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Chapter 1068 – Suddenly Understood

“You must be joking, Lord Ye Qingyu. Wei Wubing is Wei Wubing, who else can he be?” Regaining his previous calmness in speech, Wei Wubing smiled, albeit his fingers involuntarily tightened around the red-feathered fan.

Ou Wuji hurriedly followed up in explanation, “Deputy Ye Qingyu, Mister Wei Wubing is a wise man I met in the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain. Over the years, he has always followed beside me and helped me a great deal. This is something I can testify to.” Seeing that Wei Wubing was in an argumentative mood, he tried to salvage the situation for himself, afraid that another mishap would occur.

“I wasn’t asking you,” Ye Qingyu looked at him and snapped bluntly.

His heart quivered as he hurriedly lowered his head.

Ye Qingyu shook his head disappointedly, “How did someone like you become the First Deputy of the Human Race?”

Ou Wuji dared not reply despite feeling mildly angered.

He was once a hero of the Human Race who had left countless people wide-eyed, and had awed an age by doing several world-shocking things and making impressive contributions. A century ago, mention of the [Jade-faced Peerless Sword] Ou Wuji would elicit praise and a thumbs up from everyone, otherwise he could not have become the First Deputy Envoy of the Human Race headquarters today. Nevertheless, knowing that he was outmatched here, he dared not reply to Ye Qingyu’s question.

“You were used as a lightning rod and were roasted time and again, yet you remain so lacking in self-awareness. It appears that your original aspirations have been clouded by the high status you’ve enjoyed over the years, causing you to succumb to the allure of power and wealth unknowingly. As they say, even the strongest willed warriors are ultimately corruptible.” Ye Qingyu sighed while recalling several people. Revealing a respectful expression on his face, he continued, “Only someone as virtuous and capable as Mister Ren Puyang is able to restrain their own heart.”

Being no fool, Ou Wuji immediately captured the meaning in Ye Qingyu’s words.

Although his heart jolted, he remained unbelieving.

He mentally screened through the way in which he met Wei Wubing and found nothing abnormal. He also recalled that, to help him formulate plans over the years, this wise man could be said to have racked his brains, and was definitely not as described by Ye Qingyu.

However, he suddenly felt that something was not right.

Just then, Ye Qingyu questioned once more, “Was it Wei Wubing who urged you to strive for the position of main envoy? Was it him who advised you to push things along and place the guilt of murdering Mister Ren Puyang on Lin Yutang because the latter had plotted against you? Was it him who advised you on uniting the Demon Race headquarters and other races in hunting down Lin Yutang’s trusted White-robed Divine Guards?”

“This...” Ou Wuji instinctively wanted to justify things, but being gazed at by Ye Qingyu, he eventually nodded and replied, “Yes.”

This was indeed the truth after all.

Nodding, Ye Qingyu turned to look at Wei Wubing.

The latter remained smiling very calmly as he flicked the red-feathered fan. “Why are you looking at me like that, Lord Ye Qingyu? You’re right, it was indeed me who advised Lord Ou Wuji to do these things, but so what? Until now, I’ve never felt that I did anything wrong. As the saying goes, one should be devoted to the matters of those who have entrusted one with responsibility. As Lord Ou Wuji’s assistant and advisor, I naturally had to devise plans for him. Besides, it’s highly evident that Lin Yutang was Mister Ren Puyang’s murderer. By doing what I did, I was more so helping Lord Ren Puyang to take revenge. As such, my conscience is clear whether in terms of public or private interest.”

His tone was frank and forthright.

Many people in the mourning hall were convinced by his words.

Instead, Ye Qingyu laughed out loud. “Your conscience is clear? How can a scheming and manipulative demon like you ever be fit to take revenge on Mister Ren Puyang’s behalf? That’s truly sickening. Your saying the name Mister Ren Puyang is already an insult to this Human Race hero.”

A hint of sullenness flashed across Wei Wubing’s face, but fortunately for him, he was able to control it and change it into a smile. “Lord Ye Qingyu, seeing as you’re sad about Mister Ren Puyang’s death and hold a preconceived opinion of me, I cannot defend myself… However, like I said, every word I’ve spoken is frank and forthright. Since you want to find out the truth and seek justice, you’d have to discard your personal preferences, otherwise it would just be a case of the pot calling the kettle black.”

This could be considered a checkmate by using Ye Qingyu’s own words.

Many experts of various races looked straight once more at the advisor standing beside Ou Wuji like a shadow. They could not but admit that this wrinkle-faced scholar had a vigorous style of speaking. He was the first person in the mourning hall today who dared to talk to Ye Qingyu using this kind of tone.

In comparison, Demon King Ye was more bigoted and his cruel qi was somewhat heavier.

With a faint mocking expression on his face, Ye Qingyu gently clapped his hands when Wei Wubing was done talking. “This is the reason why I hate manipulative and scheming demons like you. Your tongue is so glib that you’re able to swear black is white and distort the truth… Unfortunately, this is a world in which strength speaks loudest, and only the person with the biggest fist gets to decide everything. What can you do if I simply want to kill you today?”

Wei Wubing’s countenance changed dramatically at once. After weighing his options, he could not help coming forward and saying, “This… Please calm down, Lord Ye Qingyu. Mister Wei Wubing bears you no malice, he’s just...”

To one side, Ou Wuji began to panic.

“Shut up,” Ye Qingyu snapped in a thunderous voice.

Ou Wuji’s ears began to buzz and his complexion turned pale as he retreated four or five steps back. He could not finish saying what he wanted to.

“What? Are you hellbent on doing things your way and calling a stag a horse? I know that you want to protect Lin Yutang because you’re close to him and owe him a favor, but must you really create such a big scene?” Wei Wubing’s expression became firm as he took several steps forward and held on to Ou Wuji, shielding the latter behind himself. In a vehement and fearless voice, he continued, “Everything was instigated by me and isn’t related to Lord Ou Wuji. Although it would take you only a moment to kill me, it’s impossible for you to block up this end of the world even if you’ve become a Quasi-emperor.”

Unexpectedly, a streak of hot blood pumped out from Ou Wuji’s heart just then, vaguely causing him to regain his former swagger as an elegant and peerless Human Race hero. Making up his mind, he declared, “I’d originally given in and acknowledged my inferiority to you, Lord Ye Qingyu, and was willing to admit to everything, but your attitude toward Mister Wei Wubing has shown me that you aren’t much different from the present me. All you can do is use force to intimidate people. If you want to kill him, then kill me as well. Mister Ren Puyang’s heroic soul hasn’t gone far yet. I shall accompany him in the netherworld.”

Many foreign race experts in the mourning hall were momentarily shocked.

A hint of bewilderment appeared in Lin Yutang’s slightly quivering eyes.

Lu Wei quietly watched on from the side.

He wanted to know how Ye Qingyu would handle this situation.

Wei Wubing is truly a person of deep subtleties, and has actually managed to unravel the momentum and situation created by Ye Qingyu via a bloodbath. As they say, aside from martial skills, words can also serve as a sharp knife in this world. I’ve finally seen proof of this today from this advisor called Wei Wubing.

Ye Qingyu glanced surprisedly at Ou Wuji. After some thought, he smiled faintly and remarked, “Idiot.”

Ou Wuji, “...”

Unconcerned by Ou Wuji’s feelings, Ye Qingyu looked at Wei Wubing once more. “I’ve got to hand it to you. With your scheming ways, you’ve managed to turn a once admirable character like Ou Wuji into a tool of yours. Unfortunately, I’ve never been one to submit to reason or force. Once I’ve made up my mind on something, my will is hard to shake even if lotuses roll off your tongue. Without mentioning anything else, I’ve decided to kill you simply because of your instigating Ou Wuji to work with the Demon Race to hunt down and kill the White-robed Divine Guards, and you shall have to obediently accept your fate. Those guards who died tragically as a result of your wild ambitions were completely innocent. Did you ever think about their wives and children, and their valorous contributions to the Human Race, when you laid down those deadly traps to kill them? Don’t you feel guilty about your hasty decision to kill these loyal humans just because you wanted to help Ou Wuji succeed?”

An imperceptible hint of panic flashed across Wei Wubing’s face. “Those who accomplish great things don’t get caught up in trifles. Since Lin Yutang is guilty, the White-robed Divine Guards who were loyal to him are better killed wrongly than let off. I had to ensure stability among the White-robed Divine Guards.”

“Does this imply that you admit to killing innocent people?” Ye Qingyu gazed sharply at Wei Wubing.

The latter flicked his feather fan, looking vehement while remaining silent.

Laughing once more, Ye Qingyu turned to look at Ou Wuji. “You said earlier that you met Wei Wubing in the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain, right?”

Taken aback, Ou Wuji replied, “That’s right.”

He did not know why Ye Qingyu would suddenly ask this question.

However, a bright gleam flashed across the depths of Wei Wubing’s eyes.

As if he did not notice this, Ye Qingyu seemed to be recalling something from his memory. “More than a year ago, I visited the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain too. Unfortunately, that ancient domain, which used to awe and prop up the status of the Human Race in the Vast Thousand Domains, had already fallen apart and was mostly deserted and lifeless by then. When I first arrived, I asked over and over why the lifespan of this domain would be so short. Later on, I discovered a decrepit dragon in the underground sea of fire at the mountain gate of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect, and found out some secrets from it...”

Everyone was baffled by what they just heard.

Why is the [Ice Sword Killing God], Crazy Demon Ye, suddenly changing the subject and talking about the past? What’s he planning to do?

“Mister Wei Wubing, since you’d visited the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain, I’m sure you know a few things about it. Can you tell me why this once illustrious domain faltered early?” With narrowly squinted eyes, Ye Qingyu looked at Wei Wubing again. A faint purple mist circulated in them, as if they wanted to see through this wrinkle-faced advisor.

“Please pardon my ignorance, I don’t know,” Wei Wubing replied expressionlessly.

Ye Qingyu smiled. “It’s okay if you won’t say… Actually, before I came here today, I had no interest in knowing the origin of an advisor beside Ou Wuji. However, a very weird feeling arose when I saw you, as if I’d seen you somewhere before. Your aura felt very familiar, but, all this time, I was unable to recall where it was from, until Ou Wuji mentioned that he met you in the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain. It was then that I realized...”

“Realized what?” Like a poisonous snake getting ready to attack, Wei Wubing squinted his eyes and asked calmly.

Ye Qingyu looked back at him and enunciated, “I realized who exactly Wei Wubing is.”

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