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Chapter 1067 – Who Are You? Ye Qingyu did not say anything else.He simply stood where he was, waiting patiently.He did not allow the foreign race experts to leave.This, in fact, was his plan from the start. By sending word to Ou Wuji and the Demon Race headquarters via Fang Bule and Green Rock, time and again emphasizing that he would surely come to the mourning hall on this day, he was hoping that Ou Wuji and the Demon Race headquarters would invite the experts from the headquarters of other large foreign races. This battle could thus serve to frighten these sinister schemers and get them to understand that the Human Race was not truly without a successor for Ren Puyang.This kind of battle was only meaningful when various large races were gathered here.He wanted nothing better than to bare his fangs in front of a huge crowd.Time went by.Everyone in the mourning hall was trembling with fear as they waited.After half an hour or so, Tang Chong arrived in the mourning hall together with Lin Yutang.The latter had been tortured a fair bit over the past couple of days. Nevertheless, as a martial expert, physical injuries were nothing much to him, and he thus remained in high spirits. Along the way, Tang Chong had told him about everything which took place in the mourning hall, causing him to be excited like never before.“Lord...” He lost no time saluting Ye Qingyu.Then, with reddened eyes, he went to pay respects to the coffined Ren Puyang before greeting Ren Xingyan and Uncle Lin.“My Lord, please avenge Lord Ren Puyang by killing this crook with a human face but a beast heart.” Also reddened-eyed, Lin Yutang pointed at Ou Wuji and said in a grievous voice.“Nonono, I’d never plotted against Mister Ren Puyang.” A panicking Ou Wuji hurriedly explained to Ye Qingyu. “Although I also want to become the main envoy of the Human Race, I never harbored any evil intentions against Mister Ren Puyang. Deputy Ye Qingyu… you mustn’t believe Lin Yutang’s one-sided story.”Ye Qingyu looked at Lin Yutang.The latter had a face filled with hatred and indignation as he fiercely questioned, “Scumbag Ou, still denying it? After Mister Ren Puyang left Heaven Connect City, you took over command and secretly built up your own power. Besides, you were the only person who knew his whereabouts in the Dark Realm, so how do you explain the fact that he and I were ambushed there? Who in this world could’ve known his whereabouts so accurately if you didn’t leak it?”“This… it’s true that I knew about his whereabouts, but I...” Ou Wuji tried his best to explain things but did not have any persuasive evidence. The most fatal point was that he was truly the only person who knew about Ren Puyang’s whereabouts and the only person in the Human Race headquarters who communicated several times with Ren Puyang. Given that nobody else knew about Ren Puyang’s whereabouts, it made sense that Ou Wuji would be the biggest suspect, whether in terms of logic or motive.Gnashing his teeth, Lin Yutang snapped, “What? Running out of excuses? Scumbag, you not only murdered Lord Ren Puyang but also shifted the blame on to me. Your ambitions have been completely exposed, while you even captured and harmed those who are loyal and righteous among the White-robed Divine Guards. What do you still have to say, you unscrupulous madman?”“I…”In full panic, Ou Wuji continually wiped beads of sweat from his forehead.The truth was that he was a shrewd and scheming person who was extremely strong, otherwise he could not have become the First Deputy Envoy of the Human Race.However, no matter how shrewd and scheming he was, he was no match for that soaring murderous spirit and Asura-like ability.He had already been frightened out of his wits by the Killing God-level strength displayed by Ye Qingyu on this day, and he was thus not even three-tenths as shrewd and scheming as he usually was.Ye Qingyu looked over expressionlessly.This immediately increased Ou Wuji’s panic. Looking confused and terrified, he stammered, “I… I’ve been wronged, Lord Ye Qingyu, I… I really didn’t, it was only after I found out about his death that I came up with the idea of seizing the position of main envoy. And because you attacked me in the divine temple, I simply pushed things along, but I really didn’t plot against Mister Ren Puyang. You must believe me, Deputy Ye Qingyu, I… I wasn’t the only person who knew about Mister Ren Puyang’s whereabouts, there was also you...”A beam of lightning suddenly flashed across his mind. Abruptly realizing something, he babbled aloud, “That’s right, Lin Yutang, you were always following beside Mister Ren Puyang and so you certainly knew of his whereabouts to a more detailed and clearer degree than myself. The information I received at the Alliance of Domains was always relatively old while you were constantly by his side. You’re thus a more likely suspect to have plotted against Mister Ren Puyang...”Ye Qingyu frowned.Although things were still up in the air at this time, he had gleaned something already…Ou Wuji isn’t lying.Thanks to his spiritual perception which allowed him to clearly catch hold of Ou Wuji’s every emotional fluctuation and expression, he could confirm that the latter, who had shown the most instinctive reaction of someone who had been wronged, was in a panicked state and was not lying. He was certain that Ou Wuji’s acting skills could not be good enough to deceive even his spiritual perception.This is strange.By this time, however, Lin Yutang was beyond indignation and bellowed agitatedly, “That’s absurd, utterly absurd. Everyone in Heaven Connect City knows that I’ve always remained loyal to Lord Ren Puyang all these years. How could I possibly betray him when my debt of gratitude to him is so great that it can’t be repaid even if I die the cruelest of deaths on his behalf? And why would I want to betray him?”Ou Wuji was at a loss.He, too, knew that his version of events was a little hard for anyone to believe. After all, everyone in the Chaotic Ruins Domain knew that Lin Yutang was Ren Puyang’s most loyal dog who would die for him at any time. It could be said that one hundred out of one hundred people would not believe that Lin Yutang would ever betray Ren Puyang. Although Ou Wuji had previously used his influence to suppress and place the guilt on Lin Yutang, he was under no illusions that he would be courting death if he spoke the same way in front of Ye Qingyu.Ye Qingyu remained silent.The other present experts from various races were also baffled.Previously, they were not too concerned about the manner of Ren Puyang’s death.This was because they had been more concerned about the shifts in power which would result from Ren Puyang’s death and the benefits which their own race would be able to derive… But now, these things had been rendered meaningless by Ye Qingyu showing up and subsequent forceful suppression. After they became concerned with the truth, they suddenly realized that things were a little weird and the truth was shrouded in layers of fog.Just then, a voice suddenly rang out.“Commander Lin Yutang, I’d like to ask, how does Mister Ren Puyang’s strength compare to yours?” Flicking a red-feathered fan, Wei Wubing slowly walked out and arrived beside Ou Wuji.With a face filled with hatred, Lin Yutang looked at this vicious snake.He was aware that many of Ou Wuji’s actions were suggested or instigated by this sinister advisor of obscure origin. Several decades ago, Ou Wuji could still be considered an open and overboard human expert, but ever since Wei Wubing showed up, he gradually changed into a different person whose way of doing things was rather extreme and whose perspectives were odd. Moreover, he became fond of fighting over things while beginning to groom henchmen and getting up to many small tricks.Lin Yutang had a dim view of Wei Wubing since a long time ago.“What’s the matter? Is my question so difficult to answer?” There was a wry smile on Wei Wubing’s face.Regaining his senses, Lin Yutang thought for a while before saying in a resentful voice, “Lord Ren Puyang was peerless in talent and was the supreme Heaven’s prideling of the Human Race. A hundred years ago, he was only a step short of becoming a Quasi-emperor. Up until his death, his strength had reached an unfathomable level and was definitely infinite times greater than mine.”“Oh, I see.” Wei Wubing smiled faintly. “If that’s the case, it’s rather strange and incomprehensible that Lord Ren Puyang would perish in battle while you, who’s infinite times weaker than him, would return alive and barely injured. Why didn’t those assailants kill you during the ambush? Lord Lin Yutang, can you explain this?”Lin Yutang’s countenance changed as soon as he heard this. “Wei-surnamed fellow, what do you mean?”With a faint sneer on his face, Wei Wubing did not say anything nor look back at Lin Yutang.Meanwhile, the eyes of the foreign race experts in the mourning hall lit up upon hearing this.That’s right, this doesn’t make sense.They were ambushed at the same time, yet the strong one died while the weak one survived. There must be more than meets the eye.For a time, there were suspicion and doubt in the eyes of those who looked at Lin Yutang.Could the true murderer really be this White-robed Divine Guard commander who’s called Ren Puyang’s loyal dog? That’s too shocking, no?A raging Lin Yutang wanted to explain things but was unable to put words together momentarily. He eventually gnashed his teeth and said, “I don’t know what was going on either. The assailants were frighteningly strong but didn’t attack me, as if they deliberately wanted to not kill me… At that time, I wanted to protect Lord Ren Puyang with my life, but was completely unable to get into the battle arena...” “Oh. They deliberately didn’t want to kill you?” There was a look of realization on Wei Wubing’s face. “Generally speaking, if it was me who painstakingly plotted an ambush, and against a person as important as Mister Ren Puyang to boot, I’d naturally seek to kill everyone involved so as to prevent news from leaking out and thereby sparking investigations. Under what circumstances would they want to keep someone alive?”Everyone’s train of thought was being led by his words. Every gaze fell upon him. He continued while smiling and gently flicking the red-feathered fan, “There’s only one possibility, and that’s that this person who should’ve died a thousand times yet incredibly survived is one of the assailants’ own, and that’s why they didn’t kill him.”“That makes sense,” someone could not help commenting.However, this foreign race expert immediately regretted what he just said, knowing that to chip in during such an occasion was clearly testing the patience of the [Ice Sword Killing God], Crazy Demon Ye. Frightened by himself, he shuddered as he hurriedly lowered his head and dared not say another word. In actual fact, his opinion represented that of most of the experts in the mourning hall.Logically speaking, Wei Wubing’s conjecture was irrefutable. “Nonsense, you...” Lin Yutang nearly went ballistic.Wei Wubing smiled even more sneeringly than before. “You seem a little angry from shame, Commander Lin Yutang. Hoho, want me to continue talking?” he teased coldly.“I… You rabble-rousing sinister scoundrel, you...” Lin Yutang trembled in anger, wishing badly to immediately strike and kill this scoundrel on the spot. However, he dared not do so in front of Ye Qingyu, for that would be falling into his enemy’s trap and was completely inexcusable. Still smiling, Wei Wubing shook his head and spoke in a pitying manner. “It looks like you want to die in agony, Commander Lin Yutang. Very well, I shall continue. Aside from the earlier point that I raised, there are two other questionable points. First, you not only returned when you shouldn’t be alive, but also purposely spread the news of Mister Ren Puyang’s death so that everyone knew, causing the Human Race headquarters to be completely passive about the whole affair; and second, while presenting yourself in the divine temple, you made use of the moment when Deputy Ou Wuji was greatly disconcerted by the news of the Mister Ren Puyang’s death to suddenly launch an attack, proclaiming that you were seeking revenge on Mister Ren Puyang’s behalf. In my view, however, you clearly did this in order to eliminate the only remaining person who can maintain order in the Human Race headquarters… What’s your motive for trying to mess up the Human Race headquarters time and again?”“I… I… But… It was for the Human Race… I...” Lin Yutang wanted to refute but did not know how. He felt at a loss for words and a deep sense of helplessness in the face of such a rabble-rousing and glib-tongued advisor.However, in the eyes of others, he seemed more like he was enraged and rendered speechless by the busting of his conspiracy. To one side, Ou Wuji wiped off a bunch of cold sweat.He glanced somewhat gratefully at Wei Wubing, who proved to be a reliable brain at this critical moment and saved him from being wronged, or otherwise the day would have been disastrous. The atmosphere became a little silent momentarily.As if pondering over something, Ye Qingyu did not say anything. Flicking his red-feathered fan, Wei Wubing looked at Ye Qingyu but was unable to tell what the latter was thinking. He thus waited for some time before eventually taking a step forth and cupping his hands, saying, “Deputy Ye Qingyu, though I may actually have no right to talk today, yet as a human, I didn’t want to see an innocent person being wronged while the true culprit gets away, and this was why I couldn’t help coming forth and speaking up. I believe that the matter has been made very clear by now. Please make a decision on behalf of the Human Race and punish the true culprit impartially, Lord Ye Qingyu.”Ye Qingyu finally raised his head at this time.“Who are you?” he questioned frostily with a sword-sharp gaze. Wei Wubing was taken aback. He could not believe that Ye Qingyu did not know who he was, but nevertheless had to reply having been asked. Therefore, smiling faintly and looking not the least bit impatient, he bowed his body and replied, “I’m Wei Wubing, Deputy Ou Wuji’s assistant...”Ye Qingyu immediately cut him short. “I know you’re Wei Wubing, but who is Wei Wubing?” Everyone was bewildered by what Ye Qingyu meant.Wei Wubing’s heart skipped a beat and his pupils contracted.A hint of astonishment flashed across his slightly lowered face.

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