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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 105 Surrounded in All Directions

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Chapter 105 – Surrounded in All Directions

The moment Ye Qingyu turned and left, the little loli that had always remained in the state of unconsciousness suddenly seemed to sense something. Her withered little hand stretched out, wanting to grab at something. But ultimately it fell back down without any strength. A crystal clear tear slid down from her cheek…

“Brother Ye, don’t leave…”

These mumbled words were said with difficulty from her mouth.

The back of Ye Qingyu’s figure ultimately disappeared from the wooden house.

The originally white little bear that was leaning against her suddenly fell into the embrace of the little loli. As if she was trying to grab the entire world in this instant, it was unknown where the little loli found the strength to hold onto the bear. She desperately held the little toy that had been bought from the stand, her five fingers entering deep within the little bear…

Wang Jianru subconsciously wanted to pull the little bear away.

But at this time, the scarlet red pattern surrounding the little loli seemed to crazily extend. It travelled along the little loli’s arms and entered into the toy bear. In the blink of an eye, the white bear became a dim red colour. And in the dead eyes of the little bear, it began glimmering with a flickering red light… …… ……

Following the path, he went to the exit of this independent little courtyard.

Ye Qingyu took one step over the wall flickering with silver light formation.

He came back to the still and peaceful passageway. The black-clothed warrior was still waiting there quietly. As he saw Ye Qingyu coming out, he nodded his head slightly without saying a world. He remained silent as always, leading the way forward.

Ye Qingyu followed behind.

His thoughts were in disarray and he was in a subdued mood. He did not want to talk too much.

The battle in the skies that shook the entire Deer City once again flashed in Ye Qingyu’s mind. He suddenly remembered the words of the mysterious expert that had controlled the demonic black clouds.

From the information within his words, the black cloud expert should be someone from the City of Unmoving Darkness and he had come to find the little loli. But for some reason, Wang Jianru seemed like she did not want the little loli to end up in that person’s hands…

In this matter, there were far too many secrets.

Ye Qingyu still had many questions that he could not make sense of at this time.

But without knowing why, as he subconsciously handed the little loli into the hands of Wang Jianru, he was reassured, very reassured. If there was a person in this entire world that really thought from the perspective of the little loli and did not covet the secrets on her body, then that person was Wang Jianru.

He passed through the long passage.

It was as if an age had passed.

Finally they came to the exit of the [Mist Residence].

At this time, the people coming to the [Mist Residence] to spend time and find entertainment gradually began to increase. There were people continuously entering and exiting from the entrance, and the previous warriors who were drinking wine and roasting chicken had already finished eating their breakfast meal.

They were sitting on the seats conversing, occasionally raising their eyes to inspect the people entering. The guards weighed them up and observed the visitors, so they did not allow someone to enter that should not enter.

The black-clothed warrior returned to his seat, taking a long gulp of alcohol before laughing along with his comrades.

Ye Qingyu’s footsteps did not stop, walking straight out of the [Mist Residence].

The sky outside was still dim, and the floating snow had become more and more concentrated. The snow storm that had begun three days ago did not show any signs of stopping. Everywhere around the streets, thick piles of snow had already been created, and the entire Deer City was shrouded in a vast white blanket.

Ye Qingyu’s appearance was covered by his large garments. Lowering his head, he walked slowly through the streets.

If there was no accident that occurred, White Deer Academy would no longer have a first year head teacher called Wang Yan. This represented that since Wen Wan had also left, Ye Qingyu’s only familiar friend would also disappear from his life.

This made Ye Qingyu once again seriously consider the path facing him.

A tremendous change was currently occurring within White Deer Academy. An intention to leave was born in Ye Qingyu’s heart.

But once he left White Deer Academy, just where he could go?

At this moment Ye Qingyu could not sort his thoughts out.

He slowly walked forward step by step. Step by step, he was gradually pondering.

Abruptly, came the sounds of urgent footsteps and the clanking of armour from beside his ears. The faint friction emitted by the metal rubbing against each other resounded throughout the air drifting with snowflakes, making it seem especially jarring. Ye Qingyu lifted his head and was able to see a black armoured group of troops fifty meters away. As if they were a black tide, they broke apart the street covered in white snow, quickly nearing.

“It’s the army of the country stationed in the Southern district, [Black Mountain Barracks]!”

Ye Qingyu was slightly shocked.

They were a similar organization to the [Capture Barracks] in the Northern district. The [Black Mountain Barracks] was one of the elite armies stationed within Deer City and was controlled by the Southern military leader. In these days, the atmosphere of the city was strange and there were often people of the [Black Mountain Barracks] patrolling around the streets that maintained order within the city., But this group of people was evidently not in the same class as a patrolling squadron. There were at least a few thousand people, in full armour and with some riding horses. The people on horses were wearing the black robe of formation masters. Scouts also flew low in the sky, flitting past wearing formation armour…

This army had the countenance of someone facing a great enemy.

Ye Qingyu moved, silently flitting to the sides of the street and moving away. He waited until this large army had passed by.

He looked towards where the [Black Mountain Barracks] was rushing towards.

“It’s the direction of the [Mist Residence]…”

Ye Qingyu seemed to have suddenly realized something.

And nearly at the same moment, Deer City began vibrating and shaking from underneath.

As if some horrifying energy was about to break through the earth. From all sides of the city, streams of saffron yellow light soared into the sky like bright resplendent meteors shooting through the air. It left long tails in the air, and finally converged in the center of the skies, forming a humongous grid and surrounding the entire Deer City within!

“This… could it be [Million Knots of Earth and Glass]?

Legend had it that underneath the ground of Deer City, there was a hidden formation that was extremely powerful. Once it was activated, not only did it block everything from the outside, it was also able to prevent the people inside the formation from escaping. It was a formation that was enough to rank near the top in the entire Snow Country, and was known as the [Million Knots of Earth and Glass]. In these decades of time, no one had ever seen the experts of the city control such a formation before because every time it activated, the amount of yuan qi of Heaven and Earth it expended was really too vast.

Who would have thought that today was the day that the legendary formation would really be activated?

As the formation was activated, streak after streak of yuan qi shot into the sky. After this, there were expert after expert that appeared from all directions, flickering with the bright lights of yuan qi. They headed urgently towards the direction of the [Mist Residence], surrounding the [Mist Residence] from all directions.

Within the snowy skies, hundreds of figures were densely packed. They towered over the [Mist Residence].

These were all the famous experts of the city that were of the Spirit spring stage and above.

In an instant, they had really appeared.

A terrifying yuan qi turbulence swept throughout the land. Such a scene of hundreds of Xiantian experts acting in concert had not happened for a very long time within Deer City. Every one of them blossomed with resplendent yuan qi radiance, as if every single one of them was a radiant sun. It made one unable to stare at these figures directly.

Within Deer City, everything was in disorder.

The people that were originally undergoing all sorts of activities were scared by such an abrupt and unexpected scene.

Countless people stared dumbly at the skies, not knowing what had occurred.

“The city leader office is prosecuting the demon girl of darkness. Immediately depart a thousand meters away from the [Mist Residence], otherwise you will be charged with collaborating with the demon girl.” A voice that was like roiling thunder, incomparably imposing, exploded and echoed in the air.

The citizens instantly scattered like chicken flying and dogs jumping.

Ye Qingyu’s face changed. His previous guess was correct.

It came far too quickly.

The little loli was right now in a state of unconsciousness. Even if Wang Jianru’s strength was powerful, but she was still only one person in the end. Would she be able to defend against all the experts of the city?

“I need to go see.”

Ye Qingyu’s first reaction was to turn around, heading slowly back towards the direction of the [Mist Residence].

Even though he knew there would be danger. There was no way that Ye Qingyu could do nothing and depart.

But he had not even travelled a hundred meters when there were six soldiers wearing the black armour of the [Black Mountain Barracks] that stood out in front of him. The person leading them was a person wearing a black face armour that covered his facial features, the armour imposing and his gaze glinting with a cold light. He lifted his hand. “Halt! This path is blocked, quickly return.”

Ye Qingyu’s footsteps slowed down.

“Hmph, seeing your sneaky appearance, could you be the spy of that prosecuted demon girl? Quickly pull apart the cloth covering your face!” Another black-armoured soldier pressed step by step closer.

Ye Qingyu hesitated slightly, then grabbed the air lightly. The [Little Shang sword] that was within the second spirit Spring in his dantian world vibrated slightly. Between his eyebrows, a killing intent was activating. He was about to act…

But right at this moment—


A bright sword light, soared into the sky from far away.

The sword light was like electricity, shrouding all the floating snow in the sky. In this instant endless light filled the space between Heaven and Earth.

A silhouette shot into the sky.

It was Wang Jianru.

A person that towered over all life, the peerless female sword immortal that sliced apart the sky.

She finally acted.

In this moment, it was as if all the light in the world was overtaken by the radiance of this sword.

“I don’t want to begin a slaughter today. Quickly move aside.” Wang Jianru’s voice was calm and brought with it indifference. The words resounded between Heaven and Earth. Her voice like her sword, it had a type of power that was enough to shake one’s heart.

“Haha, arrogance! A weak female, dares to interfere in the matters involving the two great races and the City of Unmoving Darkness.”

A conceited and tyrannical voice broadcasted throughout the skies . A muscular figure covered by armour glowing with black light walked towards her step by step in the air. There was a terrifying yuan qi fluctuation around him, ripples visible to the naked eye expanding with him at the center. Behind him were ten subordinates from the same army, surrounding and protecting him. He was like a War God stepping through the air, radiating ferocity.

This was the number one person of the Southern military office, military leader Chen Jiuxing.

Within Deer City, Chen Jiuxing controlled the elite army [Black Mountain Barracks] . His status was only under the city leader, and was above thousands of other people. He was a person with true power, a prestigious character in the city for over twenty years. It was even said that he was a relative of the royal family. A stamp of his feet was enough to make the entire Deer City tremble three times. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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