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Chapter 1066 – He Admitted Defeat

The moment this voice appeared, the tide immediately turned.

Many people could clearly sense that the moment this voice rang out, the authority of the first Quasi-emperor immediately disappeared and could no longer be felt throughout the mourning hall. The voice that had just appeared obviously also belonged to a Quasi-emperor who was on Ye Qingyu's side.

My god!

Was this Ye Qingyu's greatest source of support?

He wasn't fighting single-handedly but he also had the support of a Quasi-emperor.

Could it be [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei]?

Everyone knew that [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] always held Ye Qingyu in high regard.

It didn't seem right either. According to various sources, [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] had been attacked by other Quasi-emperors while battling for the lost treasures at the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor, then he later vanished. Several well-informed super forces also released news of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei's] death. Later, someone heard an eminent character of the Four Stars Sect personally declare with certainty that he had witnessed [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei's] death.

Therefore, this news couldn't possibly be fake.

What were the other possible explanations then?

Had a new Quasi-emperor emerged from the Human Race?

Why did so many Quasi-emperors choose to support Ye Qingyu?

All these questions flashed past the minds of all who were present.

However, it wasn't worth their time mulling over such meaningless matters at this moment.

Time passed, and soon, fifteen minutes had passed in a blink of an eye. The expressions of all the experts in the mourning hall kept changing before they all finally turned pale. The voices of those two Quasi-emperors could no longer be heard and that terrifying Quasi-emperor authority had also completely disappeared and they could no longer sense it either. There could only be two possibilities. The first was that both Quasi-emperors had left this place to take their battle elsewhere and were evenly matched while the other possibility was that these two Quasi-emperors were keeping each other in check with no plans of attacking for the time being.

Either possibility had the power to turn the tide around.

This was especially so for Ye Chongsheng, since this sealed his death sentence.

His face had turned completely pale.

He started to tremble in fear and despair, "No, impossible. How could this happen…"

"Die," Ye Qingyu said with a shake of his head. "Remember to be a good person in your next lifetime after you're reincarnated."


The [Blood Drinker Sword Pill's] power exploded, then quickly subsided.

Ye Chongsheng's spirit was instantly destroyed and turned into ashes as though it had been burnt by fire, then disappeared into the Void.

Ye Qingyu summoned the blood-colored dagger back to him with a thought, then it turned into a sword pill and circled around him before it vanished in the space between his brows. It entered his body and continued to receive nourishment from him.

All the experts within the hall started to tremble.

"You… actually dared to kill him. You…" Ou Wuji stuttered. His face was pale and his whole body shook in fear.

He was so gripped by terror that he was unable to even articulate a single sentence. Ye Qingyu's resolve, power and ruthlessness meant that there was no hope for him. Even if Ye Qingyu spared him today, the person who supported Ye Chongsheng would definitely not let him off the hook because he had been the one to lure Ye Chongsheng with the promise of becoming a hero. Now that Ye Chongsheng was dead, he would definitely have to bear the blame for his death. Although he had also secured many forces and connections who would support him over the years, he didn't have the support of a Quasi-emperor.

Therefore, Ou Wuji was certain that he was doomed.

He no longer thought about securing the position of the Human Race spokesperson. All he wanted to do was to find a way to escape with his life.

Their plan was a complete and utter failure.

Ou Wuji looked at Ye Qingyu with both resentment and fear. As he looked at this white-robed young man who stood like an Immortal, he suddenly understood what had been mentioned by countless people but have been proven by very few – all nefarious plots and schemes would be like dust in the wind in front of absolute power, small and laughable.

Wei Wubing on the other hand, took a step back and melted into the crowd, trying to make himself as insignificant as possible.

However, he didn't look too flustered.

"All those who insult the hero of the Human Race shall perish, no matter who they are," Ye Qingyu said with determination. His voice was like a sword that slammed down hard on the hearts of the experts of the foreign races and they all felt their hearts race.

He was repeating the words that he had said earlier but now, no one dared to treat his words lightly.

The divine guard who knelt in front of Ren Puyang's coffin suddenly thanked his lucky stars that he was still alive. During his fierce battle, his legs were broken and his mouth was torn, but he had managed to escape with his life. This was even better than coming across a peerless opportunity. He resolved that he would never take part in these plots to fight for power and authority. He would get rid of all these evil thoughts in his heart and focus on the martial way.

Then, Ye Qingyu's voice rang out beside him. "Song Xu, you've made some thoughtless remarks in this mourning hall and insulted the descendant of Mister Ren Puyang. You should have been killed but I'll spare you this time due to your contributions under Mister Ren Puyang and at Ancient Heaven Peak. You shall find a cell within the dark prison and face the wall in meditation for fifty years. Do you accept your punishment?"

"I do," that divine guard let out a sigh of relief and quickly thanked Ye Qingyu for showing him mercy.

Then, an expert from the Dubhe Race stepped forward, his face regretful. He bowed respectfully and said, "We failed to recognize your authority and defied your orders earlier. We admit our mistakes and would be willing to accept our punishment. Please show mercy on us. We would be willing to support you to be the next spokesperson of the Human Race."

The rest of the crowd immediately secretly mocked the Dubhe Race for being so shameless.

Nonetheless, despite how they felt, they quickly stepped forward as well. These eminent characters who would usually oversee all matters from their lofty perch were suddenly acting like children admitting to their errors.

"Deputy Spokesperson Ye Qingyu is invincible. We are extremely ashamed of ourselves."

"The One-Eyed Race is willing to back your bid for the position of the Human Race spokesperson."

"The Earth Spirit Race has always been a strong supporter of the Human Race."

"We hope that Deputy Spokesperson Ye Qingyu would show us mercy and forgive us for our error today. We are willing to accept all punishment."

The voices of the foreign races apologizing and admitting their mistakes echoed throughout the hall. All these influential characters of the major foreign races all raced to apologize. This was no longer about their pride; it was more important to escape with their lives. They were truly terrified by Ye Qingyu's earlier actions. If Ye Chongsheng who had such a powerful backer could be killed as easily as a chicken and the supreme treasure, the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor], could be subdued by Ye Qingyu, they had no doubt that if they offended him right now, they would definitely share the same fate as Ye Chongsheng.

Ye Qingyu stood and faced them coldly.

What a fickle lot.

If he had lost the battle today, all these foreign races would probably have pounced on his failure and completely devoured him.

Ou Wuji felt his heart sink when he saw what was happening.

He knew that the largest advantage he used to have was now completely lost to him.

The Second Deputy of the Demon Race and the others no longer felt fortunate that they were still alive and looked on at the scene awkwardly. It was impossible for them to try to salvage their pride right now unless they awakened their ancestors who were in hibernation. However, they could not alarm their ancestors unless it was a matter of the survival of their race. If they awakened their ancestors over this matter, they might not be able to bear the responsibility. If they had known what would happen, they would've never acted against the Human Race. They should have never provoked Ye Qingyu the Killing God in the first place.

"The Demon Race… would also like to apologize. We shouldn't have meddled in the affairs of the Human Race," the Second Deputy of the Demon Race said with a bitter smile but he was left with no other choice.

The rest of the experts from the Demon Race headquarters also lowered their prideful heads. They had never been reduced to such a miserable state in their lives but now that a matchless Heaven's prideling Killing God had emerged from the Human Race, they had no choice but to submit to him. Ye Qingyu was far too ruthless, feared nothing, and would show no mercy. The Human Race had been used to enduring their sufferings but after Ren Puyang became the spokesperson of the Human Race, they slowly bared their fangs. Nonetheless, Ren Puyang had never been as ruthless and determined as Ye Qingyu. If he were to ascend to the position of the Human Race spokesperson, the other foreign races might truly be silenced.

"If apologies were effective, why did I have to draw my sword? Hmm?" Ye Qingyu looked at the Demon Race experts with a faint smile.

The Second Deputy of the Demon Race let out a secret sigh, then he said, "We are willing to make amends for what we've done."

Ye Qingyu remained silent.

When the rest of the Demon Race saw that he didn't say anything else, they all heaved a secret sigh of relief.

No one else present in the mourning hall dared to defy Ye Qingyu by this time. Those who bore resentment or enmity toward him didn't dare to show it either.

Ye Qingyu released a mental command.

The silver ice markings that covered the floor and stone pillars of the mourning hall suddenly seemed to come alive and slithered softly like thin silver snakes as they slowly retreated. The ice formations also gradually disappeared from the doors, the windows, the pillars, then finally, the ceiling. Then, they all gathered at his feet as though all the ice and frost had returned into his body.

The ice seal had been removed.

The blood, broken limbs, and corpses that littered the ground had also disappeared.

If not for the killing intent and blood qi that still lingered in the air, everyone would have thought that it was all a dream.

No one dared to leave.

Because Ye Qingyu had yet to speak.

"Lord Ye Qingyu is mighty and powerful and without an equal. Obviously, you should be the only candidate for the position of the Human Race spokesperson," the Dubhe Race expert who had spoken earlier said respectfully. "Our race will definitely do our best to support you..."

Ye Qingyu looked at him and smiled mysteriously.

The Dubhe Race expert thought that he had rightly pointed out what Ye Qingyu wanted and was overjoyed. Then he quickly added, "The Human Race is currently in a terrible predicament. If Lord Ye Qingyu becomes the Human Race spokesperson, you'd definitely be able to turn the tide around. This bodes well for the entire Human Race. Whoever dares to object to this must be courting death…"

Before he could finish his sentence—


He was sent flying with a slap.

"I said this before and I'll say it again, the Human Race shall make their own decisions over their own affairs," Ye Qingyu looked coldly at the Dubhe Race expert and continued, "It looks like you didn't understand me earlier. You're a foreign race but all you talk about is the position of the Human Race spokesperson. How could you still think that you'd be able to meddle in the internal affairs of the Human Race? Who are you to say whether or not I'd be able to become the Human Race spokesperson? Hmm?"

That Dubhe Race expert's teeth had almost been completely smashed.

He was extremely terrified and shook all over. He had come to the mourning hall at Ou Wuji's invitation and had wanted to take this opportunity to suppress Ye Qingyu. Who'd have expected that their plot would suddenly be thrown into disarray? All he could do now was to try to soothe Ye Qingyu's anger. He didn't know what else to say as Ye Qingyu pierced him with his gaze that was as sharp as knives, and he didn't even dare to utter a single word as he curled up in a corner.

"Leader Tang Chong, please head into the prison and bring Lin Yutang to the mourning hall," Ye Qingyu said as he retracted his piercing aura. His aura was now calm and unruffled as he continued, "I want to hear how Mister Ren Puyang was attacked in front of his spiritual tablet."

"As you wish," Tang Chong immediately strode out of the hall.

The leader of the White-robed Divine Guards was so emotional that he was trembling all over.

He had been waiting for this moment for far too long.

Ou Wuji's expression kept changing and he tried to speak many times but his words were caught in his throat.

Ye Qingyu's gaze swept across the faces of all the experts who were present and said clearly, "I know that you're probably all thinking that I've massacred so many people today in order to exert my authority and because I selfishly want to become the Human Race spokesperson, am I right?"

No one said anything.

However, most of those present secretly agreed.

He had caused such a big commotion and killed so many people, and even called upon a Quasi-emperor to help his cause, so wasn't he trying to profit from this situation?

Nonetheless, no one dared to verbalize their thoughts.

"That's right. I drew my sword and killed so many to exert my authority," he continued. There was a strange force in his voice that tugged at their hearts.

"However, I'm exerting my authority today not because I want to be the next Human Race spokesperson… You might not believe my words because you are used to standing at the tall buildings of the Alliance of Domain's divine temples to oversee the entire Heaven Connect City and you're all already addicted to power and profit. This has clouded your heart for the martial way. As a result, you've placed far too much weight on the position of the so-called spokesperson and also underestimated me… I hereby announce that I have three motives today – the first is to pay my respects to a departed martyr of the Human Race, second, to prove the innocence of a loyal guard, and third, to find out who the true murderer of Mister Ren Puyang is and avenge his death. I don't care about the position of the Human Race spokesperson and I can't be bothered to take part in political fights. I'll never take on this position either in the future.”

"All I want is the truth and justice. If there is any injustice or evil in this world, I will destroy it with my sword," he enunciated each word clearly.

His voice echoed throughout the entire mourning hall.

The spiritual tablets of the previous martyrs of the Human Race were all displayed in this mourning hall as a sign of respect for the most brilliant heroes of the Human Race headquarters throughout history. At that moment, as his voice reverberated around the hall, all these experts weren't sure if they were dreaming, but it was as though these spiritual tablets that had been silent for millennia and the ashes of the long-deceased suddenly trembled in unison and released a strange howl of agreement. Then, a faint but determined divine splendor flickered from these tablets.

It was as though a burst of spirit had suddenly come back to life.

These previous heroes of the Human Race had reacted to his words and agreed with his resolve.

This scene stunned everyone in the mourning hall.

They couldn't help but feel that they were extremely tiny in front of the vastness of the universe. Ye Qingyu's figure seemed to glow with countless rays of light and they didn't even dare to lift their heads to look at him… They were completely overcome with shame and guilt.

Ou Wuji heaved a long sigh.

He had been despairing, fearful, resentful and biding his time.

However, all his emotions, his thoughts, and everything else disappeared and there was only one thought left in his mind — I'm not as worthy as him and I'll never be this man's match for the rest of my life.

Ou Wuji had admitted defeat.

A myriad of expressions flashed past Wei Wubing's face as he stood beside him.

He was finally no longer able to remain calm.

He realized that he seemed to have made a mistake.
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