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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 1061 The Hour of Judgment Has Arrived

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Chapter 1061 – The Hour of Judgment Has Arrived

A fearful expression also emerged on Ren Xingyan's face when he heard the voice.

It was apparent that the “very fierce people” which the young boy was referring to were people similar to the person who just spoke.

To one side, Uncle Lin also revealed a fearful expression.

“Let’s go in.”

Holding Ren Xingyan’s hand, Ye Qingyu walked into the mourning hall.

As he passed through the door and entered the interior, he realized that it was considerably more spacious than he had imagined, but there were no formations used to increase its size. Twelve pillars held up the entire hall, while a silver brilliance which shone from the dome made the entire space appear holy like no other. Wreathed by countless white tulips, Ren Puyang’s coffin was peacefully placed in the innermost of the hall.

White tulips symbolize purity.

These were Ren Puyang’s favorite flowers.

The smell of burning candles filled the air.

The flickering candlelight of the white candles burning around the coffin augmented the solemn and respectful atmosphere.

The two sides of the aisle were stood full of figures.

Aside from Human Race experts, there were also experts from the Demon Race and other large races among these figures.

Among them was a young human dressed in a gorgeous gown. Leaning casually against a pillar, he looked at Ye Qingyu with an undisguised provocative look on his flippant and imperious face. It was apparent that he was the person whom Ye Qingyu had heard talking.

When Ye Qingyu looked over at him, he deliberately shrugged his shoulders to suggest his fear that Ye Qingyu had forgotten about him. Although his provocation became increasingly obvious and he appeared eager to get things going, several Human Race experts behind him began to look nervous and furtively shifted to protect him in their midst, apparently afraid that Ye Qingyu would brazenly strike out. After all, the [Ice Sword Killing God] was infamous for his short temper.

However, Ye Qingyu showed no intent of taking action.

He simply glanced at the young man before turning away and following along the aisle toward Ren Puyang’s coffin.

Virtually at the same time, countless gazes, each filled with different intents, were cast upon him as he walked in.

In particular, some figures revealed bewildered looks when they noticed that Ye Qingyu was wearing mourning clothes. To wear white mourning clothes during such an occasion signified that Ye Qingyu was paying his respects to Ren Puyang as the latter’s bloodline descendant, which was obviously a considerably high form of respect.

“Humph, he’s just putting on a show to seek publicity.”

Someone decried.

It was the same young man.

The derision in his words was self-evident. He was apparently saying that Ye Qingyu had deliberately put on mourning clothes to leave a favorable impression and improve his own reputation, and to make use of Ren Puyang’s remaining worth rather than truly showing respect.

However, Ye Qingyu still did not pay any attention to this kind of provocation.

He held Ren Xingyan’s hand as he slowly walked toward Ren Puyang’s coffin.

As if he had nothing to do with the people around him and did not want to pay them any attention.

“Humph, coward.” The young man sneered in disdain.

Ye Qingyu acted as if he had not heard anything.

Many scenes of him interacting with Ren Puyang appeared before his eyes. As these wonderful memories surged in his mind, he was fully cognizant that paying respects to Ren Puyang was his priority, while everything else could be slowly taken care of in time.

Under countless gazes, a red-eyed Ye Qingyu slowly walked forth.

To one side, a faint smile budged on Ou Wuji’s face as he walked over to Ye Qingyu.

This was his first time meeting the latter, and as a fellow human, he instinctively wanted to offer a greeting. In his view, although he was mutually antagonistic with the latter, they had not publicly tore at each other’s faces, and he felt it necessary to put up a decent enough front in front of so many experts from various factions.

“You’ve finally arrived, Deputy Ye Qingyu. I...” Ou Wuji opened his mouth and wanted to say something.

However, Ye Qingyu did not take as much as a look at him, completely ignoring his smiling face and words while walking past him with a face of indifference.

Ou Wuji was stunned.

A dark cloud immediately flashed across his eyes.

Did he just get ignored?

Who would’ve thought that he’d be so blatantly ignored by Ye Qingyu in front of so many people?

Ou Wuji felt as if he had just been given two painful slaps on the face.

“Audacious, how dare you be so disrespectful, you...” Seeing this scene, one of Ou Wuji’s trusted divine guards could not help berating.

Ye Qingyu suddenly turned his head back and stared at this divine guard.

His gaze was as sharp as a sword.

As if the death god’s sickle was hooked around his neck, the divine guard closed his mouth at once and the hair all over his body began to stand on end. A hard-to-describe fear inundated him completely, rendering him unable to utter another word or even lift up his head.

Ye Qingyu turned to face the front again.

He finally arrived before the coffin.

“Mr. Ren...”

He knelt before the coffin and kowtowed.

Teardrops fell on to the white tulips.

“I’m late.”

Ye Qingyu could not be any more chastising of himself.

After kowtowing three times, he stood back up and placed a white tulip he had prepared before the coffin. He then wiped away his tears before drawing even closer to the coffin. He placed a hand on the lid and slowly lifted it up. “Sorry to disturb you, Mr. Ren...”

He was going to open the coffin and examine the corpse.

At this time, someone finally could not bear it any longer.

“Hold it, what are you doing?” The trusted divine guard of Ou Wuji who had spoken earlier barked once more, “You’re actually thinking about opening the coffin when Mr. Ren Puyang is already resting in peace? That’s too audacious of you. What exactly are you trying to do by coming here today wearing mourning clothes and wanting to open the coffin? That’s enough...”

Ye Qingyu did not pay any attention to him.

He slowly opened the coffin and found a white-jade inner coffin which he then opened as well.

Ren Puyang’s corpse was silently lying within.

As if he was sleeping, he had a serene expression and was wearing white robes.

“Wuuu, Father...” When Ren Xingyan saw this scene, past memories were brought back and he began to cry.

Ye Qingyu also felt a pang in his heart.

“Stop crying, so noisy… all you do the whole day is cry,” the divine guard shouted.

Ren Xingyan immediately felt so frightened that he closed his mouth and trembled before subconsciously hiding behind Uncle Lin. The fear on his face showed that this was not the first time he had been treated like this and a psychological scar had already formed.


A splendor gleamed.

Everyone felt that their vision had blurred.

Ye Qingyu pinched hold of the divine guard’s neck and pulled him out from the crowd and up to before the coffin. Frost seemed to gather in his eyes as he lifted the divine guard up and asked, enunciating each word, “What did you say just now? Why isn’t he allowed to cry?”

“I, you...” The divine guard struggled in deep shock. “You have gone mad. How dare you use force in this place, do you know what you’re doing...” He had simply wanted to put on an act in front of Ou Wuji and did not expect that Ye Qingyu would actually dare to go on the offensive in front of so many experts of various races in the mourning hall. He shouted, “Let me go now… This is unacceptable behavior, let me go!”


Ye Qingyu eased his hand and dropped the divine guard on the floor.

Believing that Ye Qingyu had been frightened, a hint of smugness appeared on the divine guard’s face. Rubbing his neck, he said, “You’re insane. You certainly are an uncouth country bumpkin...”

Before he could finish talking.


It was the noise of bones snapping.

His knee was instantly broken by a terrifying power and he thus knelt painfully in front of the coffin.

“Kneel down.” Ye Qingyu said in a grim voice, “A hero of my race has been killed, so why can’t his descendant cry here in the mourning hall? Among the Human Race, it’s because there are too many people who, like you, don’t feel grievous when facing a perished hero that we’re now in such a mess. Kneel down properly and cry!”

“Ughh, you… ugh, my leg...” Struggling, the divine guard squealed like a pig to slaughter while being tortured by a hard-to-describe sharp pain, with mucus and teardrops flowing from his face.

However, no matter how he circulated his blood qi, he was unable to fix his broken leg bone and knee. He stared disbelievingly at Ye Qingyu, who was the person that kicked his legs and broke them.

Blood flowed.

A smell of blood pervaded the mourning hall.

A commotion broke out among the crowd.

Ren Xingyan was also so frightened that he cried out in alarm and hid behind Uncle Lin, afraid to look at the bloody scene.

Uncle Lin hurriedly turned around and protected the young boy, covering the boy’s eyes.

The latter did not have any martial skills and was rather weak in temperament.

“Don’t cover his eyes, let him watch.” Ye Qingyu suddenly said.

Uncle Lin was shocked.

“As Ren Puyang’s adopted son and the descendant of our race’s great hero, he cannot be allowed to be a coward and instead must be made to stand up and face everything. If he’s used to hiding behind Mr. Ren Puyang, when is he going to hide until, now that Mr. Ren Puyang is no longer around? Do you get it? Save for Mr. Ren Puyang, nobody in this world can protect him for a lifetime, and Mr. Ren Puyang is now already gone.”

Ye Qingyu enunciated every word.

The divine guard was still struggling in pain.

Feeling irritated, Ye Qingyu gave him two slaps, squashing his mouth immediately. “Shut up… I’ll kill you if you make another sound.”

The cries of pain ceased at once.

At this time, the mourning hall was already in a hubbub of gasps and cries.

Everyone was astonished by Ye Qingyu’s arrogance.

Finally, Ou Wuji could no longer keep up his pretense.

“Ye Qingyu, what are you trying to prove? This is Mr. Ren Puyang’s mourning hall, yet you actually dare to use violence here. You...” With a gloomy face, he denounced most angrily. “Do you really think that nobody is able to keep you in check, you...”

However, Ye Qingyu still did not look at him,

Without even turning around, Ye Qingyu continued to look at Ren Xingyan, who was still hiding behind Uncle Lin. “Young fellow, when do you want to hide until? Don’t you want to avenge your adoptive father?”

“I… but… yes!” A child’s voice was heard.

After hesitating for four or five breaths, the usually timid little boy suddenly gathered up his courage under Ye Qingyu’s gaze and unexpectedly crawled out from behind Uncle Lin. Though he tried his best to hide the fear on his face, he still looked timid. But at least, he now dared to face everything.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head, feeling relieved.

“Good. You have to change yourself from today onward… From this moment on, you must open your eyes wide and see everything clearly. You have to be even fiercer than those who are fierce to you so that you won’t get bullied.”

With that, Ye Qingyu slowly turned around.

He swept a glance across everyone in the mourning hall.

He had become the target of condemnation of the various discussions and denouncements that had been going on boilingly.


An irresistibly powerful vigor abruptly emanated from his body.

It was as if a deity had descended upon this world.

Everyone was astonished by the terrifying power and instantly became silent.

The [Cloud Top Cauldron] appeared spinningly, protecting Uncle Lin, Ren Xingyan, and Lu Wei, who had been silent since entering the hall, within.

“Now… let’s begin to settle things.”

Ye Qingyu’s voice seemed to contain an unmistakable dignity.

“Listen up, all of you. This is my first and final warning for the day. This matter is between the Human Race and the Demon Race. For those who have nothing to do with this and don’t want to get involved, please disappear from the mourning hall within ten breaths’ time.” Ye Qingyu enunciated every word threateningly. “This is the mourning hall of the Human Race and not a place to watch shows. You all are no longer welcome. Anyone who doesn’t leave in ten breaths’ time shall become my enemy… When the time comes, the blood of those who remain shall smear the mourning hall, and their bodies shall lie before the coffin as sacrifices to Mr. Ren Puyang. So, don’t blame me for being merciless and not warning you beforehand.”

A nearly substantial killing intent lingered around Ye Qingyu’s body.

He lifted a hand and pointed a finger at the young man who had been provocative. “The few of you over there are not to be allowed to leave.”

As soon as he spoke, the mourning hall, which had already quieted down, instantly became rackety like never before and entered a nearly explosive state. Some laughed maniacally, some shook their heads faintly, some sighed regrettably, some began to look sinister, while others were already reaching for their weapons...

The one thing for certain was that every single expert had been infuriated by Ye Qingyu’s words.

Who would’ve thought that this third deputy of the Human Race would enter the mourning hall with such an arrogant and domineering attitude?

No wonder he didn’t look at anyone and simply walked up to pay his respects.

He never bothered himself about anyone here.

What arrogance!

“He’s insane.”

“Haha, this is the funniest joke I’ve heard today.”

Someone guffawed and looked into Ye Qingyu’s eyes as if looking at a clown.

The young man in gorgeous robes raised his head and laughed maniacally.

“Interesting, very interesting indeed. I’ve finally met someone crazier than myself, but unfortunately, it’s a stupid lunatic… Ye Qingyu, you’re doomed and shall die a terrible death. Hahaha, do you know that not a single soul in this mourning hall, or even this entire divine temple, is standing on your side? Everyone hopes that you die here. Of course, that timid little bastard called Ren Xingyan also deserves to die. What’s the point for him to live on now that Ren Puyang’s already dead? Hahaha, everything and everyone related to Ren Puyang shall be buried here.”

His expression was savage and sinister.

The situation gradually seemed to spiral out of control.

However, Ye Qingyu quietly stood on the spot and silently counted the time.

Ten breaths of time passed quickly.

The hour of judgment had arrived.
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