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Chapter 1062 – Come Together

Snowflakes fluttered.

The temperature in the mourning hall fell abruptly.

Since some time ago, snowflakes had already covered the main door and surrounding windows of the mourning hall. Like white butterflies, they gave off a mysterious power which completely sealed every exit of the hall. Moreover, they also covered the walls, dome, and pillars, enchanting the entire hall.

“As the saying goes, one doesn’t give up until one has lost all hope, and doesn’t tear until one sees the coffin.”

Ye Qingyu suddenly jolted in mind.

A divine splendor flowed.

Every snowflake began to give off a dazzling brilliance and hairline ice and snow patterns in every direction, covering everything inside the mourning hall in a twinkling. The hall was thereby turned into a magnificent ice palace.

Few of the experts in the mourning hall had left.

This was because they did not take Ye Qingyu’s warning to heart.

What is this place?

It’s the divine temple of the Alliance of Domains.

Everyone present was a big shot who possessed great power and had become accustomed to dangers and difficulties. They certainly would not be scared off by a couple of words from a young human talent. Besides, so what even if Ye Qingyu possessed heaven defying might and could kill Green Rock of the Demon Race headquarters? There were more than six hundred higher-ups of various races present in the spiritual hall. Ye Qingyu might be able to kill one of them, but was he able to kill all? And even if he could, did he dare to?

They were certainly confident in themselves.

Ye Qingyu actually wants to seal the mourning hall using an ice-and-snow formation?

Hahaha, this is too funny.

Perhaps, as the [Ice Sword Killing God], you may be really strong in terms of lethal sword techniques. But who would’ve thought that you’d actually try to seal the entire mourning hall using your yuan qi cultivation… How arrogant is that? Even a contemporary formation master wouldn’t dare claim to be able to seal in so many people without making enough preparation.

“Hahahaha, this is really... too funny.” A Demon Race expert with an iron tower of a body laughed out loud. “What desperate tricks are you trying to play? You really think you can seal us in with ice and snow? Haha, who’s afraid of this kind of formation? I’d thought that you’d have some kind of world shocking skill, but it turns out to be just like that. Haha, Ye Qingyu, the Demon Race shall settle the score for the battle of Wuqing street today. Just wait until I break this horseshit formation of yours...”

With that, powerful demonic qi diffused from his body.

As he casually raised a hand, a huge bearish phantom palm with the thickness of a mountain appeared and forcefully struck toward the ice-and-snow-sealed main door, intending to pulverize the seal with one blow and thereby show Ye Qingyu a glimpse of the Demon Race’s might.


Shaking noises were heard.

A silver splendor gleamed on the door of the mourning hall.

Countless pairs of eyes looked toward the door.

Everyone had a comical expression on their faces as they watched this scene, as if they had already seen the ice and snow on the door being crushed. They felt that Ye Qingyu must really be out of his mind to seek his own humiliation in this place and use such a childish method to trap everyone in, and in doing so showed that he was truly a country bumpkin with little vision, experience, and intelligence.

However, their gazes and expressions quickly stiffened in shock.

The huge bearish phantom palm dissipated.

Despite the powerful vigor of the Great Saint-level expert’s strike, the ice and snow on the door remained, and not even a mark was left on them.

The seal… is still there?!


How’s that possible?

Everyone present knew who this expert was – he was Mo Pi, the Fourth Deputy of the Demon Race headquarters. In former years, his reputation and prestige were above those of Green Rock. He had gained Dao as a black bear of chaotic pedigree, and his body flowed with terrifying bloodline power. He was also a pinnacle Great Saint-level being, otherwise he could not possibly have placed higher than Green Rockin the ranking of deputies of the Demon Race headquarters.

How could a crushing blow from such a being be ineffective?

Some people immediately sensed that things were no good.

Mo Pi himself was also feeling incredulous.

“Let’s try again.” Frowning, he unleashed a second attack.

Ye Qingyu’s eyes abruptly gave off a divine splendor. “You don’t have any more chances.”

As soon as he spoke.

With a flash of his figure, a specter formed in the Void and instantly descended.

The experts from various races in front of Mo Pi felt as if a tornado had closed in. Despite working up all their strength, they found it difficult to remain standing still and thus hurriedly retreated. A few weaker ones were swept up by the force and helplessly flung through the air...

“You… this will be a good fight!”

Mo Pi roared, his battle will erupting.

He charged ahead, feeling the onrushing of a supremely chilly sword radiance. Before it had reached his body, he already felt pain between his eyebrows, as if a needle had pricked into him and his brain was about to explode, causing him to inwardly remark that the [Ice Sword Killing God] was indeed extraordinary. However, he had long prepared for this. A pentagonal black light shield instantly appeared in front of him, while two black machetes appeared in his hands.



Two soft noises rang out in the Void.

Only those experts with sufficient strength were able to perceive these noises, the first of which was an air-breaking noise while the second was that of weapons colliding. Conversely, those experts who had not at least attained the Great Saint realm had no idea what had just happened. They simply felt their vision being blurred by a dazzling radiance, and by the time they could see things clearly again, Ye Qingyu’s figure had returned before the coffin.

The battle had already ended.

Mo Pi remained standing in perfect condition on the spot.

With a black shield in front of him and machetes in his hands.

There was not the slightest wound anywhere on his body.

“Haha, you...” With a grim smile on his face, he said, “So much for the [Ice Sword Killing God]...”

Seeing this, the other experts subconsciously heaved a sigh of relief.

It appeared that Ye Qingyu was not as frightening as claimed by the rumors. At least, the fact that Mo Pi was able to block a strike from him showed that he was not overwhelmingly strong. Given that there were many experts present who were no weaker than Mo Pi, this meant that the situation today was still within their grasp and Ye Qingyu could not do as he pleased.

As if he was watching a play, the gorgeously-dressed young man sneered endlessly with his hands folded. “Haha, looks like he has been exposed!”

However, Ye Qingyu paid no attention to this young man and looked at Mo Pi with pity in his eyes, saying, “You’re already a dead man.”

“Haha, what are you saying? I...” Mo Pi guffawed as if he had heard the world’s funniest joke.

However, his laughter quickly ceased.

Appearing on his face was an expression which suggested that he had seen a ghost.


The pentagonal black shield shattered.


The machetes broke slickly at their centers, with their front halves falling onto the ground.

“I don’t believe this, I...” Mo Pi felt incredulous, but as soon as he opened his mouth, blood suddenly gushed out from his mouth uncontrollably. At the same time, countless sword marks appeared in crisscrosses on his body, causing his iron tower of a body to resemble a cut-up watermelon.

Subsequently, his body collapsed with a loud crash, with his face looking upward.

Even until death, he did not believe that he had died.

The black shield was made from his own skin while the machetes were made from the nails of his original form’s giant paws. These were his life weapons, comparable to pinnacle Great Saint weapons, and were the sources of his confidence. But now, the shield had shattered and the machetes had broken, without him even noticing how. Neither was he aware of how many sword blows he had taken during that momentary fight. It seemed improbable that a pinnacle Great Saint expert like him, who was microscopically perceptive to the external world and extremely sensitive to any changes to his own body, would be unable to feel his injuries during that exchange of blows.

With bafflement and unwillingness, his body gradually became ice cold.

His Demon Race blood gurgled as it colored the ground red.

The smell of blood pervaded the mourning hall.

At this moment, everyone was dumbstruck.

The mouths of some grew so long that a duck egg could be stuffed inside each mouth and the corners nearly cracked.

They could accept that Mo Pi had been defeated.

They could also reluctantly accept that Mo Pi had died. After all, Green Rock’s defeat had served as precedent.

However, the manner of Mo Pi’s death and his complete ignorance of it… were simply farcical.

How fast was the sword, how terrifying the sword will, and how piercingly cold the killing intent that Ye Qingyu was able to kill a pinnacle Great Saint like Mo Pi and destroy his Dao before anyone knew what was going on? A chill arose in every expert’s heart as they asked themselves whether they could have done this too. The more they thought, the more unsightly the looks on their faces – for they realized they absolutely could not have done the same.

Even the gorgeously dressed young man looked dumbfounded.

At this time, Ye Qingyu raised the ice sword in his hand and pointed it at the young man. “You wanted to increase your reputation by stepping on my superior? Come, I shall give you a chance. Do you want a solo or group fight? I’d simply wanted to find out Mr. Ren Puyang’s true cause of death and avenge him, which are perfectly reasonable things to do, but some people just had to make things difficult. As for a reckless idiot like you who provoked me time and again, I shall have to deal with your kind before I get down to the real work.”

“You…” The young man was so angered that his face turned green. “Nobody has ever dared to talk like that to me. Who do you think you are? Oh, you think you can scare me just by killing Mo Pi? You must be dreaming, I...”

“Cut the crap, words can’t kill. Let’s get down to it.” Ye Qingyu gazed right at the young man.

Just then, the experts of the Demon Race headquarters finally began to react.

“Deputy Mo Pi...”

“How dare you!”

They were enraged.

Their sentiments were roused.

After a momentary shock, anger took hold of their minds once more.


“Kill him and avenge the fourth deputy.”

“Anyone who insults the Demon Race shall die.”

“We cannot let him off.”

With reddened faces, the Demon Race experts swarmed toward Ye Qingyu’s position.

“Alright, come together, all of you.” Ye Qingyu stood before the coffin, guffawing completely without fear. His right hand was clutching a sword while his left hand reached into the Void and grabbed hold of another icy longsword. With his body as straight as a long spear, he said laughingly, “With Mr. Ren Puyang gone, you all have been allowed to be arrogant for too long. Do you really think that the Demon Race can devour the Human Race? I shall make you pay a price for your arrogance today… Hahaha, it’s good if you all come together, I’m rushing for time anyway.”
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