ye Qingyu’s use of icy foprmations to seal the entire hall earlier on. A hard to describe evil aura began to spread throughout the hall, causing the windows and main door to be sealed once again. As if night had fallen in a mere instant, the light in the hall became extremely dim.

“What’s going on?”

“No good…”

“This is the power of darkness...”

The experts from various races hurriedly retreated before operating their bodies and holding their breaths.

Ou Wuji, too, retreated as fast as he could. With green flares wreathing his entire body, he looked most astonishedly at Wei Wubing.

“Mr. Wei Wubing, you...” He could not believe what he was seeing.

This wise advisor whom he had all along trusted and thought to be under his full control was, unexpectedly, in possession of such a terrifying kind of dark power. At present, the power and aura surging in Wei Wubing’s body were increasing in multiples, such that they neared Quasi-emperor level in a mere instant. In particular, the black mist seemed to contain a kind of howling ghost. To his astonishment, Ou Wuji discovered that the yuan essence in his body was being drained at an insane rate by this black mist.

“This is no good, he can devour yuan essence.”

“He’s draining our strength.”

“Dammit, what kind of power is… this?”

As experts from various races, the beings in the mourning hall were all of uncommon strength, yet they quickly discovered that their yuan essences were silently and uncontrollably slipping away amid the black mist. Moreover, the black mist became thicker at the same rate as the loss of their yuan essences, a clear sign that their yuan essences were turning into Wei Wubing’s bodily strength.

Sparing no efforts to try and control their inner yuans, the experts immediately inhibited their yuan qi and guarded.

Aside from Lu Wei, Ren Xingyan, and Uncle Lin, who were being protected under the [Cloud Top Cauldron], Ye Qingyu was the only person among everyone in the hall whose yuan essence remained rock solid and did not leak even the tiniest bit. Amid the ghost howling, he remained as unmoving as a monolith, while his eyes in which purple light flowed quietly observed.

“I’d thought that everything was under control, but who would’ve thought that someone like you would show up and destroy my decades of painstaking efforts in just one day?” Wei Wubing spoke in a changed voice which, sounding like the colliding of iron and stone, was frosty and devoid of all emotion while carrying a distinct and dreadful echo. “But it doesn’t matter. I shall kill everyone in here, and no outsider will know what went on. I’ll still be Wei Wubing, while the murderer of these people would naturally be you, the murderous Insane Devil Ye.”

A near-substantial killing intent pervaded the mourning hall

Everyone’s countenance changed dramatically upon hearing those words.

Wei Wubing’s power has become very frightening after his transformation and is no weaker than the pressure which Ye Qingyu exerted earlier. He does possess the ability to kill everyone here.

Everyone looked at Ye Qingyu.

The development of this affair was so absurd that nobody knew whether to laugh or cry. Originally, the experts of various races had gathered here hoping to kill Ye Qingyu, but they then began to tremble under his butchering blade. At present, however, he had become everyone’s last hope and savior.

“Does this mean that it was also you who plotted against Mr. Ren Puyang?” Killing intent circulated in Ye Qingyu’s voice as wisps of chilly aura diffused from all over his body to resist the black mist in the Void. “Who are your accomplices? Tell me and I shall let you die a little faster.”

“Hahaha, you talk really big, [Ice Sword Killing God] Insane Devil Ye. It’s a pity I’m not one of those good-for-nothings and won’t be frightened by you.” Wei Wubing laughed maniacally. “That’s right, I plotted the killing of Ren Puyang. I can readily see all information received by that fool Ou Wuji, and can naturally find out Ren Puyang’s whereabouts with ease. As for my accomplices… hahaha, you’re already doomed and have no need to know that. Go ask Ren Puyang on the way to the netherworld, hahaha.”

His body was transforming amid his laughter.

His originally thin figure abruptly grew and instantly reached more than four meters in height. White bone spurs pierced through his clothes while black qi wreathed around him and the wrinkles on his face disappeared. As ghost fire danced in his eyes, his skin turned into a strange green-black luster which was glossy like no other. He had completely transformed into a skeleton battle demon which absolutely did not seem like an intelligent creature. However, his overbearing vitality and aura suggested that he was some kind of unknown being.

Everyone in the hall instantly felt that the absorbing and devouring force grew even more frightening than before, as if they had entered a strange devouring force field. They desperately worked up their bodies and were barely able to slow down the speed at which their bodily yuan qi and power was being devoured.


Wei Wubing’s massive body instantly branched out a phantom which arrived in front of Ye Qingyu at lightning speed.


His bone claws created a frightening blade strike which could pass for a heavenly blade descending upon the world.

“Wanna challenge me in strength?” Ye Qingyu also laughed out loud as he raised a hand and issued a [Great Light Dragon Punch] forth.


The black mist shook.

Wei Wubing’s massive body was sent flying backward.

Ye Qingyu’s figure swayed on the spot.

It took only one stroke to determine who was the superior one.

It was Ye Qingyu, by a narrow margin.

A large battle began.

Within an instant, a black and a white figure had traded innumerable blows in the mourning hall.

Because both of them were extremely close to a Quasi-emperor strength-wise, most battle skills and techniques were ineffective in this battle, and instead they were competing on the basis of their comprehension and mastery of the power of laws, just like in a battle of Quasi-emperors. Wei Wubing’s battle style was clearly focused on physical combat. His white-boned body was massive and near-perfect, such that it was able to exert all kinds of strikes which possessed terrifying might.

However, Ye Qingyu was not to be outdone.

The compact strength of his physical body could be said to be number one in the present age, and as such, his head-to-head combat with Wei Wubing could be likened to a copper pot colliding with an iron brush. Deafening blares resounded throughout the entire hall while terrifying power surged as they struck each other incessantly. The experts from various races felt as though they were being suffocated in a swamp, for they were being pushed toward the edges and corners of the hall by the terrifying power and their breaths had become difficult.

Because the hall had been sealed by the power of darkness, it was impossible for outsiders to perceive what was going on inside no matter what.

“I shall catch you before I slowly interrogate you with torture.” Ye Qingyu was hoping for a quick battle, and did not intend to show any mercy to Ren Puyang’s murderer. Thus, he lost no time in working up the profundity of the [Limitless Divine Way] with a thought.

Meanwhile, Wei Wubing also howled angrily.

He had not expected Ye Qingyu to be not only peerless in sword technique but also this powerful in terms of physical might and no inferior to himself in terms of comprehension of the martial laws. When watching Ye Qingyu crush Ye Chongsheng, he had felt that the former was very powerful, but it was only after actually exchanging blows with him that he realized that the former far exceeded his expectations. This caused a bad feeling to arise in his heart.

“Ugh, [Eyes of Destruction]… Kill!” With an angry howl, he launched a killing blow.

As this place was within the Alliance of Domains after all, he was also hoping for a quick battle so as to avoid being discovered by the outer world. Blood red flames suddenly shot out from his eyes and instantly shrouded Ye Qingyu. The power of these flames was even more terrifying than that of the [Red Lotus Hellfire], incinerating a section of the Void in no time.

Taken by surprise, Ye Qingyu was completely trapped and grilled within the flames.


Wei Wubing’s massive white-boned body closed in on Ye Qingyu as his eyes looked down and continued to shoot forth destructive flames which contained a dense pack of formations. These flames sealed Ye Qingyu’s body within and vaguely formed the appearance of a pill furnace which was frenziedly burning. A terrifying impact caused Ye Qingyu’s figure to draw back without end!

“Lord Ye Qingyu!” Lin Yutang and Tang Chong cried out, looking horrified.

At this time, Ou Wuji’s countenance also changed greatly, eventually turning into that of deep guilt. Gnashing his teeth, he frenziedly worked up his body and charged toward Wei Wubing...

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