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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 104 I Will Come Find You

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Chapter 104 – I Will Come Find You

The little loli seemed as if she was suffering from a huge pain.

Her delicate little body began madly shaking. Beads of sweat the size of beans dripped from her forehead. In the blink of an eye, her body was completely drenched with sweat, as if she had just been in a rainstorm. The quilts covering her were completely wet with water. This scene was too terrifying. As if a force that was indescribably powerful wanted to reap the life force within the little loli’s body and squeeze every drop of it out like water.

The scarlet red lines had already spread throughout her entire body.

The blood vessels on her skin seemed to have been taken over by some sort of energy that wanted to explode from her muscles. As if something was travelling up and down through her blood vessels, the veins began drumming and beating. Very quickly, the skin of the little loli became scarlet red.

The little loli entered into a state of unconsciousness. She could not sense anything happening around her anymore.

Ye Qingyu extended his hand towards her, then slowly dropped it.

He did not know what he could do.

Without knowing when, Wang Jianru had appeared without any signs by the bed side.

“The power of darkness is activating with much higher frequency. Without long to go, her blood will be completely swallowed by the power of darkness and she will become the true girl of darkness.” Wang Jianru’s solemn face had a strange expression, as if she did not know whether to feel regret or expectation. “You don’t need to worry for Xiaojun. Nothing will happen to her. The bloodline of darkness is her natural born power; it will not harm her life.”

“But right now, she seems to be in great pain…” Ye Qingyu could not bear to watch this.

Wang Jianru had a peculiar expression in her eyes as she glared at Ye Qingyu. “The reason she is feeling pain is because she is resisting against the power of darkness. She does not want to accept such a power; she does not want to abandon her original identity. Otherwise, the little girl would not be in such a sorry state like now… The regretful thing is, even if she does not accept such a power, she will still be chased after by the entire Human and Demon Race. Because no matter whether it is the Demon Race or the Human Race, they will absolutely not allow a descendant that holds the bloodline of the Unmoving City of Darkness to exist.”

“And if she decides to accept the power of darkness?” Ye Qingyu asked again.

“Then her strength will travel a thousand miles in one single leap. Even if she does not train, her strength will crazily grow along with time. To other people, realms that they cannot reach in their lifetime, to her is only a matter of time. Spirit spring stage, Bitter Sea stage, Immortal stage… She can easily pass those realms,” Wang Jianru said in a light voice. “There is only one requirement and that is she has to remain alive.”

Ye Qingyu remained silent for a while. “Then let her accept the power of darkness. At least then she will have the power to protect herself.”

Wang Jianru looked at Ye Qingyu, her tone slightly surprised. “An unexpected proposal. Will you not mind, that after accepting the power of darkness, she will truly become a monster that walks in the darkness?”

Ye Qingyu shook his head. “In a choice to allow my friend to live and become a monster or not become a monster and be killed, I will always choose the former. Because as long as she lives on, then there will forever be hope.”

“Somewhat interesting.” Wang Jianru began laughing. “Ye Qingyu, I have always felt that you were a student different from the others. From your words right now, I was not wrong in my evaluation.”

Ye Qingyu did not say anything.

Wang Jianru continued, “Your words just now, I have already said this to Xiaojun. But it’s a pity that the little loli does not want to become a monster. Even if ultimately she cannot decide, at least until the moment she can control her body and thoughts, she wants to remain the silly and clumsy Song Xiaojun and not the Song Xiaojun that is unstoppable and powerful… Do you know why?”

Ye Qingyu shook his head.

“Because of you.” Wang Jianru sighed with regret.

“Because of me?” Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

“That’s right, because of you,” Wang Jianru said, slowly pronouncing each word. “After she becomes a monster, everything in the past will be broken. Everything that has happened will disperse like clouds and smoke. She will forget everything. Once her bloodline of darkness explodes, the memories in her blood will awaken. She will know many things of the past, and will forget everything that has happened. Including you.”

Such a thing would happen.

Ye Qingyu was dumbfounded.

“Perhaps you do not realize how important you are in the little loli’s life. In these many years, her first strand of sunshine was your faint smile. Apart from her mother, you are her closest family.” Wang Jianru looked at Ye Qingyu, as if she had thought of something, sighing again. “Everything seems as if it has already been predetermined in this world. Perhaps meeting you in White Deer Academy was the fated crisis of the little girl.”

Ye Qingyu did not know what to say in response to this.

He knew that when he was together with the little loli, he was very happy. But he had never thought that he was so important to the little loli.

Even though she had only gone through ten years of life or so, but the fate of forgetting everything was still far too cruel.

No wonder the little loli did not wish to accept such a power.

But Ye Qingyu still felt that only by living on was there still hope and possibility. What was forgotten could be remembered, but once dead there was no method of coming back to life.

“The mother of Xiaojun? Does she know the state of Xiaojun?” Ye Qingyu asked.

Wang Jianru lightly shook her head. “She is only a normal person, a very ordinary normal person. For many of the powers high up and above, such a person is tiny and unnoticeable. If not for her birthing a girl that possesses the bloodline darkness, she would not even appear in the sight of the different factions. After Xiaojun has received the power of darkness, she will even forget her own mother. From all aspects, such a woman has no value.”

“But she is the mother of Xiaojun, her biological mother,” Ye Qingyu defended against this point.

Wang Jianru remained silent for a while, then said, “Do you know, if not for Xiaojun’s stubborn insistence, you would not even appear here today. You would not see Xiaojun again. And the commoner concubine that was bullied and disregarded by the Song family would not receive the proper arrangements… You need not worry. The mother of Xiaojun has already been given the proper treatment. She will safely live out the rest of her life and will not be in any danger.”

Ye Qingyu thought for a while. “Then right now, should I leave?”

Wang Jianru nodded her head. “You really should leave. What you should know you already know, and what you should see you have already seen. The longer you stay here, the more in danger you will be. You cannot even imagine how dangerous and terrifying the enemies of Xiaojun are. They exist nearly everywhere. In this world, there is nowhere that they cannot be found. The [Mist Residence] will not be hidden for too long, and will be exposed sooner or later… In truth, Ye Qingyu, I have high expectations for you. Perhaps in the future, you can become an existence that can shake the entire Deer Mountain Range and even the Snow Country. This is the reason apart from you being close to Xiaojun, that I have always treated you specially within the academy. Leave, I don’t want such a talent to be dragged into a vortex that you should not be responsible for. If not for Xiaojun’s insistence, I would not even allow you to appear here in this place.”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

Everything that had happened today made Ye Qingyu feel like this was a parting between life and death.

His feet seemed to have stuck to the ground. No matter how much force he used, he could not lift them.

Ye Qingyu’s gaze, landed on the frail body emitting a scarlet red radiance that was quaking frantically. His heart was dripping blood. Time and space seemed to freeze in this instant. Beside his ear a faintly discernible voice suddenly sounded with an innocent and unaffected voice, “Are you senior brother Ye Qingyu?”

These words were said in that dazzling early morning with the air of excitement still permeating the air. Within the school grounds of White Deer Academy. The little loli that, because of her large robes, had tripped on the ground. Her golden and glittering smile as she jumped and laughed in front of him.

It was the first meeting of these two. Their first words.

In Ye Qingyu’s mind, many, many scenes constantly flashed past.

Within the black [Grievance Hall], the little fellow that was as lively as a rabbit appearing. As she rubbed her head, she said in a huff, ‘I really just missed you too much, brother Qingyu…’

Under the girl’s dormitory, this energetic and hopping little girl, like a swallow that did not care about anything had rushed into his embrace. Using her head to rub his arm with a laugh, asking with a delighted smile, ‘Brother Qingyu, did you come here to look for me?’

And in the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield], as she killed the demon rune soldiers while she muttered in anger, ‘Brother Qingyu lied to me. He said he would come find us, but he still hasn’t appeared…’


The scenes of their meetings, image after image blurred in front of his eyes.

Ye Qingyu could not help but feel the corners of his eyes moisten.

The agony and anguish of completely losing a family, Ye Qingyu had already experienced four years ago. He had never thought that four years later, after he had adjusted to his new life with difficulty, he would ever shed a tear again in his life. But right now, was he about to experience the pain of his heart drilling apart once again?

As he turned around and took a step, Ye Qingyu suddenly thought of something, turning back.

“Little girl, this is my present to you.” Ye Qingyu came over and brought the little toy bear he had bought today at the stand. He gently placed it next to the hand of the little loli who had already entered into a state of unconsciousness.

If he knew that today represented their departure, Ye Qingyu would have definitely seriously chosen a better present.

As he looked at the face of the little loli, he seriously imprinted this haggard and pallid face into his soul. Using a tone akin to making an oath, Ye Qingyu said slowly, pronouncing each word to its fullest, “Little girl, live on. Accept the power that comes from your blood… I will definitely remember you, no matter what you turn into. I will forever be your brother Qingyu. I will definitely come find you, to make you remember me once again.”

As he finished, he looked towards Wang Jianru, his tone determined, “I need to know, just where Xiaojun’s mother has been placed.”

Wang Jianru instantly understood Ye Qingyu’s intention.

She hesitated for a moment, then nodded her head. “You will know.”

Ye Qingyu said his thanks, then turned and left.

He did not ask just who Wang Jianru actually was, or why she did her utmost to protect Song Xiaojun, or whether there were any other people. He did not even ask, from today onwards, just where Wang Jianru would bring the little loli… these questions were completely meaningless.

Ye Qingyu knew deep within his heart, in this world, only with strength could one ultimately solve everything. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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