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Ye Qingyu had already noticed that this young man probably came from an influential background.

However, these guards seem to make this young man sound more important than he initially thought.

Nonetheless, this information didn't deter him.

Since he experienced the Quasi-emperor battle in space, he no longer feared any force nor existence in this world. To him, the more important and influential this young man in the brocade robe was, the more he should mercilessly get rid of this young man. This young man was full of nefarious plots so the harm that he could cause was far greater than an ordinary man.

"Get lost, I'm going to crush him personally," the young man in a brocade robe pushed the guards who protected him aside and strode toward Ye Qingyu. "Remember my name - I'm Ye Chongsheng. Today is the day that I'll crush you here in this mourning hall and completely bury the era that belonged to Ren Puyang. The so-called [Ice Sword Killing God] would also be treated as a joke," he bellowed.

The guards who were supposed to be protected him looked on helplessly and also with some embarrassment.

"Sir, I think it'd be better for you to leave. You don't know who you're dealing with," the guard who spoke earlier blocked Ye Qingyu's path once more and continued darkly, "This is my final warning. Please leave before you make a terrible mistake. Things here are more complicated than you can imagine."

"You're protecting a man who shouldn't be protected."

Ye Qingyu raised his ice sword and sword radiance blasted mercilessly.

These guards were no better than the young man since they were aiding this wicked man.

"You... don't know what's good for you," the guard shouted loudly, "[Yellow Sand Hundred Battle Golden Armor]. Appear!"

His body flashed with splendor and instantly a golden armor appeared and enveloped his body. This was a formation armor that gave off an ancient aura and gleamed with a dazzling golden glow. Mysterious and powerful formations swirled around it and every inch of this armor perfectly wrapped the guard's entire body within it. It was as though the guard had been possessed by a War God and surprisingly, faint Emperor qi also circulated around his body.

This armor could be used to attack and defend. It was even more powerful than a fake Emperor weapon.

This was definitely not a relic of the current era.

Ye Qingyu immediately deduced the moment he saw the armor. He had an extremely profound knowledge of formationss and was sure that after the [Formation Emperor] Luoso disappeared, there was no one else who would be able to craft such a powerful armor... Ye Chongsheng's background was truly something else. Could he be from an ancient and lost tribe who have been in hiding?

"Ye Qingyu, retreat now or die."

The moment his armor enveloped him, this guard stopped trying to coax Ye Qingyu out of attacking the young man but instead became more commanding and domineering.

"You don't know what you're saying," Ye Qingyu stabbed out with his ice swords.

The guard scoffed and punched out with both fists.


There was a massive explosion of forces.

His double punch collided heavily against the ice swords and the golden force from his punches burst forth like a fiery flame as though it was about to consume the ice swords, then burn Ye Qingyu alive. He didn't hold back anything in his attack. Despite Ye Qingyu being a fellow human, he shouldn't have offended their Young Lord.


He shouted angrily.

Divine light swirled around the Emperor qi golden armor.

The expressions of the experts of the various races quickly changed. The force that he had displayed was extremely frightening and was extremely close to the power of a Quasi-emperor.

However ——

"Get lost!"

Ye Qingyu shouted. His ice sword shuddered and several cracks appeared on his sword, but these cracks disappeared very quickly. As for that guard, he suddenly felt a formidable force charge toward him, so powerful that no words could describe it. He was so shaken by this force that he felt that his arms had been broken and layers of ripples appeared on his golden armor as though it was about to crack. He was sent flying backward and up high into the sky.

"That was a warning. I showed you mercy earlier but there will be no second chance. All those who stand in my way shall die."

Ye Qingyu's white robes were like jade and his black hair danced wildly in the wind like fiery flames while ice crystals and snow swirled all around him. He looked like a divine king who had walked out of ice and snow, completely unstoppable.

Everyone was completely stunned.

How could this be possible?

Ye Qingyu's strength had increased once more and was now extremely similar to a Quasi-emperor. He seemed to be mightier than he had been during the battle with the experts from the Demon Race headquarters. Was it possible that he hadn't truly displayed his full prowess when he had been attacked by those twenty fake Emperor weapons earlier?

How could he be so strong?

He was ridiculously strong.

As for the Second Deputy of the Demon Race and the others, their minds were blank. They felt that they had made the right decision earlier by choosing to stop battling on. Otherwise, they would be the ones on the receiving end of such terrifying power. Even if the remaining fifty or so Demon Race experts charged at him together, Ye Qingyu was so strong that they would barely inflict any damage on him.

For the first time, these Demon Race experts truly started to consider whether they had been in the wrong to interfere in the affairs of the Human Race this time —— This didn't have anything to do with right or wrong, but had everything to do with profit and gain. Now, this had gotten them into trouble even before they profited from their actions. Although they had indeed managed to use this opportunity to get rid of several promising White-robed Divine Guards, the Demon Race experts that faced him right now seemed to be greater in numbers and more powerful than the Divine Guards who they've killed.

Perhaps, it might be better to put a stop to this before the situation got to a point where it was beyond redemption?

Before they knew it, the Demon Race experts started to consider forming a truce with Ye Qingyu.


Once again, sword light flashed.

Another guard who had also summoned the [Yellow Sand Hundred Battle Golden Armor] was also sent flying.

"Didn't you boast that you were going to crush me? Come on, let me have a taste of how powerful you are," Ye Qingyu moved like a tiger through a herd of sheep. He was absolutely unstoppable.

The guards who were protecting Ye Chongsheng had all summoned the [Yellow Sand Hundred Battle Golden Armor] and faint Emperor qi swirled around their bodies. They were all peak Great Saint experts and with the added boost of the [Yellow Sand Hundred Battle Golden Armor], they were now almost as powerful as Quasi-emperors, powerful enough to crush many large forces, but they weren't even able to handle a single blow from Ye Qingyu. They were all sent flying with blood gushing from their mouths when his sword light from his ice sword blasted outward.

"You're courting death," Ye Chongsheng growled angrily. There was a flash from the golden ring on his finger and a set of purple gold divine armor appeared.

This set of purple gold divine armor was even more precious and many times more powerful than the [Yellow Sand Hundred Battle Golden Armor]. Dragon scales protected his body, a dragon helmet protected his head, dragon claws appeared at his feet while dragon horns were sharp swords to be wielded. Dense Emperor qi circulated around him and the purple gold divine splendor was like sunlight from the beginning of time. Ye Chongsheng resembled a Divine Dragon King who had descended from the Nine Heavens and exuded an incredibly mighty aura. The aura that he exuded alone was enough to make all the experts in the mourning hall feel a shiver of fear run down their spines.

"This is... the legendary divine armor - the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor]!" An expert from the Dubhe Race exclaimed in surprise.

The [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor] was a supreme treasure of the Human Race and was considered one of the two divine armors of the Human Race together with the [Infinity Light Armor]. It was said to have a long history and was extremely similar to an Emperor weapon. Whoever wore this armor would be rendered completely invincible and this armor had disappeared for many millennia. No one had expected... who exactly was this man known as Ye Chongsheng?

"Ha ha ha ha, Ye Qingyu, I would now be able to crush you with a single finger," Ye Chongsheng chuckled loudly and his voice was boosted by the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor] and echoed extremely mightily with an authority that could not be defied. He no longer sounded like a human but rather, he sounded incredibly frightening, "If you kneel down and beg for mercy, I'll spare your friends and your life so that you may witness a new era without Ren Puyang."


Ye Qingyu laughed coldly and spread out both his palms. Both his ice swords levitated upward and their sword tips pointed outward as they floated in front of his chest. Then he gave them a shove and they instantly transformed into two beams of icy flowing light that hurtled forward.

"You're too weak."

Ye Chongsheng laughed savagely. He stretched out both hands that were covered in tiny golden dragon scales and easily grabbed the two large ice swords that shot toward him.


As he spoke, those ice swords were shattered into ice shards.

"Such an attack is simply... huh?" Ye Chongsheng smiled tauntingly.

Before he could finish his sentence, his laughter turned into a groan. Ye Qingyu had turned into a flowing light and instantly appeared by his side. He had moved as fast as he could, then he tore apart the defensive halo of the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor] as easily as he was tearing a piece of paper. Then, he sent out a punch toward Ye Chongsheng's stomach that exploded with a terrifying force. Ye Chongsheng bent over, then he shot out like a canon.


He crashed into the stone pillar that was ten meters behind him and slumped feebly on the ground.

At that moment, he couldn't even rise to his feet.

"Ha ha, [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor]? Is that all it can do?"

Ye Qingyu flexed his fingers and shook his head in disappointment.

The crowd noticed to their astonishment that his palm was now also covered with layers of dragon scales. However, instead of being purple gold, they were silver and as white as snow. They were even finer than Ye Chongsheng's dragon armor and even more full of vitality, as though they were part of his body. It was clear that he hadn't used an external armor but that these were True Dragon claws.

Was he an incarnation of a True Dragon?

Or was the True Dragon an incarnation of himself?

Was this the secret to his strength and power?

Was he so powerful that even the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor] was unable to withstand a single punch from him?



"Surround him."

"Kill him. We've got to kill him at all costs."

The moment those guards clad in their [Yellow Sand Hundred Battle Golden Armor] saw what had happened, they all charged toward Ye Qingyu in a frenzy.

"I've already given you all a chance earlier."

Ye Qingyu's eyes hardened with resolve.


The [True Will of the Sky Dragon] and the peak force from the [Divine Emperor Sword Mantra] burst forth together as he punched out and the first guard was smashed into pieces along with his [Yellow Sand Hundred Battle Golden Armor]. Blood and bones splattered everywhere and instantly, there was nothing left of him.

A frightening killing intent exploded from Ye Qingyu.

"How is that possible?"

The rest of the guards were extremely astonished.

The [Yellow Sand Hundred Battle Golden Armor] was a divine artifact that had once been kept in close proximity to an Emperor weapon and had been tainted with Emperor qi. It was even more powerful than the primeval artifacts and even if it were to be attacked by a fake Emperor weapon, it would be hard to crack this armor and it also had incredible healing properties but yet, it had been smashed into pieces by a single punch.

Their greatest weapon had been rendered useless.

These guards who had been both cold and arrogant earlier finally started to panic.

After all, everyone was afraid of death.

"Kill him. Get rid of him for me. Ah! Ah! Ah!" Ye Chongsheng crawled up to his feet and bellowed angrily. He activated his [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor] as he charged toward Ye Qingyu and roared, "He must die. Attack as one... kill him!"

He had become a little deranged.

This young man was extremely spoilt, so he also had an extremely bad temperament.

He had never experienced any hardships and had been relying on his background the entire time, so he was unable to handle defeat at all.


Ye Qingyu punched out.

Ye Chongsheng was sent flying once more.

There was a flash of splendor.

Ye Qingyu moved even faster and instantly appeared on top of Ye Chongsheng, following him as closely as a shadow. Then, he stepped down on Ye Chongsheng and sent him crashing down to the ground.

Golden light flashed everywhere.

The rest of the guards steeled themselves and rushed forward in an attempt to rescue their master.

"Get lost!"

Ye Qingyu's fist force burst forth and countless [Great Light Dragon Punch] prints that were as translucent as snow exploded everywhere.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

The golden figures who charged toward him were unable to withstand the force from his punches and were instantly sent flying with blood gushing from their mouths.

Boom! Boom Boom!

A terrifying force continually smashed against the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor].

Ye Qingyu turned into a killing god as he attacked mercilessly. This divine armor was indeed powerful and it didn't crack at all but neither was it able to withstand all the force and pressure he was piling on it. Ye Chongsheng roared angrily under his armor and struggled with all his might as he exerted the power of the divine armor. He tried countless times to stage a counterattack but he was unable to escape from under Ye Qingyu's feet. Many of his bones were already broken and blood gushed violently from his mouth.

"Once a useless creature, you'd forever be a useless creature. Even after you've worn the armor, you're still unable to take a single blow," Ye Qingyu's eyes were cold as he stared at him. "I don't understand. How could someone as useless as you summon up the courage to provoke me? You've defiled the supreme divine armor of the Human Race simply by wearing it!"
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