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Imperial God Emperor 1063 - I Have an Emperor Weapon

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The battle started instantly.

Ye Qingyu had already made his move even before the experts of the Demon Race could react.

His sword light was like snow.

His figure flashed and immediately reappeared amongst the crowd.

"Those who dare to stop me shall perish."

He said as he continued to charge forward, "Those who have nothing to do with this, please retreat."

The entire area was thrown into chaos.

When the experts of the other races witnessed this scene, they quickly retreated.

They were also enraged by his overbearing attitude but this didn't mean that they would choose to stand with the Demon Race to attack him —— at least, they wouldn't attack him when he was at his strongest. They would wait till the Demon Race drained him of his yuan qi, vigor and spirit to a certain extent before they would step in and attack him in his weakened state.

The crowd immediately parted unanimously.

The many experts of the Demon Race's headquarters appeared in front of him.

Ye Qingyu's sword radiance pointed toward the Demon Race expert who was at the front of the group.


That Demon Race expert shouted loudly as his demonic power burst forth. Five or six rays of splendor swirled around his body and he simultaneously activated six or seven Saint weapons. He held a relatively high position at the Demon Race headquarters and had come prepared today. The Saint weapons exuded an incredibly powerful force and he attacked with resolve and determination. He detonated two of those weapons, then quickly retreated. He didn't dare to face Ye Qingyu's attack head-on.

The force of the Saint weapons' explosion was extremely terrifying.

Nonetheless, it failed to stop Ye Qingyu.


There was a flash of sword light.

The Demon Race expert's head flew up into the air and the frightening sword will instantly destroyed all signs of life within his body.

As his head rose up in the air, the final scene that his eyes reflected was of Ye Qingyu emerging from the destructive and fiery explosion. He had passed through this explosion like a gust of wind and this explosive force that was enough to immediately kill four to five Great Saints didn't even touch a strand of his hair.

How could this be...

He thought resentfully before he completely lost consciousness.

After he got his first kill, he continued to charge forward mercilessly. His sword light swept across the crowd like a milky way from the Nine Heavens and instantly, the sky was filled with icy radiances that enveloped the remaining hundred or so Demon Race experts within.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Blood light splattered everywhere.

Instantly, another three Demon Race experts were sent flying while blood gushed out of their mouths. Their bodies had been sliced into two by the terrifying sword will and it also destroyed their life force at once, so they were as good as dead.


"Damn! The formation, form the formation!"

"We have to go all out to kill him."

The Demon Race experts bellowed madly and they were suddenly thrown into disarray. All of them were influential characters who would attract attention the moment they stepped into Heaven Connect City and despite the numbers that were gathered, they were all unable to withstand Ye Qingyu's frenzied attacks.

They used all kinds of divine and precious weapons.

They exerted all kinds of divine skills and mysterious techniques.

Demon qi rolled over in waves.

Demonic qi shot everywhere.

Instantly, abundant demonic power that seemed to take on a solid state filled the entire mourning hall. The entire mourning hall would have collapsed at that moment without the protection of the ice formation.

The rest of the experts from the various races continued to retreat.

At that moment, no one wanted to be swept into this battle.

Even Ou Wuji and Wei Wubing immediately retreated at the first instance.

This was the moment that they had been waiting for. They wanted Ye Qingyu and the Demon Race to have a fierce battle and hoped that both parties would battle so intensely that they would sustain injuries. Then, the rest of them would be able to benefit without having to do anything. As long as Ye Qingyu thoroughly became the enemy of the Demon Race, even if he killed all the Demon Race experts who were present today, he would definitely become an enemy of the entire Demon Race in the future and the Demon Race would not rest until he was dead. Then, he wouldn't be appointed as the spokesperson of the Human Race —— It was impossible for someone who had such deep enmity with the Demon Race to become the leader of the Human Race. Otherwise, this could mean war between the two races.

A barely perceptible smile danced on Wei Wubing's lips as he fanned his red-feathered fan.

Ou Wuji seemed extremely anxious and would occasionally pretend to throw in a word of warning but in reality, he was extremely excited.

That young man clad in an elaborate brocade robe who was under the protection of several experts looked as though he wanted to join the battle. He sounded a little annoyed as he said, "Humph, it looks like I don't need to join in the battle. This useless creature has been trapped by the Demon Race... He's not worthy of me lending a hand."


A terrifying force circulated on the battlefield.

Demonic qi of various colors surged and mysterious splendors twinkled that threatened to consume the figures of those who were engaged in battle.

Sword light flashed from time to time, then blood light could be seen splattering everywhere.

Then, the bodies of Demon Race experts would be sent flying. Their bodies crashed onto the ground and there was nothing left but a corpse.

In several dozen breaths, there were already more than thirty corpses of the Demon Race experts on the ground whose bodies had already grown cold. This result caused the expressions of several major races to change all of a sudden. Ye Qingyu was truly incredibly powerful. The fact that he killed more than thirty Demon Race experts in such a short span of time was extremely frightening.

Would the Demon Race be able to handle his attacks?

Before they knew it, their mindset had already changed. They weren't even conscious of it but instead of their earlier impression that Ye Qingyu was being too overbearing, their thoughts had shifted and they started to worry about the fate of the Demon Race headquarters.

"Form the formation... [Sky Demon God-Killing Formation]!"

The Second Deputy of the Demon Race who had been observing the battle bellowed.

He was the leader of the group of Demon Race experts from the headquarters who were present today since the spokesperson of the Demon Race was absent. The Demon Race had assumed that by sending out such large numbers, it would be enough to handle Ye Qingyu. After all, it wasn't just the Demon Race headquarters who wanted to kill him today. Those who were present at the mourning hall were all also his enemies. However, they didn't expect that this would be the outcome of the battle. If Ye Qingyu had been at the losing end or if both sides had been evenly matched at the start of the battle, the other races and forces would have definitely joined the battle. Now... it was likely that none of the other races would attack rashly before the Demon Race forced Ye Qingyu to reveal all his trump cards since Ye Qingyu had shown that he was far too powerful. They had to consider the consequences.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Demon Race experts' figures flashed.

Dozens of Demon Race experts rushed forward defiantly to engage him in battle.

The other twenty experts retreated and left the battlefield. Then, they all growled angrily in unison, took their places in odd positions and started to chant an ancient curse, exerting some kind of mysterious technique. A mysterious force surged from their bodies and a ball of splendor appeared from the back of their heads and it floated like a life star.

Wisps of Emperor qi swirled and spread across the Void.

"Hmm? Was that an Emperor weapon?"

"Impossible! Has the Demon Race headquarters actually activated an Emperor weapon?"

The expressions of the experts of the various races turned grave the moment they sensed the wisps of Emperor qi.

The Demon Race had once produced several martial Emperors and they had a long history and were also resource rich. According to legend, the Demon Race headquarters possessed an Emperor weapon.

However, this was a strategic and precious weapon that was meant more to instill fear than to be used in battle. They wouldn't dare to use this weapon rashly since first, activating an Emperor weapon would use up too much energy. A Great Saint would be reduced to a shriveled up corpse if he completely activated a single Emperor weapon and it wasn't easy to control either. Second, the Emperor weapon would affect the fate of a race and it was so risky that no one could afford any mistakes. Many times, even the spokesperson of the Demon Race might not even have the power to activate it.

Wisps of Emperor qi spread across the area.

Twenty rays of different colored splendor floated above the heads of these twenty Demon Race experts just like twenty large stars bouncing above their heads containing the power of the stars in the universe. It sealed the surrounding Void, as though it was about to tear apart this part of space and the universe. Then, twenty destructive rays of killing intent hurtled toward Ye Qingyu who stood right in the middle.

"Wait, this isn't an Emperor weapon... It is a fake Emperor weapon but it contains Emperor qi."

"A fake Emperor weapon is also a supreme treasure and would be enough to kill Ye Qingyu."

"The Demon Race has indeed gone all out to kill him."

All the experts of the various races who were present were all well-read and influential characters, so they immediately noticed it wasn't an Emperor weapon but twenty fake Emperor weapons. These weapons must have been crafted by being in close proximity to true Emperor weapons for a prolonged period of time to have been tainted with Emperor qi and this was the reason why they all contained Emperor qi. This was way above anything an ordinary force could possibly produce and a fake Emperor weapon would be enough to instantly kill a Great Saint.

The sight of twenty fake Emperor weapons attacking in unison was a rare sight to behold.

The Demon Race had indeed called on their extremely precious resources. In other words, they had come fully prepared.

The young man clad in elaborate brocade robes shook his head as he watched this scene and said, "Ha ha, he's doomed... There's no need for me to make my move. He's definitely going to die. This is the fate of a moron. What's the use of being so powerful? He is ultimately of low and humble birth and didn't understand how powerful a true super force could be. He futilely attempted to defy heaven and in any case, it'll be good if he died. Then, there's no need for me to attack. I don't want to dirty my hands to kill such a moron."

He spoke arrogantly and looked on with pleasure at Ye Qingyu's impending demise.

The experts who surrounded him were all expressionless and stoically silent.

Happiness flashed past Ou Wuji's face before he was aware of it.

Wei Wubing's lips curled derisively but it wasn't clear what he was thinking.

"Uncle Lin, big brother is..." Ren Xingyan watched in horror and was extremely worried for Ye Qingyu. He might be young but he could differentiate between right and wrong. He knew that Ye Qingyu was a good man, so he couldn't help but worry for him.

Uncle Lin didn't say anything but he was also extremely worried.

He couldn't help himself and glanced at Lu Wei beside him.

This young man had arrived together with Lord Ye Qingyu, so he should have a better understanding of Ye Qingyu's true prowess.

Lu Wei felt Uncle Lin's gaze on him and said calmly, "Don't worry. He's just toying with these morons and he is probably making use of this opportunity to lure more people into revealing their true intentions. Otherwise..."


"Ha ha, is this what the Demon Race is capable of? Only twenty fake Emperor weapons? I was prepared for the appearance of an Emperor weapon. How disappointing," Ye Qingyu chuckled and said, "Let's end it now."

All of a sudden, rays of dazzling silver sword light exploded.

These rays of sword light appeared in layers and merged to form pieces of white light curtains. At the moment, all that could be seen within the mourning hall was this white light that instantly blinded everyone in the hall. No one could see anything but this white light and they could only rely on their divine sense to sense their surroundings. They sensed that this sword qi wasn't extremely piercing, but it contained an incredibly powerful force that flashed past and seemed to rob everyone of their souls.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sounds of something shattering rang out.

They heard this sound twenty times in quick succession.

Then, the Second Deputy of the Demon Race bellowed in rage and shock.

When their vision was restored, they saw that the ground was scattered with corpses and the fragments of the fake Emperor weapons. Twenty fake Emperor weapons and twenty Demon Race experts were reduced to fragments that littered the ground with Ye Qingyu who held his sword in the center of it all. The corpses of the Demon Race experts were scattered all around him like a flower of death that was made of bones and blood had bloomed. It was an extremely horrific sight.

There was less than fifty Demon Race experts who were still able to stand within the mourning hall.

The others had perished at the blades of the ice swords.

Some people already started to feel their legs giving way.

No one had expected to witness such a scene.

If time could be reversed, at least half of those present would've listened to his earlier warning and left immediately. They would've definitely not remained in this mourning hall. How could someone be so powerful in this world? Ye Qingyu had merely been a Saint expert just six months ago. But now? Based on the powerful combat strength he had displayed, could he have already attained Quasi-emperor realm?

Silence immediately filled the mourning hall.

"Do you want to continue?"

Ye Qingyu looked coldly at the Second Deputy of the Demon Race.

The Demon Race had taken the most pleasure out of Ren Puyang's death. The Demon Race headquarters made use of every opportunity to interfere in the affairs of the Human Race and started a large-scale effort to oppress the Human Race. The most classic example was them secretly trying to help Ou Wuji to be promoted to the position of the Human Race spokesperson. They had also used ambushing Lin Yutang and the remaining traitors as an excuse to round up and kill many Human Race White-robed Divine Guards and used this opportunity to weaken the Human Race...

He had gleaned all this information from the paper that the Great Dragon Turtle Demon had given him.

This was also what he noticed from the battle at Blue Cloud Manor.

Therefore, he planned to use this opportunity to embark on a large killing spree. He wanted to dent the Demon Race's arrogance—— There might be good demons amongst the Demon Race, but those who had appeared at Ren Puyang's mourning hall today definitely deserved death. They were the aggressive members of the Demon Race headquarters and bore huge enmity toward the Human Race. It'd be great if he could kill some of them today.

The Second Deputy of the Demon Race gnashed his teeth in anger, but didn't say anything else.

He didn't dare to speak.

He had assumed that their plan was definitely going to succeed but now, everything was in tatters.

As for Ye Qingyu, he didn't look weakened at all and seemed as though he could still carry on.

If they continued to battle, the remaining survivors of the Demon Race headquarters would probably perish at that mourning hall as well.

Ye Qingyu smiled.

"I told you before that the Demon Race must provide an explanation for their interference in the affairs of the Human Race, but you treated my words as a joke. You've always thought that you were high above us and didn't take me seriously... Ha ha, I'm sure you've learned your lesson now, right?" Ye Qingyu's aura was extremely imposing as he pointed at the remaining survivors and continued commandingly, "I'd still stand by my words earlier. You should seriously think about how you're going to come up with a good explanation. I'll give you time, but it's up to you whether you want to continue or if you want to resolve this peacefully. However, let me leave you with a warning, this is your last chance... You should be well aware of your current predicament by this time, right?"

The Second Deputy of the Demon Race frowned but didn't say anything else.

It was indeed clear that the Demon Race was at the losing end.

Ye Qingyu hadn't gone too far either.

He ignored the Demon Race experts who had lost their combat will and his gaze fell on the young man who was clad in an elaborate brocade robe.

"Come on, weren't you itching to attack earlier?" He had heard clearly the words that this young man had said earlier and said contemptuously, "Come on, I'll give you the chance to attack so that you'll die without regrets... I don't give a damn about your background, or who is shielding you. The insulting comments you've made about Mister Ren Puyang earlier has sealed your death today."

He strode toward that young man.

"Sir, please stop," A guard who stood beside the young man stepped up worriedly and his peak Great Saint qi activity swirled around him as he shouted, "You shouldn't attack our Young Lord. He is a Human Race expert too and divine blood runs through his veins. He is of noble status, so you can't afford to offend him. Please retreat immediately."

The remaining guards hastily surrounded the young man.

They had witnessed the earlier battle and saw how effortlessly Ye Qingyu had destroyed the fake Emperor formation of the Demon Race. They were now well aware of how powerful and cruel he could be and knew that he truly lived up to his title of the [Ice Sword Killing God], so they didn't think that the young man would be able to defeat him.

"Get lost. Do you think I'd fear him?" The young man reacted like a provoked lion as he said, "I possess an Emperor weapon that could crush him many times over. Ha ha, how dare garbage like you be so arrogant in front of me? I'm going to make him regret being born... Get lost, all of you. My master instructed you guys to protect me, not to defy my orders... Get lost!"

He was extremely arrogant.

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